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First R.H.T. 11/10/02

The show opened up with Thug in the back looking over some documents as Scotty Bliss came into the picture demanding Thug take a look at some papers he had. We found out that Bliss was ready to sue NGW if he wasn't allowed to compete in the Cruiserweight Division. Thug laughed at the 260 pounder's request, but Bliis said he was dead serious. He then asked where the scale that Thug weighed him with was bought. After it was decided that it was American made, Bliss let Thug know that in Canada, 260 lbs is actually 183.5 kilo's, which means, he's qualified for the Cruiserweight division. Thug had no choice but to give in, and Bliss promised him that he would not be disappointed.

The first match of the night was a four man elimination match to decide the number one contender to Kid Inferno's Cruiserweight Title. The winner of the match would immediately face Kid Inferno. The participants were Kryptonite, Starfire, Unrated, and Scotty Bliss. Starfire was noticeably the smallest of the three and got thrown back and forth throughout the match. At one point during the high flying action, Unrated took a knee to the eye, swelling it shut, but fought through the pain and wrestled the match. The first man elimated was Unrated, follwed by Bliss, then in a surprise upset, Starfire came back and hit the StarRanna all the way out of the ring, he rolled Kryptonite back in and made the cover to get the 1.2.3. Kid Inferno immediately hit the ring and destroyed Starfire with a sitout powerbomb, and then the 2 Hot 2 Handle frogsplash to pick up the win and retain his title.

In the back, Fly Guy, Cole Cash, and a girl that noone has ever seen before arrived at the arena. Thug approached them at the door and seemed to not be able to take his eyes off the girl. When he asked who she was, Cash answered with, you know exactly who she is. So, more to come out of this story I'm sure. Thug let them know that they had a tag title defense next again Kid Inferno and the returning BLADE! Thug must have had a giving moment in his heart as he gave Cash a Universal Title shot against VVD in the Semi-Main event.

The match that followed was nothing short of amazing as Cole Cash and Fly Guy defended their Tag Titles for the first time against Kid Inferno and Blade. John Callis will have a detailed report of this match in his column for this week, but bottom line is, these four put on a show. Blade took such amazing risks, sacrificing his own body and nearly destroying Fly Guy's, both Kid Inferno and Cole Cash hit moonsaults on each other with ladders on top, Cash was put THROUGH the ladder by the burn ward, the Born Again Sinners(Fly Guy & Cash) debuted the SMACKICK!, and in the end they picked up the win after Cash hit a top rope 'Personal Jesus' on Kid Inferno. After the match, Inferno attacked Blade but before he could hit a move Cash saved Blade and Inferno took off.

Adam Awesome defeated Domestic Disturbance with the Butterfly after an official ruling that 180 seconds time limit would declare the winner.

Kid Inferno came back out to the ring and said that after proving he was the best already tonight, he challenged ANYONE to come out and prove him otherwise. It was certainly a surprise when 'Boy Toy' Danny Love came out and accepted the challenge. Love seemed to be more interested in Inferno's body than he was with winning the match. After a few.....'curious'......positions Love got Inferno in, he had enough. At one point Inferno had Love set up, but when he looked down, he realized that Love was wearing one of Kid Inferno's thongs, which led to Love kissing Inferno. In the end though, it was Inferno who pulled out the win over Danny Love.

Up next was the Universal Title Semi-Main Event between the champion VVD and the challenger Cole Cash. Cash started the match off with some quick takedowns, and uncorked a couple new moves, like the pumphandle burning hammer, VVD took over on offense with a ddt, followed up by a huge frog splash and then that high impact running senton bomb. Cash got in a little more offense, but screwed up when he allowed VVD to low blow him and hit a devestating Lexicon on the deck. He drug him in the ring and went for another Lexicon but it was reversed into a float-over Cashflow DDT. Suddenly a loud scream tore through the arena as Cash quickly got up and started looking around with a worried look on his face. VVD came up from behind and folded him over viciously with another Lexicon for the pin and to retain his title. As Cash was heading to the back though, BLADE came out of nowhere and attacked VVD, hitting him with the 'Deadline'. BLADE stated that he was out there to remind VVD that he had a win on him already, and not to forget about him.

The Main Event was scheduled for one fall, and gave Fly Guy a chance to get some revenge on his former friend Thug. The match went back and forth nonstop for a good 15 or 20 minutes. Both men hit their main moves and even pulled out a few new ones. Thug was attacked late in the match by BLADE of all people, who was also his former friend in the East Coast Connection. With the ref distracted BLADE wore out a singapore cane on Thug's head, but Thug was able to block Fly Guy's next offensive attempt and signaled for the 304, which was followed by Cash coming out of the back making a beeline for the ring. Thug looked scared to death as he wasted no time in getting the hell out of dodge. BLADE and Cash followed him to the back as he got counted out, giving Fly Guy the win. Cash and BLADE came back with Cash leaving Thug with the warning of, "I will get you."

The very last NGW Xtreme TV went on the air with Thug making his way to the ring carrying a ladder. Thug grabbed the microphone and announced with the last Xtreme TV a new Universal Champion will be crowned here tonight. He announced that there would be a ladder match for the title consisting of himself, Vanquished, and VVD. But Thug said he didn’t like even numbers so he would also add Virus to the match.

The first match of the night was Starfire taking on the newcomer Un-Rated. Un-Rated controlled most of the match with Starfire getting in some offensive flurries. Un-Rated was able to pull out the victory with a running power slam.

Cole Cash was then seen in his locker room preparing his match later in the night as Adam Awesome & Kid Inferno barged in and warned him that there would be redemption for him leaving Barely Legal and Cash said they should shut the hell up and worry about himself tonight.

Steel then made his way out to the ring. Steel said last week he took out Kryptonite and now its time for Serial Killer. Serial Killer music hit but instead out came Virus. Virus walked around to the other side of the ring and once Steel’s back was turned Serial Killer nailed Steel with a steel chair. Steel was able to come back however and challenged Killer to put the U.S. Title on the line and Killer accepted. After an atomic drop from Steel, he went to the deck to catch a breather when Virus jumped in the ring and gave Serial Killer the System Shutdown. Once Steel turned around he noticed Serial Killer was down and got the victory to become the new U.S. Champion!

When we came back Hostile made his way to the ring. Hostile announced that he was cleared to return to the ring and laid down a challenge to one man to come fight him tonight. That one man being Adam Awesome, and Awesome gladly accepted. This match didn’t stay in the ring long however as both men went outside and beat the hell out of each other with anything they could find. Awesome was able to get the victory after a Dark Lotus and a Butterfly.

The NGW Tag Team Title were on the line next as Fly Guy and Thug challenged Kid Inferno and Adam Awesome. Each team took it to each other back and forth but throughout the match Thug would not tag into the match. At one point in the match Thug just walked out leaving Fly Guy alone to battle for himself. When it looked liked Barely Legal had it won the music of Cole Cash hit and Cash walked out swinging a Singapore Cane. As Cash entered the ring it appeared he was going to strike Fly Guy but instead he nailed Kid Inferno and Adam Awesome. Fly Guy and Cole Cash became the NGW Tag Team Champions after Cash hit the Personal Jesus on Kid Inferno.

Next, Kryptonite made his way to the ring for his match but he did not know who it was against. We then were shocked as the returning Cage walked through the door. Sir Owen then announced that this would be Cage’s last chance because if he lost he would never be allowed back in NGW but if he won next week he would receive a NGW Cruiserweight Title match against Kid Inferno. Kryptonite and Cage pulled off some great cruiserweight maneuvers but in the end it was Cage who was able to get the win after a splash from the top to the outside onto Kryptonite allowing him to stay in NGW.

The new NGW Next Level Champion would be crowned next as Fly Guy, Kid Inferno, and Cole Cash battled each other again. During Inferno’s entrance we were taken to the back and Cash and Fly Guy said whatever happened out there they would still remain a team. Once all three were in the ring they displayed some amazing action that kept the fans out of their seats the whole match. But the new NGW Next Level Champion would be Fly Guy after he hit the Fear Factor on Cash.

The main event was next as Vanquished, Thug, Virus, and VVD battled in a ladder match for the NGW Universal Championship. Each man beat the hell out of each other with the ladder even breaking the ladder mid-way through the match. Once the ladder was fixed it immediately came back into play. After all four hit their finishers on someone all four were down. Thug positioned Vanquished and went up top. Thug went for a shooting star press but Vanquished moved out of the way and when Thug was coming down VVD jumped in and gave him a Diamond Cutter. VVD then went out and climbed the ladder to get the title and retain his NGW Universal Championship!!

As the second NGW Mega-card Hallowicked opened we saw members of the Nation of Hate waiting at the entrance. Then the door popped open and Virus walked through. Serial Killer started yelling at Virus wondering what the hell is going on! Virus just laughed and walked off leaving the Nation of Hate behind.

The show opened with a first round match for the NGW Next Level Championship as Cole Cash battled. Each man went back and forth with everything they had but it was Cole Cash who was able to walk away and advance to the finals when he hit his Devil Wings on the chair..

When we came back Cole Cash was talking on his cell phone when suddenly the player Steel barged in mad as hell. Steel started accusing Cash for the beating his little brother received last week. Cash explained that it wasn’t him he was three feet away from him getting his ass kicked as well. It was then revealed that Steel was told Cash did it by the NGW commish’ Thug.

We then saw the NGW Commish’ Thug looking over some documents when his stable mate Fly Guy approached him asking Thug why he blamed him for losing the title last week. Thug started talking down to Fly Guy for losing last week to Virus by DQ when Virus approached them both saying he didn’t want to win that match that way and he wants Starfire tonight. But Fly Guy said he wanted Virus tonight, so Thug announced that Virus, Starfire, and Fly Guy would battle in a triple threat and it will be the second first round promo for the Next Level Championship!

Steel then made his way to the ring. Steel challenged any member of the Nation of Hate to come out and just plain fight. The music of the Nation then started playing but no member made their way out. A cameraman made it to the back of the entrance where Hositle, Serial Killer were forcing Kryptonite out the entrance as Virus just looked on from the corner laughing at them.

Kryptonite finally made his way to the ring where Steel was waiting. Kryptonite threw everything at Steel that he could but the Franchise would not stay down. Steel then just started beating the hell out of Kryptonite. After Kryptonite was down and out Steel looked right in the camera and said “One Down, Four To Go!!”

We again saw the NGW Commish’ Thug talking to someone on his cell. When Cole Cash came in questioning why Thug told Steel it was Cash who beat down Steel’s brother. Thug told him it was just so he could get Steel off of his back and leave him the hell alone. Cash said he let this kind of shit slide before with Thug but he wouldn’t anymore and left.

Da’ Fly One then made his way to the ring followed by Virus and then Starfire. All three battled each other with everything they had with many near falls but it was Fly Guy who was able to advance after a Cutthroat Suplex off the top to Virus.

The next match was for the NGW United States Championship as the newly awarded champion Serial Killer took on none other than the returning Pimp Daddy Pedro. Pimp Daddy told Killer that if he gave him the U.S. Championship right now he would give him his very best ho. Killer agreed but only if he saw the ho first. Pimp Daddy’s music hit again for the ho to make her way out, or at least we thought it was a her until Wigger Hogan made his way out. Serial Killer immediately attacked Pedro. Killer was able to retain the title as he forced Pedro to tap out to the Assassination.

The second to last match was for the NGW Next Level Championship as Cole Cash and Fly Guy were set to do battle when suddenly the music of Kid Inferno blared through the arena. Inferno announced that Thug has entered Kid Inferno into this match. This was clearly the best match of the night because all three men pulled off amazing spots and maneuvers. But unfortunately the match came to end as the time limit came ending the match in a draw.

When we came back from break the NGW Commish’ made his way to the ring with an unknown masked superstar. Thug introduced this person as UnRated and he was an international superstar. Thug read off a piece of paper listing all of UnRated’s accomplishments. We then learned that Thug will be giving UnRated a shot here in NGW but he had to wrestle himself. The two were about to begin but UnRated pulled a piece of paper from his knee pad. Thug read the paper saying UnRated had worked a dark match against Taz in ECW, and a Ring of Honor show against Low Ki. Suddenly Thug looked very worried. UnRated took Thug took the limit but Thug was able to get the victory after he hit the 304. Thug said the UnRated could wrestle in NGW any time he wanted and then helped him up only to attack him and knock him back down as NGW Hallowicked came to a close.

The 2002 Freak Show Mega-Card went on the air with NGW Commish' and Universal Champion telling the fans of what a wonderful show he had planned when Virus walked up to him. Virus demanded that he receive his title shot tonight because Thug knew he had earned it. Thug informed Virus that he would have happily given him the shot but VVD had already asked for the shot and will receive it. Thug told Virus that his stable mate Fly Guy would be more than happy to fight him tonight and to hurry because it was up first!

We then went to the ring as Virus made his entrance along with the newest member of the Nation of Hate, Hostile! Fly Guy and Virus battled back and forth with many high impact moves. Each man even kicked out of each other' finishers. In the course of the match Virus inadvertently clothes lined the ref when Fly Guy ducked. It appeared Virus would have had the match won after the Activation but Fly Guy rolled out of the ring. Virus immediately went out after him and threw him back in. As Virus started to make his way back into the ring he was attacked from behind by Starfire. After Starfire rolled Virus back into the ring a new ref made his way out and DQ'd Fly Guy awarding the match to Virus. Once Fly Guy came to and learned of what had happened he attacked Starfire and gave him the Cutthroat Suplex!

The next match would feature some great cruiserweight action as Kid Inferno defended his NGW Cruiserweight Championship against L.L. Lightning and a beaten and battered Starfire. L.L. Lightning seemed to have the match and the title in his grasp until Adam Awesome pulled Lightning off of Kid Inferno and gave him a thunderous chokeslam and allowed Kid Inferno to hit the 6 Star Frog Splash and retain his Cruiserweight Title. While Inferno and Awesome were celebrating Cash entered the ring wondering what the hell was going on. Cash and Inferno broke into a fistfight and had to be separated by Awesome!

The third match on the card was Cole Cash battling Kryptonite to attempt revenge for Kryptonite costing him the U.S. Title last week. Before Cash made his way to the ring he told Awesome and Inferno that he didn't want any help in his match and not to come out at all. We had some amazing back and forth action and it appeared Cash and it finished when he locked Kryptonite in the cattle mutilation but Virus nailed Cash in the gut with the chair while Hostile distracted the ref stopping Cash' chance at that point. Cash looked to end it when he climbed the ladder but was stopped again when he took a chair shot to the head from Virus which allowed Kryptonite to climb the ladder and deliver the Spanish Fly to Cash to get the win. After the match the beating continued as Virus, Hostile, Serial Killer, and Kryptonite beat the hell out of Cash and left him laying in the middle of the ring.

As we came back we saw Cash entered the locker room and yelling at Awesome & Inferno for not helping him out there when suddenly the Nation of Hate slammed through the door and destroyed the three members of Barely Legal and even Steels younger brother.

The NGW Tag Team Titles would be on the line as Virus and Serial Killer defended against Adam Awesome & Kid Inferno. Virus and Serial Killer controlled most of the match by working on Infernos injured ribs. Inferno kept showing some flurries of offense but your shut down each time. Finally Virus hit the System Shutdown on Inferno but instead of making the cover he start showing off when suddenly he turned around straight into a hard chair shot from Cole Cash, then Cash laid out the Nations personal referee Daniel Edwards as well. He then laid Inferno on top of Virus and counted the 1-2-3 with Edward' hand giving the tag titles to Awesome & Inferno. After the match Cole Cash leveled Serial Killer and once Awesome and Inferno were in the ring he nailed them each with the chair repeatedly and walked out with the tag titles! Once Inferno came to he challenged Cash to a Last Man Standing match next week at Hallowicked!

After we came back from break we saw a sore Awesome going to his car or what he thought was his car. As Awesome started to get in Fly Guy approached him and told him to get the hell out of his car. The two quickly broke into brawl and fought all the way to the ring. As the two slugged it out we received word that Thug had just sanctioned this match and made it a falls count anywhere match. Fly Guy and Awesome beat the living hell out of each other. During the match Awesome took a Cutthroat Suplex right onto a ladder and a chair but Awesome was able to battle back and hit the Dark Lotus on the chair and then the Butterfly to get the victory. After the match Virus was caught from surprise as Fly Guy started punching away at him and threw him into the ring to receive a Butterfly from Awesome and then a guillotine leg drop from Fly Guy while Serial Killer and VVD just looked on.

The main event featured the "Feature Presentation" Thug defending the NGW Universal Championship against "Violent" Vance Desmond in a special lumberjack match. This was truly an amazing match as each man gave each other everything they had. At one point VVD got back-dropped from the ring out onto all the lumberjacks. Once back in the ring the fierce battle continued, but VVD was able to catch Thug in the Lexicon and become the brand-new NGW Universal Champion. After the match VVD was in the ring giving a speech when Thug got back in the ring and VVD talked shit right to his face and then VVD turned around and clotheslined by Thug right into a System Shutdown by Virus. Virus then left the ring and gave Hostile the finger and went back to the back with VVD laid out as the 2002 Freak Show came to a close!

10/6/02 Xtreme TV Results

Xtreme TV went on the air with Sir Owen giving a run down of the matches set to come when Virus & Serial Killer interrupted him. Virus told Owen that Team Hott Stuff was unable to make it to the arena so they would gladly take their place against Barely Legal and the Backyard Boyz. Virus told the fans that if they wanted something hot that they had a hot surprise for everyone a little later.

We then got underway with the triple threat for the NGW Tag Team Titles featuring Virus & Serial Killer, Cole Cash & Adam Awesome, and the champions Thug & Fly Guy. As the champions were making their entrance Barely Legal and the Nation of Hate decided that they were the bad guys and decided to work together and stop Thug on his campaign to save NGW! Awesome and Thug were in the ring battling when Virus & Serial Killer said "We're going to Wendys! We'll Be Right Back!" Virus & Serial Killer finally made their way back as Cole Cash was pinned by Thug to be eliminated from the match. Thug and Fly Guy appeared to have things well in hand to successfully defend their titles as Thug set Vanquished up for the Crucifix Powerbomb when some strange music went through the arena. Then suddenly the huge Hostile made his way through the entrance. A distracted Thug looked scared to death and turned around into the lifestopper from Vanquished getting the win and the titles back for the Nation of Hate!

The second match of the night featured Scotty Bliss facing the much smaller Eight Ball! Eight Ball put up as much of a fight as he could but Bliss was able to hit the Thrill Seeker to get the victory.

The next match of the night was for the United States Championship as "Violent" Vance Desmond defended against Cole Cash. This was an amazing back and forth match but VVD was able to get the upperhand from the help of Kryptonite. VVD was relentless on Cash giving him anything he could but it was the Lexicon that put Cash away allowing VVD to retain his NGW U.S. Championship.

We then saw a triple threat match as Vanquished, Starfire, and Virus collided. Virus and Vanquished took went back and forth dominating the much smaller Starfire with some crazy top rope maneuvers. But the entire match changed the newest member of the Nation of Hate pulled Starfire from the ring and took him out. At the same time Virus was able to lock Vanquished in a Boston Crab causing the former champ to tap out!

The main event featured Thug defending his NGW Universal Championship against the "Future of Hardcore" Adam Awesome. This was a hard fought battle as each man took it to each other to the best of their ability. But in the end it was Thug who was able to get the win and retain his championship as he landed the Hardcore Hangover!

9/28/02 Xtreme TV Results

The 9/28 Edition of Xtreme TV started off wih a bang as "Violent" Vance Desmond took on "Superstar" Chris Adams to determine the #1 Contender to the Universal Championship! The match went back and forth with some great technical action but it was Chris Adams who landed the Squirrel Bomb become the #1 Contender to the NGW Universal Championship! After the match Chris Adams attacked the injured leg of VVD until Virus ran out to make the save as Chris Adams left the ring with VVD's U.S. Title. VVD was immediately rushed to the hospital, details will be available soon!

We then took it to the cruiserweight division has Huvi battled Starfire. This was a wonderful high-flying match with many counters and reversals. Huvi was able to get the victory after landing the Arial on Starfire!

Two former Universal Champions locked up as Virus and Vanquished in hardcore action. Each man wasted very little time as they used pans, chairs, and a ladder to destroy each other. During the course of the match Virus busted Vanquished wide open with a chair shot. The ending came when Virus delivered the pedigree on a pan for the win! After the match Virus attacked Vanquished and gave him the Activation. As Virus ran his mouth to the fans Chris Adams snuck into the ring and hit Virus in the back of the head with the U.S. Title belt.

Our Universal Champion Thug then made his way to ringside and announced NGW would have the first-ever KTRM match! A Kill The Redneck Match! At that time some smelly redneck made his way to the ring screamin he was doin this for his momma! Thug wasted no time as he absolutely destroyed the redneck. As Thug went up top for one of his signature moves another redneck appeared and ran his mouth to Thug causing Thug to jump down and beat his ass. Chris Adams then entered the ring to assist Thug destroy the rednecks. When it was all said and done there was two smelly rednecks laying in the ring with some broken bones.

The main event featured Chris Adams challenging Thug for the NGW Universal Championship! Each man took each other to the limit but it was Thug who was able to land a corkscrew legdrop to get the win and retain his Universal Championship!

9/20/02 Xtreme TV Results

The first match was to determine the #1 Contender to NGW Cruiserweight Champion in a triple threat match! The first participant was the Canadian Starfire, and then the returning Huvi who was back from Mexican Prison, and then the former NGW Cruiserweight Champion Kryptonite! All three men gave each other everything they had with several near falls but Stafire was able to nail a moonsault on to Huvi to get the win and become the #1 Contender!

The next and what we came to learn as the final match of the night would be for the NGW Tag Team Champions as Virus and VVD defended against Thug and the reinstated "Superstar" Chris Adams! The match went back and forth for several minutes at a technical style and once Virus and Chris Adams got the tags all hell broke loose as all four men went to the outside. After another several minutes of hardcore action Thug delivered the Splash Mountain to VVD and Chris Adams came off with the Squirrel Bomb to get the win and become brand new NGW Tag Team Champions!

9/15/02 Xtreme TV Results

Xtreme TV went on the air with heavy speculation of who the new NGW Commishioner would be! We wouldn't be wondering long as the "Feature Presentation" Thug made his way to the ring. Thug announced that he was the brand new commish and he had no one to thank but the fans. After all the Thank You's were out of the way Thug announced the card for the evening and promised it would be a night to remember!

The opening match would determine the #1 Contender for the NGW Cruiserweight Championship as Kryptonite took on Starfire. After some great cruiserweight action Starfire went for his patented Starana but Kryptonite was able to catch him and put him away with the Starana to become #1 Contender and get a rematch against Kid Inferno.

We would crown the first-ever NGW Tag Team Champions as the teams of Backyard Boyz Thug and Fly, the Nation of Hate VVD and Virus, and Canadian Violence Starfire and Scotty Bliss battled in a Tag Team Triple Threat with special elimination rules. The first elimination occurred when Fly Guy delivered a Cut Throat Suplex and Thug hit the Hardcore Hangover on Bliss while VVD and Virus double teamed Starfire on the outside. The two remaining teams went back and forth but VVD was able to hit the Lexicon on Thug and then Virus came off the top with the Activation to get the win and become the first-ever NGW Tag Team Champions!

We then saw two superstars from the Next Level division as Serial Killer took on the Nation of Hates first victim 8-Ball. After some great back and forth Next Level action Virus entered the ring and assisted Serial Killer beat down 8-Ball. Finally Virus left the ring and sat down at the broadcast booth, and began running down Serial Killer for not doing anything by himself. While Virus was running his mouth 8-Ball was able to get the win on Serial Killer, which prompted Virus to re-enter the ring and gave 8-Ball the System Shutdown. Virus and Serial Killer then gave 8-Ball a double chokeslam to leave 8-Ball laying.

Next was the infamous "Hardcore Heaven" match between the unmasked Cole Cash and Hostile! Before the match got underway Virus and Serial Killer were seen around the ring making fun of Cash and Hostile. The match quickly spilled to the outside and both men beat each other weapons! Even Virus and Serial Killer got in on it as they assaulted Hostile with some pans but quickly got out of site. The two went to the back and foud even more weapons. Virus and Serial Killer emerged again and gave Hostile a Con-Pan-To but the big man still wouldn't go down! When it looked like Cash and Virus were on the same page Cash nailed Virus with a trash can lid. Once back in the ring Hostile was able to chokeslam Cash through some boxes to get the win. After the match Adam Awesome hit the ring and destroyed Hostile with his Singapore Cane sending the big man from the ring.

While Cash was coming to Thug and Fly Guy made made their way to the ring. Thug announced that since they lost the tag title match earlier in the night that now he and Fly Guy woud battle Cash and Awesome to determine #1 Contender for the NGW Tag Titles. Both teams beat the hell out of each other but it was Thug who delivered the Hardcore Hangover and Fly Guy got the pin on Cash!

The main event was next as the new commish' Thug challenged Vanquished for the NGW Universal Championship in a special 2 out of 3 falls! Before the match got underway Virus joined the broadcast at the broadcast booth with Vanquished' title. The match started with some great chain wrestling but it was Thug who came out on top in the exchange. Both men battled back and forth but the first fall went to Vanquished as he hit the V-Strike! Thug battled back in the second fall and locked on the Ghetto Stretch forcing the champion to tap out! The two went right back at each other in the final fall and went back and forth, but Thug was able to catch Vanquished and hit him with the Razor's Edge to get the win and become the brand new NGW Universal Champion! Immediately falling the three count Virus and Cole Cash ran into the ring and started pounding on Thug and Vanquished. But Vanquished grabbed the title and nailed both Cash and Virus clearing the ring. Vanquished then showed a great sign of sportsmanship and gracefully presented the title to Thug. Meanwhile Cash and Virus broke into a brawl on the outside. Thug and Vanquished jumped both of them laying them both out as Xtreme TV went off the air!

9/8/02 Xtreme TV Results

Xtreme TV went on the air with heavy speculation of who the new NGW Commishioner would be! We wouldn't be wondering long as the "Feature Presentation" Thug made his way to the ring. Thug announced that he was the brand new commish and he had no one to thank but the fans. After all the Thank You's were out of the way Thug announced the card for the evening and promised it would be a night to remember!

The opening match would determine the #1 Contender for the NGW Cruiserweight Championship as Kryptonite took on Starfire. After some great cruiserweight action Starfire went for his patented Starana but Kryptonite was able to catch him and put him away with the Starana to become #1 Contender and get a rematch against Kid Inferno.

We would crown the first-ever NGW Tag Team Champions as the teams of Backyard Boyz Thug and Fly, the Nation of Hate VVD and Virus, and Canadian Violence Starfire and Scotty Bliss battled in a Tag Team Triple Threat with special elimination rules. The first elimination occurred when Fly Guy delivered a Cut Throat Suplex and Thug hit the Hardcore Hangover on Bliss while VVD and Virus double teamed Starfire on the outside. The two remaining teams went back and forth but VVD was able to hit the Lexicon on Thug and then Virus came off the top with the Activation to get the win and become the first-ever NGW Tag Team Champions!

We then saw two superstars from the Next Level division as Serial Killer took on the Nation of Hates first victim 8-Ball. After some great back and forth Next Level action Virus entered the ring and assisted Serial Killer beat down 8-Ball. Finally Virus left the ring and sat down at the broadcast booth, and began running down Serial Killer for not doing anything by himself. While Virus was running his mouth 8-Ball was able to get the win on Serial Killer, which prompted Virus to re-enter the ring and gave 8-Ball the System Shutdown. Virus and Serial Killer then gave 8-Ball a double chokeslam to leave 8-Ball laying.

Next was the infamous "Hardcore Heaven" match between the unmasked Cole Cash and Hostile! Before the match got underway Virus and Serial Killer were seen around the ring making fun of Cash and Hostile. The match quickly spilled to the outside and both men beat each other weapons! Even Virus and Serial Killer got in on it as they assaulted Hostile with some pans but quickly got out of site. The two went to the back and foud even more weapons. Virus and Serial Killer emerged again and gave Hostile a Con-Pan-To but the big man still wouldn't go down! When it looked like Cash and Virus were on the same page Cash nailed Virus with a trash can lid. Once back in the ring Hostile was able to chokeslam Cash through some boxes to get the win. After the match Adam Awesome hit the ring and destroyed Hostile with his Singapore Cane sending the big man from the ring.

While Cash was coming to Thug and Fly Guy made made their way to the ring. Thug announced that since they lost the tag title match earlier in the night that now he and Fly Guy woud battle Cash and Awesome to determine #1 Contender for the NGW Tag Titles. Both teams beat the hell out of each other but it was Thug who delivered the Hardcore Hangover and Fly Guy got the pin on Cash!

The main event was next as the new commish' Thug challenged Vanquished for the NGW Universal Championship in a special 2 out of 3 falls! Before the match got underway Virus joined the broadcast at the broadcast booth with Vanquished' title. The match started with some great chain wrestling but it was Thug who came out on top in the exchange. Both men battled back and forth but the first fall went to Vanquished as he hit the V-Strike! Thug battled back in the second fall and locked on the Ghetto Stretch forcing the champion to tap out! The two went right back at each other in the final fall and went back and forth, but Thug was able to catch Vanquished and hit him with the Razor's Edge to get the win and become the brand new NGW Universal Champion! Immediately falling the three count Virus and Cole Cash ran into the ring and started pounding on Thug and Vanquished. But Vanquished grabbed the title and nailed both Cash and Virus clearing the ring. Vanquished then showed a great sign of sportsmanship and gracefully presented the title to Thug. Meanwhile Cash and Virus broke into a brawl on the outside. Thug and Vanquished jumped both of them laying them both out as Xtreme TV went off the air!

9/1/02 Xtreme TV Results

Xtreme TV went on the air with Sir Owen in the ring announcing that the campaign for NGW Commish would take place in a few moments. Owen announced that the participants as: Dexter, Redneck Cajun, Danny Najar, Wigger Hogan, Virus, and himself Sir Owen.

Each participant entered the ring 1 by 1 to explain why they should be voted for, while Virus was in the ring Dexter kept interupting him with noises, and while Virus was talking Dexter put his bike in the ring and started circling Virus. Finally Virus had had enough and clotheslined Dexter off of the bike. Immediately security hit the ring and dragged Virus to the back. Once we thought everyone had made their point suddenly Thug made his way to the ring. After Thug made his point he gave both Redneck Cajun and Wigger Hogan the Splash Mountain!

When we came back from break Virus & VVD made their way to the ring to battle Twisted Youth and Adam Awesome! This matchserved two purposes as it was a chance for Barely Legal to get revenge for the double cross by Virus and the Nation of Hate and also to advance in the tag tourney for the NGW Tag Team Titles. Virus & VVD worked well in the beginning but Barely Legal were able to take control on VVD. Once Virus made the tag all hell broke loose as all 4 men were fighting in and out of the ring. At that point the the arena suddenly went dark. Once the lights came back on Twisted Youh, Adam Awesome, and Steel were all laid out and Virus and VVD were shocked and didn't know what to do except cover Twisted Youth to get the win and advance to the finals of the NGW Tag Tourney!!

The next match of the night was for the NGW Cruiserweight Championship as Kid Inferno challenged Kryptonite! Both men took to each other with some amazing high-flyng maneuvers but it was Kid Inferno who hit a hug Six-Star Frog Splash to get the victory and become new NGW Cruiserweight Champion!! After the match Kryponite, Serial Killer, VVD, and Virus beat down the new champ!

Next we saw Steel take on Domestic Disturbance and a new-comer to NGW "Flyin" Brain Low!! All three men spilled to the outside and all three men beat the hell out of each other. But it was "Flyin" Brian who got the win after a Mecca Toad Splash to Steel!

Next was another match in the tourney as Team Hot Stuff Kid Inferno and Pyro took on the Backyard Boyz Thug and the returning Fly Guy. This was an amazing contest as both teams put forth an amazing effort! During the course of the match Thug injured his knee and had to leave for the back leaving Fly Guy all alone. But out of no where Kryptonite attacked Kid Inferno allowing Fly Guy to get the win for he and Thug putting them in slot two of the Tag Tourney Finals!!

Fly Guy was in it again as he finally battle Twisted Youth to avenge Youth turning on him several weeks back in a special submission match. The ladder and several items were brought into this match as both men destroyed each other. Fly Guy pulled a piece of metal tubing used to contruct the ring out and put it around Youths throat and put him in the Slipknot causing Youth to tap out!

The next match would determine the final entry into the Tag Tourney finals as Canaian Violence Scotty Bliss and Starfire took on L.L. Lightning and Johnny Paradise. For a second week in a row Johnny Paradise put on another great performance but he was unable to lead his team to victory as Scotty Bliss delivered Swan Dive headbutt to L.L. Lightning to get the win!!

We then saw Adam Awesome try to get revenge on Hostile for Barely Legal. But unfortunately for Hostile he could not focus on just Adam Awesome but also Twisted Youth and Steel. Barely Legal assaulted Hostile with many weapons and triple team moves, but Hostile just wouldn't stay down for the three. It took all three members of Barely Legal to cover Hostile to get the victory for Adam Awesome and Barely Legal!

We would finally declare a new NGW United States Champion as Thug and VVD went one-on-one!! VVD went for the injured leg of Thug early but Thug was able to battle back. VVD went for the Lexicon but Thug countered and went for the Splash Mountain but VVD countered that and hit the Lexicon to become the brand new NGW United States Champion!

The next match was the main event as Virus would try to reclaim the NGW Universal Championship from Vanquished. Both men used the ladder and pans to try and keep the other down. After may moments of brawling on the outsde they re-entered the ring and Virus was able to hit the System Shutdown and it seemed he had the championship won Thug attacked Virus stopping the three count. Virus and Thug got into a slugfest on the outside causing Virus to be counted out allowing Vanquished to retain the title. After the match Virus brutally attacked Vanquished and once Vanquished came to Thug told him that he put that title around Vanquished and now he wants to take it off himself and requested a match for the title next week which Vanquished accepted.

As the broadcasters attempted to end the show Vanquished sat down next to them and started bragging about his accomplishment when suddenly Virus dove at Vanquished starting yet another brawl between the two that even Thug and Wigger Hogan got into as Xtreme TV went off the air!

8/25/02 Xtreme TV Results

As Xtreme TV came on the air we saw Serial Killer sitting in his tiny chair waiting for the former champion, Virus. Just then the former champ walked through the arena door talking on his cellphone and immediately Serial Killer started running him down for losing the title two weeks ago. But Virus just shrugged it off and said not to worry he had a rematch tonight and just in case a little something extra planned!

We were then taken to the ring as the new comer Vinnie made his way to the ring. Vinnie bragged about his Italian background and said he was disrepected by not having an opponent and then he gave an open challenge to anyone in the back. At that moment the sounds of the '80's legend Johnny Paradise made his way to the ring to accept the challenge.

Paradise and Vinnie had a surprisingly amazing match but in the end Vinnie was to much for the '80's legend and locked on the Hit and Run to make Paradise submit. It took the ref and Senior Ref. Danny Najar to pull Vinnie off the crying Johnny Paradise!

Adam Awesome and Twisted Youth were then seen arguing in the back over the happenings from the previous weeks. After a few moments the two decided to make a truce and quit fighting when the new leader of Barely Legal Hostile entered saying he had enough of this crap! and forced Awesome and Youth to battle each other in a No DQ match later in the night!

The second match was a rematch from two weeks ago when Steel battled Hostile. After a long and brutal match Steel hit Hostile with three steel plunges to get the victory. After the match however Hostile locked Steel in the "Black Out" and refused to let go until Twisted Youth pulled Hostile off saying he'll get him later!

The third match of the night was a part of the first round of the NGW Tag Team Title Tournament as the team known as "Canadian Violence" Starfire & Scotty Bliss teamed up to take on the team that was forced to team Kryptonite & L.L. Lightning. Oddly enough Kryptonite & L.L. Lightning worked extremely well together even getting the win after a straight jacket powerbomb from Kryptonite to get the victory to advance to the second round of the tournament.

Next we got a little comedy thrown at us when the demented Danny Najar took on Wigger Hogan! In the middle of the match started circling the ring on a little bicycle wearing a weird wig. After everyone got out of the ring Dexter brought the bike into the ring and started riding it. But the fun ended quickly when Twisted Youth entered the ring and ran off the three disabled wrestlers. Youth said this side show crap was over, it was time for him to beat the hell out of Adam Awesome.

With that Awesome made his way to the ring and the war began. This match was packed full of violent spots including Awesome missing the Butterfly on the ground and a moonsault from Youth onto Awesome from the ring to the ground. But when we thought we couldn't see anymore Twisted Youth pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Awesome! Youth gave Awesome four hard kindo stick shots laying out the self-proclaimed Future of Hardcore! At that point Hostile entered the ring to stop the fight and said the whole purpose of this was to make these two respect their leader while the ref was uncuffing Awesome. While it seemed that Youth and Hostile were starting to reconcile Awesome nailed Hostile in the back with the kindo stick! Awesome and Youth destroyed Hostile and then they announced their new member and out walked none other than.......Steel! All three men continued the assault until Youth hit the Cashflow DDT onto a trash can lid. After the three left it took many paramedics to remove Hostile from the ring.

The camera then caught Twisted Youth, Adam Awesome and Steel celebrating in the back when Youth said he'll be right back and walked off, as the camera filmed Youth leaving we heard many disturbing screams and when the camera turned around it found Awesome and Steel laying on the locker room floor with a note saying "The Hunters Have Become The Hunted, And The Hunted Has Become The Hunter" and at about that time Twisted Youth returned along with....Virus!!

Next was the main event as Virus and Thug challenged Vanquished for the NGW World Title in a special 4-corners match, meaning that order to win the participants had to touch the four the specially marked corners and then the first to hit their finisher would win the title. After a long and excruciating fight Vanquished battled out of Virus' Meltdown to hit the V-Stike to retain the NGW Title! After the match Twisted Youth entered the ring with Virus and announced that now he might as well reveal the surprise he had, and then announced that Virus has joined himself, Awesome and Steel to join the new H8 Club but once Youth turned around Virus nailed him with a forearm and Serial Killer ran out and nailed Youth with a kindo stick and then Kryptonite hit a gillotine leg drop on the back of Youth and the three laughed at Twisted Youth as he layed on the mat. And finally Virus hit Youth with a kindo stick as Xtreme TV went of the air!!

Summer Meltdown Results 8/18/02!

Before Summer Meltdown even started we were taken backstage where a nervous Serial Killer rocked back and fourth knowing that VVD would walk through the lockeroom door any minute and find out that he lost VVD's hardcore title while VVD was on a suspension. Just then Desmond walked through the lockeroom door for the first time in 30 days. Desmond told the Killer that it was nice to see him again, but he still HATED him! He then got straight to the point and asked Serial Killer to hand him over the NGW Hardcore Title. Serial Killer started to mumble and get a very scared look on his face. Serial Killer finally informed VVD of what had happened last week with a very big twist saying that Blade ran up behind him from behind and through someonething in his eys all of which was not true. VVD couldn't believe the news and was pissed that someone he doesn't even know has HIS NGW Hardcore Title! Desmond told the killer he was luck he didn't kick his ass but he would go look for Blade instead and kick his ass!

Sir Owen and Vic the Dick would now begin to open up Summer Meltdown and run down the card but before they got the chance Blade's music hit, and out walked the NEW Hardcore Champion of NGW. Blade asked Owen what VVD's problem was, he didn't take anything of his, Blade has his ego, and HIS NGW Hardcore Title, nothing that belongs to VVD!

Then VVD's music hit and out came one pissed off Vance Desmond. Desmond quickly got in the ring and got right up in the face of Blade! Desmond got mouthy telling Blade this is his ring, and his Hardcore title, at which Blade had heard enough and layed three big right hands to the face of VVD! Blade started the match by domintating VVD early on with a shoulder brealer. which caused VVD to roll out of the ring and re group. VVD came back in the ring with a new game plan this time. VVD gave Blade a shoulder block and Blade returned the favor, showing each of the men were equal. But once again Blade showed why he is Blade, and folded him up with multiple suplexes. The match then poured to the arena floor. Blade delivered the "Bladinator" to the "Violent" one. Desmond came back with two big ddts on the steel chair. Blade returned the favor with the chair by smashing Demonds head with it. Blade continued to work on the head of VVD with big right hands, and a devasting superkick.

Blade set up a chair balanced on the ground and the trampoline but Vance was able to reverse it and send Blade crashing in to the chair. VVD then worked on the head of Blade by slamming his head in to the same chair. Desmond then gave Blade a chair shot as a pay back from earlier. Then VVD cotinued to dominate by choking out Blade and laying in stiff kicks to the ribs of Blade. VVD worked Blade in to the side of the lockeroom wall and hit a bycyle kick, then went for the Shake, Rattle, and Bourbon Street Blues, but Blade was able to hit the superkick to take out VVD before he was able to hit the clothesline. Blade rolled VVD back in to the ring and showed his skills with a split of his own. Blade then took VVD down with a roundhouse kick. Blade picked up VVD again and hit the Code Red. However VVD was able to kick him in the head after the pin and go up top for a huge splash! Then VVD hit the Lexicon! The match was over but then out of no where came Serial Killer to supposidly congradulate VVD on doing so good so far, but it served as a distraction and VVD turned around in to a Dead Line, then Blade went up top of the 7 ft ladder and hit the Ultra Blade Bomb! to retain the NGW Hardcore Title!

The second match of the night would be two men trying to make a name for themselves in the NGW International division. 8 Ball was out to make a name for himself other than the name he already made by taking a brutal beating by the Nation of Hate. The Honkey Tonk American was also out to make a name for himself. However, I don't think he was all that successful in making a name for himself, other than being a barefoot redneck. The Honkey Tonk American was no match for 8 Ball. 8 Ball was able to put the American away after a brutal match of high impact moves like a shooting star press with a cookie sheet, and the move that put HTA away the 5 Star Frog Splash with a cookie sheet as well. 8 Ball is quickly rising in the International rankings, where the Honkey Tonk American may be helding to another division in NGW, and will comepete with the likes of Dexter, and Redneck Cajun, and many other wrestlers of that calibur.

The third match of the night was a cruiserweight tag team match that was very impressive. The NGW Cruiserweight Champion, Kryptonite tagged up with Starfire to take on the challenge of the returning Blood, and LL Lightning! The match started off with LL Lightning and Starfire brawling on the arena floor. Meanwhile in the ring Blood and Kryptonite locked it up. Blood quickly went for the hiptoss but was countered by Kryptonite into a hiptoss neckbreaker. Kryptonite picked up Blood back to his feet and irish whipped him in, Blood came back and got caught with a belly to belly over the head release suplex. Kryptonite then caught Blood in the jaw with a superkick, knocking Blood down once again. Kryptonite went for the whip once again however this time it was countered and Blood fought back with a clothesline taking down the Cruiserweight Champ! Blood then tossed Kryptonite to the outside where Starfire and LL Lightning continued to fight it out. Kryptonite regained some consciencenous just in time to see what Blood was going for and pulled Twisted Youth out of the commentaters booth to take the brut of the incredible suicide dive perfomed by Blood taking down all 4 men! Blood got back to his feet and gave Starfire a ddt on to a ringside steel chair. Kryptonite and LL Lightning rolled back in to the ring and got in to a kick fest. The exchanged several kicks, however finally LL Lightning ducked out of the way of one of Kryptonite's huge roundhouse kicks, and knocked him down to one knee. LL Lightning ran up Kryptonite's knee and hit the shinning insaguri! Meanwhile Blood and Starfire were know on the outside slugging it out! LL Lighting took over Kryptonite with a clothesline followed by a DDT. Kryptonite had enough and quickly tagged in Starfire.

Blood also got the tag and now both men were fresh. Blood took over with huge savat kicks followed up by one of his own moves, the armpit drop kick. Blood then delivered a pendgalem swing to Starfire. Starfire tagged out and Kryptonite rushed in to the ring and hit a spin kick to Blood taking him by surprise. Kryptonite then dropped him up and over with great elevation with a backbody drop. Kryptonite then went for the quick win with a blue thunder pin. Kryptonite was only able to get a two, so Kryptonite set up Blood with a 10 Second stalling vertical suplex, letting all the Blood run to Blood's head, no pun intended.

Kryptonite followed it up with a moonsault out of no where and went for the pin, but still was only able to get a two count. Blood fought back with a huracanrana out of no where and quickly tagged in the fresh LL Lightning. LL Lighting came flying in to the ring with a huge forearm smash to the head of Kryptonite. Lighting then applied the Dragon Clutch looking for Kryptonite to tap out but Kryptonite wouldn't. LL Lighting called for his partner to get in the ring. Kryptonite got back up on to his knees just in time to be greeted with two boots to the head in the form of a double yakuza kick! The tag team of Blood and LL Lighting wasn't done however, each man grabbed a leg of the super villian and delivered a double wisbone that left Kryptonite screaming in pain!

Blood became the legal man and brought Kryptonite down with the tazmission. Luckily Starfire got in the ring and broke up the submission with an elbow drop to Blood. Kryptonite was able to shake up the cob webs and lock in a leg lock on Blood. Blood showed his determination and reversed the leg lock in to a version of the Texas Cloverleaf, Kryptonite however, fought his way out of the submission. Krytponite then called for his partner to get in the ring. Starfire & Kryptonite picked up Blood and hit the Spanish Fly! It took alot out of everyone however. LL Lightning dashed in to the ring and started stomping Starfire. Kryptonite got back to his feet and knocked LL Lightning off the ring to the ground. Kryptonite then attacked the legs of Blood and set him up with a scoop slam. Kryptonite then monkey flipped his partner causing Starfire to hit a sinton bomb on Blood! Kryptonite rolled out of the ring.

LL Lightning got back in the ring and knocked Starfire off of Blood. LL Lightning attacked Starfire, meanwhile Blood gave Kryptonite a kick on the outside. Blood and Lightning got Starfire down to his knees and both men drop kicked him from both sides right to the head! LL Lightning and Blood showed that they can work together too, as Blood set up Starfire with a surfboard while Lightning applied a dragon sleeper! Luckily, Kryptonite broke the submission up.

Eventually, the match poured to the arena floor once again. Starfire and Blood exchanged stiff kicks. Meanwhile LL Lightning knocked Kryptonite on to a chair that was in a sitting position, then Lighting ran and gave him a cross body that sent him crashing to the ground. Starfire was left alone with the two men who kicked the shit out of him. Krytponite finally regrouped, got up, and gave Blood a super kick that sent him flying. Kryptonite dove in the ring, bounced, and hit a huge cross body to the outside on Blood. Meanwhile LL Lighting hit Starfire with an Ace Crusher on the ground. Kryptonite started to get up but was caught off guard with a superkick that had to have knocked some teeth out, but Kryptonite remained standing, so Blood gave him another one that sent Kryptonite down. Blood then hit a rolling thunder. Kryptonite pulled himself over to his partner and offered him som advice, apparently Starfire didn't follow through with the advice which pissed Kryptonite off and layed in a big right hand to the face of his partner! He then slammed Starfire's head in the lighting post, which echoed through out the NGW Arena! Kryptonite decided he would win this one on his own, he rolled Blood back in the ring, hit a rana, then went up top for the "Falling Star" Swanton Bomb, to pick up the win for his team! After the match Starfire and Kryptonite got in to a fight that ended with Kryptonite choking out Starfire.

Blade made his way to the ring and started to talk trash about Twisted Youth, which brought out Youth. Twisted Youth challenged Blade to a tag team match which brought out Thug. Thug and Blade asked who his partner would be at which point Adam Awesome made his way to the ring. Blade and Thug said they would accept the challenge if they could come up with the stipulations. Awesome and Youth agreed to the terms. Then Barely Legal headed back to the lockeroom.

Blade and Thug however didn't. They instead started to discuss some stipulations to themselves and write unflattering comments about Barely Legal on the Lockeroom walls. They then decided it way time for their plan. They stormed the lockeroom and dragged Youth and Awesome to the ring. Blade applied a camel clutch to Awesome, while Thug put out a contract and a pin and forced Awesome to sign it! Whatever the stipulations they came up with would be in affect! They were a huge surprise as you will see later in the match!

The match started off with Blade taking it to Awesome early on in the ring. Meanwhile Youth pulled Thug to the outside and layed in some stiff shots then slammed his head in to the side of the wall. Awesome reversed the camel clutch and took over by working over the leg of Blade, first by pulling it, then a wishbone. Awesome showed how ruthless he could be first with a knee to the groin, then a blatant choke right in front of the referee. The ref forced Awesome off allowing Blade to roll over and tag in the fresh Thug. Thug circled Awesome trying to come up with a way to take the big man down. Both men locked it up but Awesome threw him down like he was nothing. Thug looked around and realized he was in the wrong corned of the ring with Hostile and Twisted Youth surrounding him. Thug quickly rolled away from them, meanwhile Awesome was jawing with Blade and turned around and got caught in the jaw courtesy of a spin kick by Thug. The momentum behind the kick sent Awesome flying on to the deck. Thug followed Awesome and stomped him while he was down. Thug showed that he can play dirty too if needed by giving Awesome a spinning boot rake to the face.

Thug picked Awesome back up to his feet and dove off the corned post delivering a bulldog taking Awesome down. Thug made the tag to Blade who showed he can play dirty as well by returning the favor of a low blow from Awesome earlier on. Blade then smashed a cookie sheet over the head of Awesome. This match just turned Hardcore. Thug he was perched up top with a cookie sheet, he dove off the top smashing the cookie sheet on the head of Awesome in the form of an Arabian Face Buster! Blade then German Suplexed Awesome on to the same cookie sheet. Blade made the tag to Thug who took Awesome down with a reverse ddt, and followed it up with a quick legdrop. Twisted Youth then threw a shoe at Thug which gave Awesome time to make the tag, Thug also found it in him to reach back for the tag as well. Youth was fresh and you could tell he took it to Blade. He caught him first with a drop kick and then a float over suplex for a two count. Youth got discouraged and picked Blade up to his feet just to deliver a stiff clothesline that nearly knocked Blade out of his boots. Youth quickly went for the submission with a reverse chin lock.

Youth was wearing Blade down and fast, Blade needed to find a counter and he did with a face rake, as the fans were behind him. Blade got back to his feet and hit his brand new move, the Code Red. Blade tagged in Thug instead of going for the pin which could have been a mistake. Thug went up top for a double ax handle smash but got caught with a huge drop kick from Twisted Youth! Youth got up to his feet and gave Thug a legdrop to the balls! Youth gave Thug a German suplex but didn't go for the pin. Instead he brought Thug to his knees with a hand full of hair then gave him a seated drop kick!

Youth then applied an inovated submission to Thug working the legs, the arms, and the back. Luckily, Blade broke the submission up and Thug made the tag to the fresh Blade. Blade dove in with a legdrop to the back of the head. Then a huge leg drop from the top. Blade picked Youth up and delivered one of his finishers, the Dead Line. He then tagged in Thug he went off the top with a huge splash. It took alot out of Thug which cause a slight hesintation before the pin, allowing Youth to kick out. Thug picked Youth up to his feet only to send him back down with a standing drop kick. Thug then went for another kick but it got caught and Youth rolled through in to a a submission. Meanwhile Youth tagged in Awesome who dove in with a huge diving headbutt to the shoulder of Thug. Awesome took over the match and took Thug down with a backdrop suplex.

Awesome went for the pin but only got a two so he started to choke out Thug. Youth through Awesome a cookie sheet and Awesome layed out Thug with it. Awesome then went for a baseball slide to the nuts but Thug moved, however Youth caught him the head with a cookie sheet and sent him back down. Awesome went for the pin but didn't hook the leg and only got a two count. Meanwhile Youth and Hostile got in to a verbal fight on the outside at which point Blade sneaked in the ring and hit a German Suplex on Awesome. Thug now took advantage of the situation and picked Awesome up and caught him with a leg attack. But on the outside all hell broke loose, Hostile and Twisted Youth got in to a punch out! Hostile was finally taken down by Youth with a huge DDT on to a steel chair. Back in the ring Thug hit a beautiful missile drop kick with a pan to Adam Awesome. Thug applied a leg lock to one leg of Awesome while Blade got back in the ring and applied a leg lock to the other one! Stretching Awesome like a pretzel! Thug then picked up Awesome and called for the end but Awesome low blowed Thug and hit a sit out powerbomb. Awesome went for the pin but Thug kicked him in the head at two. Awesome diverted his attention to Blade for a couple seconds taunting him, which turned out to be a big mistake because Thug was waiting for Awesome when he turned around and hit a thunderous superkick. Then Thug called for the powerbomb to Awesome!?! Thug tried his hardest but couldn't get Awesome up. Blade told Thug to tag him in he would powerbomb him. Thug made the tag and in came Blade going for the powerbomb. Blade had him set up and it looked like he would have hit it but Twisted Youth broke it up. Youth then set up Blade for a HUGE powerbomb.

Youth pulled Blade to the floor and both men started to brawl. Meanwhile Awesome was slamming Thug's head off the guard rail. Youth went to whip Blade in to a clothesline from Awesome but Blade reversed the whip, Awesome went for the clothesline unaware of the switch, Youth ducked it and hit the Pain Thriller on to his partner on to a steel chair! Thug and Blade thought it was hilarious. Blade then went after Youth with huge savant kicks then Blade leaped over Youth and hit the Code Red on the ground! Blade then gave the half dead Awesome a dead line on a steel chair. Youth then took over Blade with some huge kicks of his own and rolled him back in the ring. Youth put the ladder on top of Blade and went for a moonsault but ended up hurting himself worse than he hurt Blade. Blade got up and set the ladder up. He then went to the top for his corkscrew move but Youth was able to get out of the way before contact was made. Youth then went after Thug and took him out while Awesome went up and hit the Butterfly on Blade! But the glory hound, Youth made the pin. It was academic, 1, 2, 3! After the match Awesome looked to try to injure Blade but luckily Thug made the save w/ a cane shot to the head.

Thug and Blade started to laugh for an own known reason but then revieled that the stipulation they had made had been if they lose Hostile becomes the leader of Barely Legal! Awesome and Youth heard the news and were good and pissed! However, Hostile seemed very pleased!

Up next it would be Serial Killer taking on the returning Rizo. Serial Killer was able to dominate Rizo very easily, and pulled off a convincing win with the Life Stopper!

Next Johnny Paradise made his way out of the loockeroom door shocking us all. Paradise talked about how Vanquished being the World Champion was a joke, so he wanted to take on Vanquished and not only did he want him to put the title on the line, but Paradise added another stipulation that the loser would be dropped to the International Division! Vanquished came out and didn't look to happy that he had to wrestle the "gay" Johnny Paradise but he still accepted the challenge. Paradise pulled out all the 80's ticks. Even sliding to the outside of the ring and telling Vanquished to come and lock it up, knowing that it wasn't a any where falls match. Eventually Paradise got back in the ring but not before posing with the World Title in a disgusting manner. Both men circuled each other and went for the lock up but Paradis broke it up with a face rake.

8/11 Xtreme TV Quick Results

The August 11th edition of Xtreme TV began with Adam Awesome yelling at Hostile for costing them the tag match last week. Twisted Youth then entered and got into an argument over the leader of Barely Legal. Danny Najar then entered the room and announced that Twisted Youth, Adam Awesome, and Blade will compete in a triple threat match.

That match was next and it was then announced that the loser of this match would be knocked down to the International Rankings being unable to ever compete for the NGW World Title. This match was extremely brutal with Adam Awesome being busted open from a chairshot from Blade. The match ended when Awesome had Blade setup for a German suplex and Twisted Youth kicked Blade in the jaw from the top sending him over in the suplex. Twisted Youth then pinned Blade demoting him in the divisions. Afterwards Awesome and Twisted Youth got into a brawl.

Next Serial Killer came out dressed as Paradise and said it was time for another edition of Almost Fagadise. After a few moments for Serial Killer acting like Paradise came out with only his Cub Scout cap. Paradise pulled Serial Killer out of his chair and put him in a spinning toe hold. As Paradise spun around the second time Serial Killer nailed him with the chair and pinned Paradise. But as Serial Killer turned around he was met by Blade who gave him a Deadline onto the chair to become the brand new NGW Hardcore Champion!

The following match was L.L. Lightning battling the new Canadian proud Starfire in a cruiserweight match-up. This was a kick-fest as both men kicked the hell out of each other. But in the end it was L.L. Lightning who locked Starfire in a Cobra Sleeper on the deck causing Starfire to black out. Lightning went back into the ring as the 1-2-3 Kidd counted to 10, handing the match to L.L. Lightning.

After the match the fans were getting on Lightning's case causing Lightning to attack some members of the audience.

As we came back we saw L.L. Lightning in locker room getting ready to leave when some security gaurds entered the room dragging L.L. Lightning and the other masked wrestlers to the outside. The attacked fan then identified L.L. Lightning as the attacker. The gaurds then dragged Lightning from the arena despite how hard he tried to stay.

The new big man in NGW Domestic Disturbance made his way to the ring and cut a promo on Hostile. Disturbance said he was the new big man and Hostile had nothing on him. As Domestic Disturbance began arguing with the fans, Hostile slowly made his way to the ring, Disturbance turned around and Hostile got right into his face. After a few moments of arguing Hostile turned and walked away but Disturbance hit Hostile from behind, and Hostile just shrugged it off, and asked Disturbance if he was crazy. Hostile went for the chokeslam on Disturbance but was caught with a low blow and Domestic Disturbance got out of the ring celebrating.

The next match was for the NGW Cruiserweight Title as Kryptonite defended against a new comer Kid Inferno. After a fast-paced exciting match Kid Inferno defeated Kryptonite by DQ after Kryptonite threw flour in Inferno's eyes.

Next Hostile returned to the ring to challenge the returning "Franchise" Steel. Hostile dominated the smaller Steel but Steel kept fighting back. And after an intense battle, Domestic Disturbance attacked Hostile giving Hostile the win by DQ.

The next match was the main event as Thug challenged the NGW World Champion Virus. Both men went back and forth, but the finish saw Virus make the referee wander off and then hit Thug with the title belt. But still Thug wouldn't stay down and Virus hit 2 "System Shutdowns" to get the victory.

As the camera followed Thug to the locker room, Virus started bragging about how he was the best and he had beaten everyone in the locker then sudddenly the music of Vanquished hit and the superhero came out and asked Virus to give him another shot at the title, and Virus accepted saying he beat him once he'll beat him again. Virus tried to jump Vanquished from behind but the tired Virus was to slow. Vanquished dominated the fatigued Virus the entire match. Virus was able to hit a system shutdown but Vanquished still kicked out, in frustration Virus went to clothesline Vanquished but accidentally hit the ref. As the ref and Vanquished were both out Thug snuck into the ring and nailed Virus with a chair shot. The Vanquished splashed Virus from the top to get the win, and become the NEW NGW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!


The opening match-up saw Barely Legal battle Cole Cash & Fly Guy. Barely Legal def. Fly Guy and Cole Cash after Cash turned on his partner and allowed Awesome to hit the "Butterfly" on Fly Guy while Cash had him locked in the "Cash-mission" then Cash left to allow Hostile and Awesome to destroy the "Fly One" even further.

Next was the battle of the cruiserweights as the "Super Villian" Kryptonite challenged Starfire for the Cruiserweight Crown. Starfire def. Kryptonite with the deja vu! Afterwards Kryptonite leveled the referee Vinny with a steel chair!!

Next Barely Legal returned to the ring and insulted NGW and Fly Guy, and said they had killed someone that night. Next the duo of Fly Guy and Thug entered and Fly Guy said he was clearly not dead. Awesome went on to say there was a new member to Barely Legal then a unknown theme blared through the NGW arena and the returning BLADE appeared at the entrance and was introduced to join Thug, Fly Guy, and Chris Adams to form the East Coast Connection. Then suddenly an unknown masked man ran out and attacked Blade and brawl ensued with all 6 men!!

That brawl turned into Battle Royal with the final two having a regular wrestling match to determine next weeks #1 Contender! Hostile quickly eliminated Thug and Fly Guy. Then Starfire and Blade entered and double teamed the big man, eventually eliminating him and then Blade eliminated Starfire and it was down to Blade and the wrestler revealed as Twiztid Youth. The masked mans wrestling ability was extremely similar to the man that turned on Fly Guy earlier in the night. But Blade def. Twizted Youth after a huge Swanton Bomb off a ladder setup by Blade!!

Next was the main event, it was supposed to be Adam Awesome vs. Virus one-on-one but Thug appeared to make it a triangle match for the NGW World Title!! All three men gave it all they had, but in the end Virus def. Adam Awesome and Thug after the "System Shutdown" to Thug and the "Meltdown" to Awesome!

Armageddon came to a close with Virus, Awesome, and Thug all staring each other down!

7/7 Xtreme TV Results

Before Xtreme TV went on Air, the "Feature Presentation", Thug, issued a challenge to the entire Nation of Hate! Thug would wait for an answer later in the night.

The show would start out with a bang concluding the best of three series between Chris Adams and Virus. Virus' power was officialy relinguished before the match started and a contract would be presented to the winner of the match as Commishioner of NGW, however, it was not for the NGW World Title. Virus and Adams gave it absolutely everything they had in their bodies. The match went back and fourth with so many close three counts. Virus worked on the legs of Adams for most of the match knowing well that if Adams couldn't walk their would be no "Squirel-Bomb". Adams was able to come back later on by reversing Virus' attempt at the Pedigree by throwing him over his head and hooking both arms for a very, very close 2 count. However, just as soon as Adams had things going his way his knee gave out. Virus took over the match and would eventually head up top for the "Activation" but Adams had enough in him to roll out of the way and go up top to hit the "Squirel-Bomb" to pick up the win and become the brand new commish' of NGW.

Virus was trying to leave the ring and head back to the lockeroom when Adams stopped him and told him that he wasn't done for the night. Adams informed him that he used to be an underdog so he can relate to someone in the lockeroom very well. He told Virus that tonight he would defend the World Title against one of NGW's biggest underdogs, Vanquished! Virus was none to happy about having to pull double duty.

The next match of the evening would be the ever scary, Hostile going up against, "Da Fly One" Fly Guy!

Adam Awesome would be at ringside for this match giving you the feeling the match wasn't about to be one bit fair. This match was interupted by Awesome before the match even started by attacking Fly Guy with a cain. This gave Hostile an even bigger advantage than he already had. However, Fly Guy used his quickness to his advantage by ducking out of the way of Hostile and countering the much slower, Hostile's, moves. It didn't last long though because it seemed to have no effect of Hostile. Hostile quickly took over the match with power moves, like a double powerbomb. He pulled Fly Guy straight in to a bear hug showing how strong he really was. The man was a beast. Awesome and Hostile continuesly played with the referee by distracting him and cheating behind his back. Hostile hit a HUGE powerbomb and went for the pin but only got a 2 which infuriated him. Instead of directing his attention to the match he instead chased the referee around ringside. This gave Fly Guy time to recover in the ring and come back fighting. Fly Guy was able to hit an amazing cut throat suplex to the giant Hostile. However, Hostile was able to kick out at 1 and ironically enough send Fly Guy flying. Fly Guy wouldn't give up though and kept on fighting with kicks then went up top for a big move. Fly Guy leaped off but straight in to the grasp of Hostile's huge hands for a huge chokeslam. That would be all Fly Guy could handle as he was unable to kick out. After the match Hostile showed how sick he was by attacking the defensless referee for not counting to three sooner. He then rolled back in the ring and proceeded to give Fly Guy another chokeslam. The beating continued untill Cole Cash ran out of the back to the aid of his long time friend friend. All four men got in to a huge brawl. That ended with Awesome and Hostile standing tall. Awesome then told us that from this day on, Hostile and himself were to only be refered to as "Barely Legal". Before Awesome was done Fly Guy ran back in the ring and layed out Hostile and Awesome with cain shots.

We were then taken backstage where we saw members of the Nation of Hate conversing. Rage and Serial Killer asked Virus if he was ready for the match with Thug tonight and Virus respondid by acting shocked and saying how he already has another match tonight. Serial Killer and Rage told him not to worry about it anyway they had it handled and besides they wouldn't want him losing ANOTHER match. It was very obvious that the Nation of Hate was upset over Virus losing power in NGW. It was Virus who demanded that they stayed backstage because he could handle Chris Adams by himself.

Back to the ring we would go, the next match would be the "Future of Hardcore" Adam Awesome w/ Hostile taking on the "Whole F'N Industry" Cole Cash. Cash & Awesome have a long history that goes back forever. These two men know each other better than probably anyone else in the buisness and it showed during this match with many counters and reversals. Awesome went for an inverted figure four, but Cash was able to reverse it in to a "Trailer Hitch". Cash then dominated the match with headbutts and then a superkick. However, Hostile would interject himself in the match and chance he got, but Cash would tell him to bring it showing that Cash fears no man. Awesome took some brutal bumps off the trampoline on a couple occasions after taking viscious moves that made Awesome lose his balance and go falling. Cash brought his technical game also. With moves like arm breakers, and other various submission holds. Awesome, apparently brough his technical game too showing he could counter and reverse as well. Cash went for a bulldog but Awesome was able to hit a quick back body drop suplex. Awesome then took charge with stomps and an elbow drop. He quickly lost focus though by jawing with the referee and it almost cost his the match as Cash hooked him for a close two count. Cash then took over once again this time with many painful submisiion holds, such as the camel clutch, crippler crossface, and the Cash Mission. Awesome showed his determination and still kicked out. Cash was able to hit the Cashflow ddt, but instead of going for the pin he went up top and was greated by Hostile who knocked him off. Awesome picked up Cash and hit the "Dark Lotus" and won the match. Then all hell broke loose once again as Fly Guy came out to save Cole Cash. All four men got in to a brutal confrontation. Several officials made their way to the ring to try and break it up with no success. After about 10 mintutes of brawling finally the men were able to be seperated. These four men were not done with each other and they will get their chance to meet up once again in a special tag match at Armageddon, on the 21st of July.

The next match would be for the NGW Cruiserweight Championship. The returning Huvi would be going up against the new champion, Starfire. These two men put on one hell of a match. The match started with great fast paced action and a nice series that ended with Huvi out on top with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Huvi then started to dominate the match with a clothesline that sent Starfire spinning. Huvi then showed off his power with a tribute to the late great British Bulldog with a stalling vertical suplex. Huvi went for the pin but only got a two which made Huvi upset with the officiating of Zack Detox. Huvi irish whipped Starfire in but Starfire came back off with a De Ja Vu (Satalite HeadScissors). Starfire tried to slow Huvi down with suplexes and a ddt. He then hit one of his signature moves, the Ocean Cyclone Bulldog. It was only worth a two though. Starfire went for a satalite headscissors but Huvi countered, so Starfire flipped up and went the other way with the headscissors landing Huvi right on the top of his head. Huvi wasn't quit the same the rest of the match after that devastating move. That made it quit easy for Starfire to hit the "Starana" and retain his title. After the match a voice out of no where told Starfire and Huvi to look up. It was Kryptonite sitting on top of a ladder used to lighting purposes. Kryptonite began to speak about how the Cruiserweight Division wasn't getting enough respect and it was time for them to start stealing shows. So he challenged Starfire to put his title on the line against Huvi, and himself at Armageddon in a Ladder Match! Starfire agreed then Serial Killer's music hit. Serial Killer said it wouldn't be a match without him in it. All men agreed he could be in it setting up a 4-way ladder match at Armageddon on the 21st, for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Up next "Whata Man" blared through out the sound system and former XCW Commish' Frankie appeared announcing he would be the special referee for this match. Nation of Hate members, Rage and Serial Killer would be out first. Then the "Feature Presentation" made his way to the ring with a confident look on his face. Serial Killer and and Thug would start off the match.

The Rest Coming Soon!!

6/29 Xtreme TV Quick Results

Starfire def. Kryptonite to become new NGW Cruiserweight Champion due Virus stripping Huvi of the title!

Syco def. Vanquished to become new NGW International Champion after an attack from Kryptonite on Vanquished!

Adam Awesome def. Fly Guy after outside interference from Awesome' new partner Hostile!

Serial Killer def. Thug after a distraction from Rizo!

*Extra Action*

Fly Guy and Thug came to a draw after neither man was able to get back up! Both men shook hands in a great sign of sportsmanship afterwards!

Serial Killer def. Hostile by DQ after Awesome attacked Killer in front of the ref! After the match Awesome and Hostile were preparing to double team Killer but Virus came out to even the odds and cleared the ring as Xtreme TV went off the air!

6/23 King of the Yard Results

The show opened up with the Nation of Hate opening the show with Virus speaking about how Chris Adams beating him was a fluke. He then revieled the surprise. The surprise being that Johnny Paradise would be stripped of the World Title tonight due to lack of defense. He also revieled that the first contest of the tournament would be Johnny Paradise going up against Chris Adams.

The first match of the evening would be a first round match up for the NGW World Title. Paradise claimed they would have to kill him to get rid of that belt. Paradise had come up with a plan be hiding several weapons under his robe. This was a great technical contest for the most part other than Paradise's use of his weapons he brought to the ring. In the end Adams was able to win the match cleanly after he ducked the bell shot and caught Paradise in the jaw with a yakuza kick. Chris Adams would be the first of three men to make it to the finals.

The second match of the evening would be a surprise, being the return of Cole Cash. Cash cut a promo about how he came back to prove a point of what a joke NGW was. He bragged about the star he had become since leaving NGW. Then The "Feature Presenation's" music hit and out came Thug! Thug would be the man to shut Cole Cash's mouth up. Thug gave his all to Cole Cash and even though Cash cheated on several occasions he was still able to pull off the win with a senton bomb. Thug would be the next man to advance.

The third match was the final match of the first round and would decide who the final man would be in the triple threat match event for the NGW World Title. It would be the NGW Owner himself, Virus taking on another returning Superstar Adam Awesome. Awesome was out to get revenge since Virus fired Awesome's friend the Fly Guy. Awesome dominated most of the match and had the match won after he hit the Dark Lotus, and went up to the top for the Butterfly but then out of no where came the Nation of Hate armed with chairs they knocked him off the top of the deck and he hit hard. They then proceeded to attack Awesome just like everyone else these sickos have attacked during this attack the referee the 123 Kidd was knocked out. After the beating they threw Awesome back in and Viurs covered. The ref was able to get his senses together and counted the 1,2,3. Virus would be the third man later in the night.

The fourth match was a non title match. It would be between Huvi, Serial Killer, and Kryptonite. The match started with Serial Killer and Huvi going through many counters and versals. Huvi ended it with a float over ddt. This sent Serial Killler out of the ring and now Kryptonite would finally make his appearance. Now Kryptonite and Huvi would lock it up. These two men also went through many counters and versals. This time Kryptonite was able to out on top ending the series by blocking a headscissors. Huvi and Kryptonite would continue to go at it hard for the rest of the match with a lot of fast paced action and exciting non stop wrestling. Kryptonite was able to hit moves like his moonsault while Huvi was able to hit moves like his Frog Splash. In the end Serial Killer went for the chokeslam to Kryptonite but all he got was an elbow to the head. Kryptonite then laid at Huvi with a over the shoulder side salto, then went for the Falling Star (Shooting Star Press) and hit to win the match. Kryptonite did pick up the win but it appeared he suffered a new injury while performing it. He was assisted out of the ring by the referee. Hopefully Kryptonite will be just fine but we will keep ya posted.

Our cameras then caught up with Cole Cash about to exit the arena when out of the shadows came Adam Awesome. Cole and Adam began to talk about the show. Cash was saying what big of stars they had become and didn't even know why the bothered coming back to a backyard fed. Then Cash thought for a second and realized Awesome hadn't become anything other than a porn adict. Awesome said he had no choice but to sit at home. Cash began to poke more fun at the Juggalo, which almost started a fight, but instead a challenge for next Saturday the 29th was thrown down, and excepted. So next week, Cash and Awesome go one-on-one one more time!

It was now time for the MAAAAAIN EVENT! Finally, it was what everyone had been waiting for! Three men would go in, one would come out with the NGW World Title. Virus was first out. Chris Adams was second, and Thug brought up the rear by being the final man to enter. Chris Adams and Thug looked at each other before the match started and smiled....these two are friends. Then the Virus beat down began. Double team moves left and right. Virus tried to fight back but as soon as he did the other man would knock him back down. Finally Chris and Thug started to realize one of them would have to lose the match which caused some problems between them eventually causing them to go at it too. From that point on the match went back and fourth between all three men. In the very end of the match Chris Adams and Thug were going at it, Chris hit a superkick that nearly took off Thug's head, but he slipped and fell out of the ring! Virus regrouped got up and hit the meltdown on Thug and picked up the win to become the NEW NGW Wold Heavyweigh Champion!

Xtreme Television 6/15 Results

The opening contest was between Rage and member of the Nation of Hate, Serial Killer. Rage dominate most of the match but Serial Killer was able to come back and show why he has the name Serial Killer. At one point Serial Killer gave Rage a double underhook DDT that left Rage looking like an explaination point in the center of the ring. There wasn't a winner of this match though, just as Serial Killer was about to hit a chokeslam, Rage caught him with an elbow to the head then told him to wait up. Rage then asked if he could be in the Nation of the Hate, and permission was granted, which was a devasting shocker, this group of sickos was already strong enough now they had Rage too! The group once again showed how sick and twiztid they were when they attacked the referee Ted for no apparent reason. The attacks started early in the show making us all wonder what was going to happen next.

The next match was supposed to be Huvi vs Starfire for the Cruiserweight Championship, however Kryptonite asked to be in it as well and was permitted. So it would now be a 3-way dance for the title. All three me put their bodies on the line, performing high risk manuevers. Kryptonite even sustained a minor injury to his left ankle after going for a crossbody off the trampoline. But it wouldn't stop him from continuing the match. He tried with everything he had but it just wasn't enough, Huvi retained his title with a rolling thunder off the trampoline.

After the match we were taken back stage looking to see if VVD had arived to the building yet. Serial Killer was saying how he hates when people are late about that time VVD walked through the lockeroom door. Virus told VVD he had a special gift for him. Virus then presented VVD with a new NGW Hardcore Title. VVD seemed very happy so happy infact he went out to the entrance aisle and began to pose with the title.

After taking several pictures with the title, former Hardcore champion, way back when, Thug appeared. Thug began to insult the current champion which followed up VVD insulting the 'Feature Presentation' Thug. Thug wasn't happy and punched him right in the jaw. Thug put him in a headlock and then challenged VVD for a title shot, where the rules would be simple. The match doesn't start in the ring and it doesn't end in the ring, and if you even get in the ring you are disqualified. This match was pretty brutal. Both men showed why they are hardcore. Thug had no problem showing off his power on the ground with moves like a scoop slam and even a running bulldog. Thug went for a powerbomb serval times in the night but was countered on two occasions one with a backbody drop, the other with a hurancanrana. Thug was finally able to hit a sit out version on his third attempt. Vance Desmond showed why he was called "Violent" by breaking a wooden baseball bat over the head of Thug. He also used several weapons like a piece of wood over the back of Thug that echoed through out the arena. Shovels, Trash Can Lids, and even the NGW microphone. All of it alone still wouldn't be enought to take out Thug. At the end of the match Thug was in firm control. He had hit a stalling vertical suplex a few seconds earlier, which snapped the ankle of VVD. He then took over with moves attacking that very ankle. First by driving his knee in to the ground then by applying a submission. Then out of no where came the NGW Owner, Virus armed with a trashcan lid, it was obvious that once again the Nation of Hate was about to mess someone up. Virus, Serial Killer, and VVD all brutally attacked the defenseless Thug. VVD then dove off the trampoline and hit a splash then pinned Thug.

Up next, it was scheduled to be Lau Chi taking on the Redneck Cajun, then Serial Killer came out and cut off the Cajun's signature saying. Redneck Cajun didn't appreciate it at all. As VVD was making fun of the Serial Killer, Virus sneaked up from behind and attacked Lau Chi and Redneck Cajun. Yet another beating by these freaks. Redneck Cajun tried to fight back with viscious punched but just couldn't connect with any of the shots.

The main event of the night was match two of the best of three series. It would be "Superstar" Chris Adams taking on Virus. Surpringly, Virus made his way to the ring alone. Chris started the match out by getting the fans strongly behind him. Chris dominated the first part of the match with strong moves like the swinging neckbreaker, and a side walk slam. Virus was able to come back when Chris missed the Squriell Bomb. Virus came back trying to take the legs out of Adams with submission moves and stiff kicks to the back of the leg. However, the only way to win this match is to copy your opponents move then make the pin. Virus attempted the Squirell Bomb on several occasions but it wasn't even close. Later on in the match VVD was seen ringside as well as Serial Killer. The odds were stacking up, and it looks like Virus would shut out Adams and still remain the NGW Owner. Luckily, the referee, the 124 Kidd, tried his best to instill justice and not allow the Nation of Hate to inerfer. Adams eventually came back when Virus went for a Squirell Bomb and missed. Adams took him down with a reverse DDT, then a applied a single leg Boston Crab. Chris then went up top for the Frog Splash and was able to hit it then make the pin to tie the series! It was a miracle, but a short lived one! Because the damn Nation of Hate began yet another attack on Chris Adams this time. Serial Killer delivered a chokeslam on a trash can lid on teh ground. Desmond hit his splash off the deck on to a trashcan lid to Adams, and well Virus just hit him, with everything around. The referee tried to maintain order by ringing the bell about 1,000 x's but they just have no respect. Then The Nation of Hate began to tie Adams to the ring with a rope when finally to everyone's surprise Thug's music hit! Thug came out with a lead pipe and attacked everyone in his site and grabbed Chris Adams and they ran out of the Arena before the Nation of Hate had another oppurtunity to attack anyone.

Xtreme Television 6/12 Results

NGW Opened the night of action with Violent Vance Desmond getting an International Heavyweight Title match against the champion, Vanquished. Desmond's Hardcore Title would not be on the line in this match up. The match began with many counters and versals showing both men were excellent wrestlers. Desmond was able to dominate the match at the end, however. As VVD was just about to pick up the win a lovely lady from out of no where came ringside. She lured VVD closer and sucked him in with a huge kiss! VVD was shocked as he got up and turned around Vanquished was waiting and hit the V-Strike to pick up the win, and retain his title. After the match VVD had a huge smile on his face, he may have lost the match but he just got a kiss from one hott girl. Everyone is still wondering who that girl was.

The second match of the night was an exhibition cruiserweight match. Starfire and Kryptonite would lock it up. Kryptonite showed a darker side, showing that he could very easy be considered a super villian. He was able to dominate the entire match, with the exception of a few short runs by Starfire. Kryptonite picked up the win with the Super Hero Bomb off the top of the deck. During this match Redneck Cajun through down and open challenge to anyone in the lockeroom to a match against him tonight.

After the match we were backstage watching Dexter the Dork trying to attatch his "ball protecters" when VVD came barging through the door. VVD told Dexter about the challenge and he was very relluctant to begin with. But the slick VVD was able to con him to excepting the match. Dexter stated Dreams Come True in NGW and he was going to Disneyland. Dexter was informed that he had a match but was not going to Disneyland. Dexter was still happy and said he was going to do it for all his role models, Tatanka, Barry Horriwitz, Harvey Wippleman, and Jim Cornette. After that Dexter headed to the ring with winning a match on his mind.

Out next was the Redneck Cajun. Redneck Cajun cut a promo stating he had these clothes on because normally he doesn't wrestling, and if you don't like what he is wearing he had two words for ya....."FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOU!!!"

This match was two moron's trying to wrestle. To many funny moments to mention fans. Dexter did win his first ever match though with a chokeslam. After the match the Redneck Cajun chased Dexter around the ring and finally caught up with him and assualted him. He mad the ref count it. After he got the three he began to declar himself undefeated, even though he just lost a match less then 2 minutes before that.

After this match we were once again sent backstage w/ VVD. However, this time he wasn't with Dexter, he was with that beautiful girl we saw earlier. VVD looked as if he was about to get his reward of the night when out of no where the girl said no. VVD tried to play it off and continue but she forced him off of. She screamed no once again and told him to get a way from her. Desmond become infuriated and said the least she could do is give him a piece of ass after costing him the match. She then smacked him right across the face. Then out of no where came Hostile!

We had ourselves a Hardcore Title match. Hostile slammed him in to the door and then took the action back outside to the night skies of the NGW Arena. Back outside VVD was able to sucker Hostile in and caught him with a DDT on to a stool. Desmond then found some trash objects and began to beat up the much smaller Hostile. He told him to stand still he was about to make him a movie star than he hit with several trashcan lid shots that left Hostile unable to stand. Soon after Thug entered himself in to the match, starting off by hitting VVD with a cookie sheet. But Hostile was able to cut off Thug's offense, as was VVD able to cut off Hostile's offense. VVD was feeling satisfied about himself and began to do what he does way to often talk to the camera. After VVD was done bragging he turned around and Thug dove off the top of the 6ft deck and hit a Cross Body to the ground. That was the last we saw of Thug this match because after he was able to pull himself together he left. Then another man entered the match. This time Serial Killer. Serial Killer went right after Hostile. Then VVD and Hostile began to attack Hostile. Serial Killer was then love tapped by VVD and Serial Killer acted like it killed him. They were obviously messing around, but we had no idea of what was really about to come. Shortly there after, another man entered the match this man being Virus. All three of these men stood together then began to stomp the hell out of Hostile. The brutally attacked the young star. VVD laid a trashcan lid across the chest of Hostile then dove off the 6ft deck and hit a sickening splash! Serial Killer hit his finisher the Chokeslam on the ground. Then Virus hit the Activation, and the Meltdown, and even the Pedigree back in the ring. Then finally, the beating would stop or at least we hoped. They stopped just long enough to introduce themselves, as the Nation of Hate. They told us that anyone with money can obtain their services but no one is safe. Then they went back to attacking Hostile. Even after Hostile was no longer moving they didn't stop. The began to poke fun and make Hostile act as if he was a puppet. It was absolutely shocking and sick. It was an adventures night with many twists and turns. Fans, you can not miss next week's show, I have a feeling it is only the beggining!

Xtreme Television 6/7 Results

The opening contest was between Lau Chi and Starfire. Starfire was making his return this week after being out of action with a bruised rib. Starfire was able to come back strong after a week off and pick up the win with the Starana. So, next week Starfire gets a Cruiserweight Title shot against Huvi.

Dexter the Dork was telling his thoughts on the show so far when out of no where Vance Desmond walked by. Dexter then asked Vance what he was doing. Vance respondid w/ after losing two matches in a row it was time to get serious. Although we all knew he was still joking because the whole time he was wearing a mask that looked alot like a bug. Vance went on to promise a win tonight against who ever he was facing. He also asked Dexter to escort him to the ring.

The next match was Vance Desmond taking on a new comer to the NGW, the Paperboy. The Paperboy came out on his bike, and a bag of newspapers. Dexter proceeded to rub his ass on the backpack that had the papers in then he left. This match was all VVD. VVD out powered the Paperboy the whole match, with the P-Boy getting a few stints of offense. Dexter ran back out at the end of the match and gave the Paper Boy a stink face. Then VVD was able to hit the Lexicon to pick up the win meaning he will get an International Heavyweight Title shot at the next Xtreme TV!

The third match of the day would be a re match from last week pitting Huvi (NGW Cruiserweight Champion) and Rizzo against Kryptonite and Vanquished, Your Superheros. This match was unbelievable to say the least. Kryptonite dominated early on against Huvi. Ending a nice series that started the match with a hamerlock DDT. Kryptonite assaulted Huvi with dominating moves like his signature Spinning Heel Kick, and a drop kick that caught Huvi in the jaw. However, Huvi was able to come back strong by reversing a pin and following it with a vertical suplex. Huvi worked on Krypto's back and legs to wear and tear him apart. Rizzo then began to work over Krytponite. Kryptonite was eventually able to hit a devasting clothesline out of pure desperation and tag in Vanquished who cleared the ring. Vanquished took it to Huvi and Rizzo and began to dominate the match. The superheros had the match going their way and Kryptonite was tagged back in. Things were going his way as he hit the Falling Star swanton bomb, but Huvi was able to kick out. He also his a Northern Lights Suplex followed by a moonsault but still couldn't get the duke. Kryptonite then decided to move the match to the outside and went for a crossbody but Huvi moved sending Kryptonite crashing to the ground hard. Huvi hit a superkick on Kryptonite on the outside, and the cheaters began to double team Vanquished. Vanquished gave it his all though and was able to kick out and would not stay down. Eventually, Krytponite regained consciencness and went after Huvi. He caught up to him, and drove him in to the ground hard with a stalling vertical suplex. The impact was sickening. Huvi was sent back in the ring, while Krypto took care of Rizzo on the outside with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Vanquished was able to take care of buisness on the inside and hit the V-Strike. Kryptonite immediatly followed it up with his Shooting Star Press to finish Huvi off and to win the match.

Up next Several NGW wrestlers got in to a brawl in the ally, and it was decided it would be for the re-instated Hardcore Title. Serial Killer was able to win the match with a Maritada on everyone in site then a pin on Starfire. Just as he was leaving though VVD, was on his way out of here after his match. Serial Killer walked right out in front of VVD's car which pissed him off. VVD got out of his vehicle and proceeded to tell him to watch the fuck out and punched him in the face. VVD was then informed that he could pin Serial Killer and become the new NGW champion, so he proceeded to do so and won the match! VVD got in his car happy as can be and began to roll out of the arena w/ serval wrestlers chasing him. (After this some man approached VVD and told him his daughter was impaired and he should not drive so fast, because him and his family wouldnt be able to pay enough if he had hit her. He also called VVD's car a piece of shit. Some real dicks out there that need to get lifes, ya know what I mean?) A few mins later we caught up with VVD who had went shopping for weapons and was now going to spend the rest of his day playing at the local Elementary School playground. Well that's what he though. Rage, Serial Killer, and Syco, had all followed him and another hardcore match started. The belt changed hands several times, but in the end VVD retained the title. Just as he did however, the police pulled up and busted NGW for wrestling on school grounds. It had finally happened fans, NGW had got busted. It had seemed we never would after three years, but we can all say together, Fuck the Police and the bitch who called them! That officially ended the NGW show for the day.

Xtreme Television 6/1 Quick Results
Huvi & Rizo def. Kryptonite & Vanquished
A very furious Chirs Adams made his way to the ring. He questioned Virus' sexuality since he chose a "homosexual" in Johnny Paradise to be the NGW Champion. Virus immediately made his way to the ring followed by the new NGW Champion Johnny Paradise, and asked Adams what the hell he was talking about, and said just because he got a fag to take your belt doesn't mean he's one. Adams said before Virus started making deep throat pole matches he wanted to become the commissioner and run everything. So he challenged Virus to a 2 out 3 falls series, with the first fall being a submission match, the second fall being a Copy Cat Match, and if needed the third fall being a Falls Count Anywhere Match.
Vanquished retained his International Heavyweight Title against Rage.
Thug vs. VVD #1 contender Dynle was unable to make it in time to the arena so Thug challenged VVD to take Dynle' place. Before the match got underway Virus' music hit and he came out and announced reminded everybody that he was the special referee for this match whether Thug liked or not. Throughout the match it was obvious that Virus was favoring VVD which infuriated Thug. Finally Thug hit his finisher the Splash Mountain Virus counted to 2 but before his hand dropped for three he acted like his arm cramped and couldn't count. An Angered Thug gave Virus a stunner and lifted Virus' arm three times to become the #1 contender. Thug def. VVD to become #1 contender
Virus vs. "Superstar" Chris Adams Match 1(Submission) The match started off with a collar-and-elbow tie-up and Adams put Virus in side headlock but Virus pushed him off into the ropes but Adams exploded off with three repeated clothesline to Virus forcing Virus to roll to the outside. Virus seemed very reluctant to get back into the ring, but once he did they went into another collar-and-elbow tie-up but this time Adams threw Virus down forcing Virus to roll out again but this time he acted like he was leaving which he tried to do but Adams ran out and threw him back. Back in the ring Virus begged for Adams to stop and asked for a timeout but gave Adams a low blow. The match ended with a sharpshooter by Virus. Virus leads the series 1-0.
Adrenaline Overdose PPV Results 5/25/02

The first match was a rematch from the last episode of Xtreme Television. It would be the first Cruiserweight Champion, Kryptonite takingon the newly transformed Huvi. The match started out with a nice series of reversals early on but then the match was taken over by Huvi. Huvi tried to take Kryptonite out early by attacking Kryptonite's legs. Huvi however began to get arogent once he felt he had Kryptonite down, which led to his downfall allowing Kryptonite to get in the match. Kryptonite fought out a sleeper hold and came flying back with a spining heel kick. Kryptonite then took over with submission moves trying to slow down Huvi. Kryptonite tried to get some fast wins to end the match early, but couldn't get the three. Kryptonite even hit the "Stratus Faction" on the ground, as well as a beautiful drop kick, but couldn't get the win. The match continued at a fast pace but eventually slowed down. Both men became exhausted and neither was able to keep the other down. In the end things looked to be going a little better for Huvi as hit a beautiful 5-Star Frog Splash then he laid in some right hands, but then he backed off and grabbed the referee. Huvi was up top talking to the ref, as Kryptonite came to his senses after those big punches. Then out of no where came Rizo. Rizo attacked Kryptonite and hit the Side Effect, Huvi released the ref and hit the Huvicide, got the pin, and won the match to become the new NGW Cruiserweight Champion. Then as Huvi was leaving Starfire ran out of the lockeroom and hit a tilt-a-whirl head scissors on the ground. Rizo ran over and came the aid of Huvi, then both Huvi and Rizo attacked Starfire. But being the superhero he is came to the save of Starfire. Huvi and Rizo ran off like cowards and Kryptonite threw down a tag team challenge for next week.

Up next it was time for the return of Violent Vance Desmond. He came out and cut one hell of a promo showing why he is the most charasmatic superstar in the NGW lockeroom. He would be wrestling Rage for #1 contendarship of the NGW International Heavyweight Champion. VVD took over the offense early and almost picked up the win. However he made a mistake by wasting too much time before an elbow allowing the powerhouse Rage to take over with moves like a stalling vertical suplex, neckbreakers, and a huge clothesline that left VVD not even able to stand. But you couldn't count VVD out yet because he would not be pinned. He was eventually able to fight back and apply a side head lock, but Rage shoved him off and caught him with a drop kick to the jaw cutting the mans's momentum off. Rage then hit the somersault neck snap, but didn't go for the pin, he whipped VVD in, VVD came back with a headscissors take over. VVD then hit Rage with two left jabs, stepped back, danced, did a split, came back up, and clotheslined Rage sending him flipping. He went for the pin but Rage had enough left in him to kick out so VVD sent him the floor. VVD was able to hit a rana on the ground. Back in the ring VVD called for the "Lexitana" but Rage reversed and hit a Death Valley Driver and got the win! So next week Rage will wrestle for the International Heavyweight Championship.

Next, Dexter the Dork interviewed Vanquished about his match and asked him if he had a stategy to beat the much bigger T.J. Andrews, Dexter closed the interview by saying he had no strategy, and he predicted he would lose tonight. But, we will find out later if Vanquished really did have a strategy...

We then saw T.H.U.G in the lockeroom working out followed by the NGW Owner, Virus. Virus busted through the lockeroom door pissed as can be. He spoke about how he and Adam's had been planning the World Title run of Adam's and the running out of former champion, Cole Cash. Virus told THUG he had ruined it all. Thug respondid with "Get Over It." Virus' face became red, then he announced what he had came up with. He told THUG that next week at Xtreme Television he would have Dynle for #1 contendarship of the NGW World Title. Thug was fine with that, but then Virus revieled he would be the special guest referee. Thug went balistic. Virus laughed and told Thug to get over it. He then announced that tonight Chris Adams will wrestle a surprise star for the World Title in a no DQ match up. This meant Chris Adams would defend the World Title in a match with no rules, and he had no idea who he would be wrestling. Real fair, huh?

It was now time for T.J. Andrews to defend the International Heavyweight Title against Vanquished. Andrews got tired early on, and Vanquished took over. The downpour of Vanquished's offense came about when he went to suplex Andrews and couldn't get him over and Andrews fell on him. Andrews went for the "Welfare Check" but Vanquished was able to slide out, (apparently he did have a plan, and that must have been why he was rubbing his face in the pre match interview!) he reversed it in to the "V-Strike" and became the new International Heavyweight Champion. This means Vanquished will defend against Rage next week at Xtreme Television.

It would now be time for the MAAAAIN EVENT. At first came the NGW World Champion, "SuperStar" Chris Adams. He had a concerned look on his face, after all he had no idea who his opponent would be. Then Virus' music hit, and the speculation began that he was the challenger, but we were wrong. Virus simply came out to announce his this mystery star would be and be his "manager". Virus stated that he had looked all over the country for a wrestler that could take that belt away and end the three month title reign. He said he did find that person, then at the last minute his flight got cancelled and now he is stuck in some airport in Alabama. So Virus announced that he found some one else even better, someone that has what it takes to become the new World Champion, and that person was the newly re instated.....Johnny Paradise. Johnny came out and thanked Virus for the second chance. Virus whispered something in his ear, and then the match started.

Paradise shows very little ring rust, and showed off virtually every "80's" move known to man. Poke to the Eye, Side Headlock with a hand full of hair, double ax handle smash, and even a head butt to the balls. But the question was would that be enough to keep the Superstar out? But have no fear Virus was at ringside, and Paradise & Virus working together may be one force Adam's couldn't overcome. Virus was constantly getting cheap shots in on Adams. Adams got thing going his way for a brief amount of time, but in that time he hit the "SuperStar" Kick, he had the match won but the ref was distracted. At this point Virus came in the ring and hit the meltdown on Adams. Virus slid out, threw Paradise some trash can lids. Paradise then began to say how everyone never believed in him, Cash, Awesome, they all said I could never do it! But I am going to prove them wrong! Paradise then gave Adams a Cash Flow DDT on top of the trashcan lids, planting Adams like an explanation point. Paradise rolled back and the ref counted 1,2,...3! That's right Johnny Paradise is the new WORLD CHAMPION!

Xtreme Television Results 5/11/02

The first match of this outstanding show would be Lau Chi taking on Starfire. Starfire is a newcomer so many thought he had no chance of winning the match. Lau Chi dominated the match with moves like the sit out chokeslam, swinging neckbreaker, tilt-a-whirl slam, and a goard buster. It appeared Lau Chi had the match won when he went for a powerbomb, but surprisingly Starfire was able to twist around and roll Chi up with a Sunset Flip to pick up the win. Starfire Advances.

Just as we were getting ready for Huvi vs 8 Ball Johnny Paradise's music hit and the 80's legend appeared. Paradise then informed us he didn't have a guest so he would just talk about what he is been doing. He told us that he had been going to lots of guys only partys and playing alot of twister. Huvi came out at this time and began to point to his wrist and the ring signeling it was time for his match. Paradise didn't catch on and started asking him if he speaks English. Paradise became disgusted and told Huvi that he was going to take him backstage and teach him the English language.

Now it would be time for the match we were expecting Huvi vs 8 Ball. Huvi's NEW music hit and then out came Johnny Paradise followed by then new version of Huvi, The Latino Heat version! It was clear that Huvi still didn't understand the language since he called his mentor a "Big fag" or wait....maybe he does understand the language! Anyway, Huvi got in the ring and Paradise asked him if he remembered the game plan. We were awaiting for 8 Ball, then we realized 8 Ball was no where to be seen. The ref had no choice but to award the match to Huvi. We never did find out what happened to 8 Ball but I wouldn't have put it past Paradise to have something to do with the odd disapearance. Huvi advances. So we now know it would be Huvi taking on Starfire Later in the night.

Still in the first round it would be Kryptonite taking on Rizo. Kryptonite showed virtually no ring rust what so ever and showed his same great style we once saw only more exciting. Towards the end of the match Kryptonite went up top for the Swanton but missed, Rizo went up and the 5-Star Frog Splash, but couldn't make the pin. Both men slowly got up but Krytponite was the one that was able to capitilize and won the match with a reverse razor's edge sit out fire bomb. At the end of the match we were told that Kryptonite won the bi in the tournament after a random drawing backstage. So it would be Kryptonite vs either Huvi or Starfire for the Cruiserweight Title later in the night.

Up next was Vanquished vs Rage. This match would determine who would face the International Heavyweight champion, Trailer Park T.J. Andrews @ Adrenaline Overdose. It was also be a falls count anywhere match. Vanquished took advantage of the rules and used the virtually everything around him as a weapon. Rage did regain control however and went for his finisher the Arial DDT, but he missed and Vanquished picked him up for the V-Strike to pick up the win.

We were expecting the Cruiserweight Title Match but instead Serial Killer's music hit. He came out and cut a promo about not being booked, and said he would wrestle anyone in any kind of match. Then the "Feature Presentation" Thug came out and we though was going to accept the challenge but he said he had to worry about the main event tonight but he did have someone in the back who would accept the challenge and beat him. He then said hit HER music, then Veronika Charmicheal appeared. Thug then said the stip would be Serial Killer had to have his hands tied behind his back! Just as the match was about to start Rizo ran out and hit Serial Killer with a cookie sheet and Veronika made the pin! That's right the Killer lost to a girl! Some questions that I am wondering is why did Thug introduce Veronika? and why did Rizo attack the Serial Killer?

It was now time to decide who would be the first NGW Cruiserweight Champion Kryptonite or Huvi? Both men gave it their all performing high risk moves. Kryptonite hit a devastating baseball slide to Huvi's face on the outside that had a wiplash like effect. There was all kinds of close pins but in the end Krypto picked up the win after a Superplex off the deck to become the first Cruiserweight Champion.

The Main Event would be Chris Adams vs Thug for the NGW World Heavyweight Title. This match was another great classic. About 5 minutes in to the match Chris Adams hit a Five Star Frog Splash and looked to have the match one but at the 2 count the NGW Owner's music hit and out came Virus. Virus got in the ring and stared at Chris Adams, then both men began to laugh. Were we seeing a Conspiracy Theory reunion? Then Chris looked at Thug and both Adams and Thug began to obliverate Virus. It was clear neither Thug or Adams wanted to be aligned with Virus, but Virus is the owner and I'm sure at "Adrenaline Overdose" Virus will be looking for retribution!

Xtreme Television Results 3/23

Sir Owen as usual was openening the show when the "Feature Presentation" Thug's music hit. Thug came out and immediatly went straight towards Owen. Thug then gave Owen a right hand straight to the face knocking him down. Thug then stated, "Don't Call me a Former World Champion!" Thug then went to the ring and told Cole Cash to get his ass out here.

Cash and Thug would go at it once again for # 1 contedarship @ the world title. Both men gave it all they had, as both wanted the win badly. Towards the end of the match Thug went for a dropkick on the outside but Cash swated him away like a fly, letting the Thug hit the cold, unforgiving ground hard. Cash was then able to regroup and throw Thug back in the ring.

Cash went for a kick, but Thug caught his leg! But Cash woulnd't be outdown and caught him with the insaguri. Both men were down after the move, as Cash couldn't find enough strength to get up after the beating he had taken earlier in the match. Just then out ran Chris Adams.

He went up top and just as we thought he was out to put the finishing touches on Thug he turned in mid air and hit the Squirell Bomb on Cash!!! It was a set up all along! Thug and Adams shook hands then Thug hit the Hardcore Hangover (shooting star) to pick up the win.

There was alot of speculation after this match...why did he do it? Where does the NGW Owner, Virus, stand in all of this? We hope these answers will be answered next show.

Up next was the beast, Dynle. Taking on the much smaller Blood. Blood got the shit kicked out of him. His only offensive attempt was a rana, but got blocked in to a powerbomb. Dynle easily won the match with a HUGE chokeslam. This just goes to show you that if Dynle can beat a excellent superstar like Blood, the world title could be in his reach.

The Newly Formed International Heavyweight Title was on the line in this special 4-corners match. It would be Huvi vs T.J. Andrews vs Fly Guy vs Stalker. Huvi was the first eliminated from this match due to Andrews throwing him through a window.

Stalker made the pin, due to the fact that T.J. was still in shock after hurting the, "lil' Blue Guy", in Andrews' own words. TJ would give the assist to Fly Guy by hitting Stalker with a diving "Diet Rite" bottle shot, then demanding "Da Fly 1" to make the pin due to the fact that Andrews was incapable of getting up. Now it was down to two men, Adrews and Fly Guy.

Fly Guy picked up the massive redneck and went for a suplex but couldn't get him up as Andrews fell on top of Fly Guy and almost picked up the win.

Andrews then picked up Fly Guy and hit him with the blubber to the head which shook Fly Guy, Adrews caught up, set him up in a reverse DDT position, T.J. told him to smell that, it's the smell of success. Then he gave him the Welfare Check (Final Cut). T.J. Andrews became the first NGW International Heavyweight Champion.

Next was, Adam Awesome defending his Junior Title against Lau Chi and Suicide Lightning. Awesome was able to defend it successfully with an assist of a vodoo doll. Lau Chi was taken out of the match when a ringside fan starting playing sick games with a vodoo doll. Awesome was able to finish off Lightning with the Butterfly (swanton bomb).

Johnny Paradise was up next hosting another edition of Almost Paradise. His guest for this week would be Adam Awesome. Paradise proved he didn't quite have the interview skills needed for his job by stating random things like, "10 out of 10 people die." and even asking Awesome how old he was when he was born.

Awesome broke away from Paradise's ridicules questions and then threw down the Junior Heavyweight Title. He then told the world that title didn't mean shit and this promotion didn't need it. He also said the only title he is interested in is the World Title, so next week on his road to the World Title he wants Cole Cash. Meanwhile Paradise had picked up the former Junior Title and declared himself the G.A.Y. Champion.

Then Cole Cash came out and Awesome and Cash got in to an altercation that lead to Awesome getting the Cash Flow through Almost Paradise's sponcer HP Computer. Cash told Awesome he would see him next week, and Paradise ended the segment by doing the Johnny Strut with his new belt over top of Adam Awesome.

Now it was time for our Main Event, or atleast at the time what we thought was our Main Event. It would be the turn coat, World Champion, "Superstar" Chris Adams defending against "Your Ghetto Fantasy" Thug. The major question here would be would these two even wrestle each other? The answer to that question was yes, and it was another great match between two "friends". Adams debut a new move he calls the squirell, a version of the Tarantula. While THUG brought back some old moves, like the Gory Special. THUG had the match won, as he set up Adams for the "Thug Life" then put him down, saying the fans didn't deserve to see something that great. He even called the fans sick for wanting to see two friends fight.

Then out of no where came Cole Cash, and his long time friend, Blood. The World Champion left, leaving THUG alone. Blood and Cash then challenged THUG to a tag match if he could find a partner. If not it would be handicapped rules! Then Suicide Lightning's music hit, Thug was asking everyone who he was including the camera man. It turned out Lightning was there to be Thug's partner. Thug and Lightning were actually able to co exist to some point, and were able to pull off the win.

The February 17, 2002 edition of Xtreme TV kicked off with a tag team match between Cole Cash/Virus against T.H.U.G./Dynle. Near the end of the match Dynle choke slammed T.H.U.G. allowing Cash to make the cover. After wards Cash/Virus assaulted T.H.U.G. in the ring. And then it was announced that Cash and Virus were the new NGW Tag Team Champions.

Adam Awesome was then shown in the backstage and announced that he and the returning Suicide Lightning would take on the new tag champions

Next came out Maxwell and he announced that Virus will defend his NGW Jr. Heavyweight Championship against Adam Awesome later in the night. He also announced that he was sick and tired of Virus making all the decisions before he could so he announced the he and Virus will go one on one for %100 control of the company next week at the PPV.

The next match was Virus defending his NGW Jr. Heavyweight Title against "The Real F'N Juggalo" Adam Awesome. The match was all Virus at the beginning and then Awesome took control. Near the end, Awesome hit Virus with a Death Valley Driver, and covered him. It appeared that Virus could have kicked out but Maxwell who was ringside held the feet of Virus preventing him from kicking out and crowning Adam Awesome the new NGW Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

Next we saw Johnny Paradise in his new segment called "Almost Paradise" and was shown trying to teach a young kid how to start a fire with sticks. During the lesson Paradise made some questionable remarks that made the production crew laugh which angered Paradise and caused him to end the show.

The next match was Cole Cash and Virus defending his title against Adam Awesome and Suicide Lightning. The match was constantly back and forth. But in the end Awesome tried to throw Suicide some brass knux but over threw them into the hands of Cole Cash who put them and nailed Suicide to get the win and retain the tag titles with Virus.

Due to traffic trouble "Superstar" Chris Adams was unable to make it to the arena so Maxwell gave the returning Terrific T.J. Andrews who was in no shape to wrestle a title shot against T.H.U.G. who easily defeated him. After getting the win T.H.U.G. said he wanted some real competition and wanted anybody in the locker room to come out and fight him. Almost immediately "The Whole F'N Industry" Cole Cash made his way to the ring. Cash said he didn't want a title shot he just wanted to kick T.H.U.G.'s ass. Mid way through the match Virus told the ref that it was now a no count out contest. Both men were all over the arena but finally made their way back to the ring. But in the end, it was T.H.U.G. standing tall after defeating Cash in the middle of the ring,

Adam Awesome defeats Fly Guy and Cole Cash in a three-way dance to become #1 Contender to T.H.U.G.'s GOLD!

Xtreme TV Quick Results for 2/10/02

Cole Cash defeated Adam Awesome after replacing Virus, because Virus said he was too tired after all that he had done throughout the week.

T.H.U.G. defeated Chris Adams for the second time in 2 weeks despite outside interference from Virus and Cole Cash being named the special referee. Afterwards T.H.U.G. was celebrating but Virus informed Adams that he will get his final shot at the belt next week, and T.H.U.G. threw a temper tantrum on the deck.

And finally in the main event Cole Cash defeated Johnny Paradise due to help from Virus as the special referee and "Superstar" Chris Adams as the special enforcer. Virus nailed Paradise in the head with his chained fist and knocked him right into the Cashflow for the 1-2-3! Afterwards, Virus disrespectfully announced that Paradise was fired and then covered Paradise with his robe in the middle of the ring.

It appears that Cole Cash and Chris Adam have formed an alliance with the commissioner of NGW Virus. And it seems everything is going their way. What else will this trio do?

NGW: New Years Revolution: Results

The "Feature Presentation", THUG, wins the NGW World Title! Fly Guy and Cage are both back! The Commish' no shows! Read below for the whole story.

New Years Revolution is in the books & so brings the crowning of a new World Heavyweight Champion. This event was the very last XCW show before we merged to create NGW & this pay per view flat out delivered. A lot of people have said that this quite possibly could've been the best XCW show of all time & I wouldn't have a problem disagreeing with that statement. Every man involved gave it 100% & it showed in the execution of the entire event.

In the opening of the eight man tournament to crown the inagural New Generation Wrestling World Champion, the "80's Legend" Johnny Paradise squared off with the "Real F'N Juggalo" Adam Awesome. Before the match Paradise tried to run down Awesome via the mike but was quickly cut off before saying a word. As the match progressed, Paradise kept getting in the face of NGW Official Chris Statler but each time Statler would have nothing of it & would lead to Awesome taking the advantage again.

Paradise nailed Awesome with a flying body press for a near fall & almost got the victory with the jujigatame. He then started to work on the knee preparing Awesome for his Spinning Toehold. But Awesome took the advantage drilling Paradise with two vicious knifeedge chops before locking in a modified surfboard. Paradise fought out of the clutches of Awesome before stunning him with a spinning heel kick. Paradise went for his Figure Four Leglock but Awesome small packaged him for a two count. Paradise flustered whipped Awesome in & caught him in the jaw with a picture perfect dropkick that put both men down. Paradise tried to showcase his old-school skill but was quickly rebuffed.

Awesome gave Paradise the Dark Lotus(Sitout Tiger Driver '91) & finished him off with his patented Butterfly(Swanton Bomb) to get the victory sending the "Real F'N Juggalo" into the next round.

Up next Sir Owen returned to the broadcast booth alongside NGW Owner Maxwell DiNova for the second contest as two superstars returned to the NGW Arena. First off "Da Fly One" Fly Guy made his way to the ring after a short vacation and the former ICW/XCW World Champion had nothing on his mind but walking out with the championship belt but first he had to get by Cage.

Fly Guy & Cage started the match with a slugfest on the deck but quickly moved to the ring where Fly Guy got a quick near fall with a vertical suplex & a blue thunder driver. Cage ducked a clothesline & stunned Fly Guy with a heel kick to take the advantage. Cage launched Fly Guy to the outside & nailed him with a plancha sending him into the fence surrounding the arena. Both men returned to the ring as Cage nailed Fly Guy with a dropkick from the rail for a near fall. Cage planted Fly Guy with a hanging tree slam.

Cage was eventually picked up & drilled into the canvas with the System of a Down(Stalling Inverted DDT). Fly Guy picked up Cage after a powerbomb & then superplexed him off the deck. Sensing victory, Fly Guy dove off the post with the Bad Omen(Swanton Bomb) to get the three count & advance in the tournament. Afterwards Fly Guy helped Cage up & shook his hand in sportsmanship.

In the third tournament contest, two former rivals & stars from Insane Championship Wrestling battled as "Whole F'N Highlight Reel" Blood faced off against the egotistical "Whole F'N Industry" Cole Cash. Both men having previously battled in a vicious feud in ICW that involved barbed wire, made this match a lot more interesting. Cash & Blood started the match off with a handshake showing unity in the NGW locker room. Cash turned around to point to himself but was dropkicked from behind. Blood then proceeded to take it to Cash with his trademark buzzsaw kicks but was rebuffed on a knee attempt & was taken down by Cash with a Spicolli Driver for the near fall & a quick floatover snap suplex. Cash picked up Blood & drove him hard into the canvas with a Fisherman's Exploder Suplex & a his patented Crucifixion(Crucfix Ocean Cyclone Suplex) for another near fall. Blood reversed the momentum turning a tilt a whirl suplex into a satellite headscissors takeover. Blood savate kicked Cash in the armpit & then proceeded to work the legs with kicks & a dropkick that took Cash to the mat. Blood locked his Figure Four Leglock in tight trying to get a quick submission on Cash but Cash grabbed the rail breaking the hold. Blood went for another kick & got caught & planted with a high angle northern lights suplex for a near fall. Cash nailed Blood with the Rude Awakening and then destroyed him with the Disturbed(Vertical Neckbreaker) but made a very lax cover & Blood kicked out of the pin attempt. Blood went back to work on Cash's knee & then locked in a triangle hold that Cash reversed into a crucifix sitout powerbomb for 2. Blood went for the boot again but Cash caught him & spun him around, Cash picked up Blood & almost snapped his neck with a vicious Burning Hammer. Cash then kicked Blood in the stomach, heel tripped him down & locked in a jujigatame of his own. Cash broke the hold & planted Blood with a vicious Cradle Piledriver, mocking Fly Guy's 182 for a near fall. Cash picked up Blood again & drilled his head into the mat with the Devil Wings(Sitout Tiger Driver '91) but picked Blood up at 2 1/2. Cash nailed Blood with the layout chokeslam & then a single leg backdrop suplex. Cash then maneuvered Blood into a half crab bow & arrow submission & then proceeded to work on the knee before Blood got off a desperation kick to the groin to cease Cash's momentum. Blood got off a snap suplex & went up top for the guillotine legdrop. Blood sensing victory then left the ringside area to get a table from the back. Blood went to the outside to set up the table on the ground as Cash followed him outside. Cash got back heel tripped on the table as Blood climbed to the top of the 8 foot treehouse above the ring & dove off landing hard onto Cole Cash with a Swanton Bomb while he was prone on the table! Both men were knocked senseless as Blood reached his feet barely rolling in to break the count. As Cash slumped back into the ring, Blood caught him with the double jump moonsault off the rail garnering a very near 2 count. Blood planted both feet into Cash's injured back with the Perro Aguayo double boot stomp. Blood picked up Cash & drove him into the mat with a hammerlock DDT. As Cash reached his feet, Blood leapt in the air & took Cash over with hurricanrana. AS both men reached their feet, Blood went for another rana attempt but Cash telegraphed it & powerbombed Blood locking in a very deep elevated boston crab but before much pressure could be put on, Cash's back gave out on him. Cash then tried again, this time sitting back on Blood's lower back with a modified sharpshooter. Cash straightjacket german suplexed Blood & then put his arms out in a crucifix signaling the end but when Cash went for a boot into the midsection, Blood reversed & stepped over the foot of Cash & sent him down with a heel kick to the jaw. Both men were slow to reach their feet as Blood nailed a Rude Awakening & went up to the top of the treehouse yet again for the High Blood Pressure(***** Frog Splash) but Blood's momentum was too great as Cash rolled over for the pinfall to advance onto the next round. Finally Cash & Blood shook hands at the end showing their mutual respect for each other.

In a promo shown after the last match, the "Feature Presentation" Thug received a bye in the tournament as a result of the injury to "Superstar" Chris Adams & the no show of Commissioner Frankie to advance on to meet Adam Awesome in the semifinals of the tournament.

In the next match, Cash went on without much rest to face off with his former rival Fly Guy. This feud brews back from their days of ICW battling for the World Heavyweight Championship & having this being the final XCW pay per view, it was quite fitting as the two met at When World's Collide a year ago for the XCW World Title. In the running feature of the tournament, both men shook hands before they locked up. AS the match progressed Fly Guy dropped Cash on his neck with a german suplex before adding insult to injury trying to beat Cash with his Offspring DDT(Cashflow DDT) to no avail. Cash got the advantage with a snap suplex cradle clamping in the jujigatame for the submission but Fly Guy rolled through it reversing Cash into a half crab. Fly Guy launched Cash to the outside as Fly Guy came out at 7 count to break the count. Fly Guy stunned Cash with a tornado heel kick & then caught Cash from the top with a 180 legdrop & then a suplex into a Pyramid Driver(Cradle Michinoku Driver II). Fly Guy picked up Cash drove him face first into the mat with a version of former ICW star Kenny Whipwreck's Cruel Intentions(Armbar Rocker Dropper) before going up top again for the frog splash for a near fall. Cash blocked the piledriver attempt & low blowed Fly Guy to shift momentum. As Fly Guy reached his feet, Cash almost decapitated him with a Superkick before adding more insult to injury trying to get a tap out from an inverted version of Fly Guy's Slipknot into a crossface into a short half crab surfboard before being double legged by Fly Guy & picked up & stretched with a short powerbomb. Fly Guy then locked on the Slipknot(Double Chicken Wing Inverted STF) trying to get Cash to say I Quit but Fly Guy ended up breaking the hold in frustration leaping off the rail with a double legdrop for a near fall as he seemed to injure his knee as well on the high risk manuever. Cash nailed Fly Guy with a rolling german suplex for a very close 2 count. Cash picked up Fly Guy drilling him with a powerbomb & a bridged pin for a 2. Cash & Fly Guy battled on the deck climbing to the top of the rail as Cash superplexed Fly Guy from the top knocking both men senseless. At the 9 count both men kipped up but Fly Guy sent him back down with a superkick. Fly Guy used a swinging bulldog off the rail but neglected to make the cover deciding instead to plant Cash with the P.O.D.(Tornado DDT) for yet another near fall. Fly Guy picked up a cookie sheet & drove it back into Cash's injured back placing the sheet on the face of Cash before going to the outside. Fly Guy ran & springboarded leaping off the rail & driving the sheet straight into Cash's face with the NBT(Vanterminator). Fly Guy brought Cash up on the deck & drove him hard into the mat with a Diamond Dust off the top for a very close 2 count. Fly Guy pulled the Offspring DDT & dove off the top missing the elbow but Cash rolled right into another Offspring DDT. Fly Guy went to the post to celebrate but Cash waistlocked him from behind & german suplexed him from the top. Fly Guy's own momentum brought him back to wobbly legs as Cash stunned him with his Cashflow DDT for the three count advancing to the finals of the tournament. Cash left the ring after proclaiming "I'm gonna fuckin' die for that belt."

To determine who was going to meet Cole Cash in the main event for the NGW World Heavyweight Title, Thug battled one on one against Adam Awesome. Awesome came out this time prepared for battle carrying his patented staple gun. This match was going to be a war from the very beginning. Both men had a staredown & then shoved each other before Thug went to work on Awesome with rights & lefts sending him to the mat. Thug launched Awesome hard to the ground & followed him out picking up a steel chair & as Awesome reached his feet, Thug drilled him in the back with a chair & a facebuster on the cold hard ground before driving the chair over & over into Awesome's back. Thug rolled him back into the ring & Pillman clipped Awesome's knee out for a near fall on the lax cover. Thug whipped Awesome in & almost decapitated him with a vicious clothesline & then a legdrop from the post for a near fall. Thug raked Awesome's face & then vertical suplexed him down & then picked him up for a belly to belly suplex & a rolling senton onto the stomach of Awesome. Thug then removed his wrist tape trying to choke Awesome out & then planted him with an Inverted DDT using the tape. Thug tried to get a pin but Awesome reversed momentum until Thug headbutted him in the groin. Thug put Awesome on the rail & decked him with three elbows which knocked Awesome off the rail onto the hard ground below & then splashed him off the deck for a near fall. This was now falls count anywhere as Thug locked on an inverted surfboard trying to get a submission. Thug rolled back inside to break the count & showboat as Awesome slowly reached his feet & was sent back upside down into the fence with a baseball slide. Thug picked up Awesome again backing him against the treehouse landing chops on Awesome's chest before booting him in the midsection & DDT'ing him on the ground. Thug rolled Awesome back inside as he took his time getting back in. Thug got up in Awesome's face after clipping his knee & started taunting him but Awesome got off a low blow to even the odds. Awesome drilled Thug with right hands to the temple before driving a knee into his groin. Awesome locked in a modified camel clutch into a chicken wing submission that he turned around into a Maritato for a near fall. Awesome drilled Thug with a right hand & then three vicious chops before frying to choke the life out of Thug. Awesome nailed Thug with a cookie sheet & tossed back into the ring. Awesome grabbed a chair & decked Thug with it drawing a near fall. Awesome nailed Thug with a modified samoan drop & drove his knee hard into the canvas before planting him with a backdrop suplex for another near fall. Thug challenged Awesome to meet him ringside & Awesome obliged & charged Thug with the staple gun but Thug ducked out of the way & dropkicked Awesome hard to the ground. Thug sat up a table in between two steel chairs & backed Awesome against the fence. Thug headbutted Awesome twice & then slammed him through the table for another near fall. Awesome gut shotted Thug & DDT'ed him into the ground missing the table. Awesome set up the broken table between the chairs as both men started a slug fest on the ground stopped with an Awesome chop. Awesome went for the Dark Lotus but Thug spinebustered him onto the table for the counter garnering a very close count. Thug rolled Awesome back into the ring & Thug whipped Awesome in but was drop toeholded into a crossface. Awesome broke the move & went for a lax cover but only got a two. Awesome frustrated began to choke out Thug before picking him up for a Perfect-Plex for 2 1/2. Awesome drilled Thug with the Dark Lotus & had the match won but decided to taunt Thug instead. Awesome went off the top with the Butterfly but Thug moved out of the way at the last minute. Thug went to the outside & grabbed a chair & rolled back into the ring. As Awesome reached his feet he was drilled in the head with the chair. Thug DDT'ed Awesome & landed the Moonsault to get the three count to advance to the finals of the tournament.

Thug and Cash, supposedly best friends, met in the finals for the NGW Heavyweight Title. Cash, who had finally gotten a rest came out ready for the main event. Thug brought up Cash's knee injury and asked him to lay down. Cash did so, but then quickly rolled Thug up for a two count. Thug finally got back in the ring and the two locked up. Cash ducked two back elbows, but got the third right in the head. Thug went for a ddt, but Cash quickly ducked away. As they locked up again Thug locked on an armbar, and then laid into Cash with European uppercuts. When Cash went down, Thug locked on on the "Ghetto Stretch". Cash took advantage with an armdrag a little later and the suplexed Thug. As Thug got up he was met with a spin kick and then taken down with a superkick. Cash whipped Thug into the ropes and caught him a clothesline. Cash went for the whip again, but Thug caught him out of nowhere with a short-arm clothesline. Thug followed it up with a german suplex and a half crab. As Cash got to his feet Thug came from above and sent Cash back down with a missle dropkick. Thug waited for Cash to get up again and then caught him again with a flying clothesline. He then clamped on the jujigatame, but Cash reversed it into a half crab. Both men got to their feet, but Cash dropkicked the knee of Thug sending him down. Later in the match, Thug had taken advantage and went up top with the bulldog and then a backflip splash, which ended up hurting him too. Cash capatilized and hit a lay-out "Ace Crusher". Later on, while Cash was on the outside gaining his composure, Thug came out of nowhere with a flying body press that knocked the wind out of Cash. Thug threw him back in and went for the shooting star press, but came up short and was met with a german suplex from hell. As both men began moving again Cash began laying in right hands which took Thug down. Mid-match Cash grabbed Adam Awesome's t-shirt and put it on. Then, in a show of disrespect he grabbed Awesome's staple gun and used it, then mocked Awesome by doing the "Butterfly"(Senton Splash). As Cash paraded around the ring Thug got up and caught Cash with a sit-out jawbreaker. Thug came off the top with a big splash for a two count. Cash hit the Yakuza kick shortly after and then began whipping Thug with Awesome's shirt. Near the end Thug went for the top rope Splash Mountain Bomb to no avail, realizing he couldn't he went for the Cashflow DDT, but Cash blocked it with a Northern Lights Bomb. Thug kicked out and Cash went for a chair. He attempted the VanDaminator, but Thug moved and threw the chair back to Cash. He then dropkicked it straight into Cash's skull. Thug hit the Shooting Star Press and became the FIRST EVER NGW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Xtreme TV 1/13/01: Results

Lou Chi becomes new XCW Hardcore Champion by defeating Virus & Gangsta D retains his ICW ExtremeCore Title by defeating Lou Chi.

Twiztid defeated Cole Cash to become the new XCW Tag Team Champions. This match was the result of Maxwell DiNova stripping Iron Man of the titles for not defending them in the 30 day time period.

Blood defeated Huvi.

On a side note Thug and Cole Cash were communicating to each other over the phone throughout the show, due to the fact that Thug was having trouble arriving to the arena.

Blade and Adam Awesome picked up a tag team win against Blood and Cole Cash.

Xtreme Tv 12/16/01: Results

Sir Owen and Cliff Robinson opened the show and were interrupeted by Cole Cash's music, then Vanquished followed by Virus, followed by Thug, and then the leader of XCW, Cole Cash made his way to the ring.

Thug said that the one week time limit had expired and told Chris Adams and Kid Rawk to get there asses to the ring.

Kid Rawk decided to join ICW and then Thug hit him with a right hand. Then Cash and Thug proceeded to make fun of team ICW. The question was then asked if Chris was with XCW or against XCW. Chris respondid with a "F*@K YOU!"

Cash then began to ask Thug what the hell is up, and Thug explained that it was still all good because XCW has the XCW International Champion, Vanquished, the BYW Champion, Virus and of course himself. Cash said everything is fine because he has someone else joining.

Thug then started to talk about his match with Blade later on in the night. Saying that tonight everyone will see that the suposided "picture-proof" of the American Thug situation was all a fabrication.

The first match of the evening was signed by Thug to get back at Chris Adams, by signing Chris Adams vs Vanquished with special guest referee COLE CASH. It wasn't a surprise to anyone of how biased Cash was by interjecting himself in the match at points, by getting in Adams' path of the safety rail. His counting ability was also questionable.

The finish came about when Vanquished went for his signature DDT from the top of the deck, however it was blocked by the appearance of Kid Rawk, Cash tried to restrain Rawk, but got knocked out by Kid Rawks brass knuckles. Kid Rawk hit the Urinage on Vanquished then Chris picked up Vanquished and help him waiting for Kid Rawk to hit him with the knucks. Vanquished ducked and Kid Rawk hit his partner.

Vanquished gave Kid Rawk a X-Factor then pinned Chris Adams, Cash pulled himself together and counted to 3. Winner and still XCW International Champion, Vanquished.

Jason "the Ladies Creation" Johnson was interrupted during his commentary by Blade's Music followed by team ICW: Chris Adams, Blade, Kid Rawk and Adam Awesome.

Team ICW had a laugh in the ring while looking at a suposided photo of Thug during his ealier career. Then Adam Awesome started talking about all he cared about was Cole Cash. He then went in to the history of ICW. Awesome then brought out returning ICW legend, Taker! Awesome then dared Cash to accept his challenge. His challenge being for Cash to run the gauntlent. About that time Johnny Paradise made his way to the ring and basically said that team ICW needed him.

The Cash's music hit and Paradise quickly jumped out of the ring and said he could handle this. Cash caught Paradise's first then caned him knocking him out on the ground. Cash then said he would accept the challenge of Twiztid, Taker, Blade, and Adam Awesome, but first he wanted Johnny Paradise.

Paradise told Cash he was in no condition to wrestle tonight however he has been training someone and that person will gladly take his spot. So Blade came out and Johnny annouced that he would be Blade's special manager for the night.

Before the match started Cash told Johnny that he would like to see the "Johnny Strut" . Johnny showed off with the strut, turned around and got greated with a standing side kick.

Blade quickly started laying punches is on Cash. Then the bell rang. Blade hit a german suplex on Cash, while Johnny demanded Blade to make the pin. He only got a two. Cash got up and layed in some stiff right hands followed by a vertical suplex. Cash then hit an Ocean Cyclone suplex and went for the pin. Paradise began to rally behind blade.

It didn't help much because Cash continued to dominate the match with a tiger driver piledriver. Paradise threw some knucks in to Blade, then Blade knocked out Cash and went for a swan dive headbutt but hurt himself in the process. Paradise began to become a problem the whole match. At one point Johnny pulled Blade out of the ring to give him some advice.

It seemed to have worked because Blade hit a moonsault then went for a ladder standing near by. Blade knocked Cash out of the ring, then set him on the ladder, while Johnny got some cheap shots in. Blade went back in to the ring and dove off performing a suicide dive on to Cash and the ladder! It took alot out of both me. Blade coulnd't even stand so Johnny had to roll him back in the ring.

Cash was the first man to stand. Cash got a chair and gave him a Last Ride powerbomb but missed the chair. Cash then went after Paradise since Paradise had already cost Cash the match several times. Cash threw paradise in to the wall then in to the ring.

Then out of no where Cash through a chair at Blade then BLOOD ran in and hit the vandaminator to Blade! Cash hit the cashflow ddt on to the chair and made the pin.

Then Blood and Cash attacked Paradise. It was a shocker, Blood from ICW had turned his back on his own promotion.

The next match was a special 5 man dance for the XCW Hardcore Title. It was Lou Chi, the XCW Hardcore Champion, vs the XCW International Champion,Vanquished vs the BYW Champion, Virus vs returning superstar, the West Virginia Kidd vs. Kid Rawk.

Alot of talent in this match. Lou Chi and Vanquished's hatred for each other was very clear. As they went after each other early in the match. Lou Chi stapled Vanquished with the staple gun. Virus and Kid Rawk were also brawling. Virus then tried to take apart the hardcore champ, by hitting his ribs with a chair.

The only two men that were co existing in this match were Vanquished and Virus. The exciting match came to a end when Lou Chi powerbombed Kid Rawk on the outside on to a steel chair and a ladder. Virus got up and stole the victory by pinning Kid Rawk to become the new XCW Hardcore Champion. However Virus didn't celebrate long because on his way back to the lockeroom IRON MAN appeared out of now where and beat the hell out of Virus. Then took advantage of the 24/7 rules, and became a 2 time XCW Hardcore Champion!

Keep on Rollin' blared through the Arena' and then came out The Dead Man, Taker! It has been six months since Taker has competed in ICW action. He would be defending the honor of ICW against a man that turned his back on ICW, The Whole Fuckin Highlight Reel, BLOOD! Blood made his way to the ring with the ICW World Champion, Cole Cash.

Blood started out on the offense with big right hands however they didnt seem to fase the big man at all! Taker whipped Blood in to the ropes and connectd with the big boot followed by a side walk slam. Then some big rib punches. Then a Military press, this match had been all Taker, untill Blood took a cheap shot, then Blood tried to take out the legs of the big man. Blood hit a spring board moonsault then went for the pin. Take through him off like a small child. However Blood showed off his technical ability with moves such as a hamerlock ddt.

Then Blood went right back to taking apart the legs of Taker. He then followed it up with a figure four. Cash even help add extra leverage. Taker came back by ducking a clothesline and returning with a HUGE one of his own nearly taking off Blood's head.

The momentum was switched when Cash got involved once again. Blood began to use illegal moves such as low blows. Then Blood used some great moves like the surfboard, bow and aarow submission and the half boston crab all in succession.

Blood went for a kick but was caught by taker and turned in to a ankle lock. Then applied the "Spikes from Hell", sharpshooter.

Taker delivered a standing vertical suplex. Then went up top for a huge clothesline from the top. It took alot out of both men. Cash got in the ring and held a chair to Taker's head and Blood kicked it right in the face of Taker! The ref through this one out. But Blade wasn't done he went t the top of the 8 ft Tree House and hit a frogsplash. Then Cash forced the referee to make the pin.

The question everyone wanted answered would be answered in this match. Was Thug at one time an Poke-a-Dottted American Thug? Or was Blade lying? The stipulation was supposed to be if Blade won he would show the pictures to the World, however before the match even started Blade reveiled the photos to everyone! It was true THUG WAS A POKE-A DOT, AMERICAN THUG!

Thug was un aware of what had happened, however he soon realized what had happened when everyone was laughing at him!

Thug then beat the hell out of Blade, with a big right hand followed by a Thesz Pess, big right hands and stompin' a mud hole in him. Thug then took it to the outside with and delivered a Vertical suplex to the ground. Then Thug hit Blade with a steal chair.

Blade came back by hitting Thug with a soda can, stiff kicks, and a chair shot to the head. Thug fought back with a spin kick then threw Blade in to the ring. Thug began to search for the photo and trash talk to the camera. As he did that Blade dove off the trampoline and delivered a missile drop kick. He then placed Thug in a chair and sat a ladder on top on him. Blade got back in the ring and performed a SUICIDE DIVE on to the ladder, Thug, and the steal chair. It took a hell of alot out of both me. Blade got up first and sat Thug on the ladder.

Blade went for the suidcide dive again but this time Thug moved. Thug layed Blade across the edge of the trampoline and drove his elbow right into the throat of Blade. Blade fell off the ring so Thug bodyslammed Blade on to the edge of the trampoline.

Thug then said he was going to finish this one. And went up top with Blade for the Splash Mountain it was perfomed perfectly, but it took to much out of Thug to make the pin. Thug then went and got a chair and brought it in the ring.

Then Thug hit the referee for laughing at him. Thug hit the vertabreaker on to the steel chair, went for the pin, but the ref was out of position after Thug had hit him with the right hand. Thug went for the Vertabreaker one more time, but this time Blade flipped out and set Thug up for doomsday drop.

Blade went for the pin but only got a 2 count. Thug then became infuriated and hit Blade right across the back with a steel chair. Then Thug delivered a Emerald City Drop. Then Thug and Blade both went for severla pinning attempts. Thug gave Blade a 720 powerbomb. He then went for the Splash Mountain again but it was reversed in to a hurracanrana. Blade went for the pin biut only got a two, Blade went for a suplex but Thug reversed it in to a spinning gord buster, and then got the win. I'm sure Thug isn't done with Blade yet though.

The Main Event for the evening would be the real FN Juggalo, Adam Awesome vs the ICW World Champion, Cole Cash.

Before this match started there was a mysterious creation sitting ringside. The rest of the results of this match soming later today!


Finally, the shocking results are in!

When Worlds Collide 2 would be the biggest event in XCW/ICW History, and it was! Both XCW, and ICW, have been going at for over 2 years. This would be the event to "seal the deal" and FINALLY decide which promotion is the best!

Maxwell DiNova and Sir Owen opened the show as the special commentaters for the the event. It was so heated that Maxwell challenged Sir Owen to a wrestling match! However the offer wasn't accepted from Sir Owen.

The opening contest was a surprise, due to the fact that everyone believed that there was only going to be ONE battle of the feds match up for the night. To everyone's delight, "The 80's Legend" Johnny Paradise, made his way to the ring with his signature robe, and cape, as well as a special holiday hat! Johnny wished everyone a Merry Christmas and then began to cut a promo. Johnny began to talk about someone in the back with, "no self confidence, no ego," and so on. He even said, "That when this kid gets in the ring with Johnny Paradise he is shaking in his boots." Everyone was shocked when Johnny revieled the person he was speaking of was BLADE?! After all everyone knows that Blade has the biggest ego in the lockeroom!

Johnny went on to challenge Blade and anyone else to a 80's Old School Match. Blade came out said a few things about Johnny and his ring attire, then began to taunt Johnny by saying "What?", "What?". Which infuriated Johnny. Then Cole Cash's music hit and out came the ICW World Heavyweight Champion! Senior Official, Danny Najara explained to all three men that this would be a "80's Old School Match", all three men accepted and the bell rang.

Cole Cash asked Johnny to show him how to do the "Johnny Strut" so Johnny began to demonstrate, just as he turned around Cash hit him with teh superkick. Then Blade and Cash began double teaming Paradise.

The rest of the results are coming asap!

XCW Xtreme TV: ICW 11/19 For this Event ICW owned the XCW arena. Maxwell DiNova had rented out the arena. However when you rent the arena sometimes more comes with it than you expect....

Cole Cash (C) & Adam Awesome Vs Fly Guy & Blade

Winners: Fly Guy and Blade.

Thug Vs Iron Man Vs Gangsta D.

Winner: Iron Man.

Johnny Paradise & "Superstar" Chris Adams Vs Blade & Fly Guy

Winner: Chris Adams and Johnny Paradise.

Vanquished vs Lou Chi

Winner: Lou Chi.

Main Event: Team XCW: Frankie, Kryptonite, & Huvi Vs Team HWF: Blade & Fly Guy Vs Team ICW: Adam Awesome & Blood.


Xtreme TV Results Page.

Friday September 14th 2001. Xtreme Tv Taping Results.

Match #1 Huvi vs Pimp Daddy Pedro w/ Bootyliscious

This match was a great opener. It was announced that since 187 was not able to attend the show the winner of this match would be added to the match for #1 contendership of the hardcore title.

Huvi impressed the fans when he went for his Arial off the ring but Pimp Daddy was able to move just in time. Then Pimp Daddy delivered a swanton bomb to Huvi then rolled him back into the ring for the pin.

After that match members of Fuck Authority were seen in their lockeroom. A fight broke out between two members of the group, Lil T and Lord Infamous. The fight was over Lil' T not having a match for tonight. Lil T through a punch and Lord Infamous came right back at him. They then battled out to the ring and started to brawl. Shortly after Iron Man and The "Commish" Frankie came out of the lockeroom and broke it up. Frankie then said that this is stupid and it needed to end. Lil T and Lord Infamous then shaked hands.

Match # 2 Suicide vs Rage vs Pimp Daddy Pedro

For #1 Contendership of the Hardcore Title-This match showed the debut of Suicide, who was very impressive. This match had elemination rules and Pimp Daddy Pedro was the first to go. Rage finished off Suicide with a super scissors kick.

Then out came Fuck Authority and they began to beat the hell out of Rage. They used every weapon they could find. Secrurity tried to stop them but got shot in the stomach with a staple gun for his trouble.

After the beat down on Rage, Iron man asked Suicide to join Fuck Authority and he accepted.

Match # 3 Tree House Match for the Hardcore Title. Iron Man vs Thug.

Frankie once again had to get involved in another match. This time appointing himself the Referee. This match would be Iron man specialty match. He knows more about tree houses than anywayone else in XCW. The rules were simples be the first to do a move to your opponent and win.

The match started with Thug mouthing Frankie, and Iron Man got a sneak attack on Thug by doing a double ax handle smach off the top of the deck. He then followed it up by kicking Thug over and over. Thug fought back with big right hands then a side walk slam to the ground. Thug then went after Frankie, Thug punched Frankie all the way to the inside of the ring, then hit a huge dropkick that knocked Frankie clear out of the ring. This infuriated Frankie, Frankie was so mad he lifted the ring and began to slam it.

From this point of on it was basically 2-on-1. Everytime Thug would start to mount some offense Frankie would come and beat him back down. The match ended when Iron man hit a huge frogsplash to Thug from the 12 foot high tree house.

IRON MAN BECOMES THE NEW XCW HARDCORE CHAMPION! Be sure to tune in next weef for Iron Man against the number #1 contendar, Rage!

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Fans, this is possibly the the most exciting update I have ever had the privilage to write about! This update is jam-packed with results of two events as well as the appearance of Xtreme Championship Wrestling's newest ladies, Teresa Thong and Bootyliscious!!! So, sit back, get a drink, and prepare to read about the most exciting wrestling on the backyard scene today!!!

I will begin with the complete King of the Yard Results:
First Round
Rage defeated Scotty Dreamer.
Cage defeated Thug.
Iron Man defeated Huvi.
T.J. Andrews defeated Violent Vance Desmond.
Kryptonite defeated Dynle.
Second Round:
T.J. Andrews advanced when Iron Man no showed.
Kryptonite defeated Pimp Daddy Pedro.

Those are the complete results of King of the Yard, the final match will be decided at the event of the summer, which currently is untitled. It will be a battle between Kryptonite and T.J. Andrews.

Moving on...Xtreme TV was also taped today. Here are the indepth results:

Xtreme TV started with the "commish", Frankie making his way to the ring. Frankie then delivered a message to all mothers and small children to turn off the TV now because this is a special treat for all the men! Apparently Pimp Daddy Pedro had a recent "overflow" of ho's and gave Frankie two of them! Well Frankie was very generous and signed a BRA or PANTIES match between them!

MATCH #1 Teresa Thong vs Bootyliscious: (Bra or Panties Match for the XCW Womens' Title)

Bootylicious made her way to the ring first, then 187's music hit! And out came Teresa Thong aka Beulla The Bitch w/ 187! This was a shocker that 187 debut his new valet!

Teresa was very impressive with her wide viarity of moves, including a nice suplex. Teresa then layed the smack down, literally! By smacking Bootyliscious right across the face! She then got hardcore on the unlucky "Booty" by beating the hell out of her with a baseball bat! Then Frankie made his way to the ring and distracted Teresa Thong while Bootyliscious became undazed and ripped off the top off Teresa Thong!!! For a second it was thought that Frankie was helping Bootlyliscious, but it wasn't that at all! He just wanted to see Teresa stripped down to her bra!!!

Maxwell then resigned a return match, don't think he was being nice, I think the truth is he just wanted to see Teresa wrestle around in her bra some more!!!

Teresa was able to gain some revenge when she hit her finisher the "Thong Thrust" a modified suplex to become the first ever XCW Womens' Champion!

Final Outlook: Great match for both of these newcomers!
Match # 2: Scotty Dreamer vs T.J. Andrews

Maxwell signed this match as a warm up for the King of the Yard finals, and T.J. was not a happy man!

This match was a technical masterpiece! The match started with a very nice series of reversals that ended with a double closeline. The match was a little hectic with Teresa Thong as the ref, no one ever said a ho could count to three. The match was also interupted when the camera crew had technical difficulties however the match continued and the camera picked up the finish of the match which was T.J. hitting the "Photogenic".

Main Event: Iron Man vs Thug

This match came about when Iron Man arrived at the show unintroduced. Iron Man complained of being told that the show started at a later time, which we found out was Thug playing a joke on Iron Man. Iron Man didn't think the joke was to funny and challenged Thug to a hardcore match!

This match was absolutley incredible! It was total choas at it's best! Thug took control of the match up in the beggining by hitting Iron Man with a suplex followed by a ddt. Thug then unleashed on Iron Man with gigantic chops! The match then spilled on to the arena floor, where Iron Man reversed Thug's attempt to throw him in to the fence. Iron Man sent Thug down and quickly dove in to the ring. From there he did a front flip from the ring to the ground landing directly on Thug! Iron Man threw Thug back in to the ring and went for the pin but amazing Thug kicked out at 2!

Iron Man mad a small error and Thug capitilized by hitting a sit-out powerbomb. He only got a two count and decided he needed to do something amazing to put away Iron Man! And boy did he ever think of something amazing! He hit a sit-out Splash Moutain off the top off the deck to the ring!!! The incredible move took alot out of both of them, but somehow Thug found the strength to make the pin, 1-2- SOME HOW Iron Man kicked out! Thug was shocked, while wasting time complaining to the ref Iron Man pushed him off the deck to the ground 6 ft below! Iron Man then headed up top to his new found home being the tree house! He dove off the top 10ft to the ground and hit the big splash to get the win over the veteran Thug!

Final Outlook: This match was amazingly hardcore, 8.75!
(Unscheduled Match) 187 vs Thug vs Iron Man (Hardcore Title Match) 24-7 Rules

187's music hit and out he came along w/ Teresa Thong! He attacked Iron man as he was about to leave, then all hell broke out! The Fans began to brawl around the ring, Bootyliscious came out and attacked Teresa Thong, and 187, Thug and Iron, beat the hell out of each other!

This was another great hardcore match. Some of the highlights included Thug throwing Iron Man in to the tree house, 187 hitting a legdrop on to a trash can, Teresa Thong nailing Thug w/ a cookie sheet, and Thug nailing Nova's finisher, The Ace crusher and a DDT at the same time to 187 and Iron Man. It was enough to eliminate Iron Man, however 187 kicked out! So Thug gave 187 the "Thug Life" on to a cookie sheet to become to the NEW XCW Hardcore Champion!

Final Outlook:8.0 Xtreme TV was probably one of the best shows XCW has put on to this date. It was XCW's first night show and a huge success! XCW Will be back in your living room (TV that is) in two weeks for the event of the Summer!

Already booked: Kryptonite vs T.J Andrews, a Battle Royal for #1 Contendarship of the International Title, and a Mud Pit match for the Womens' Title!!!

Copyright © 2001, Thug Designz. All Rights Reserved. _____________________________________________________________________________
Tuesday Turmoil June 20th, 2001.

Former BYW wrestler, J-Kewl, returned at Tuesday Turmoil and beat out Pimp Daddy Pedro, Rage, and Scotty Dreamer; to become the new International Champion. Shortly after that Maxwell conducted an interview with J-Kewl, in which Rage attacked J-Kewl from behind.

The next match was 187 defending his title against Iron Man. Iron Man pulled off the win with his move, The Death Wish, however do to the newly enforced 24/7 ruling, Thug made his way to the ring and hit the Splash Mountain to Iron Man onto a trashcan. He quickly pinned Iron Man and won the Hardcore Title.

Then Commishioner Frankie's newly mixed music hit and out came Frankie! He told Thug that since he wont that Title it doesn't change the fact that he still has to run the gauntlant. Thug became furious then turned to the camera, when he turned around Frankie hit the scissors kick and knocked Thug down. Shortly after that Huvi came out and cut a promo! Of course no one knew one word he was speaking and Thug felt he had been insulted so he threw a stiff right hand. Then gave Huvi one hell of a Splash Mountain! Huvi got eliminated just as soon as he got there!

Next to come out was FRANKIE! Thug was shocked to say the least. Pretty good match Thug was able to pull of the win by delivering a splash off a 6 ft deck to the ground.

Thug took a short breather while he waited for his next oppenent. Then "Natural Born Killaz" hit and out came the former champ, 187!!! This match was insane! Things really heated up when referee Drew Philapenno was releaved of his duties by the commish! Frankie then took over officiating and got many cheap shots in on Thug. This match basically became a handicapped match, Thug tried to fight them both off but he just couldn't handle both of them. 187 went off the top with a diving trashcan shot, then Frankie counted the fastest 3 count in XCW history. Thug was robbed! However the decision was final. After the match Frankie told the world that he was going to make Thug's life a living hell!

The Main Event of the Night was Kryptonite (Champion) vs Dynle. Both Dynle and Kryptonite are heavyweights however that did not stop them from flying in this match! Dynle gave Kryptonite a splash from the ring to the ground at which Dynle got some major air! Kryptonite fought back with a snap suplex on to the ground. Kryptonite hit the "Falling Star" and then went for the pin, but Dynle kicked out. After that Kryptonite went for a shoulder block but was caught with a huge closeline followed by "Straight to Hell". Dynle then got the 3 count and became the new Heavyweight Champion!

Powertip Results Coming Soon ________________________________________________________________________________________
New Years Revolution 1/7/01 Results Xtreme Championship Wrestling presented it's third pay per view on Sunday night January 7 Live from the XCW Arena in St. Marys, West Virginia. New Years Revolution included all the highspots of a Big Three event coupled with the hard work of the XCW Superstars. The show started with Johnny Paradise welcoming everyone to the event as out of nowhere F*ck The World by Insane Clown Posse blared through the speakers & out walked the "Real Fuckin' Juggalo" Adam Awesome to ringside carrying the XCW World Heavyweight Title & his trademark barbed wire wrapped singapore cane. Awesome in a rare giving moment called out the "Next Big Thing" Fly Guy for an impromptu title defense because of Fly Guy being Awesome's partner against Cole Cash & Taker at Hallowicked & Cash & "The Franchise" Steel during a Monday Nightmares taping. The match was on as Fly Guy immediately tossed Awesome to the ground & delivered a MxPx(Moonsault) from the side of the trampoline. Fly Guy continued to dominate the World Champion using some trademark moves including the P.O.D.(Tornado DDT) & the Slipknot (Double Chickenwing Inverted STF) that almost got Fly Guy the submission victory. Awesome eventually battled back & caught Fly Guy with a Maritado & The Butterfly(Swanton Bomb) which brought the fans to their feet. Adam Awesome eventually was whipped in & caught Fly Guy with the Dark Lotus(Sitout Tiger Driver '91) out of nowhere for the pin to retain the World Championship. Afterwards Awesome laid out Fly Guy with a vicious caneshot. Sir Owen returned for match two as Thug met Dynle. This was a Ladder Match in which the career of Thug & a 60 day slavery contract for Dynle was up for grabs. These two went at it with reckless abandonment & both men eventually turned the match into a slugfest. The contract slipped out & fell to the ground below as Dynle made the mistake & put it back. The match was announced to now be fought to a pinfall. Thug stunned Dynle with a Sidekick & took his shoulders down for the 1-2-3 with a Tip-Up Sunset Flip off the deck. Up next was to be a violent brutal war as Mad Jack defended the Xtreme-Core Title against Frankie, Gangsta D & the "Ultraviolent" All-Star Justice Sain. Gangsta D dove off the clubhouse & cracked Mad Jack with the cane wrapped in barbed wire to kick off the match & soon everyone was out for blood. The chairshots immediately started to fly with Sain the whole time clinging to his trademarked Fuktified chair as all four competitors battled. Frankie was the first to fall...literally as he passed out mid-match & was pinned by Mad Jack after trying to connect with a punch. Justice Sain's bodyguard Syrrus made an unscheduled appearance as he took out Mad Jack with a Proposition F*ck You(Ace Crusher). Then yet another suprise, Lo Jack ran out & started pounding Sain. Lo Jack then climbed the post & dove off connecting with the skull of Sain with a sickening thud with the 187 Diving Chairshot. Lo Jack then produced a cheese grater & reduced Sain's head to mush causing him to juice horribly from the forehead. Sain used his Fuktified chair to lay out Lo Jack just long enough for Syrrus to deliver a devestating Splash Mountain(Crucifix Sitout Powerbomb) as Sain rolled on top to get the elimination. Lo Jack eventually gave Justice Sain the Ghetto Castration(Single Legdrop into the groin) & proceeded to showboat. Syrrus caught him from behind & delivered the Proposition F*ck You to take Lo Jack out of the contest. Syrrus & Sain set a table up & drove Mad Jack through it with a makeshift 3D as Justice Sain made the pin to become the new Xtreme-Core Champion. Up next the "Canadian Killer" Scotty Bliss came out to a huge chorus of boos from the pro-American crowd. Out came Delta Sky & the match began. The vacant International Title was up for grabs as Sky took it to Bliss early on. Sky gave Bliss the Rain Drop(Michinoku Driver 2) & climbed to the post to deliver the Blue Sky(Top Rope Elbow) when Bliss moves out of the way. After several attempts, Bliss locked in the Blissful Torture(Crippler Crossface) & caused Sky to pass out. The referee let his hand drop three times & Scotty Bliss won the International Title. Next Boyman made his return to XCW subbing for Cage as he faced Thunder Dragon & Black Thunder in a Three Way Dance to determine who would face the Lightheavyweight Champion Blood at the February pay per view Last Resort. All three battled with no one wanting to let the other steal the pin as a lot of attempts were quickly broken up. Boyman eventually got the pinfall win over Black Thunder after a Shooting Star Press. Next up The Dudley Boyz returned to XCW to battle the Jeckel Brothers & the current World Tag Team Champions, Serial Thrillaz in a Tables, Chairs & Ladders Match. The Dudleys were attacked by the Jeckels even before the Thrillaz could make it to the ring. But when the champions hit the ring, all hell broke loose. Troy introduced a singapore cane into the match & immediately cracked Jake Jeckel with it. Tre followed up with a caneshot of his own that took down Buh Buh Ray. Troy then followed up with more punishment as he slammed a chair into another chair placed on the back of Buh Buh. The Jeckels then got involved with a Tandem Splash on Buh Buh. Meanwhile Troy set up a ladder & tried to dive off while holding a steel chair but the ladder tipped over & Troy cracked his head against the chair. As D-Von lay prove inside the ring, Tre came off the post & connected with a devestating Guillotine Legdrop. At one point Troy & Buh Buh teamed up putting the boots to Jack Jeckel until Troy swerved & knocked Buh Buh into a huge pile of dogshit. As Buh Buh was nailing Jake Jeckel with a garbage can lid, Tre launched a ladder at him that connected with his back. This made Buh Buh prone to several chairshots from Jake. Jake continued to take advantage over Buh Buh as he places a chair on his stomach & Ledgropped it into him. Jack then ascended the fourth rung of the ladder & splashed Buh Buh. Tre gave D-Von a Superplex as Troy moved the mattress in place. Troy placed Jack on the mattress & put a chair on top of him & jumped off of the side of the trampoline nailing the Jeckel with a 187 Blackout(Swanton Bomb). The Jeckels spraypainted F*ck You on the table & set it up against the fence but as Jack tried to Irish Whip Buh Buh, he reversed & Buh Buh whipped Jack right into the table breaking it thus eliminating the Jeckel Brothers. Jack wouldn't leave without first getting a few garbage lid shots on Buh Buh but was drove away by the cookie sheets of the World Tag Team Champions. As Jake rolled out of the way Buh Buh was prone & the Thrillaz took advantage nailing Buh Buh with a cookie sheet version of Edge & Christian's Con-Chair-To. Troy took advantage of Buh Buh once again wearing him out with the cookie sheet as he lay prone on the mattress. Then a new weapons was introduced into this already brutal feud....lightbulbs. D-Von tried to break one over Troy's head several times but to no avail as it just kept bouncing off his head. Troy out of sheer stupidity or wanting to juice broke the lightbulb over his own head busting him open. Meanwhile Tre was having the same problem with his lightbulb as he finally placed it on Buh Buh's back & shattered it with a cookie sheet. Buh Buh then went into the back & brought out a cheese grater. Buh Buh viciously raked it over the forehead of Troy busting him open slightly & then sadistically raked it across his forehead once more making more juice come down his forehead. Tre grabbed Buh Buh & whipped him into the table breaking it in half. Troy climbed the ladder trying to grab the belts but Buh Buh caught him & ran into the ladder three times with force as Troy fell off the ladder over the fence into a pile of branches & shrubbery. D-Von tried to climb the ladder but was shoved off & then had the ladder shoved into the stomach. As Troy stood there half dazed, Buh Buh grabbed another lightbulb & cracked it over Troy's skull making the blood flow heavily. D-Von picked up the half-conscious Troy on his shoulders & carried him towards yet another table. D-Von propped Troy on the trampoline & Powerbombed him off it through a table. Meanwhile Tre set up a table over a chair & a trash can & positioned Buh Buh over it. Tre climbed on the rail & dove off Legdropping Buh Buh face first through the table. The table landed on Buh Buh's ankle resulting in a trademark OWWWWWWWWWW! GOD DAMN! from the Dudleyville native. D-Von took Troy in the ring & drove him into the canvas with the D-Von Driver(Inverted DDT) onto a garbage lid. Troy propped up a table against the side of the trampoline & placed Buh Buh on top. Buh Buh was helpless as Tre came off the third rung of the ladder driving him through the table with a Guillotine Legdrop. But that was not enough! As Buh Buh lay in the remnants of the table, Troy climbed to the very top of the ladder & dove off with a 187 Blackout onto Buh Buh Ray! D-Von tossed a table, a trash can & a chair into the ring & set up the table. D-Von picked Tre up & DUDLEY DEATH DROP THROUGH THE TABLE! As Buh celebrated he was blasted in the back of the head with the singapore cane & knocked silly. D-Von went to climb the ladder as Troy nailed him with a garbage can from behind. They both climbed the ladder & started to battle underneath the belts as D-Von connected with a Neck Snap onto the top of the ladder falling to the ground in the process. The two began to fight on the ladder once more as Buh Buh Ray snuck in from behind. When D-Von was knocked off courtesy of a right hand, Buh Buh saw his opening & plastered Troy with another lightbulbs rendering him unconscious, Buh Buh shoved the ladder sending Troy to the ground as D-Von grabbed the belt that had fallen during the battle & Buh Buh climbed the ladder to retrieve the belt to make The Dudley Boyz your new XCW World Tag Team Champions. Up next the scheduled eight man tournament to determine who would go on to face Adam Awesome for the World Heavyweight Title in the Main Event was underway as the "High School Hero" Keith Miller took on Justice Sain's Bodyguard Syrrus. Syrrus had the match in hand after a Flying Elbow before he called out Sain from the back. Sain tried to use the singapore cane on Miller, but he ducked & Sain decked Syrrus instead. Sain was noticeably pissed off & fled the ringside area as Miller rolled on top of Syrrus to secure his spot in the second round. Delta Sky was scheduled to meet the Greenwich Snob Maxwell but Sky was pushed into an International Title match with Scotty Bliss leaving Maxwell without an opponent. Maxwell cockily came out calling for an "American Badass" & that is exactly what he got. Out came Taker & he stared down Maxwell. Maxwell showed some amazing power early on as he managed to Powerbomb Taker at one point. The fans tried to get involved at one point as a fan tossed a bottle towards the referee, his simple response was "Damn You Scuba Steve". Meanwhile Maxwell took down the big man with a Greenwich Gore(Spear) & went up top for the High Society(Flying Elbow) but was caught in mid air & was driven into the canvas with the Death Valley Driver(Chokeslam). Taker then picked up Maxwell & delivered the Last Ride(Powerbomb). Taker wasn't satisfied & picked up Maxwell finally finishing him with yet another Death Valley Driver for the three count. The current XCW Lightheavyweight Champion Blood came out for his scheduled match with the "Whole Fuckin' Industry" Cole Cash. Blood went for broke jumping Cash before the bell with a Bulldog. Cash showed some technicality with a Deep Armdrag & worked on the Armbar. Cash took Blood back with a Snow-Plex(Wheelbarrow Suplex) & debuted a new move, the Vertical Neckbreaker on Blood. Blood worked Cash into a Figure Four Leglock but Cash refused to submit. Cash sat up & nailed Blood so hard with a right hand to break the hold, that his mask came off! Blood quickly put it back on as Cash jolted him with a Side Salto for the near fall. Cash quickly released Blood with a Powerbomb but Blood quickly retaliated with several clotheslines & a Senton Bomb off the top for a near fall. As Blood reached his feet, Cash caught him with the Cashflow DDT(Evenflow DDT) to get the pinfall. After the match, Cash delivered the Cashflow one more time & picked up Blood driving him into the canvas with a Thunder Ligerbomb off the deck. Barbedwire Kidd was scheduled to meet Shaman in his debut along with the rest of the tournament & the main event but conflicts forced XCW to close the pay per view early. But worry not XCW fans, at our next pay per view spectacular Last Resort, four men will step into the ring to determine the man who will face Adam Awesome for the World Title in the main event. Shaman, Taker, Keith Miller & Cole Cash will battle in a Four Way Dance to determine who goes on to face Awesome & that match will have a little added spice in the form of the "Next Big Thing" Fly Guy as the Special Guest Referee. In other action, the Jeckel Brothers will meet the Serial Thrillaz in a match to determine the Number One Contenders to The Dudleys XCW Tag Team Titles. Blood will defend the Lightheavyweight Title against Suicide & Black Thunder, Barbedwire Kidd will face Kryptonite in a battle of XCW newcomers. Lo Jack will face Justice Sain for the Xtreme-Core Title in what is sure to be a brutal ultraviolent war & Scotty Bliss will defend the International Title against Maxwell. Cage is also petitioning for a Ladder Match, it will be interesting to see who accepts that challenge. All the XCW Superstars are scheduled to be at this ppv event & it is shaping up to be quite a card already. I'll be back later this week with news & rumors from XCW. Until then i'm Sir Owen saying i'll see ya at ringside! ________________________________________________________
N.W.A. W.V./Ohio Show 11/24/00 Results
This night, dedicated to raising funds to assist Promoter "Awesome" Richard Arpin with his recent medical expenses was a TRIBUTE to the respect that the wrestlers show for "the Big Guy" The ringside area was standing room only as all the stars of the NWA WV/OH turned out to add their time and talent to this show.
Match #1 Cole Cash vs. Fly Guy
These 2 rookies gave it their all as they made their debut in the world of Pro Wrestling here in the Dils center. Cash and Fly guy made a great showing of themselves as they rocked each other for 4 minutes until at the 4:45 mark when Fly Guy took the pinfall.
Match #2 Luscious Rocky Reynolds vs. Blue Lightning
Blue used his ring skill and abilities to thwart the offense of the muscular Reynolds as he confused out wrestled "The Luscious God". Reynolds used a variety of high impact maneuvers, clotheslines, suplexes, and slams to try and bring down Blue Lightning, but the veteran caught Reynolds at the 8:16 mark in his patented "lightning strike" power slam for the three count.
Match #3 NWA WV/OH Jr. Heavyweight Champion Bobby Inbred vs. Tyler James
The ring introductions were never completed as these two combatants fought from the dressing room to the ring. Tyler James used high flying maneuvers to try and score a win in this non title matchup. Bobby Inbred called on his vast ring knowledge and stamina to outlast James thru the onslaught of kicks and punches, slams, dropkicks, and more as he took the young Lion to the 11:00 minute mark and caught him in the "cow pie drop" to score the pinfall.
Match #4 Mr. Attitude vs. Travis Time
It was a full brawl as Mr. Attitude tried to retire 1/2 of the NWA WV/OH Tag Team Champions Travis Time. Time seemed out of his element and looking for his partner as he tried to match Attitude move for move and power for power. Attitude carried Time through pain blues and agony until he saw his opportunity and caught Time in a high impact DDT at the 6:30 mark for the pinfall victory.
A 50 50 drawing was held and the winner donated his funds to Richard Arpin.
Match #5 A three way dance to determine the #1 contender for the NWA WV/OH Jr. Heavyweight Title.
Blue Lightning, Tyler James & Rocky Reynolds faced each other in a challenge to single out the #1 contender for Bobby Inbred's title. This match saw all three go flat out trying to gain an early pinfall, and ensure themselves a shot at the gold. All three men kept up a furious pace and at some points two would team against one hoping to narrow the odds. In the end at the 8:10 mark while Rocky Reynolds was outside the ring, Tyler caught Lightning in a high impact slam for the three count.
Match #6 Three way challenge to determine the #1 contender for the NWA WV/OH Hardcore Title.
Viper vs. Johnny Hard vs. Mr. Attitude This was a first as the three grapplers beat each other senseless in an effort to meet Big Gun Jeff Cannon for the Hardcore Gold. Viper was as ruthless as ever as the self proclaimed "Lord of all hardcore" beat both Attitude and Hard relentlessly. Not to be outdone, Mr. Attitude fought back and for awhile teamed with Hard to try and remove Viper from the match. The ending to this match was fast, furious, and controversial as JW Idol jumped into the fray and attacked Viper allowing Attitude to catch Hard off balance for the pinfall at 10:15. What followed was a disgusting display as Attitude, Hard, and Idol tried to smash the knee of Viper by removing his protective brace and use a baseball bat to attempt to end Vipers career. Blue lightning, Bobby Inbred, and finally Tyler James broke up the assault, with James coming to the aid of Viper.
A battle royal followed with the locker room charging the ring and an all out war ensued as bodies flew, and friend fought friend to seek a means to an end of this all out war. The battles of the night resumed and old feuds were re-ignited as the fist flew and bodies sailed over the top rope. After 10:40 of action Mr. Attitude eliminated Tyler James for the victory.
These results are from N.W.A. W.V./Ohio's Website. Cole Cash and Fly Guy of XCW participated in this event.
XCW Hallowicked October 28th, 2000 RESULTS!!
1. International Champion Tommy Cain VS. Blood VS. Tommy Nightmare
The match was scheduled to be Tommy Cain -vs- Tommy Nightmare, but before the match got underway Blood came out. And neither of the Tommy's seemed to care, so the match became a 3-Way spectacular. Cain eliminated Nightmare with the Tommyhawk, and then a confused Blood was hit with a Nova-Cain and Tommy Cain walked out with his title.
2. World Tag Team Champions Serial Thrillaz VS. Dudley Boyz
The Thrillaz and the Dudleyz put on another great match that will go down in the record books as another loss for the Dudleyz and one more win for the Thrillaz.
3. Extreme-Core Champion Gangsta D VS. Mad Jack VS. Lo Jack VS. Justice Sain
With some maniac in Mad Jack's corner no one could stand up for more than 10 seconds without being taken out by a baseball bat. The match came to a stop when Mad Jack powerbombed Lo Jack through a table and got the pinfall.
MAIN EVENT: World Champion Fly Guy VS. Adam Awesome
For some odd reason Tre, of the Serial Thrillaz, was named the special guest ref, and he was taking no sh*t from either man in the main event. Awesome tried to intimidate him, but it didn't work. Fly Guy and Awesome went back and forth for a solid 15 to 20 minutes. When the dust had settled though, it was Adam Awesome coming out on top with the win and the XCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! After the match something happened between the Serial Thrillaz and a unmentionable team. But we are not allowed to give away details. We will say this though, the Thrillaz proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt, they are the top team in America.
XCW Nightmares Monday October 23rd, 2000.
XCW Nightmares Monday October 23rd, 2000 RESULTS!!
1. Tommy Nightmare VS. Stalker(Winner Gets Shot at International Title at Hallowicked) Both men went back and forth with effective manuevers but in the end we saw Nightmare plant Stalker down with the Spicolli Driver. This set up a match for the International Title at the ppv.
2. International Champion Delta Sky VS. Tommy Cain Delta Sky came to the ring with the gold and confidence, but Tommy Cain came to the ring with a little bit more on this night. Cain took everything Sky had and gave it right back, but when the smoke cleared it was Tommy Cain walking out of the match with the International Title after a Nova-Cain.
3. Perry Neptune VS. kEnNy Whipwreck This was Neptune's last match here in XCW and he was gonna make it a good one. kEnnY Whipwreck rolled around to the ring like the jackass that he is and the match got underway. Neptune tried to beat KeNnY with a sunset flip, but it was to no avail. Neptune went for a slingshot legdrop, but KenNy got his hands up and was able to block it. He went for the Whippersnapper, but it was blocked into a Neptuninator which led to a frogsplash for the win.
MAIN EVENT: Cole Cash & Taker VS. Fly Guy & Adam Awesome(Dream Partners Tag Match) In what came to be the best match of the night all four men put on stellar performances. Both teams worked very well together with Taker and Cash on the offensive most of the match. In the end though Taker got powder in the eyes from Awesome and chokeslammed his own partner who was then hit with the MxPx from Fly Guy. And the World Champion Fly Guy and his opponent at the pay-per-view, Adam Awesome walked out victorious.
"When Worlds Collide"-Sat,Sept. 8th 2000!! RESULTS!!!!
The Card
__________________________________________ Match # 1:Blood vs Suicide for the Luchadore Title
Match #2:Maxwell vs. Delta Sky (International Title Match)
Winner=Delta Sky
Match # 3:Tommy Nightmare vs Tommy Cain (The Battle of the Innovators)
Winner=Tommy Nightmare _________________________________________________________
Match # 4:Lil Skippy Dudley vs Frankie
Winner=Lil Skippy Dudley
Match # 5:Shaman vs.Taker(Heavyweight Title #1 contendarship)
Match # 6:Dudley Boyz vs Serrial Thrillaz vs The Jeckel Brothers(For XCW Tag Team Championship)
Winner=Serrial Thrillaz
Match # 7:Thug vs Gangsta D vs Lo Jack vs Justice Sain(4-Way Hardcore match for the Extreme-Core Championship)
Winner=Gangsta D
Match # 8:Fly Guy vs Cole Cash(XCW Heavyweight Title Match)
Winner=Fly Guy