CJ: VVD, finally you are back in NGW. But I don't think you returned the way you were planning. First thing you hear when you get back, I lost your hardcore title...that's the first bad news, then you have to wrestle someone you have never even seen, and you end of losing because of Serial Killer. Not the impressive return you were looking for was it?

VVD: Hell No, it was the worst possible return a star of my callaber could have ever imagined.

CJ: Desmond, be straight up honest, do you think Blade is more than you can handle?

VVD: Granted Blade got the best of me, but you do understand that for one I came into that match as confused as a virgin after prom! I was hit with 3 things at once. 1.) the excitment of being back in the ring, 2.) the dissapointment of finding that I no longer had a belt and 3.) the task of taking on an opponent I had never seen in action much less heard of. So when It comes to Blade and to your slightly rediculous question. No, I am VVD and Blade is just another bump in the road that will carry me to the top of the mountain.

CJ: Well, this Sunday you have Blade once again in the ring, this time for the International title, this is your chance to prove you can beat Blade, will you be able to back up what you are saying?

VVD: Will I be able to back up what I am saying? Have you gone stupid man? I had been gone for a little over a month, busting my ass to become stronger, faster and just plane better. One mishap and all of a sudden the word of VVD is not good enough. Let me remind you that I did hit the Lexicon, and if not for the sniveing idiot Serial Killer I would have my Hardcore Title

CJ: Well that is a good point it did appear you had the match won. Then Serial Killer came out and supposidly was congradulating you on hitting the Lexicon. Speaking of Serial Killer what is your relationship with the Killer as of now? I mean first he lost your title, then cost you your title! But like it or not you two will have to co exist against the Backyard Boyz next week, that's right you are pulling double duty. Can you and the Serial Killer co exsist?

VVD: The walking Talking Road sign and I will co-exsist as long as he keeps his ass in the corner and watches VVD do what he does best, and that is carry what is the Nation of Hate.

CJ: Are you even going to let him in the ring? And you do realize Blade is in the Backyard Boyz, so in a sense you will meet up with Blade twice Sunday. In the tag match will you try and injure Blade to take him out for your guys match later in the night? Or maybe sit back and let Serial Killer in and study his every move?

VVD: Either way I'm going to win. And you do bring a good point. As a matter of fact I will let Killer get his ass kicked for the majority of the match. But endorse it and take it to the bank, that if VVD gets the chance at Blade he will take it. Studying his every motion, breathing pattern, thats what I will do while Killer is in the ring. But belive you me, I will not pass up a chance to injure Blade, and I will have a title by the end of the night!

CJ: You realize if you could co exist with Serial Killer you could advance in the tournament for the tag team titles and that would be another title you could work for. But is it worth it having to team with someone you hate? Speaking of Hate, what is up with the Nation of Hate? Frankie is no where to be found, Rage is fired, you aren't getting along with Serial Killer, Virus lost the World Title last week and hasn't been seen since....I mean what is happening to the Nation?

VVD: Like I said before I carry the Nation. I strap each and every single one of them and they ride on my coat tales. Naturaly shit falls apart when the glue of the foundation is extracted. With the firing of Rage, the loss of power and gold, Frankie missing, and the ignorance of Killer I think it would be safe to say that The Nation is no longer the dominant force in NGW. As for the Tag team titles it nothing short of a shoe in for Killer & VVD just due to the fact that ME VVD will be in complete and total control weither I am in or out of the ring.

CJ: So, it is safe to say not more Nation of Hate?

VVD: Who knows!? With a rising superstar such as myself that makes the Nation atractive to any one. Now after I win the Tag Titles and get some gold flowing through the veins of the Nation that will revive us and bring every one and there mother to us wanting to purify NGW of any impurities.

CJ: Xtreme TV this Sunday looks like a important event for you Mr. Desmond, I hope you aren't over working yourself to much. I think you may be setting yourself up for a potential downfall, you are good, hell you are great, but can you handle all of this?

VVD: Can John Holmes handle his enourmas penis?! Can Pamela Anderson get bigger tits?! Can a great blow job make a grown man cry?! You find the answer to all of these questions includeing the one of "Can VVD handle all of this?" is Oh Hell Yes! VVD knows not the meaning of downfall and is just to damn lazy and illiterate to figure it out.

CJ: One way or another this will be interesting I know these matches will be ones to be rememebed and never forgotten. Just know it may never be forgotten that VVD lost to one of the best matches of the year, I'm sure you don't want to go down like that, so honestly is there something special you have planned?

VVD: Let me put it to ya like this! It's me It's me It's VVD I'm greater than B L A D E and that's the way it will always be. Special you ask? I am the best damn entertainer that NGW has ever seen. Special? You can consider the occasion to be Special. But the match is going to be all me VVD.

CJ: Alright, Im going to close this one. But I'm sure Blade will be reading this, anything you would like to tell him?

VVD: Blade put on your best set of bifocals, pull out your dictionary so you can understand all the big words like "The" And "Foot" and "Kicks" and "Your " and "Ass" Because come hell or high water. Your match one on one with VVD will be the most testing match you will have ever experianced in your almost 500 match career. But know with out a shadow of a doubt that VVD will walk out of extreme TV with 2 new belts around his waste. And in con con clusion. You felt the Lexicon your ass was gone.... but I was the pawn and you hit the swan, but be ready to step in to the ring with me VVD and soon be laying on your back watching the 1..2...3