Report Cards
Honor Worker of the Week: VVD
Attendance: VVD's attendance record isn't perfect but it is good. VVD missed several shows over the Summer but since then has been to virtually every show.

Report: VVD has really taken his game to the next level as of late showing that he deserves to be at the top of NGW. The guys in ring presense and charisma is un-matchable. Charisma is something that can't be taught but rather is possessed and VVD is deffiantly gifted in that area. Not only can he run his mouth he is also able to back it up in the ring. The Lexicon is one of the most innovative moves in NGW as well as the most dominating. VVD has a ton of other strong moves to wear you down for the Lexicon as well. With the combination of his transition moves and the Lexicon VVD could be unbeatable. However, the main reason VVD is Worker of the Week is due to the beating he took in the 4-way dance by Virus, Thug, and Vanquished. After the ass kicking he took and still had the presence of mind to counter Thug's Hardcore Hangover (Shooting Star Press) into a Desmond Cutter and go on to climb the ladder and grab the Universal Title was simply amazing! Congratulations, Mr. Desmond!
Overall grade: A+
Attendance: Perfect.
Report: Un-Rated is new to NGW and is only looking to improve. He dominated Starfire early own and didn't let off of him which is the sign of a smart wrestler. However, Un-Rated relied more on throwing Starfire around rather than taking it to him with domintating manuevers that possibly could have put Starfire away early on. Un-Rated really has what it takes to mold his character in to something special. Once this youngster developes a strong moveset he will be alot better. As of right now though he put on an average match earning him a C.
Overall grade: C
Attendance: Perfect.
Report: Starfire has alot of heart and alot of talent deep down. Starfire is constantly in sitaution where he is being out weighed. But you can never count him out. Starfire has some great moves out there but they are few and far between. Once again the word potential comes to mind, I feel if he tapped into some of that untouched talent he posses he could be a guy that "wows" people. Starfire has been having good matches one week and not so good matches the next week making this report card a little difficult. However I feel he deserves a C+ but that could easily turn to a A with some dedication.
Overall grade: C+
Attendance: Steel's has missed several shows since his return due to personal problems making his attendance fair.
Report: Steel is really making something of himself. Since his return he has virtually transformed. Steel adds an oldschool feeling to New Generation Wrestling which I enjoy tremendously. Steel's win of the United States title was short but still convincing none-the-less. Steel has what it takes to make it to the top of New Generation Wrestling. On another note it is nice to see an honorable man holding the United States Title.
Overall grade: B-
Serial Killer
Attendance: Perfect.
Report: Serial Killer has been disapointing me as of late. At one time this guy could go with the best of them, but as of late he has been out of his element. I'm not sure what is up with Serial Killer but he needs to get back on track and fast. NGW has no place for guys he don't want to try. Killer's moveset has dropped to basic kick/punch offense with very few other moves. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for the Killer.
Overall grade: D
Adam Awesome
Attendance: Close to perfect with the exception of a week off with an injury and a trip to Canada.
Report: Adam Awesome may not be the guy that you would want to in a technical match but he sure can be entertaining in his style of wrestling, and that be the next level division. Awesome is probably one of the toughest men I know, because I have seen him take things that may leave some men laying in a hospital bed but Awesome continues on. Awesome has several moves that are devasting. The Dark Lotus being a close contendar to the most devasting finisher in NGW. However, Awesome often never gets a chance to show off his offensive skills due to the fact that he is always on the end of an ass kicking. Awesome needs to learn some ways to counter and reverse opponents manuvers in order to show off his game. Awesome needs some work but is improving slowly. If Awesome works on his low points his grade will improve drastically.
Overall grade: C+
Attendance: Hostile has been to every show except the time he was absent due to his torn bisep injury.
Report: When Hostile made his debut he needed a ton of work. Hostile improved a little of the next few months but not much. Hostile was still in desperate need of help. It seems he has gotten it though. Because Hostile looked the best I have ever seen him Sunday against Awesome. Hostile may find his niche in the Next Level Division, we will have to wait and see. Hostile still needs to improve and has a way to go but he has come from the bottom to an acceptable C which he should be happy with.
Overall grade: C
Attendance: Perfect.
Report: Thug is really establishing a great moveset for himself. His innovative wrestling style is provides for exciting matches. He is also really trying to mold his character more and more each week. Thug still has room for improvement but is still doing an excellent job. Too bad his attitude wasn't as good as his wrestling ability.
Overall grade: A-
Fly Guy
Attendance: Fly Guy missed several back to back shows over a month period of time but has been on a roll as of late and been attending all shows.
Report: WOW, this guy has stepped up so much. I'm so happy for this guy. When Thug needed Fly Guy to step up he did. Fly Guy is one of the most entertaining wrestlers we have in NGW. His unorthadox wrestling style is unnovative and like no other. Fly Guy can wrestle anyone to a good match, Fly Guy's battles with Virus and Starfire have been classics, and brought out the best of all men. Of course his matches with Cash and The Kid Inferno were excellent too! Not to mention his great battle with Adam Awesome showing why he deserves the Next Level Championship as he put his own body as well as Awesome's through hell. This guy is really impressing me and I would like to wish him the best in continuing to do so.
Overall grade: A
The Kid Inferno
Attendance: Good, not great but good. Inferno has missed a few shows but makes it to most.
Report: The Kid Inferno is a perfect example of what New Generation Wrestling is all about. Inferno is damn near the best in NGW. He always provides something new for the fans to love or hate him for each and every week. You never know what to expect out of Inferno.
Overall grade: A
Attendance: Cage has only been back for one show as of right now.
Report: Cage has been out of action for over a year and officially returned Sunday. So, of course this guy has a ton of ring rust. However, I see a TON of potential in this guy, some tweaking in some areas and I see a good contender in the Cruiserweight Division.
Overall grade: C-
Attendance: Perfect.
Report:Kryptonite claims to be a super hero but hasn't picked up a major win in sometime. If Kryptonite can step it up and start winning some matches his grade will improve.
Overall grade: B
Cole Cash
Attendance: Perfect.
Report: Cash is another guy that is impressing me. Cash has always been "good" but now I think he is trying to be better than good and become the best he can. His match on Sunday was amazing. As have most of the rest of his matches. Cash is really close to being at the A level but not just yet. I feel he needs to tweak a couple of things and by next week he will be at that level.
Overall grade: B+
Attendance: Only missed one show ever that I can recal. Very close to perfect.
Report: Virus is another guy that is very close to making it to the A level here at NGW. He takes a beating and keeps on coming back for more. The only problem with Virus I have is some of his moveset is tad bit dull. However, his frogsplash is one of the best in NGW, if not the best.
Overall grade: B
Worst of the Week: Vanquished
Attendance: Perfect.
Report: Not much to say about Vanquished. Because Vanquished just hasn't done much. He was permitted in to the 4 way dance on Sunday and his performance was completly lack luster. He just couldn't hang. I'm not sure what's wrong with "Our Super-Hero" maybe personal problems, I don't know. At one time I would have said he could have pinned virtually anyone in NGW, now, however, it seems he may have lost a step.
Overall grade: F+