No Selling by John Callis

4/11/03 (Posted 4/18/03, Sorry!)

John Callis: I have done the impossible, what no other journalist could do. Including you Chris Johnson, including Aaron Davies, and including all you other wannabe dirt sheet writers, I’ve done what you couldn’t do. It is now my honor, my pleasure, and all of you ladies wet dream…the one, the only, BLADE.

(Blade joins the interview)

John Callis: Blade, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions that are on everyone’s mind.

Blade: No problem, but they better not be annoying ones. You know, I hate annoying questions.

John Callis: That’s certainly understandable, so I’ll get straight to the questions. Apparently in the back you’ve been kind of, how should I say, rude to some people, like Chris Johnson? What’s that all about?

Blade: Well first of all, I could give a rat’s ass about Chris Johnson. He’s just trying to get the dirt that no one else can get. The next time he gets up in my face with his questions, I’m going to shove a notepad down his fuc— his throat.

John Callis: Alright, well thanks for censoring yourself there, but from now on, feel free to express yourself in any way you’d like. Onto the next question. You had a long break from the wrestling world with a serious neck injury, how’s the neck holding up, and are they any details you could give us about what happened?

Blade: The neck is 200 %, and you ask how that can be. Don’t forget…I’m BLADE. And you may have heard that Cole Cash “broke it”, that’s just a rumor. Everyone knows, I broke my own neck. I landed on it on purpose, you heard me, on purpose.

John Callis: Are you saying that you purposely broke your neck to get time off?

Blade: Pretty much, yeah.

John Callis: That’s the most selfish, self-centered, egotistical thing I have ever heard.

Blade: And?

John Callis: Well, what about now that you’re back, we’ve seen a new attitude and we’ve seen you almost side with Coby Deihl once or twice. Explain that.

Blade: That attitude is because, well you know, I was the good guy before. Everyone loved that. You even loved that, right? Right. And what did NGW do, they knocked me down to the lower classed ranks. How could they do that to me? And the deal with Coby…. that’s nothing.

John Callis: Now that you’re back, what are your immediate goals in NGW?

Blade: Good question.

John Callis: Thank you.

Blade: Of course, to be the Universal Champion, like I should be. And always be one ahead of Cole Cash and VVD.

John Callis: Well, a few hours ago you were involved in that big 6 Man Main Event for the Universal Title. It seemed like you were actually teaming with those two men, what was going on there, and what happened to the “strategy” you guys had talked about before?

Blade: That’s another good question, because the strategy was not working with me. Me being a team-leader and all, Cash and VVD just didn’t realize that I should’ve been in the match more than them. And Cash blindsided me with that power bomb, and for your information, I kicked out, but that shitty ref didn’t see it!

John Callis: I’ve reviewed the tape, and your shoulders were clearly down for the three count. You can’t take anything away from Cash, he’s went through hell for the past 6 months to get that title, and tonight he proved he earned it.

Blade: Clearly you saw the “doctored’ footage, because I kicked out dammit. Cash had it easy for the last six months with me being out, he shouldn’t be bitching about his “long hard road”, and if I wasn’t out, VVD wouldn’t of been holding MY title in the first place.

John Callis: I’m guessing you’ll be demanding a title shot soon?

Blade: Damn skippy.

John Callis: I remember that kid, little guy, glasses…oh, wait. Anyways, let’s play the name game, if that’s ok with you.

Blade: I’ve got plenty of opinions on names.

John Callis: Alright, we’ll start with Adam Awesome.

Blade: Homo. Come on, the guy wears makeup.

John Callis: Very well then, Virus?

Blade: Nerd.

John Callis: Thug?

Blade: ( Laughing ) Bitch.

John Callis: Kid Inferno?

Blade: ( Cough ) flamer ( Cough )

John Callis: Coby Deihl?

Blade: Nice guy…

John Callis: New Image?

Blade: A Big Pussy…you know, one of those big black cats.

John Callis: Ok, VVD, and then Cole Cash.

Blade: Wannabe….put them together, they’re wannabes.

John Callis: Alright, well that was… fun to say the least. Now, at the end of the 6 man, you, VVD, and Cash were staring each other down. You went in as teammates, and ended up burning holes in each other, was that a bit of foreshadowing?

Blade: Ok, quit using big words with me.

John Callis: Which word do you mean?

Blade: Foreshadowing..?

John Callis: Was it a sign of things to come?

Blade: Well, next week I’m wrestling VVD right?

John Callis: Yes?

Blade: He’s the former champ right?

John Callis: Correct.

Blade : Well, if I beat him, no wait, when I beat him I get the title shot, right?

John Callis: I’m not sure, that’s up to the bookers.

Blade: Well its not up to the bookers, its up to me. It’s only fair.

John Callis: Well, we’ll have to see about that, but any last words for your fans?

Blade: I can’t give you “last” words.

John Callis: Why not?

Blade: Because. I’m gonna be around forever. ( Blade leaves the interview)

John Callis: Well there you go, probably one of the most egotistical men in the world today. See you next time for “No Selling” with John Callis.

3/18/03 (Posted 4/18/03, Sorry!)

Welcome one, welcome all, this is the newest edition of “No Selling” with John Callis. I just back in from watching NGW’s “first” show. The actual first show is coming up in just a week or two, and it will of course me “Honor, Tradition, & Respect #3”. The show today was billed as yet another “Apartment Show”, but for what it was, it could have been a Mega-Card. Three matches too up the card, each running right up to about the 35-40 min mark. We kicked the show off with a 5-Way Elimination Dance, and it was nothing but nonstop action. The first man out the NGW door was the “Canadian Commodity” Starfire. I’m looking at this kid to be the 2003 breakout star in NGW, and he proved that once again in this match. Out after him was a newcomer to the NGW locker room, the Mexican Gangsta himself, New Image. I’ll talk about his performance here in a moment, but for now, let’s get to the third man. The returning, and the new and improved, might I mention ripped, “SupAstar” Chris Adamz walked out the door looking as cocky and arrogant as ever. Up next was another returning star in NGW, with a new name, a new attitude “Da Fly One” Colby Deihl walked through the door with his valet and girlfriend, Destiny’s Angel. It’s nice to see some more female blood added to the NGW ranks, and it should make for some interesting confrontations with the NGW Princess herself, Candie. Then came Mr. Self Confidence himself, the all around worker, my ghetto fantasy and yours, THUG. Thug definitely came to fight as he immediately started things out with New Image. I’ve seen New Image a few times during NGW’s clinics and training sessions, but I was overly impressed with this mans ring presence and talent. He held his own with the other 4 men, and I was actually pretty shocked to see him go out first. Starfire continues to impress all of us here in NGW with his mixture of highflying skills and technical wrestling. The returning Chris Adamz just oozed cockiness in this match, and it was to be his ultimate downfall, as Thug rolled him up after a squirrel bomb that should’ve finished Thug off. It came down to Thug and Colby Deihl, and the two men stepped it up to unforeseen levels. These two men went back and forth with stiff forearms, chops, kicks, punches, the whole ten yards. At one point Thug came off the top with the Hardcore Hangover, and left a little bit of his knee imbedded in Colby’s head. Colby pulled this match out though with the cutthroat suplex. A round of applause roared from the crowd and workers who came out to watch this great exchange.

Up next was a match built on thoughts of revenge and payback. It was at the last Apartment Show where Kid Inferno, Virus, & Fly Guy took part in a 3-Way Dance that almost stole an entire years’ full of matches. During the match Virus came out of the ring landing a frog splash on Inferno. His knee hit Inferno I the side, bruising a kidney, his liver, and breaking 5 ribs. Inferno has been awaiting the first show back, because he knew that would mean his shot at revenge. The match turned into a battle of “Who’s the Bigger HHH mark?” as both men went for the pedigree every chance they got. Inferno attacked Virus’ ribs throughout the entire match, but the word from the back is, he didn’t quite get the job done. Virus won the match by hitting a vicious Tiger Driver ’91 off the ring post, driving Inferno’s head deep into the mat. These two men will definitely meet each other again as I seriously doubt this feud is even close to being finished. Especially since Barely Legal will be gunning for Hybrid Shocks tag team titles.

In the main event Colby Deihl returned from his previous match to take on Adam Awesome and Cole Cash. Cash was sporting the “I’m a Chris Hero mark” gimmick but sadly never pulled off the “Hero’s Welcome”. The match started off with Destiny’s Angel slapping the taste out of Awesome’s mouth. The match went back and forth with Cash basically using submission hold after submission hold to try and wear down both men. Cash and Deihl brought back some “Born Again Thrillaz” memories by working together much of the match. In a very nice spot Cash had Awesome held in an inverted Mexican surfboard, when out of nowhere Deihl came off the top landing the M.Bison on Awesome’s exposed mid-section. Cash debuted his new 2K Bomb, a.k.a. the “Requiem For a Dream”, and Deihl pulled out his entire repertoire almost. Awesome hit his tribute to Curt by Perfect-Plexing Deihl perfectly. After hitting a choke breaker on Cash that nearly snapped him in half, he took Deihl to the top and hit the Dark Lotus for the pin fall and the victory.

All in all, this show proved one thing; HTR #3 is going to be incredible. Everyone busted their asses to make the Apartment Show something special, so I can only imagine what we’ll see on the “real” first show back. With the departure of Steel and Erik O, its good to see “Da Fly One” and Chris Adamz back in action, and its great to see a newcomer with the talents of New Image here in NGW.

One of the biggest things to look forward to here in NGW is the expanding tag team title picture. With seemingly a new team joining the roster everyday, Hybrid Shock definitely has their work cut out for them. Virus was basically handed the title after Fly Guy had to leave, but he has stepped it up big time as a singles star, I’m very interested in seeing what he can do with Cole Cash as a tag team. These two men have always been friends, and have held the tag titles before, so the chemistry these two work on is almost unmatchable. 2003 is going to be NGW’s year in ever aspect of the business, and I for one couldn’t be happier to be apart of this great promotion.

That’s all the time I have for this week, but I’ll be back after HTR #3 with results, my thoughts, and the latest news and rumors, for now, don’t sell a damn thing.


After many weeks of people begging and pleading with me to write a new column, I've decided to express myself the only way I can. People were literally on their hands and knees saying, "Please John, we don't know what to do without your flawless insight into the world of NGW." Well, for all you poor, sad, pathetic losers who rely on columns written by superior individuals, here's your dose of the truth.

There has been a lot of speculation as of late about this NGW and EWF "feud". Something a few of you don't know is that I am the talent coordinator for both promotions, so if anyone knows what is going on, it's me. Let me put one rumor to rest right now. EWF starting up is in no way competition for NGW. In no way, shape or form was EWF re-opened to give NGW an opposition; it was actually opened to help NGW. NGW has a lot of talent, and as the WWE proved, when you have too much talent, people don't get their rightful amount of exposure. EWF does for NGW what shows like Velocity and Heat does for WWE. I suppose you could say EWF is like a developmental territory for New Generation Wrestling. For example, a talent like Brian Low may not be involved in any NGW storylines, so instead of just having him sit on the sidelines doing nothing, EWF books him in matches to show off his skills. It also allows talent that has yet to debut for NGW a chance to prove himself or herself to NGW promoter, Adam Johnson. There's already an EWF graduate who will be making his NGW debut sometime this spring. At this time I'm not allowed to give away names or any details really, but I promise, this guy is as good as they come and will make a huge impact upon his debut. EWF also allows NGW mainstays to improve their skills. Steel, who returned to NGW at the end of 2002, has always been good, but hasn't really found his spot in NGW yet. A lot of people were wondering if he still had it, to prove that he did, he came to EWF and had one of his best matches, putting over the talent I was talking about a minute ago. So, for anyone who says that EWF is out to destroy NGW is sadly mistaken, and couldn't be more wrong. A certain columnist who is no longer with us had no clue what he was talking about, but decided to comment on it anyways, and could of started a lot of senseless trouble. I'll publicly go on record and say that NGW and EWF are nothing more than partners in this professional wrestling business. There's nothing more to be said about this situation and I hope now it can be dropped.

Now, onto more important things, NGW is set to make its 2003 debut very soon. However, it seems like the gods above do not appreciate our promotion, as the snow has not stopped coming down. Originally scheduled for a mid-Feb show, it looks as if now we may have to wait until March. Either way, the show is already stacked with talent and matches that are screaming five stars.

Starting with Starfire defending his NGW Cruiser Title against Kryptonite, the show gets off to a fast pace. These guys are the two best juniors NGW has, and when they lock it up, I'm sure they'll prove that statement. Starfire defeated Kid Inferno for that belt, who defeated Kryptonite originally. This match can best be compared to NWA TNA's X-Division style of wrestling, as I see both men taking incredible risks to walk out as the champion. I'm predicting this match will be the sleeper match of the show, and will give every other match a run for its money as to which match is Match of the Night.

The match that everyone should be talking about, but have no reason to, is Kid Inferno taking on Steel. The only problem with this match is it really has no buildup or story to it. If anything, this match will be nothing but a solid wrestling match to showcase each mans talent. I hope after this match, they both get the pushes they deserve and the title shots they both have coming to them.

The third match of the night is one that I'm not very pleased with, but its been booked, so I hope they can make the best of it. It's booked as a 6 man match between Virus, Scotty Bliss, L.L. Lightning, Pimp Daddy Pedro, Brian Low, and Chris Adams. Here's my problem with the match. Brian Low has quit wrestling, Chris Adams will undoubtedly no-show, and Pimp Daddy Pedro is more of a comedy gimmick than anything. I don't mind the comedy gimmick, but I believe Wigger Hogan or O.J. Styles would be a better opponent for the pimp. If L.L. Lightning brings his "A" game, then Bliss, Virus, and Lightning should be able to make this a decent match. The advantage in this match goes for Virus who is on a quest to regain his place as one of the top workers in NGW.

The main event for the show is going to be a Match of the Year candidate before it even happens. Four of the top competitors in NGW will all be going for the most coveted title around, the NGW Universal Title. Ever since VVD defeated Thug for it, he's done everything in his power to keep it. Match after match he has put his life on the line just to walk out still holding up the title. He's defeated all comers and hasn't backed down a bit. If he can walk out of this match the champion, that will be two successful defenses in four way matches. Out of the three men going for the belt this time, only one stays the same. Thug will once again try to win back the title he carried throughout most of NGW. Thug and VVD have a very odd relationship however, as they are always seen together, but at the same time have a storied past that involves a lot of hatred. Thug has to have that Universal Title to feel like he is the top of NGW, and VVD took that away from him. So, is Thug just using VVD to gain his trust until he decides he'll take the title back? Time will tell, but if you ask my opinion, there's no way Thug will allow VVD to hog all the glory for too long. Should make the match more interesting however. Speaking of hatred between two men, the other competitors in this match absolutely despise each other. Cole Cash and Adam Awesome have been feuding with each other since the days of NMW when Awesome made his pro wrestling debut. In his first match ever he pinned Cole Cash to win the NMW Tag Team Titles with his partner Taker. Ever since then, they've been going at each other as viciously as possible. Cash left Awesome laying in a pool of his own blood in their last match, and I'm sure neither man has forgotten about that. They have both been screwed out of numerous world title wins in NGW, and will both be out to take home the gold. This match is full of combustible elements, and I'm sure that as soon things heat up, this match is going to blow up and be nothing but a classic.

So for all you marks out there who can't get enough of me "no selling", I hope you're satisfied. I'll be back after the show to give my thoughts on it, and some backstage news. Until then, thank you for being completely worthless and allowing me to fill your mind with what you lack….the truth.


John Callis: First of all, I'd like to thank you for joining me here so soon after your surgery. Let's start off with the most important question, how'd the surgery go and how are you feeling?

Hostile: I’m doing better, thanks for asking, John. The surgery went really well and I had the best surgeon in the Ohio Valley. It was about a two-hour surgery, which turned out to be the best thing for me. My back hasn’t been in a lot of pain like it has been in several months. I hardly told the fans or the "brass" of NGW about it, because I didn't want to be back on the shelf for several months again because I truly love this sport and being away from it it's hard enough.

John Callis: It's definitely obvious that you love this sport, so how long will you be away from it?

Hostile: I'm looking at about two to three months. That's the rough estimate. A lot of rumors are saying that I'll be back in February of 2003. That might be true, or I might be back sooner or later, it all depends on how I feel and how well my body heels. I'm on an excellent program where I'm going to train my body on how to deal with pain and how to gain more muscle mass and lose a little weight along the way. Right now I have stitches in my back. So I'm looking at about two weeks till I start therapy.

John Callis: Your last show you won the United States Title and made one hell of a run towards the Next Level Title. When Thug stripped the United States title off of you, what was going through your mind?

Hostile: First John I want to address the United States Title situation. I didn't deserve the title and you're probably wondering why I said that. Well the reason is, VVD, the "Ultimate Ego" had no right to be out there ringside, when I was in the Nation he never had anything to do with me until I had this title shot offered to me by Steel, and I must say Steel is one hell of a athlete. How can an athlete prove he’s worth something, when you have VVD jumping into the action causing the match to look like a two on one deal? I never needed anybody to help me out to prove how much talent I had, no matter what a certain new columnist say I suck dick to get my way, that’s far from the truth, I bust my ass day in and day out for NGW, and I deserve at least an opportunity thrown my way once in a while. Steel, what can I say, I'm sorry for what VVD did. Now onto Thug , ever since I came to NGW I said I never gave a damn about titles, because what they do is produce ego and that’s one quality I can say I don’t have, I tell it like it is because nine times out of ten I can back it up. When I won that title, it changed my way of thinking, but it still lingered in my mind on how I won it. So giving it back to Thug didn’t bother me much, because sooner or later I'll have another shot at it and this time it will be one on one. What can I say about Thug stripping me of the title? All I can say is I hope he finds a good burial plot, because when I come back, he's going to come up missing and I have a general feeling from the back he wont be missed much. Yea that Next level Title match was a good match, it took everything I had. Fly Guy and Adam Awesome are the future of wrestling, no matter how much bad blood we have for each other I respect them and I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future.

John Callis: Sounds to me like you don't agree with your fellow Nation of Hate members. What's going on there?

Hostile: All I can say is when I come back, I'm going to give a new definition of Ass whoopin!" Hostile 6:66 style. Why I don't agree with the Nation is, The Nation isn't in my future plans right now. The Nation in my opinion is no more. Virus has left and there is chaos in the Nation right now and I don’t want a part in it. Personally in my own view, if I left the Nation today it wouldn't bother me. I'm just in the right mind set that I'm ready to go on my own.

John Callis: Now that you will be, 'on your own', what is your first goal?

Hostile: Do you really want to know my first goal?.....(looks squarely in your eyes)

John Callis: I asked didn't I?

Hostile: Well, my first goal is to take care of a problem that’s been a thorn in everyone’s side. You’re wondering who I mean, Thug . Ever since I came to NGW, this punk has been hiding from me. Finally he grows a set and gets in my face and takes the United States title from me, which really pissed me off, then he ran me down in front of the whole world. The way I look at it, that’s strike three. All I can say is when I come back, he’s going to be hurting severely. On the business side of my opinion, he’s bad for business, he’s ruining countless workers careers, especially mine, and I wont have it done anymore. All I’m going to say is he’s going to pay the dead man hard, real hard.

John Callis: Thug is in complete control though, how do you plan on getting to him without being fired?

Hostile: There are ways John, the power of the dark side is running through my veins, where there’s a shadow I’ll be there. All I can say is Thug will have to grow a set of eyes in the back of his head, because I can show up anywhere at anytime. Thug also has many enemies in the locker room and I can guarantee you sooner or later we all will stand together to finally put Thug out of business, I’m personally working on a plan that will shake the Foundation of NGW like it never has done before, its going to be an interesting time John when I come back, I can promise you that.

John Callis: Ok, now its time for a little word association.

Hostile: I’m ready when you are John.

John Callis: Virus.

Hostile: What can I say about Virus? He’s held more titles then almost anyone in NGW. Do I respect him? Yes, I do, I’m not just saying that because he was a member of the Nation, I’m saying it because it takes a lot to earn my respect and he’s one of them that has done that, and I’m looking forward to having future matches with him.

John Callis: Adam Awesome.

Hostile: Well we have had our wars, I respect him, and he was one of the deciding factors to bring me in the company. I can also say he’s given me most of my head injuries, matter of fact he told me he still has the cane from our infamous Singapore cane match which really put a smile on my face because no matter what is said and done, I still consider him a friend and hopefully we can put this feud behind us. But, he’s definitely one of the top stars of NGW in my eyes.

John Callis: Fly Guy.

Hostile: All I can say is I’m real impressed with him, we’ve wrestled each other twice and every time we do the feud builds because there’s such a fire there between us every time we lock it up its hard to contain the match, because we always want to put one over on each other and defiantly ignites the passion in me even more. He’s a great guy, I’m looking forward to a return match with him in the future.

John Callis: VVD.

Hostile: Personally I don’t care for him, he’s another one with an ego problem and sooner or later he’s going to get in my face and I’m going to knock him back down to reality, the way I look at it hens one of Thugs Ass kissers, and that’s one quality I don’t respect and he might be number two on my hit list, you’ll have to watch and see.

John Callis: Two to go here, Kid Inferno.

Hostile: He’s a great talent, I haven’t had a chance to wrestle against him yet but he’s a great worker and friend and its good to see another NWA competitor working with talent of NGW, he’s definitely one person I want to face when I get back. I feel it would be a good match.

John Callis: Ok, last name, Cole Cash.

Hostile: I knew that would be coming up, He’s definitely a good worker, me and him also have had our battles. One of our infamous battles was my "Hardcore Heaven" match, which at the end sent me to the hospital for a month with a torn bicep. I truly respect him; behind the scenes he’s a leader. He expects you to bust your ass out there when you’re in the ring, and believe me he’s let me know on several times how he truly felt about how I was performing (laughs). But I respect him truly, don’t get me wrong, there’s bad blood still there, but I hope someday we can put this feud behind us, because he’s defiantly got my respect and I hope he’s one of my first matches back, I enjoy working with him.

John Callis: Any closing words?

Hostile: Matter of fact I do John.

John Callis: The floor is yours.

Hostile: Fans of NGW, You better get ready for a Hostile Take Over when I return! .... If I can Barrow a Phrase form the Living Legend Hulk Hogan......"Whatcha Gonna do Thug.....When Hostile 6:66 , Comes running wild all over you!!".........Be warned Thug.......I’m coming.......

John Callis: There you have it fans, Hostile is coming back, and Thug's public enemy number one in his book. Hostile, thank you, and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Hostile: Thanks again John, if I can ask you a question, are you a Hostile supporter?

John Callis: If I say no, you'll tear me limb from limb, so in response, *Stands up and puts on the brand new Hostile t-shirt*, Yes, I am!

Hostile: Good, I’ll be looking forward for you calling my first match back, Have a good Holiday John and Remember, "Rest In Peace!"


One year of New Generation Wrestling action is in the books. It has been a year full of ups and downs, great moments, and things that have happened that showed everyone just why NGW is the next big promotion in the independent scene. NGW has done what no other promotion, including WWE has been able to do. Put on a years worth of unforgettable shows. Every show has had a meaning behind it and a purpose. In just its first year, thirty shows took place, giving way to 'Breaking Kayfabe '03'. NGW's sophomore year was more or less a feeling out process, testing everyone's endurance and loyalty and for the most part, I believe we've figured it all out. The year started and ended in the same way ironically enough. A tournament final between Thug and Cole Cash. We'll begin this review with that first tournament.

NGW's first show was a tournament for the NGW World Title. Under the guise of New Years Revolution, a name stolen that same month by XPW, we saw a great kickoff to a great promotion. Adam Awesome, Jonny Paradise, Fly Guy, Cage, Cole Cash, Blood, and Thug were to be apart of this tournament. "Superstar" Chris Adams was supposed to be the eighth man in the tournament, but due to personal problems, he could not take part in NGW's first show. The finals saw an injured Cole Cash walk out and take on Thug, who only had one match. Cash was hit with a vandaminator, followed by a shooting star press, ending his hopes of becoming the first ever NGW World Champion. This was really Thug's first chance though, and it laid the foundation for the top superstar in NGW.

Thug's reign as "main eventer" would carry on throughout the entire year. Nearly every show featured the "Feature Presentation", and rightfully so. With the exception of the Jonny Paradise World Title reign, nearly every World Title match had Thug involved one way or the other. Thug's biggest accomplishment to date however, may have been the firing of his competition. The first major story of NGW was one that could have been its biggest. Thug, Chris Adams, Virus & others felt like the roster was a little overcrowded with ego's that were as large as their's, so they did the easiest thing they could. Fired those egos. Cole Cash, Adam Awesome, Sir Owen, Blood, & Fly Guy were the biggest names that got the pink slip. One of the main reasons for this happening however, was a behavior problem that Fly Guy was having. While on camera he came off disrespectful to others and some of the workers had all they could take and got rid of him. Cash, Fly Guy's long time friend, was reasonably upset over this, and despite saying he understood, the higher-ups felt it best to rid NGW of him as well.

NGW continued running shows from March until June 15th of 2002. A week later Fly Guy and Adam Awesome were called and asked to return to the June 29th edition of XTreme Tv. Both men obliged and worked each other in their comebacks. A match that took place after the show however, between Thug and Fly Guy proved once and for all that the hatchet was buried with a handshake after a twenty-two minute time limit draw. Cole Cash would return a week later to take on Adam Awesome. Blood was the only one to never return. In the locker room he always came off as being an egomaniac, and didn't cooperate with anyone but the ICW guys in the ring.

During the time that these men were fired, a new superstar had stepped up and taken over as the biggest ego in the business. 'Violent' Vance Desmond, who some of you may remember from Cheap Heat, made his return at the Adrenaline Overdose PPV. Not only did he return, but he came back to show everyone what he had been doing in the off time. VVD and T.J. Andrews had both left the promotion before NGW started, and noone really knew what had happened to them. It was very apparent though, that VVD had been training nonstop.

VVD's really one of those guys that only come once in a lifetime. He's got the look, the charisma, and the talent to be the best. The only man who is still just a little bit better than VVD, is Blade. At Summer Meltdown, these two tremendous talents met in what has to be considered one of the top five matches of 2002. The hardcore title was on the line, but that really took a backseat to the underlying story of this match. For weeks and weeks, VVD proclaimed himself as being the biggest ego in wrestling today. As everyone knows, Blade has about the BIGGEST ego EVER! Sadly enough, this was to be one of Blade's last matches, as he now is undergoing the long process of physical therapy to get his neck back to 100%. VVD however, would come out of this match with a new respect from the entire lockerroom. In a short time afterwards, he won the NGW Universal Title, and has refused to let go of it since.

The month of November proved to be the turning point of NGW. With every single competitor turning it up a notch, the name XTreme Tv was dropped, and a more fitting name was gave birth. "Honor, Tradition, and Respect". Before that transition took place however, one of NGW's Top Shows of 2002 took place. Xtreme TV's finale featured a NGW Next Level Title match between Fly Guy, Kid Inferno, and Cole Cash that would prove to be a MOTY candidate, and immediately following that was another MOTY nominee as Thug, Virus, VVD, and Vanquished battled in a four way ladder match for the Universal Title. After an amazing match, VVD walked out keeping his title, and solidifying his spot as the MVP of NGW.

With the debut of "Honor, Tradition, and Respect" came one of the best shows I have ever witnessed. VVD and Cole Cash began their fued, Thug and Fly Guy put on a wrestling clinic, and the Born Again Thrillaz defeated Kid Inferno and Blade in what has to be, in my opinion, the Tag Team Match of the Year. It also set the stage for the beginning of the biggest chapter in the Thug/Cash fued ever as Cole's sister Candie was introduced. The second show carried this fued on as Thug kidnapped Candie and beat her, and it was revealed that Thug and Candie used to date, but Thug cost Candie their baby and beat her. This also was the third match between Cole Cash and VVD, which ranks in the Top 10 Matches of 2002.

One story of 2002, that isn't talked about much, or has ever really been reviewed, is the story of the 'East Coast Connection'. The group was made up of Thug, Chris Adams, Fly Guy, & Blade. Four top wrestlers in NGW and four very good friends. The group formed to take on Barely Legal, but before it ever could really get started, Chris Adams left NGW. With Adams gone, the other three members tried to carry on, but Fly Guy left due to personal reasons, and Blade suffered a broken neck at the hands of Cole Cash during a show for the SWF in SandyVille, WV. Thug was left all alone, but continued to wage war on Barely Legal by becoming commissioner and keeping things under control.

Barely Legal was a group that took many turns as well. Adam Awesome and Hostile laid the foundation for the stable, and quickly brought in Cole Cash, under the mask of Twisted Youth. Hostile would soon be kicked out and Steel was brought in. When Cole Cash’s long time adversary in NWA Tri State, Kid Inferno, joined the ranks of Barely Legal, all hell broke loose, and Cash left the group. Steel’s taken so many hiatus’s from the promotion, that we really have no idea where his loyalty lies in all this.

To close out this review we’ll go back to where it all began. A tournament. And in the finals of this tournament were Cole Cash and Thug. No titles were on the line in this one however; only respect, bragging rights, and the ability to say you are the Best of the Best. Thug once again came out on top, this time taking more from Cash then ever imagined, his own sister. Candie turned on Cole, leading to Thug’s victory. Cash went through hell to win the tournament, defeating four men and competing in five matches, three of which being back to back to back. What will 2003 spell for the superstars of NGW? Will Cole Cash finally achieve his dream of becoming the NGW Universal Champion? Will Thug and Candie’s sordid and disgusting relationship continue? Will new stars make their presence known? More importantly, when all is said and done, will 2003 be the year that NGW proves to all the critics that we are exactly what we say we are, and that is, the best that wrestling has to offer?

I’d like to cap this review off with a few ‘Year End Awards’ These are in no way affiliated with the “Breaking Kayfabe” production, but my own opinions.

Most shocking moment of 2002.
Jonny Paradise becomes the NGW World Champion
Top 5 Matches of 2002: 1. Thug -vs- VVD -vs- Virus -vs- Vanquished, 2. VVD -vs- Cole Cash, 3. VVD -vs- Blade, 4. Kid Inferno -vs- Fly Guy -vs- Virus, 5. Cole Cash -vs- Thug.

Seeing as how I am apparently just another 'run-down the show' kind of guy, I guess I should tell you what happened in the first round of Best of the Best 2002. According to someone, I don't do anything that someone else isn’t doing, well, if that certain someone thinks he can take the gimmick that I was originally using and he wants to tell the 'truth', then fine, he can go right ahead. But, there's one thing that Mr. Davies must know, exposing the truth will only lead to yourself being exposed for what you truly are......a nobody with a chip on their shoulder.

You know what, maybe I won't do the rundown of the first round. Here's who will compete in the second round, so you can figure out what happened for yourselves, or wait for results. Virus will take on Rage, Cole Cash will go against 'UnRated' Brian Low, Thug will compete against Fly Guy, and VVD will go one on one with Kid Inferno. Now, what I will do in this column is take a look at each of those matches.

Virus, who went through Adam Awesome will be taking on the returning Rage. These two men used to be Nation of Hate stable mates, but after Rage was suspended, the two had a bitter falling out. That should play into Virus' favor, because despite his opponents name, he will be the one full of rage and intensity going into this match. Virus knows what it takes to be on top, and I don't see anything stopping him from proceeding to the third round.

Up next we have Cole Cash taking on newcomer 'Unrated' Brian Low. Low has taken NGW by storm really, by proving how good he is. Low's biggest advantage going into this match......he defeated Kid Inferno in the first round. Now I know what you're saying. "John, if he beat Kid Inferno, why is Kid Inferno facing VVD in the second round?" Well, as of late, Thug has taken a liking to Kid Inferno and gives him favors, and he gave him one that backfired in the tournament. When Low's opponent, Domestic Disturbance, didn't show up, Inferno came out. He had two chances in the tournament now, but it backfired when Low beat him clean, in the center of the ring. Low out-wrestled Inferno, bottom line. Can he do the same to Cash? Cash has became a strong-style wrestler as of late, meaning he's very very stiff. His kicks could hang with Low Ki, and he seems to be learning more wrestling holds by the day. He had to adapt to the highflying style of Starfire, and he survived that, so let's see how he fares against an amateur. If you all remember, the last amatuer who got in the ring with Cash...never came back. We'll have to wait and see, but don't be surprised if upset is written all over this match.

The third match is the one that I can't wait to see. Thug may finally get his big mouth shut as he takes on Fly Guy. Fly Guy has been on a streak like noone else as of late. He's defeated everyone who has gotten in his way and has picked up the Next Level and Tag Titles along the way. These two used to be best of friends in the East Coast Connection, and even tag team champs together, but then, Thug became a dick, and well, the rest is history. Fly Guy wants revenge, its no secret, and more importantly, I'm sure this situation with Candie has had some effect on Fly Guy as well. Thug has dug himself a grave, and I see Fly Guy rolling him in it, and finishing the job.

The fourth match involves two egotistical pricks, and as much as I hate to say it. I'm predicting match of the night right here. VVD and Kid Inferno are two of the finest athletes in the world today, no matter how much I hate their attitudes. If Inferno does win, I hope it shows the upper management that he's ready for a Universal Title shot, but if he loses, I predict VVD going all the way in the tournament. The man who holds the Universal Title is supposed to be the best NGW can offer, so my money is on the man with the big gold belt, V....V....D!

The Best of the Best has proven so far just why NGW is the best wrestling promotion in the business. We've already seen some great matches, and the second round is looking to be better than the first. With all the talent that is competing in the tournament though, it really gives you a sense of pride. I'll go on record right now, this very minute, and say that within the next two years, NGW will be a major player in the independent scene. We have the talent, the intelligence to book credible storylines that will keep people coming back, and we have heart. The entire staff & roster of NGW want to succeed so bad they can taste it. I defy anyone to say NGW isn't ready right now to compete at the same level as a few of the top independent feds in America and Canada.

Onto more ranting! Ok, first of all, who in the hell is Starfighter and when did he beat Kid Inferno to become Cruiserweight Champion? Bloodpack.......nevermind.........the words that I want to use to describe your ignorance are too big for you to understand.

................And in other news, Hostile is getting surgery on Thursday to remove a bone spur from his spine. I will have an exclusive interview with him immediately after his surgery. Hopefully we'll find out how the surgery went, how he's feeling, and if he knows when it is time for him to come back. Even though he hasn't made much of an impact yet, I feel with some training and a little work, he could make a HUGE impact here in NGW.

The rumor mill is churning this week with whispers of a retirement by Scotty Bliss. Bliss, the veteran from Canada injured his back in his match against Kid Inferno at Best of the Best, and doesn't think he'll be able to compete much longer. The news came as a huge shock to me, as it seemed Bliss was starting to make a name for himself all over again. He said that the Six Man United States Title Match may be his last, unless he wins the title, then he'll defend it until he's no longer able to. Best of luck to the Canadian Crippler.

As we all know, there's a huge Main Event planned for December's mega-card, but up until now, no one knew any details on it. Well, yesterday I got inside information, and I will say right now, that if this match happens, be prepared for total chaos, and most likely, the match of the year. I'm not able to give any details right now, due to legal reasons, but hopefully details will be given soon, because this one is going to be crazy.

I'm going to end this column by letting people in on a few changes that are being made in NGW, a few things that are being added, and a couple things that need to be done. NGW has adopted a trait of ECW as their own now, by doing ring introductions after both men are in the ring and ready to go. To take the place of these introductions, before the participants come out for their match, the announcer will give the proverbial, 'Tale of the Tape', on both men. Describing their advantages and disadvantages, how the opponents measure up against one another, and each man's style. Another way NGW is mirroring ECW is we are going to give some of the athletes some promo time at the beginning of the show. Ran in quick two minute promos, four or five superstars will get to voice their thoughts on the upcoming show. This will give a great view into the minds of the stars right before show time. As for what needs to be done. The main thing on my list is an entrance way. Just about anything will add more effect to the overall show, and will give it more of a professional look. Well, I hope this edition of "No Selling" has been insightful, and not just a run-down show. Stop in next week to find out what else happened at BOTB, and take a look at what the third edition of "Honor, Tradition, and Respect" holds in store for us. Thank you all, and see you in one week.


Well, after a little delay, I have returned and with a whole bag of news. Things in NGW are becoming very intense as of late, as every last superstar wants to make their presence known, and will do anything possible to get it done. Bodies are being layed out on the line in every single match, and injuries are piling up, but noone is quitting. One man, though, has became an enigma here in NGW. During matches he'll do whatever it takes to win, but in the next instance, he's cowering and trying to manipulate others to make things easier on himself. The man I'm talking about used to be a respectable athlete, someone who never backed down and would stand up for NGW the second someone trashed it, but now, that man is a psychotic and paranoid asshole. The things we learned about Thug on Sunday makes me want to puke. Cash let us all know who the girl was, his sister, Candie. He let us know that she's here because she wants to be a wrestler against his wishes. He then let us know that a few years ago, when he was training with Thug, Candie started dating Thug. He knocked her up, realized he didnt want to be a father, and beat her until she lost the baby. Then we saw a tape showing Thug trying to feel Candie up last week, and her slapping him, only to be slapped back in return, thus causing the scream that cost Cole Cash the Universal Title against VVD. Before Thug knew Cash had the tape, he tried sucking up to him, saying he had changed and that he'd help Cash out and give him another title shot tonight. Thug also paid Virus off so he could take Candie to the back with him. In the back we witnessed some of the most heinous activity ever. He was threatening to cane her, hit her with a trash can lid, and the sonofabitch straight up punched her in the head, all while she was handcuffed. I have no idea what happened to Thug, but as far as I am concerned he has became nothing more than a scared, fragile little boy.

Cash literally had the Universal Title won later on in the night after Candie escaped and smacked VVD, causing Cash to hit the Clinic and get the pin. Thug then said that there was a 'no interference' clause on this match and that it must continue. He then laid Cash out with the belt, letting VVD hit the Lexicon and retain the Universal Title. Virus made the save for Cash, possibly setting up a tag match in the near future.

Before we get to the third installment though, we have a pit stop to make with Best of the Best 2002. Sixteen of the top NGW workers will square off in a two day tournament. This tournament gives guys like Scotty Bliss, Starfire, 'UnRated' Brian Lo, and Kryptonite a shot at proving they are better than some of the main eventers in NGW. It also gives us a chance to see some matches we wouldn't normally see, such as, Cole Cash against Starfire, and VVD taking on fellow NOH member, Kryptonite. No title shots on the line here, just bragging rights. Who will be the Best of the Best? I'm making a prediction right now, and saying the man that currently holds the big gold belt, will walk out the best.

Hostile, who recently won the United States title and was stripped of it moments later, will be out of action for 2-3 months most likely while he has surgery on his back. Best wishes to him, and let's hope he has a speedy recovery.

Well that’s all for this week, I’ll be back with an update on Best of the Best as soon as possible.


If I may borrow a quote from my broadcast partner, Sir Owen, it would make for a fitting summary of the first ever Honor, Tradition, and Respect from the NGW Arena, and that quote is...."EXCUSE ME!!!!!" The wrestling world was treated to a phenomenal outing this Sunday as the superstars of NGW brought everything they had and left it out in the ring. Not one man on the roster slacked, and not one man held anything back. The 'boys' gave it their all, and by God, their all was everything they had in their bodies. The dedication these men have to NGW is just awe-inspiring, but more importantly, its leaves you breathless, confused, and wanting more. No match has left me feeling that way more than the Tag Team Title match from today. For the first time in my life, I was speechless watching this match.

It was announced that Blade had returned for a one night only contract and was set to team with Kid Inferno against Fly Guy and Cole Cash for the titles. All four men know each other so well in and out of the ring, that I knew we were in for a treat, but my god, what a matchup this one turned out to be. All four men started out the match with lock-ups, and Fly Guy and Cash took both opponents down with an armdrag. Blade and Inferno were quick to follow suit with armdrags of their own, followed by double Japanese armdrags by Fly Guy and Cash, which was followed up by double Japanese armdrags by Blade and Inferno. Cash and Fly Guy hit dropkicks on both men, then Inferno hit a double dropkick on both men sending them both to the floor. As the regrouped, Inferno came flying out of the ring with a suicide dive taking both men, when Cash and Fly Guy got to their feet, Blade was there to meet them with a corkscrew plancha. Fly Guy and Blade went back and forth in the ring as Cash and Inferno took to their respective corners. After some fast-paced action from all four men, Blade took Fly Guy to the outside and layed him on a giant construction box, then climbed the fence and took off with a 'Ultra-Blade Bomb' knocking the wind out of him and Fly Guy both. Kid Inferno went to follow it up, but Cash caught him and rocket launched him off the top, landing him chest first against the box. Cash set up a ladder against the ring, and went to hit the 'Burn Ward'(Kid Inferno's own finisher) on him. It was blocked though, and Inferno sent Cash THROUGH the ladder with the 'Burn Ward'. The ladder snapped and metal twisted around Cash's body. Blade had stacked up some chairs, then laid on the ladder on top and laid Fly Guy on it, and came off the top of the deck with an AMAZING 'Ultra-Blade Bomb', the distance and height he got on it, was just extraordinary! Back in the ring, the Born Again Thrillaz(Fly Guy and Cash) hit the 'T-Gimmick', and when Cash had Inferno in the 'Cattle Mutilation', Fly Guy hooked him up in a boston crab. Had to be seen to be believed. Blade hit the 'Deadline' on Fly Guy as Cash hit a moonsault on Kid Inferno while the ladder was on top of him. The debut of the SMACKICK took place in this match as Cash smacked Blade across the face and as he turned around Fly Guy caught him with the Yakuza Kick. See..the Smack Kick! the SMACKICK! Inferno laid the ladder on Fly Guy and hit a moonsault of his own, and hit Cash with a fameasser driving him nose first into the ladder. Earlier in the match, Blade had Cash on the outside with one knee on the ground and a chair set up in front of him. He stepped off Cash's knee and delivered a roundhouse kick right to the back of Cash's head driving him face first into the chair, which in turned completely destroyed the chair. Cash's face literally went through the chair, an awesome site. The finish came after Cole Cash hit the 'Personal Jesus' on Kid Inferno from the top rope. A couple moves I forgot to mention, Kid Inferno hit a tandem 'Sliced Bread # 2' on Fly Guy and Cash, and a tandem Swanton bomb as he and Blade both took flight.

The match took me back to the days of good Tag Team Wrestling. NGW has been lacking a strong tag team division as of late, but when the emmergence of the Born Again Thrillaz, things could be going in the right direction. They bring a strong unity and friendship to the table, and a lot of experience. They were trained by former ICW Tag Team Champions, the Serial Thrillaz, hence the name, "Born Again Thrillaz". They both have a ton of respect for this business and it's tradition. I cannot wait to see what kind of matches these men bring in their careers here in NGW, but I can gauruntee you that if they're anything like this weeks match, we're in for one hell of a long winter.

The question on a lot of peoples minds right now is, 'Who's the girl?'

She arrived to the arena with Cole Cash and Fly Guy, and Thug seemed pretty interested in her. He asked Cash who she was, but Cash was quick to reply that he knew exactly who she was. This story with Cash and Thug just keeps getting stranger and stranger the deeper we get into it. We know they have a history against each other, but what is it? Is this girl involved? Hopefully Sunday we'll get some more answers, as I've already been informed that Cash has demanded air time at the opening of the show. Cash may finally be able to shed some light on the situation with this story, but you'll have to wait till then to find out anything as everyone is keeping this story extremely secret.

In some news : Hostile was refused medical attention to return this week after further review from the doctors this week. It was revealed that he had suffered a concussion, and the doctors did not think a cane match would be too dangerous at this early stage. I recieved word right after the show though, that he will be re-examined Tuesday, and all signs point to a doctors' release.

The man who answered Kid Inferno's challenge was none other than 'Boy Toy' Danny Love. He was a former champion in Kid Inferno's old stomping grounds, but recently came out of the closet and hasn't been on a wrestling show since. He's actually a very established wrestler, but from the thongs to the kiss, you'd never know. Inferno had no idea Love was there, and definately didn't know he had began living an alternative lifestyle. All in all though, it made for one very entertaining and embarrassing moment for Kid Inferno.

Reports are indicating that Starfire will recieve a rematch against Kid Inferno for the Cruiserweight Title at next weeks 'Honor, Tradition, Respect'. He was definately screwed this week as he had to go through three other men and had absolutely no time to prepare for the larger and stronger Kid Inferno. I, for one, hope he gets his rightful title shot that he is so deserving of.

Adam Awesome has been on somewhat of a winning streak as of late now that he's been put back into his element, which is a straight up hardcore style. He's one straight back to back cane matches, both of which were against large men in Hostile and Domestic Disturbance. He seems to be trying to prove himself worthy of a Next Level Title shot, and I wouldnt be surprised to see him get one in the very near future. His three match winning streak also includes a win over the now 'Next Level' Champion Fly Guy, so in a lot of people's eyes, he definately deserves the title shot.

In one of the most bizarre turn of events, Scotty Bliss was awarded an oppurtinity at the Cruiserweight Title, based on the theory that in Canada, 260 pounds equals out to 183.5 kilo's......props to me though, as he mentioned me and my column on camera....HIGH SPOT! He was granted the chance, and although he didn't capitalize, the Calgary.....dramatic pause....Alberta, Canada native put on quite the showing. It's going to be if anything fun to see how this turns out.

There are still a few changes that need to take place in NGW to make it an overall better show, one being the entranceway. I feel like some kind of banner is needed, or curtain. Just something that adds to the entrance. I also believe that all the matches need time limits. This way, the more important matches will be given more time to happen, whereas the smaller matches will have enough time to serve there purpose. And lastly, something has to be done about all the outside interference that has been taking place as of late. Some kind of rule, or maybe a penalty for those who interfere. This era of Honor, Tradition, and Respect doesn't need to be soiled by outside interference in every match.

That's all I have for this week, but I'll definately be back next week or later this week with another update. But for now, remember, don't sell a damn thing!


How good is NGW? Damn good. This Sunday, we sent Xtreme TV off with a bang! Before I get to the show though, I have a few words about my fellow columnists' latest entries. Starting off with the Johnson Report. He is now issuing report cards after each of the shows. It's a brilliant idea, which I'm sure is going to stir up a ton of controversy soon within NGW. My only suggestion to Mr. Johnson is, he should also give the overall show a grade. Including announcing, promo's, and production. Other than that, this report card is a nice little incentive program to make some of the workers see what they need to work on, or get praised for what they are doing right. I give the Johnson Report an A + this week! As for my other fellow columnist, I refuse to even reply to his second grade slander about yours truly. I'll allow him to go on living his life out as a fantasy. His column provides us with a more comedic view of NGW, or a 'Mark' view, so let's all sit back and laugh, shall we?

Everyone else is giving their review of the show, so I shall follow suit and give my input. Starfire and UnRated put on a very good power against speed match and I think if both men maybe took a couple things from each other, it'd improve them both. UnRated needs to work on his high flying abilities and Starfire needs to bulk up a little. Smaller isnt always better in this business, I'd say a good thirty pounds added to Starfire with muscle being built onto it, would make him a very dangerous factor in NGW. Overall, a good match that set the stage for the show.

Steel and Serial Killer went one on one for the United States Title, and in a pretty quick match that didn't do much for the show, Steel won the United States title. Hopefully he'll get some decent opponents soon, maybe a return match against Kryptonite, or maybe the number one contender will take a shot at the title.

The next match was your basic hardcore brawl as Adam Awesome took on the returning Hostile. This match was decent, but I do believe that the fans were only so into it because of the 'shit'(literally) that these two guys were rolling around in. Granted, the chokeslam backbreaker Awesome pulled off was one of the best, but there were by far too many missed cane shots leading up the one that left Hostile laying unconscious. It was a pretty good stiff contest though, so I'd say at least a *** match.

The next match was set to be Adam Awesome and Kid Inferno defending the tag titles against Fly Guy and Thug. Thug, for some reason, decided he didn't want to be out there any longer and left mid-match. Cole Cash then ran in, and ended up taking Thug's place as Fly Guy's partner. The team looked great together and they defeated the champs to take the belts. I'm looking foward to their first title defense, especially after the Next Level match which I'll get to in a few minutes. It was an alright match, but I expect more out of the two now that they have had some time to go over tag strategy.

The next match was kind of a weird one as Kryptonite wrestled Cage in Cage's "Last Chance" match. If Cage lost, he was gone from NGW from good, if he won, he got a Cruiserweight Title shot. Kind of unfair that he gets chance to go for the Cruiserweight Title when guys like Starfire have been busting their ass week after week for a shot at the title one on one, but I'm not the booker, and at least this is a little a different. Cage won his return match, and put on a nice little show. I'm really looking forward to Cage and Kid Inferno's encounter this Sunday, should be a great high flying match.

The Semi-Main Event was the return triple threat match from last week to determine a Next Level Champion. Kid Inferno, Fly Guy, and Cole Cash squared off one more time, this time with no rules, no time limits, and the only real limit these guys had was the proverbial 'sky'. This match topped their match from Hallowicked which was no easy task, and in some peoples' minds, the match of the night, the only other match to come close to it was the main event. All three guys went back and forth nonstop, never giving up an inch. In the end, it was Fly Guy hitting the 'Fear Factor' on Cash, who by the way, helped him win the tag titles. It's going to be interesting to see how these two get along now, for three reasons. 1) Cash may have helped Fly Guy win the tag titles just to get some gold and some revenge on Barely Legal. 2) Cash and Fly Guy have a long history of nearly killing each other. 3) Fly Guy pinned Cash in the 3-Way Next Level Match. If they really have put their differences behind them, then I don't think anyone in the business can beat these guys clean. They have a lot of experience in this business, put them together and you have a combined 24 World Title Reigns, and 24 Tag Title Reigns.

The Main Event was fantastic, but no thanks to Vanquished, who in my mind was worthless for this match. Nothing personal to the guy, but everytime someone was on offense, he was staying out of the way, but if he saw an opening, he'd definately take it. I'm glad to see he's curtain jerking on the next show, because I have no patience for workers who won't put everything they have into every match. You're there to get yourself over, not stay away from bumping. VVD took a few bumps on the ladder, as did Virus, and Thug took some nice bumps and also hit some new moves, but Vanquished, if my memory serves me right, didn't take a single bump worth mentioning. He needs to toughen up, or not wrestle again until he an hang with the rest of the workers. That's just my opinion. He was the reason this match did not get match of the night in my opinion. The Next Level three way took that honor, only because there wasn't a weak link in that chain. Thug, Virus, and VVD busted their asses though, so I will say this.....if you take Vanquished out, and watch this match as a three way dance, it is the Match of the Night. VVD retained his title in this match, and I'm sure will be defending it again this Sunday.

The first Honor, Tradition, and Respect show is shaping up to be an excellent one as long as everything stays Honorable, Traditional, and Respectable....but does anyone really think that's gonna happen with this bunch? BloodPack reported that Hostile was 'In talks' with NGW Higher-Ups about a rematch, when in all actuality the match was signed Sunday night after the show. It should be an excellent hardcore match though, as I'm sure Hostile is looking for a measure of revenge after being knocked unconscious.

Kid Inferno will defend his Cruiserweight Title against Cage, and Steel will defend his United States Title against Virus. I'm sure the Tag Titles will be defended, and the Universal and Next Level Titles.

Now onto some ranting!

Here are the Universal Title Rankings

Universal Champion : Violent Vance Desmond



3.Fly Guy

4.Cole Cash

5. Chris Adams

Now, here's my problem. Chris Adams? You mean the guy who never shows anymore? Sure, he's an excellent worker, but when he's not around, he really can't show off his skills. Guys like Kid Inferno, Steel, Adam Awesome, or even Starfire. Oh wait, they are there every week, we wouldn't want to put them over now would we? How about Blade......there you go guys, he's hardly ever there, maybe he should be number one contender! Seriously, lets stop getting friends over around here and focus on the guys that bust their ass week after week.

My interview with Kid Inferno won't be up this week, and I'm not sure when it will be. Hopefully next week's column. I'm done ranting for now though, but there may be an added portion to this column later in the week. Remember though, and check it out people. THONGS GALORE!


I don't know how they did it, but they did. NGW put on a show just as good, if not better, than "Freak Show". The second ever mega-card is in the books, and some of the best wrestling action ever went down. A lot of people are complaining about how many promo's there were, but as far as I'm concerned, if you have no stories behind what's going on, then you are basically NWA:TNA.

Before I get too far into this article, I'd like to say a few words to my fellow columnist, 'BloodPack'. Pal, if you think anyone is buying your horrible gimmick, then you got another thing coming. A vampire? "Get the 'f' out" to quote the WWE. For you to even think that people are going to believe that you are an immortal vampire just proves how ignorant you are. You certainly do suck though, and from what I hear, not only do you suck, but you swallow as well. You put Hostile over in your articles more than Thug puts himself over in NGW. And pal, just as a warning, don't even get into a war of words with me, you'll be going through dictionaries for weeks trying to compete.

Now, back to important matters. Instead of giving detailed results from the show, I'll just list some rhetorical questions I have.

-Has anyone else noticed that DQ and Time Limit rules are being enforced more these days?

-If this UnRated guy has wrestled men like Bam Bam Bigelow and Taz, and he's number 501 in the PWI, why is he un-rated? Wait. I just figured that one out.

-Where was that portly announcer of ours?

-More importantly, where was the rising star Scotty Bliss?

-Where in the hell does Cole Cash keep getting handcuffs from!?

-Is Cash a magnet for those damn chairshots now or something?

-If BloodPack really has been around for as long as he says, don't you think the poor bastard could have gotten laid by now!?

Honor, Tradition, and Respect will be the running theme from now on in NGW. Tired of the "Xtreme TV" name, NGW decided to re-create their image, and now, every Sunday, "NGW H.T.R." comes at you live. I don't think we'll have a 'Code of Honor' like ROH has, but I'm not sure about that yet. At the board meeting, the name was settled on, and a few other changes were made. This Sunday is the final episode of Xtreme TV, and I, for one, am excited to see how the superstars will send it away. Tune in on Sunday to see just how much Honor and Respect these men have for the Xtreme TV Tradition. Join me next week when I'll have an exclusive interview with Kid Inferno. Till next week, don't sell a damn thing!



That may be the only word that can describe the remarkable show that took place Sunday. Freak Show may have been the turning point for NGW, due to every single worker busting there ass out there. We were in direct competition with WWE No Mercy, and other than the Benoit/Angle -vs- Mysterio/Edge, and Hell In a Cell matches, the WWE had nothing on NGW. This was the first ever NGW Mega Card and we delivered, and we did it in the only way possible, with pure wrestling ability. There were no old men in showers, no coffins being filled with genetic naked freaks, and no 80 year old men trying to hang with one of the top workers in the world. We gave you 110% and left you asking for more. This is New Generation Wrestling, and I'll be damned if there is another company in the world that can offer what we can. With all that said, let's take a look at the show, match by match.

The show opened with Thug giving us a rundown of the show only be to interrupted by Virus asking for a title shot. Thug denied him the shot, but only because he had given it to someone else...."Violent" Vance Desmond! Virus was obviously pissed, at not only Thug, but mainly his own stable mate VVD. Virus wouldn't be bored tonight however, because he was allowed ring time right then and there, but Fly Guy would also be there, and he'd have to fight his way out.

The opening match got the ball rolling, and it never stopped. Fly Guy and Virus went at each other hard, kicking out of each others finishers and obviously trying to show that they should be number one contender to the Universal Title. The ref got taken out just when it looked like Virus had the match won. Starfire came out of nowhere and attacked Virus, causing a second referee to run out and DQ Fly Guy. Starfire came back out to shake hands with Fly Guy for some reason, and instead was attacked by both Fly Guy and Virus. No telling where this will all lead, but I do know that both men want a shot at Starfire, and I'd love to know what Starfire has against Virus, hopefully we'll find out more next week.

The second match was for the NGW Cruiserweight Title and would be Kid Inferno's first title defense since beating Kyrptonite for the title. His challengers were the number one and number two contenders, L.L. Lightning and Starfire. The much bigger Inferno had control most of the match until he went up top to give Starfire a superbomb. Starfire reversed it in midair however and frankenfired Inferno. It took alot out of Starfire as well though, as he rolled out of the ring holding his mouth. Two of his front teeth were jammed into his gums, but the former champion refused to give up as he got back into the mix. The end of the match was all L.L. Lightning however, but just when it looked like he was gonna leave as the new champion, Adam Awesome came out and chokeslammed him. Inferno pulled him up, hit the "Burn Ward" and it was all over. Inferno retained his title, and as we quickly found out, was the newest member of Barely Legal. Awesome and Inferno stared decimating the two smaller wrestlers until Cole Cash ran out and pulled them off asking what the hell was going on. Inferno and Cash started brawling, until Awesome pulled them off of each other and pulled Inferno to the back. I'll explain the Kid Inferno and Cole Cash rivalry more in detail after the results.

The next match was a very interesting one, as it would be the first time Cole Cash and Kryptonite have ever wrestled each other. As Cash's music played we went to the back where Cash told Awesome that he didn't want any help out there, because if he couldn't beat a cruiserweight, he sucks. Cash came out and started toying with Kryptonite, refusing to lock up. When he finally did, Kryptonite went in behind with a full nelson, Cash reversed it into a hammerlock, but Kyrptonite reversed that into a snap mare, which Cash rolled through and looked at Kryptonite with a little bit of disbelief. They locked back up and Cash immediately took control with a wristlock, then a hammerlock, then a standing side headlock. Kryptonite picked him up for a back suplex, but Cash shifted his weight and carried Kryptonite over with a headlock takeover. Kryptonite leg viced Cash's head, but he was able to get to his knees and get around to Krypto's head, giving a quick stiff kick, making him release the vice and jump to his feet. Krypto then took control by poking Cash's eyes, hitting a 'ranna, and then a moonsault for a 1 1/2 count. After ducking a clothesline from Cash, Krypto hit two rolling german suplexes followed by a Blue Thunder. After a few moments Cash took advantage and as fast as he could, Krypto got out of the ring and headed for the back, calling the whole match off. As the ref got to eight, Cash stopped the count and told him to wait, and went after Kryptonite. As he turned the corner he was met by a chair being thrown at his head, then Krypto took control back by bashing Cash's head off the wall and clotheslining him back in. Krypto followed it up with some top rope moves, including the Infared. Cash took advantage once again, and locked on the Cattle Mutilation, a move made famous by Justice Pain and American Dragon. Hostile immediately distracted the ref, while Virus came in and slammed a chair into Cash's stomach while he was bridged up. As Virus stood there laughing, Cash got up and gave him a stiff kick to the face. Cash then went to climb up the ladder, only to be caught with another chairshot from Virus, this one in the head. As Cash lay on the ladder dazed, Kryptonite got on the top post, and hit a Spanish Fly, getting the 1-2-3. The entire Nation of Hate came out, except VVD, and started beating down Cash. All four men, including brand new member, referee Daniel Edward, hit Cash with countless chairshots, and Hostile got his revenge by chokeslamming Cash hard on the chair.

In the back Cash walked into the locker room asking Barely Legal where they were at. He then said that he told them he didnt want any help during the match, but didnt say anything about not helping while he was getting beaten down. As he was asking them how they could let him get his ass kicked in front of Steel's little brother the Nation of Hate, once again without VVD, stormed through the door and beat all the members down with a chair. Nation of Hate then headed out to the ring for their title match with the men they just beat down.

Adam Awesome and Kid Inferno did find their way out to the ring however, and came away with the tag titles, mainly due to Cole Cash. Virus had just hit the System Shutdown on Kid Inferno, but Cash hit the ring, with chair in hand and laid out Virus and Daniel Edwards. He laid Inferno on top and counted the 1-2-3 with the hand of Edwards. Inferno got up and asked Cash what the hell he thought he was doing, but got a chairshot for his efforts. Awesome came in swinging, but also got caught with a chairshot. Hostile, who had been wearing the Twisted Youth mask, got nailed with a chair, and Cash took his mask back. Then he grabbed the tag titles saying he had just won them, but spit on them and threw them to the ground.

In an event that led to the most brutal match I have ever witnessed, Fly Guy came out to his car to leave, when he saw Adam Awesome rummaging through it. He approached and of course Awesome tried talking his way out of it, even saying it looks like Cash's car. Fly Guy had enough of Awesome's back-peddling and took it straight to him, bringing him out to the ring. Thug had been watching in the back and told a ref to get out there and make it a Falls Count Anywhere match. Fly Guy beat the living hell out of Awesome, hitting the Van Terminator, the diving chair shot, the Ghetto Castration, the M.Bison, and even hitting the cutthroat suplex on a ladder and a chair. Awesome landed on top of his head, but somehow managed to kick out, and in the end, he picked up the win with a dark lotus on the chair, then hit the Butterfly for the win. I was doing the commentary alone on this one, and the emotion in my voice was as real as it gets, because I very afraid for both of these guys. I thought both of them may have been seriously injured after this one, but thankfully, neither of them were. Awesome did however suffer a minor stinger in his neck, but should only miss one show. After all that he took, its amazing he's still walking, let alone only missing one show.

VVD came out for the lumberjack match bringing out the Nation of Hate, and Thug came out with Fly Guy and Vanquished. Cole Cash and Kid Inferno were already at ringside, but stayed on opposite sides much of the match. This match was a straight up classic as both men went back and forth non stop. Neither man wanted to slip up, because they knew the other would capitalize and win the match. Towards the end, VVD went for a spear, but missed and flew out of the ring, spearing Cole Cash to the ground instead. Thug came out to get him, and while he was out there, hit everyone with a chair except Fly Guy and Vanquished, who both stayed away, just in case. Thug threw VVD, back in, but stayed outside a bit too long and as he rolled back in, he walked right into the Lexicon, and VVD became the new NGW Universal Title. After the match, Thug blamed Fly Guy and Vanquished, and as VVD was celebrating his win, Thug clotheslined him right into Virus, who hit the System Shutdown and then left the ring as the show came to a close.

This what by far the best show NGW has ever had, and I'm not sure if Hallowicked will be able to top it or not. Only two matches have been booked for that Mega Card, but we only know what one of them will be. Kid Inferno challenged Cole Cash to a "Last Man Standing" match, and before he could even accept, Thug booked it for Hallowicked. It will now be a match in the Next Level Championship mini-tournament. The history behind this Cole Cash/Kid Inferno rivalry goes back to their NWA TriState days. Cash had just came back from hiatus and found there was a new high spot worker in TriState. The two became friends, but then they were booked in a tag match against each other and the rivalry began. They've worked each other on about five occasions in TriState, and Inferno has been triumphant in each match. The only time Cash has won a match in their fued was a three way dance with Cash, Inferno, & Blade at an SWF event in Sandyville, WV. Cash pinned Blade though, thus, never really defeating Kid Inferno. That has to be riding high with Inferno going into this Last Man Standing match, but at the same time, as Cash stated. "This isn't NWA TriState, Arpin doesn't have the book around here." Cash is good, Cash is damn good. Everyone knows it, and everyone respects it, but at the same time, he's not the best anymore. He's better now than he's ever been, but at the same time, there are now people in NGW just as good as him. Cash can beat Inferno, especially in a match that caters to his more hardcore style, but we'll have to see. The man with two titles, could make Cash 0-6 against him. Either way though, whichever man wins this match will have to step into another Next Level matchup for the title. It's going to be a long night for someone.

Speaking of Cash, alot of people...mainly Bloodpack, are making a big deal out of him wearing the mask he wears as Twisted Youth. I had a chance to catch up with Cole Cash after the show Sunday and ask him about it. Here's what he had to say.

"Hey man, it's Halloween. I was just having a little fun, everyone's forgot how to do that around here lately, and it's getting pretty boring. I enjoy wearing the mask actually, but mainly I just wore it because this was a halloween show. I'll also be wearing next Sunday for Hallowicked. Hell, I may wear it forever, but that doesn't mean there's something dark and twisted going around. The Twisted Youth gimmick is a state of mind man, just let's me go out there and put my body on the line to make things interesting. Would you guys rather see me strip down to nothing and fuck a doll in a coffin?"

So there you have it, it's no big deal according to Cash. I will be interviewing Cash after his match Sunday, so be sure to check back for that. I will also be interviewing Kid Inferno soon. The Cruiserweight and Tag Champ should have alot to say, as he really hasn't had a whole lot of tv time yet for being a double champ. That's all for this week, but I'll be back next week with a Hallowicked review, and a couple interviews, until then.....don't sell anything people give ya...I sure as hell don't.


Like a fat man at an all you can eat buffet, I just dont know where to start. I have so many opinions right now that I don't know where to begin. From the commish, to the World Champ, oh wait, that's the same guy. I've been watching Thug for a long time now, and something isn't sitting right with me. It's not that he's the World Champ, because that's no surprise to anyone. The man is one of the top workers anywhere right now, but what I have to question is his sincerity. Recently, Thug has been the "good guy", or the face, in all the current NGW affairs. How well can we trust the South Philly native though? Thug has never been one to "turn the other cheek" in this business, and as he showed in the three way tag match, he's a very aggressive man. With the power of commish, how far can he take himself in NGW, and are we all positive that NGW isn't carrying Thug on it's shoulders?

Where in the world did Scotty Bliss come from Sunday, eh? My fellow Canadian stepped into the ring for his first singles match since that horrible disgrace of a match he had against Dexter, and he showed once and for all that he is as good as he believes he is. Bliss rolled over 8-Ball like he was nothing and didn't think twice about it. While watching that match I started thinking back to his fued with Delta Sky and how disappointed I was that both men were pushed down so quickly. Bliss can be the best in this business if he concentrates on it enough, but it seems like something always happens and he becomes disoriented with the business. From what Canuck to another, I applaud the "Canadian Killer".

Who's the best in NGW? That's the question alot of people have been wondering and we might just find out in a few short weeks. A few of the NGW higher ups got together and decided that a tournament should be set up to decide just who is the "man" in NGW. Borrowing from Combat Zone Wrestling, NGW should be presenting it's "Best of the Best 2002" tournament sometime in October or November. I, for one, can only imagine the five star classics that will come out of this thing. There are three guys in the company who have the total package right now, and to see those three hook it up would very easily get "Match of the Year" honors in my book, and from what I hear, the tournament will end with a three way dance. I'll keep you updated as more news comes to me.

I would like to applaud all three teams who opened this Sunday's show with a three way tag team title match. All six men gave everything they had, but in the end, Virus and Serial Killer came out on top defeating Cole Cash & Adam Awesome and former champs, Thug & Fly Guy. Virus & Serial Killer left mid match, leaving Cash and Awesome to wrestle 80% of the match against the Backyard Boyz, and Awesome is pretty pissed off about it. He demanded that he and Cash get a rematch Sunday for the tag belts, and it has been signed. A few interesting factors in this match though. For one, Hostile has came back and now belongs to the Nation of Hate. Plus, Cash may not be 100% focused on the tag belts right now. From what I hear, he is fuming about losing to VVD. He and VVD put on a wrestling clinic, but it was tampered with by VVD's stablemate, Kryptonite, who superkicked Cash, causing him to walk straight into the Lexicon. Cash wanted a shot at Krypto, and he got it. The two mens clash in styles should make for an excellent match, but will it blind Cash in the tag match?

Awesome was not only screwed out of the tag titles on Sunday, but he also failed to defeat Thug and bring the World Title to Barely Legal. A little controversy is surrounding Awesome now though due to his comments after the match. While being confronted by stablemate, Cole Cash, Awesome stated that he was asked to lay down for Thug, and that is the reason he lost. This instantly pissed off a few people, including both Thug and reportedly even Cash was pissed at this comment. I have to agree with Thug on this one though. This business has enough negative criticism going for it right now, the last thing we need is someone bitching and saying they were told to lay down. And Awesome, if you were asked to lay down, maybe the way to get yourself better is to at least look good losing.

That is all for now, check back next week as I will have a complete rundown of the happenings that will take place Sunday. I've taken everything you had, and I've no sold every last bit of it.

-John Callis.