Kryptonite Updated 7/3/02
Height: 5'9
Weight: 175 lbs
Hometown: Page 10 in the Ratkidz Comic Series.
Finisher(s): "Falling Star" (Swanton Bomb) & "Pow!, Wam!, JaBam!" (Firemen's Bomb).
Titles Held in NGW: Cruiserweight Champion (3x)

Kryptonite....the very name sends shivers up spines. Kryptonite was once the all around "good guy" super hero. Along with his former tag team partner, Vanquished, the team single handly purified the tag team division of the scum like Rizo, and Huvi. At least that is what we thought. We never knew deep down inside of Kryptonite what he was plotting. Kryptonite no longer wished to save anyone. Kryptonite turned his back on Vanquished when Vanquished refused to turn to the dark side. It now appears Kryptonite is on a mission to destroy the world. Kryptonite claims it is impossible to save the world, so why not destroy it. He is one sick man....well I don't even know what you would call him!