"The Child of Darkness" Hostile Updated: 5/24/03
Height: 6'5
Weight: 250 lbs
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Finisher: "The Sheading of The Last Tear Drop"
Trademarks: "Darkness Falls" (chokeslam), "Angel of Death" (crucifix power bomb), "Widowmaker" (tombstone piledriver).
Titles Held in NGW: Next Level Champion (1x), United States Champion (1x)

Hostile made his debut in NGW over the Summer of 2002. He was brought in as the "Real F'N Juggalo" Adam Awesome's body guard. Hostile eventually stepped out of the shaddows of Adam Awesome and became an active wrestler in NGW. Unfortunately the "Child Of Darkness" has been plagued with several injuries already in his rookie year in NGW. He suffered an injury to his arm and was out for around a month due to his devasting match with Cole Cash. If Hostile can stay healthy and continue to get in to better shape this beast can truly be a force to be reckon with in NGW very soon. Hostile recently picked up his first title here in NGW when he deafeated Steel for the United States title. The win was very impressive especially with the built up hostility, no pun intended, Steel had for Hostile due to the attack of his younger brother. However the NGW Commishioner, Thug, stripped Hostile of the title after finding out Hostile needed surgery. Hostile will be out of action possibley until Feb. 2003 due to a life threatning problem with his back. Hostile will have surgery in early Decemeber and after that will go in to therapy. Hostile promises to return stronger and badder than ever and with a new motto and way of life "Hostile 6:66" word has it Thug is the first on Hostile's hitlist.