AJ Styles Shows His Support for NGW by Holding the NGW Universal Title
T.H.U.G. the NGW Commishioner.
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 190 lbs
Hometown: South Philly.
Finisher: "Hardcore Hangover"

Thug has been with New Generation Wrestling since day one. Thug's past goes back to the days of BYW, and on to XCW. He has formed and broken several different friendships through out his career. However, now it seems Thug seems to have a bond that can't be broken with several NGW stars. Blade, Chris Adams, and Fly Guy being those three men, along with himself, they form the East Coast Connection. Thug recently won the NGW Election to become the new NGW Commishioner. Thug takes over where the likes of Virus, and Chris Adams left off. Thug has promised NGW will be ran in a totally different manner, with a lot more respect around NGW. Thug has achieved alot through out his career. He held several championships in XCW, and now in NGW has achieved the Status of Champion of the World on one occasion, Tag Team Champion along side of Chris Adams, and now the Champion of the Universe.

Thug's wrestling ability is is undenably great, no pun intented. With high impact moves like the Splash Mountain, devasting moves like 304 Splash, and moves that come out of no where like the "G-Spot" it is very difficult to prepare for the offense Thug delivers. The Trik Nasty, the Thuglussion.

Thug is a sick son of a bitch and won the best of the best. Outside of the ring Thug is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Thug never refuses to sign an autograph to make a fan smile!