Can you say De-Ja Vu? Hell, what am I thinking, you probably can't even pronounce the word. Maybe you will understand this, I have won back-to-back NGW tournaments! Maybe you can understand this, I have beatin Wasted Youth twice in finals of tournaments! And Maybe you can understand this, I AM THE BEST IN NEW GENERATION WRESTLING! It's amazing isn't it? I destroyed a top notch superstar in New Generation Wrestling even with all his built up hostility I was still too much of a man for Youth. Bottom line, Youth couldn't hang with me. You see, alot of you say I run my mouth but can't back a word of it up, well to you I say, "Hardcore Hangover", because that's all it took. Nobody can beat me now, the way I see it I am the best in the Universe, after all I did beat "Violent" Vance Desmond as well. Now that I have put Youth in his place and his sister is where she belongs I finally have time to take care of some buisness. First of all, I was actually in a giving mood this season, and have given the NGW workers some time off for the holiday season. During this time NGW's Arena will get under go some "much needed improvements". But you know what? I don't really feel like bringing in a crew of workers to do this work, so instead I have decided that some people who have gotten on my nerves over the past year will instead do the work. So, Mr. Virus, Mr. Awesome, Mr. Youth, and Mr. Diehl (Fly Guy) Merry Christmas! Because you have just recieved a special job! Please boys give us something nice to come back to. Moving on, still in the Christmas spirit I would like to announce some more gifts I have been working on, those gifts being pink, and on a slip of paper. Those recieving them are the likes of, Pyro, Rage, 8 Ball, Paperboy, Vinnie, Luscious, The Perfect 10, Veronikah, and Domestic Disturbance. Hope you like the gifts guys. Those recieving bonuses this year include myself, VVD, and The Phoenix. You guys make me so poud, including myself! Now we have the Holiday news taken care of let's move on to 2003. Another year in the pinacle of NGW. What will come in this year? Very simple, whatever the fuck I want! Because I am the POWER of NGW, and not one mother fucker can stop me now!