The Kid Inferno Updated: 8/7/03
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 185 lbs
Hometown: Three Mile Island, Pa
Trademarks: Leap though Leg Drop, "Third Dregree" (Pedigree), "2 Hott 2 Handle" (Frog Splash), "Reach Out and Touch Faith".
Finisher: "Burn Ward" (Modied STO)
Titles Held in NGW: H.T.R. Champion (1x), Cruiserweight Champion (1x), Tag Team Champion (1x)

The Phoenix has caught NGW on Fire! The Phoenix debut with a win over the much bigger Domestic Disturbance. Then went on to get a NGW Cruiserweight Title shot against Kryptonite! The Phoenix would have won the match but Kryptonite resorted to cheating to retain his title. However, Kryptonite wasn't that lucky the next time these two men locked it up! Kryptonite and The Phoenix went back and forth rocking each other and shocking the fans. In the end Kryptonite went for a shooting star press, but the Phoenix moved! Phoenix then hit the "2 Hott 2 Handle" Frog Splash and became the NGW Cruiserweight Champion in under a month of making his debut! That is a great accomplishment for any wrestler, but for a rookie that's phenomnal!