Trevor Styles:Hello everyone once again I am here with Adam Awesome. Hello again Adam, its been along time since weíve spoken.
Adam Awesome: Yea yea I know, some people didn't like me & how I wasn't "fitting in" with the boys in the back so I disappeared for a while, but i'm back & now more pissed off than ever before.
Trevor Styles: Speaking of that there was alot of controversy surrounding your disappearance. Could you shed a little more light on the whole situation?
Adam Awesome: Not much I can say about that, a lot of bullshit, legalities I have to follow. What I can say is that it involved the treatment of one of my best friends Fly Guy. Things happened & then the next thing you knew me & Cole Cash were gone again.
Trevor Styles: I see, but now your back and looking to make a name for yourself once again. Do you think you can climb to the top of NGW to where you were before you left?
Adam Awesome: Damn right i'm going back, straight to the top. No matter how many promoters try to keep me down, i'll keep coming back more violent than before. I see the new blood here, the ones who were handpicked for me, Cash, Fly Guy & Blood's spots & i'm slightly impressed, they could be the future of NGW. But what I don't like is some punk bitch like Virus sending his cronies to jump me & cost me a chance at getting back the World title, trust me that son of bitch is going to pay & pay dearly for what he did to me.
Trevor Styles: Aren't you worried though that wherever Virus is, his Nation of Hate running mates are usually close behind and all watch each otherís backs?
Adam Awesome: Fuck him & his goons, its like time & time again. I don't need anyone backing me up, I never did. I was a tag team champion & damn sure carried my partner. I'm used to being at a disadvantage, it fuels my desire to win even higher & one by one Rage & Serial Killer will fall & then Virus is going to wish he never fucked with me in the first place.
Trevor Styles: You mentioned a moment ago on how you are going straight to the top of NGW again, but since you've been away NGW has acquired many new superstars such as: VVD, Hostile, Serial Killer, and Starfire just to name a few, aren't you worried that you may not be able to cut it with the new blood in NGW?
Adam Awesome: I don't know shit about these new guys, nothing against them but I don't know their deal. Hopefully they'll be at the event so I can get a look at them, see what they're all about. Serial Killer has already made my shitlist here, he jumped me from behind when I had Virus beat at King of the Yard & he'll soon be laid up in a hospital bed for it. VVD is your hardcore champion? I haven't seen him work once so I can't pass judgement on his skills but if you want hardcore, I can show you hardcore. If I have to hurt a few up & comers along the way so be it, the only place i'm headed is to the top, the NGW World Championship & to silence that punk Virus once & for all.
Trevor Styles: Yes, VVD is the hardcore champion and he is also a member of the Nation of Hate.
Adam Awesome: Ah that's what I needed, another reason to hate Desmond's guts, now I have literally no remorse for trying to hurt him as well.
Trevor Styles: Do you really think you can take on the 4 members of the Nation of Hate all by yourself?
Adam Awesome: Maybe yes, maybe no. Fuck maybe I am crazy for saying this but fuck yes I can. I have battled against more than four men before & left standing tall. I will decimate each member one by one until Virus remains then i'll take him out & continue my rise back to my spot in the upper echelon here in NGW where I fucking belong.
Trevor Styles: Now its obvious you have a lot of anger directed towards the NGW Owner and NGW World Champion, Virus, does it really stem from that one attack at King of the Yard? Or is there something else?
Adam Awesome: I have paid back my opponents tenfold for jumping me from behind. Virus will be no different, I manhandled him at King of the Yard & would've been in that 3 way dance with Adams & Thug if his bitches didn't stick their noses into my business, he is trying to hold me back & I know damn well if the Nation of Hate were barred from ringside, I'd humiliate Virus, take the belt off of him & leave him for dead inside the ring. He fired my friend, now I'm seeking revenge, my way.
Trevor Styles: If you want Virus so bad why are messing with Cole Cash?
Adam Awesome: You want to go there? Alright I'll bite. I have a respect for Cash, I'll admit that. But when I came to ICW nearly 3 years ago we developed a pure hatred for each other as well. From the first match when me & Taker beat him & Steel for the tag straps it started. That one Dark Lotus on the title belt started it all. I've battled him time & time again & after all the brutality we've been through, I thought at King of the Yard that he was actually putting me over as the superstar I am, but that egotistical shit was just trying to bring me down. Cash has had his time in the ring, it has become his backyard. I am a stranger to the squared circle & more accustomed to the circular one but the fact remains that I'm out for respect in NGW. I want all the boys in the locker room to respect me & I believe that if I defeat Cash in his backyard, in a ring that will give me the respect I desire.
Trevor Styles: Ok, well good luck to you in retrieving the status you once held here in NGW and thank you for your time.
Adam Awesome: Just wanted to set the record straight here, don't believe what you hear unless itís from me. Now in closing I'm out for respect, out for myself, out to reclaim my past glories & out to win that World title back & that is exactly what i'm going to do, like it or not. It was all your pleasure & I've got to prepare for Xtreme TV so get out of my face.