INTERVIEW W/ John Callis- 2/2/03

Chris Johnson: Mr. Callis how are you doing here on this beautiful Saturday?

John Callis: Not bad at all Chris. Just going over some NGW business.

CJ: It's good to hear you are continuing on with buisness. Could you fill us in on any of the buisness you are taking care of?

JC: I'm going over the upcoming shows, making sure everything is going to be able to happen. Making sure the roster is aware of their upcoming matches. We want the roster of NGW to make a huge impact over these first few shows in 2003. So we figure the best way to do that, is to let them know their matches ahead of time, so they can get an idea of what they want to do.

CJ: That is something we have to give Thug credit for allowing everyone to know their matches plenty ahead of time.

JC: There's not much we can give him credit for anymore, so I guess that is one thing he can take credit for.

CJ: That is very true. Mr. Callis, it's no surprise, everyone knows that this is the year that will make or break NGW. In order to suceed we need everything to be perfect. In your mind who do you look for to take this company to the top?

JC: Yes, this will easily be the year that decides whether or not NGW becomes an independent promotion here in the United States. Loyalties are being tested as we speak, and there's a little bit of tension among workers, but if we can get through all that, nothing should be standing in the way of NGW.

CJ: I'm going to run through questions about ever aspect of NGW right now.

JC: Ok. Shoot.

CJ: Mr. Callis in your mind who is the best commentater in NGW? and who is the worst?

JC: The best and the worst? The best as far as knowledge of wrestling holds is Sir Owen without question. I'd say the best overall commentator, would have to be someone who shows emotion during every single match, and cares more about the match, rather than putting themselves over as a "smart" commentator. So i'd say you're the best at that.

CJ: Thank you sir, if you could have any two commentaters commentating a "match of the year" who would it be?

JC: Sir Owen and yourself.

CJ: Thank you again. VVD was the break out star of 2002, any predictions who will be the break out star of 2003. (note: this question does not include anyone yet to debut)

JC: I think Starfire could have been the breakout star of 2002. So with that being said, 2003 should be the year this kid proves he's more than just an opener.

CJ: Do you think Cole Cash will be able to continue on proving how talented he is? I mean he won worker of the year in 2002, do you think he will be able to hold on to that award in 2003?

JC: It's really hard to say. We all know that even though Cash won Worker of the Year, his win/loss record was not one of the best of his career. If his last match this year was any indication, then 2003 we could be seeing him as Worker of the Year again, or maybe the Runner Up. So to answer your question, yes, I believe he can be the 2003 Worker of the Year, but he has to stay healthy, and he has to stay focused.

CJ: Good point. Here is a totaly different question for you. What do you feel about the EWF situation? Is it competition? Is it an NGW "farming facility"? Do you feel Thug has anything to worry about? It doesn't seem he has much to worry about though since his buddy Kid Inferno is running it.

JC: I think EWF will give some workers a chance to show what they can do. Some guys dont get an oppurtunity in NGW, and in EWF they most likely will. Plus, newcomers can start in EWF, and show that they can hang in NGW.

CJ: That's a good point.

CJ: I have a new item for my interviews, I would like you to start it off too. It's called the thumbs up/thumbs down section. Could I get you to tell me three things in NGW that deserve thumbs up and three things in NGW that deserve Thumbs down?

JC: Sure. I'll start with Thumbs down.

CJ: Sure.

JC: Thumbs down to Thug, who was proven to be nothing more than a common...well...thug I guess you could say. We found out he dated Candie, got her pregnant, then beat and made her lose the baby. Then, somehow brainwashed her to turn on Cash.

JC: Thumbs down to Vanquished for ruining what could of been the match of the year in 2002. Thug, VVD, and Virus gave it their all in the Universal Title match, and he did nothing. If it was not for him, I feel like that would've been the match of the year in 2002.

JC: And Thumbs Down to the Weather. NGW has lost an entire month that could of been used to put over the talent. January is gone, so the promotion won't be able to have its first show until mid-Feb.

JC: Now, for the Thumbs Up.

CJ: I must agree with all of those, now for the good stuff.

JC: Thumbs up to Hostile. He wrestled with a cist on his back, and has been completely devoted to NGW since he began. He's always willing to do whatever is asked of him, and never complains about doing the job. My only problem with Hostile is, he's always in character, even when he's talking to fellow workers. Other than that, he's willing to learn always, and in my opinion, could be one of the top guys in 2003.

JC: Thumbs up to Thug for hooking up a deal with a Japanese superstar. I can't say any names, but when this guy comes in, he'll probably bring the house down. I've seen a couple tapes of this guy, and he'll definately be able to put on a 5 star match.

JC: Finally, Thumbs Up to Blade. Even though he only worked like three, or maybe four shows in 2002 for NGW, he put on Match of the Year candidates each time. And the Ultra Violent Blade Bomb's he hit in that tag match will probably be shown over and over again in video packages.

CJ: Thank you Mr. Callis anything else you would like to share?

JC: I'd just like to say that the roster of NGW has to bust their ass in 2003 if they want independent status by 2004.

CJ: Thank you.