Serial Killer Updated 7/3/02
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130lbs lbs
Hometown: State Pen.
Finisher: Life Stopper (Choke Slam)

Serial Killer entered NGW with not such a sucessful start. He even lost his first match to Veronikah Charmicheal. His career seemed to be going no where, fast. Serial Killer realized that maybe the cruiserweight division wasn't happening for him, so he decided to persue a career in the hardcore division as well. Then during a NGW night show, the Killer, Virus, and VVD shocked the world by debuting the Nation of Hate. The Nation of Hate has been on a road of destruction since that time. The group has already taken out several members of the NGW roster, and the Serial Killer is always there to assist with a choke slam or two. Recently the Redneck Cajun tried to start a fight with the Serial Killer but was quickly taken out by Virus proving that if you mess with one member of the group you can be guarenteed to be caught up to by the rest of the sick, twiztid group. Since joining the Nation of Hate the Serial Killer has pulled off a major upset against the former NGW World Heavyweight Champion, Thug!