"In The Mind of.....Virus"


Welcome to the first ever edition of "In The Mind of...", the column where we get the thoughts and opinions from some of the greatest stars of backyard in the world. Tonight, Virus, who in my mind is one of the best in the NGW, will let us know how he feels about his fellow wrestlers and wuts going on in the NGW. So lets get to it.

Jacoby: Virus, first off let me thank you for coming tonight. I know your busy and all but....

Virus: It's cool Jacoby, anything for the NGW Fans.

Jacoby: Ok cool...So lets get straight to it...You and Cash...Whatís going on there?

Virus: We both hate VVD & Thug each for a couple reasons, so why not work together and beat their asses? That sounds like a damn good answer to me!

Jacoby: Very good point there. Between you and me I think everyone hates them. But anyways, What about Fly Guy? You and him have had some very heated battles lately and there seems to be no love lost between you two. How will that hatred affect things?

Virus: Well I haven't had a chance to talk to Fly Guy so I am not sure how things will be affected. I don't hate Fly Guy I got respect for the son of a bitch. I have a lot of respect for him, he pinned Virus in a triple threat match. Not many can say that.

Jacoby: Well I was just wondering cause of the fact that him and Cash are Tag Champions right now.

Virus: Well you'll just have to wait and see what happens down the road with Virus and Fly Guy.

Jacoby: Well Iím excited to find out. Now onto your opinion on things. Ya ready?

Virus: Virus is always ready.

Jacoby: In one word, describe NGW. And explain why you feel that way.

Virus: Amazing. NGW is so much better than all it's competition, NGW has much more talented superstars and better wrestling matches, and we can actually keep a crowd entertained for the whole show unlike that other company. Of course Virus' dad always keeps the fans entertained.

Jacoby: Who, in your mind, is the best superstar NGW has to offer?

Virus: Hmm. Thatís an extremely hard question to answer. I mean there is Cash, Fly Guy, Virus, VVD, Thug, and so many other great stars. Despite hating the bastard I would have to say VVD because he's the champ, but if Virus has anything to say about it he won't be for long.

Jacoby: We are now in the mist of the Best of the Best tournament. If not you, who do you think has the best chance of winning?

Virus: Not Virus? That's a pretty strong statement to make. But if not myself then Cash for sure because he wants to get Thug extremely bad.

Jacoby: No disrespect meant. And there is no doubt that Cash definitely wants to get his hands on Thug as does pretty much everyone else in the NGW.

Jacoby: Next to last question. Who has been an inspiration to you and helped you throughout your career?

Virus: I mostly follow my dad, Triple H's style but add a lot more to it, so I'd have to say he's my inspiration but as for helping me goes not a damn soul helped me. I made it to the top by myself. But of course VVD takes credit for making Virus but VVD did not make Virus, Virus made Virus and Virus made VVD. Virus was a household name when little baby VVD was still peaking over the bars of his little baby bed and Virus is the one that signed VVD back to NGW.

Jacoby: Ok last question. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Virus: It's easy to know where Virus will be in 10 years. On top of the world with 15lbs of gold around his waist. Whether it be with NGW, NWA, or WWE, Virus will definitely be on top you can bet your ass on that!

Jacoby: Well thanks for your time and good luck.

Virus: No problem Jacoby, and thanks man!

Jacoby: Well there ya have it fans, straight from the mind of Virus. Join me next week when I pick the brain of one man mentioned here today, one half of the NGW Tag Team Champions, The Born Again Thrillaz, Cole Cash. Thanks and goodnight.