"80's Hero" Johnny Paradise Updated 7/3/02
Height: 5'10
Weight: 178 lbs
Hometown: the "80's"
Finisher: Paradise Spinning Toe Hold

Johnny Paradise is straight out of the 80's. His wrestling moves prove it with moves like the 80's elbow, and the Paradise spinning toe hold. However, Paradise hasn't been able to use any of those moves in quite some time. Actually the only skill he has been able to use is his vocal skills by hosting his interview segment, Almost Paradise. That being due to the fact that Paradise lost a retirement match to Cole Cash. You can catch Paradise every show providing great entertainment, from teaching a young cub scout how to start a fire, to declaring himself the G.A.Y. Champion. UPDATED! Fans, recently Johnny Paradise re entered the squared circle and even won the NGW World Title! That's right Paradise took home the big gold. This all was accomplished with the help of Virus. Virus was on a mission to take the World Title away from Chris Adams anyway he could, even if it meant reinstating Johnny Paradise. Paradise was able to win the match after he hit a Cash Flow ddt on to two trashcan lids! Sadly enough, Virus stripped Paradise of the title for not defending it in the 14 day time limit. Paradise was entered in the tournament for the title, and came prepared with several weapons to try and cheat with. Ironically enough Paradise met up with Chris Adams in the first round, and lost after a yakuza kick. Paradise is once again on a mission to achieve his dream! On a side note, Paradise and Huvi have had a bizarre relationship over the past few months which included Paradise teaching Huvi the English Language!