"The Promise" Sean Steel Updated: 2/25/03
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 150 lbs
Hometown: "Steel City" Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Trademarks: Belly to Belly suplex (Steel Spike), Swanton Bomb (Drop Zone), super kick, leg drop off the top rope, spinning heel kick Set up Move: Player Hater (Bare back)
Finishing Moves: Steel Plunge (Frog Splash), Game Over (Frog Splash off a ladder)
Titles Held in NGW: United States Champion (1x)

Steel started wrestling in ICW with the likes of Cole Cash, Adam Awesome, Fly Guy, Taker, and others. He was injured in a match by Adam Awesome and Fly Guy and had to take two years off from what Doctors told him was a career ending injury. But for all who knows the soul in Steel knows that nothing is gonna keep this Player away from the game that runs in his blood. During his absence from the business, ICW and BYW combined to form XCW, which is now known as the great NGW! "The Player" Steel has returned for 2 one time appearances only since NGW formed and was truely impressed with the improvement that his peers and new athletes had made in their arsenal and that motivated Steel to work harder on a permanent return and that return came in August of 2002 against his long time good friend in the business Cole Cash. Since his return, Steel has rejoined the group that he helped form several years back, Barely Legal with the likes of Adam Awesome, and newly aquired Kid Inferno. Steel has also captured the NGW United States Championship since his return and knowing the Player, it wont be long until you see more gold on him.