New Image Updated: 5/19/03
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130 lbs
Hometown: Truth or Consciquences, New Mexico
Trademarks: Distortion (Leg Sweep Submission), Life Stopper (Full Nelson Choke Slam), Simplexicty (Submission Using Legs), Mind Eraser (Face Buster), South of the Border (Spinning Headbutt to Balls), Ectasy Driver (Maritada), Image is Everyhing 03' (Double Underhook Sunset Piledriver), "Repeat Offender" (Rib Breaker, Back Breaker, T-Bone), reverse styles clash, hammerlock ddt, full nelson ddt, gasmask suplex.
Finisher: "Gangsta's Paradise"
Titles Held in NGW: H.T.R. Champion (1x)

This guy is another one to watch out for in 2003. Word has it he trained with Thug over the winter break. He has had people talking since his debut. Image brings the Japanese style of wrestling to the NGW ring, something that is very unique. Image brings a variety of devastating submissions to the table as well. Recently, Image aligned himself with Starfire to form the International Hit-Squad, with the backing of Thug. More to come soon!