Big Richard
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 130 lbs
Hometown: Palm Springs, California
Finisher(s): Passion Propellar (cant really explain), SUBmission Impossible (Half Crab variation), World's Highest Frogsplah (needs no explanation)
Trademarks:Tha Hook Up (Hooking Reverse DDT), Palm Strike, Project 818 (Infra-Red Splash), Dragon Wings (Oriental Scorpion w/ Butterfly lock), Chocolate Bird Feeder (Saito Suplex into a Piledriver)

Michael Rosa comes to NGW representing Northern's WV's Ground Zero Wrestling. Rosa comes to NGW with a big reputation. He is a 2 time GZW Heavyweight Champion, 1 time GZW IC Champion, 2001 GZW Wrestler of the Year, 2001 GZW Match of the Year, has received Professional Wrestling training,, Made it to the semi finals of the GZW Deathmatch tournament, and the finals of the GZW Tag Team Tournament, and has an offer to receive pro training in Japan. None of that will mean anything though when Michael Rosa steps foot in NGW.

The story behind Rosa's career is a touching one. Michael Rosa debuted on February 15, 2001 in a "Bed of Lightbulbs" match against TravisT. Rosa never touched the lightbulbs because he was not a deathmatch wrestler. He did win his debut match by powerbombing TravisT in the bulbs, but Rosa went on an anti-violence crusade for the better part of 2001. This all led up to Rosa's participation in one of GZW's most important shows of all time. The 2001 Deathmatch Tournament hosted by Backyard Criminals. Rosa made it to the semi finals where he lost a stiff and brutal light tube deathmatch to EZ Dick. Rosa then went on to once again to staying away from deathmatches and put on a number of great matches throughout 2002 with the likes of Cody Goodlin, EZ Dick, Michael Epique, and more. Rosa's in ring style is a mix of straight up Lucha Libre, the matwork of Doug Williams, and a New Japan Jr.Weight influence. Rosa comes to NGW for two reasons. One being to lay pipe on the bitches...the other of course being Rosa's obsession with taking out NGW's Universal Champion THUG. These two have shared a number of heated words to each other, and Rosa has been blocked on THUG's AIM on 6 different occasions. Rosa simply wants to show that he lives up to the hype...will he back up all his trashtalk? Only time will tell.....