Chris Johnson: Vance, first I would like to thank you for taking time out of what some are calling your "vacation" in beautiful Miami for this interview. Of course the "vacation" I am talking about is the suspension that Chris Adams decided to put you on. Can I get your comments on that?

VVD: Well you are totally correct, it is beautiful here in my home state of Florida, but as far as the suspension goes it's totally BULLSHIT, I'm the current best thing in NGW!! The real reason I've been gone is because I've been nursing an injury.

Chris Johnson: Well VVD, you have to understand that Chris Adams was only doing his job. I mean come on, you did no show for three weeks in a row...something had to be done to make you wake up...and losing pay for a month is a sure way to make someone wake up.

Chris Johnson: An injury?

VVD: Not many people know this not even my crew in the Nation Of Hate but in my last match with Thug I sustained a serious ankle injury. Many people think my ego is inflating my head and that I just turned my back on the business but the truth is that I can't compete.

Chris Johnson: WOW, what a shocker that is. You are actually telling me the reason you haven't been in action is due to an ankle injury suffered at the hands of the "Feature Presentation" Thug?!

VVD: Well not exactly.

Chris Johnson: Please explain...

VVD: Thug was lucky that he was not the one injured, the injury I sustained was one caused by mental & physical fatigue, I simply made a mistake and put myself into the position of injury and now I'm paying for my need of privacy.

Chris Johnson: I could be going way out on a limb here but I think I may have just caught on to something. VVD, Thug & Chris Adams go way back. Now if you hurt someone they are going to be out for blood, do you think it is possible that Chris Adams suspended you to keep Thug out of harms way, and used the no showing as a cover up?

VVD: If it was not Adam' intention when he made the desision it damn sure better be. Because sure I'm in Miami home of South Beach, Thongs, The Canes, and Phins. But spread the word that it's not all fun and games because I'm on a strict diet and weight gaining program to make me VVD the most feared competitor ever in NGW.

Chris Johnson: Mr. Desmond, they do call you "Violent" for a reason, and that just goes to show why. You are slated for return on the 20th of August. What's the first order of buisness VVD wants to take care of when he gets back? Which comes first? Reuniting with the Nation of Hate? or revenge on Thug?

VVD: Well while in a maze of women and sun here in the sunshine state I do tend to keep up with what is going on in NGW and all I have is one name for you "AWESOME!!"

Chris Johnson: Awesome? You mean Mike Awesome the former ECW wrestler? Oohh, you must mean Adam Awesome?!?! WHY?

VVD: Well in his interview he had with Trevor Styles he complaines about his disapearence and blames it on Virus and vows to destroy the members of Nation Of Hate. Thats all fine and good revenge is what keeps this business running but the fact of the matter is this, I am the Nation Of Hate and if he wants to get to any of the boys he'll have to face me. He crys like a little bitch whining about respect, if he wants respect he has to start the process all over again and EARN it. No one includeing me above all people are going to just move out of his way and say yes sir.

Chris Johnson: Point well taken. But you have to understand he has a monster behind him and you may be starting something you can't finish. Because the Huge Monster standing 6'6 270lbs, named Hostile, may not even let you get to Awesome.

VVD: God Damn it Johnson have you forgotten who you are talking to? If I were there I would smack the sense back into you and give you a friendly reminder that I am the most charismatic man in NGW I am the undeniable force which keeps your job intact I AM VVD I will get Awesome despite the 6 foot tall 270 pound pile of shit he has in front or behind him.

Chris Johnson: I'm sorry...I'm just an interviewer, I don't want on the VVD Hitlist.

VVD: I mean hell Chris, if you were that big and smelled like ass wouldn't you be Hostile to?

Chris Johnson: I will refrain from commenting on that.

Chris Johnson: To protect my livlihood.

VVD: I understand, when your not great like VVD tt's normal to be scared of moving SEWAGE SYSTEMS!!

Chris Johnson: Moving on, you may not know this but the Nation of Hate as acquired another member, and that man being Frankie. Do you get the feeling they are trying to replace you? Or are you "cool" with them making the Nation of Hate even more dominating?

VVD: Are you kidding? Do you really think that VVD can be replaced? No one in this business can replace or fill the shoes of me VVD, of course there just adding on so that I have more to work with when I make my return.

Chris Johnson: So, as of right now we know that you and the Nation are still on good terms, you will be back on the 20th due to an injury, and your first victims will be Thug, and Adam Awesome.

VVD: As far as Thug goes he and I are going to have to have a talk.

Chris Johnson:.....A talk? Is that what they are calling fights these days?

VVD: Well lets just say be looking for a new member of NOH!

Chris Johnson: VVD, I know you have been gone for a while, but you have had to see that Thug has been on a mission to take out the entire Nation of Hate single handly!

VVD: Listen to what I am saying! I am going to have to have talk with Thug, and when I put my mind to it I can be very persistent, and convincing!

Chris Johnson: You are acting like a damn Cult Leader Desmond!

VVD: If he decides to pass up this oppratunity then thats when the talking will stop with the mouth and begin once again with the fist!!!!

Chris Johnson: Well, I guess we will have to wait and see then won't we?

Chris Johnson: But I don't see Thug turning his back on his fans.

VVD: That just shows how febleminded you are Johnson?

Chris Johnson: Does it make you feel good to insult me knowing damn well I can't defend myself?

Chris Johnson: Would it be alright if we moved on?

VVD: Every man in this industry is a business man, and when a stock is rising and the price is good every business man bites and so will Thug!

VVD: Sure to what part of business?

Chris Johnson: One thing everyone has been wondering.....

VVD:Yes my penis is large!

VVD: Next...

Chris Johnson: Actually, that wasn't my question.

VVD: OK then shoot.

Chris Johnson: Who was the girl that we simply refer to as "Whorey" Corey? She showed up and cost you your match with a kiss? Then 10 minutes later we see you backstage with her tryin' to get some....may I add you weren't successful. What is the relationship there? Will we be seeing more of her?

VVD: Oh yee of little faith, after the cameras were off so were the clothes, and as for seeing more of her I doubt it. But like I said with Thug if I put my mind to it I can be very persistent and convincing.

Chris Johnson: Sometimes you really sicken me.

VVD: As for the relationship she's just another horny VVD fan who's fantasy I made come true!

Chris Johnson: Thanks for the candidness...geez. Vance, I'm going to have to cut this one short soon. But before I do, NGW is having a huge event this Sunday. I'm sure their is going to be tons of twists and turns and surprises. So I would like to get a part two interview with you after that event....would that be possible?

VVD:Give me a time and date and I'm sure that I can oblige.

Chris Johnson: Details will be in your inbox. Anything you would like to close with, go right ahead.

VVD: To all my Fans, Friends, and Foes who are awaiting my most antisapated return, rest asured that when VVD comes back all wrongs will be righted every feud will end because once again the NOH will be together in full and dominate every aspect of the world we live in. And the purity of our busniss will be restored!!!!