Rage Updated 7/3/02
Height: 6'1
Weight: 165 lbs
Hometown: Lost Creek, WV
Finisher: Death Valley Driver, Ax Kick

Rage returned to NGW after a long absense. From recent rumors I have heard the reason may have had something to do with him attending what he likes to refeer to as school, while others like to call it prison. Rage is the type of guy who would steal your lunch money every day at school. Rage is deffiantly a very strong guy, but he is lacking the smarts if you know what I mean. Recently, Rage asked if he could join the Nation of Hate, I mean, hey all they do is kick peoples asses so and that is what he is best at so of course he would want to be in it. Rage was granted exceptence and is now a huge factor to the dominance the Nation of Hate now has. Rage looks to dominate the Hardcore division, and win the gold once again, as well as the International Heavyweight Division!