INTERVIEW W/ The Phoenix- 2/2/03

Chris Johnson: Phoenix, thank you for joining me here tonight.

The Phoenix: No problem.

Chris Johnson: I have some tough questions for you tonight. First of all, I have never had the pleasure of sitting down with you and interviewing you ever! I have commentated a few of your matches, however. First and foremost what was your impression when arriving at NGW around 6 months ago? And has your view of NGW changed?

The Phoenix: At first I was nervous I did not know how people would take to me and how I would take to them. But after a while they took me as just as a member of their family.

Chris Johnson: I am glad to hear you have that feeling, but what about talent wise how did you feel about NGW?

The Phoenix: Well all I can say is WOW. I was a backyarder before I was in the NWA so I thought I knew what it would be like, I was wrong the amount of talent is so much better than I was use to.

Chris Johnson: I am very glad to hear you feel that way as I feel most everyone does. So far who has been your favorite opponent and favorite match you were in, in NGW?

The Phoenix: That is a hard question. I would have to say Cash just because when I wrestle him I am pushed to a new level. But I have not wrestled a lot of people so that could change.

Chris Johnson: That's interesting, but not really a surprise, I mean you two know each other like the back of your hand you have wrestled in NWA Tri-State, the SWA, and of course NGW. Real quick could I get your opinion of the SWA, which is an affiliate of NGW?

The Phoenix: I thought it was fun to work there. I had some good matches and i like their arena a lot but I havenít been contacted by them in a long time.

Chris Johnson: I have a tough question, you are relatively new to NGW, so I was wondering if you feel a since of loyalty to this company yet? Some of the guys in NGW have been around for years and have a feel a since of loyalty to NGW. I was wondering since you haven't been around all that long if you feel that yet?

The Phoenix: Oh yea I mean when you get to NGW you get pulled into it and it becomes a part of you and you a part of it. There is not a single guy on the roster who is a bad guy. Well there is a lot of bad guys but you know what I mean. Like I said it is a family that I have been adopted by and I love them like my real family.

Chris Johnson: Very touching but on the same note, I have to ask the hard questions and get down to the bottom of the tough questions. So, could you tell me why you decided to start up the EWF again? Please start off by informing the NGW fans of what the EFW is with a brief history.

The Phoenix: Ok I am from Elizabeth and I have always loved wrestle so I decide to start up a fed in 1998 and it had many people who are now in NGW. Domestic, Brian Lowe, and of course myself and there could always be more to come. We started back up because there are so many workers who want to work but do not always get the chance so EWF is a place for people to start and for people to get better and a place for people to go for gold as well. Right now we are in the process of getting a new ring and we have many people who work for us and hopefully will be soon. Cash, Twisted Youth, Domestic, Lowe, Prince Gage, my self and our champ Sex and Violence Erik O. Plus we are trying to get VVD, Blade, Virus Thug and many more.

Chris Johnson: So, is EWF in anyone competition to NGW like some dirt sheet reporters are saying? Or is it more or a "farming facility"?

The Phoenix: I am going to have to say farming facility because i have no problems with NGW and none of my workers do. I am in good standings with Thug and I get good opportunities and consider NGW my home. So I think the relationship between NGW and EWF is a good one.

Chris Johnson: Partners are always good. Is there a EFW site I could plug for you?

The Phoenix: Not yet but a friend of mine will be working on it soon.

Chris Johnson: Just let us know as soon as it becomes available. How about a Kid Inferno website? Have one of those yet?

The Phoenix: It is also being worked on.

Chris Johnson: Alright, moving on. Could you tell me who your favorite past and present workers are? The ones you idolize?

The Phoenix: Well of course Bret Hart that goes without saying but also I have to say Chris Benoit, Triple H, AJ Styles, and Jerry Lynn.

Chris Johnson: Well I know you have had the honor of working on the same show as Jerry Lynn and even attended a wrestling clinic w/ AJ Styles, what was that like?

The Phoenix: Great, Jerry is a wrestling professor, a genius if you will. He can analyze a match and tell you everything about it. As for AJ very professional for as young as he is and he is a hell of a nice guy and a great worker.

Chris Johnson: The wrestling world was at an all time low recently, although it seems it is slowly turning around. Do you think it can rise to it's popularity it was once at? If so, what needs to be done?

The Phoenix: I think it will be better than ever. You can't kill wrestling. I think one problem is Vince has no competition but TNA is taking care of that I hope. They need to make people care about angles and care too see the show and things will get better.

Chris Johnson: If you were Vinnie Mac, who would you fire from WWE?

The Phoenix: HmmmÖCena, Maven, Steiner, A-Train , Batista , Hardcore Holly, and more but I can not think without a complete roster.

Chris Johnson: I'm sure Thug would love it if Cena got the pink slip, so he could be brought to NGW. If you don't know Thug is a huge fan of any white guy trying to be black. LOL.

The Phoenix: LOL, I noticed but do not tell him I said it.

Chris Johnson: Well we have talked about all aspects of wrestling but letís focus on NGW once again. I know titles don't mean much to you, but what are your goals in 2003 here in NGW?

The Phoenix: To be involved in a title race winning is not that important. I also want people to realize what a force NGW is and how much talent there is here. I want to help everyone get better if I can.

Chris Johnson: Well thank you for your time, it was nice sitting down with you and interviewing you. Before we go could you shed some light on this "Phoenix" stalker and leave any message you would like to him?

The Phoenix: Just this if he plays with fire he will be burned. He is just a stupid fan that I am really over with as a heel so I he wants I will let him try to take on the Phoenix and that is a challenge.

Chris Johnson: You will actually fight this guy?

The Phoenix: Yea I will fight anyone, anytime and if you donít believe me Johnson, try me!

Chris Johnson: Now! Lets not get all bent out of shape, I am no athlete. But there you heard it big shot, Phoenix will take you on anytime, anywhere, so step up to the plate! Thanks again for your time.

The Phoenix: No problem, now get out of my face!