Blade Updated: 5/19/03
Height: 5'5
Weight: 135 lbs
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Finisher: "Ultra-Violent Blade Bomb"

Blade, B-L-A-D-E, in NGW when his name is mentioned it puts a smile on your face. Blade possesses so much talent and brings so much to the table with his "lay it all on the line" style. Blade is never afriad to put his body on the line just to entertain the fans of NGW. Every match out Blade performs suicidal manuevers that might put ordinary men in the hospital. Blade's arsenal of offense is simply amazing to say the least. "The Master of the Suplex" and the man who coined the phrases "You got folded!" & "I'm going to fold him like a paper towell!". From the backdrop, to the side, to the German, Blade knows em' all! Blade has seemingly mastered the kick as well, as he shows every match with his stiff style of kicking. Blade's style isn't restricted to just one style either. As he can go with the best of the high-flyers but he can also work a solid technical match and shows a shocking amount of strength. Blade's finishing manuever was voted one of the most devasting finishers of 2002. Not only is the move devasting it's also beautiful to watch! To watch as Blade seems to fly through the air and hit the "Ultra-Violent Blade Bomb" is just completly breath taking. However, Blade has no insecurity issues that is for sure! As Blade has one of the biggest Ego's in NGW if not the biggest! Unfortunately, Blade has been out of action since early October 02' (With the exception of a one time appearance in November) recovering after having neck sugery. We all would like to wish Blade the best and hope to see him back very, very, soon. Right now Blade is around 90%.