Starfire Updated 5/19/03
Height: 5'4
Weight: 130 lbs
Hometown: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Trademarks: "Running Starfire Press" "The First Canadian On The Moon" "Canadian Crusher", 360 Legdrop, Leap up Rail Moonsault, 3 Ace Crushers, Tornado Ace Crusher, 204 (619).
Finisher: "Star-Rana" (LitaCanrana), Thugs Trik Nasty.
Titles Held in NGW: Cruiserweight Champion (2x)

Starfire entered NGW in 2002 as an addition to the Cruiserweight division. Starfire didn't make the impact early on that he was looking for. He felt it was because he wasn't being true to his country as when he came to NGW he was the "All-American". However, we found that Starfire was actually not from Beaver, Ohio, he wasn't even from the United States! Starfire went back to his roots and became the new version from Canada. Starfire constantly showed his distaste for America in several ways losing the respect of the American fans. But it didn't stop Starfire as he continued on winning matches and even the Cruiserweight Championship. As hard as it seems to believe in 2003 Starfire could become a huge player in NGW!