"Trailer Park" T.J. Andrews
Height: 6'2
Weight: 269 lbs
Hometown: Any Trailer Park in America
Finisher: Welfare Check (Final Cut)

Trailer Park, T.J. Andrews was once a former world class superstar with his tag team partner Violent Vance Desmond. The two joined together forming one of the greatest tag teams in XCW History, Cheap Heat. But something happened along the way. The team split, causing Andrews to go in to a period of depression eventually causing his wife Deloras, to leave him. This was just too much for T.J. and it would end the status of being a excellent competitor for Andrews. Andrews was a site for sore eyes when he made his return here in NGW. His hair had grown long, giving him the mullet style hair cut. But his hair was not the only thing that had seemed to have grown because Andrews seemed to have put on a hundred pounds or so. T.J. is no where near the level he was once at, his offense revolves around his repaulsive body oder and his "blubber". But T.J. has proven those two factors can equal success by recently winning the International Heavyweight Title. What's next for Andrews? Time will tell.