Welcome back to the LAST edition of Thoughts From Hell, that's right you heard me. I know everybody is just happy to hear that I'm gone since I was known as "The Vampire Pervert" of NGW. Well to tell you the truth there are more perverts in the NGW locker room then there were bodies buried under John Wayne Gasey's house. I know everybody is wondering where I've been at, well like I say "I like Virgins" so I was down in Mexico slaying me some virgins and drinking their sweet nectar when I recieved a naging call from Fagalishous Thug and demanded to see me in office as soon as possible. I went to the meeting and he told me I was being replaced by one of his friends that he use to go to school with at St. Marys High School, The Living Legend, "Suger Brown", who ever the hell that person is. I guess the column is going to be called "Sugers Corner". Now more onto important things......

*Let me start with the most conterversal topic of them all EWF vs NGW, since NGW took the winter off to rebuild and get thier workers healthy once again, some of our current talent started EWF back up again, it's out of Elizabeth , West Virginia. What can I say? Well, since I'm fired I dont give a damn who I piss off or what anybody else thinks. I hope these two companies tear each other apart which I dont think will happen because NGW is alot stronger then EWF. EWF needs more time and more stars in it to make it compete at NGW's level. I dont care for ethier of the feds, EWF could sink back into the water where it was formed and NGW can go back to thier trash can where they crawled out of. Would I like to see these to Fed's go at it? Yes! Because I think it would be very funny and entertaining.

*I've been employed here at NGW for a couple of months now and I've witnessed alot of things.

1.) Unless you kiss Thugs ass you dont get anywhere with this company.

2.) To much damn ego in the locker room, I'll explain to you what I mean with these two topics.

Number one's comment is basically true, all of Thug's "Boys" have been The NGW Heavyweight Champion, including the current champ. Why is it a guy like Awesome or Cash or even Steel dont get a title shot? I'm not the one that needs to answer the question that bucket is in Thug's lap. Like someone once told me "Unless you kiss a few asses in this life time, you'll never get anywhere in life." and it's very evident here in NGW. Who kisses whos ass and who has the stroke.

And Number two's comment is directed towards the ones that produce the ego inside and outside the ring, ethier lose it or it will destroy NGW on the inside, just because you hold a title doesnt mean your the worlds best, there will always be someone a lil' faster, a lil' stronger and a lil' bigger than you that will take that title from you.

*And for my last topic in my very last edition of "Thoughts from Hell" I want to give my final predictions on who I feel is going to shake the foundation of NGW in 2003. My top 5:

1.) Starfire, will defiantly be a main eventer, if he continues to live up to what the internet chatter is producing, and keeps working hard at what hes doing. Do I think he will be a one of the next heavyweight champs? Personally no I dont think so, the reason why im saying this is, he has alot to learn about this buisness still before he can wear the sacred gold strap around his waiste, I'm not saying that he wont be a NGW heavyweight champion someday, or trying to drown any dreams of his or any Starfire fan, things take time and to be the best you have to live it, breathe and sleep it everyday. Starfire is a hard worker and a great work ethic, I predict big things for this year for him, maybe he will surprise me when im working for my other fed, and if he does i will be the first to personally congratulate him.

2.) "Darkness will Consume the light in 2003!" The Deadmans return is going to be a start of a new chapter of Hostiles career a chapter of what some critics are calling "The Dark Times of NGW", I feel this man is literally going to shake the foundation of NGW , rumor mills and the internet chatter has been going crazy about this guy, I would be to , hes 6 ft 1 over 230 pounds and hes built like a brick wall. What I've been told is hes changed into a real serious individual, hardly talking to anyone and not taking anyone's crap anymore. He's rebuilding himself to what he really is, a man filled with rage that consumes his dark soul. Will we be hearing the Towing of bells soon? I hope so, I personally feel he's going to be a force to be reckoned with. He promises a year of Darkness...will we be resting in peace? We will have to waite and find out.

3.) Blade's return is going to be the biggest come back story that will make him famous this year at NGW. He's personally one of my favorite superstars and im looking for great things from him, I predict he will break out in NGW and hold the NGW Universal title sooner or later in 2003. I wish him the best this year and like I said I predict big things for him. We all will have to keep a closeful eye on him.

4.)Virus is going to have a strong year, I predict he's going to recapture two of his titles he once held, I'm not sure which ones but he's almost held every title here in NGW. I'm looking for big things in this guy, I predict he's going to be a main eventer most of the time this year if he keeps on doing what hes doing and keeps his good work ethic inside and outside the ring.

5.) This one was a tie because these two guys both truly deserve to be at the top, Cole Cash & Adam Awesome. I first Predict that Cole Cash will become NGW Universal Heavyweight champion, ethier the early time or later this year. The atmosphere is just right and he deserves it. Adam Awesome will gain the Next Level Championship this year that I predict, if he gets the title I predict he will hold onto it for a long time until he meets a certain indevidual that I feel will take it from him, and belive me he's a big guy, we'll have to waite see if it truly happens, but like I said again it's going to be a big year for both of them.

It was nice while it lasted, but being with half ranked columnists is was funny, because I always had the fast words and the best phrases out there, and one more thing to John Callis, don't eat Italian food, it will bind you up like it usually does and belive I know! I used to sit beside him and it smelled like I sitting beside a sewage treatment plant. The Stench was so bad it rolled my fangs up, hahahahaha!

Now unto my Rumors and News Stories ..........

1.)Rumors reported that Hostile was seen at a recent NWA Tri-State show checking out the talent and taking notes, he was also seen talking to several NWA Stars, one being Chance Prophet, there's alot of rumors going around saying he's thinking about joining NWA Tri-State, if he does this it will be a shock to NGW, NGW has currently 2 stars working for both promotions, it will also help his career which would be good.Only time will tell if he does this or not. If he does it would be a major step for Hostile.

2.) When is Blades Official Return date? The fans want to know!

3.)Anybody else think Adam Awesome Looks very youthful on Camera? Alot of NGW Stars think Awesome looks Like hes twelve, which is a good thing, it's damn good to be forever young ,hahaha I should know!

4.)I tell you right now, if I have to drive by Wendy's one more time and see thug dressed up in High heels hooking as a part time job im going to run him over in my hurse. My personal Hell would be seeing him High Heels one more time, thats a true Nightmare!

5.)But on a Serious Note, Curt Henning has passed away today Feb. 10,2003, after reading this article please take a moment of silence and reflect on your lives and reflect on what he gave to the buisness and pray for his family, they need it more then ever, "May the angels Above watch and guide you Curt, may we see you in the big wrestling ring in the sky some day"

6.)I predict Hostile is going to turn in to a good guy this year, the reason why I say this is, he's more focused and hardly talking to anyone and seems to be taken his career more serious then what he use to. He's becoming what everybody wants, a beast with a dark heart that's on fire for revenge. We will have to watch and see what happens, it's going to be awesome thats all I can say about it!

7.) Theres a recent report about a video going around that caught VVD and Thug in an Intimate moment , well i approached Thug about it the same day and he sjust smiled and said "Excuse me i need to wipe my mouth" and what peered to be a white substance around his mouth really shocked me, so i walked into the locker room and i noticed VVD laying on the ground tired and sweaty , Can you put two and two together? ill let you decide if its true or not, I always knew they were "Closer" then just partners,hahaha

8.)NGW is growing into major power, expect some new talent to surface for this company ,ITs going to be a big year all in all , and I'll watch it from time to time at my new assignment.

And for the last time ...........

"For warned is For Armed!"



Welcome back for another beloved edition of "Thoughts From Hell", what can I say to describe this past weeks show of H.T.R, "Its just like a piece of warm apple pie." and what I mean by that comment is, it was that damn good, 100% NGW satisfaction stamped and approved! I was sitting in the first row of seats, and I must say everybody gave of himself or herself completely.

What I would like to first address is, Thug, what a Freak!, Iíve been saying for weeks about this guy is heís really not playing with a full deck and heís running NGW? Which makes me wander "Why in the Hell isnít someone taking him out?" Hell Dexter could run the company better then this ass clown could. There are two people who stepped up to the plate this past week that have decided to take Thug out for good and one of them is Cole Cash and the other I will explain later in this column. Why has Cash stepped up to the plate? is because of the hell Thug as put Cashí sister Candie through, and I donít blame Cash at all for what heís doing, what kind of person handcuffs someone and beats them? Thug isnít a normal person he extremely has some emotional problems that he needs to work through or Cash will kill him. I will be looking forward to that match whenever it happens.

I would like to send my Congratulations To Starfire for winning the cruiserweight title against Kid Inferno, that was some match, Starfighter and Kid Inferno gave their blood, sweat, and tears in this match, finally Starfighter came out on top to be the new champion, I must say it was really a impressive match. He deserves our praise, heís worked hard for this title and he deserves it.

Steel vs. Virus, what a match these two put up one hell of a showing, Virus threw everything he could think of at Steel but finally Steel reversed a System Shutdown into the Steel Plunge picking up the win. I must say this was a good match but what he did next was a stupid mistake. He challenged Hostile next to come out to the ring since he was the final member of the Nation of Hate. What you may not realize Hostile was the one that Injured Steels younger brother, from reliable sources Steels younger brother is still in the hospital with major injuries. Hostile didnít go out to the ring so Steel said that if he would come out he would put the United States title on the line, Hostile still didnít come out, Steel went in the back and found Hostile and what I mean by found Hostile, he through Steel into a wall and beat the hell out of him. Hostile went out in the ring and accepted the match, it was more than a one sided match, I was generally concerned for Steels well being, Cole Cash got involved in the match when VVD hit his frog splash onto Steel causing a stare down between Cole Cash and Hostile, these to really have a hatred between them that began with Barely Legal, Cole Cash finally got out of the ring. Finally after a ass beating Hostile delivered to Steel he finally Finished the match with "The Last Rights" Tombstone Pile driver becoming The United States Champion, His first title ever in NGW, what turned out to be a joyous event for Hostile became a shattered Dream. I will go in more detail later in the article.

Fly Guy vs. Adam Awesome vs. Hostile for the next level Championship, what I must say was excellent match in my option ,all three superstars are dangerous and putting them together is a dangerous combination. All three of them have no love loss for each other, the match started out with Hostile being in charge and finally the 2 on 1 deal over came the big man, Fly Guy Gave Hostile a violent chair shot to the head knowing hostile had a Concussion two weeks ago from Adam Awesome Violent Cane shot in their Hardcore Match. Hostile finally got back up and Insulted Adam Awesome making him mad, he was about to send hostile to Shangri-La but he countered with a low blow setting him up for the big boot, finally after some damage between all three superstars Hostile double chokes lamed Awesome and Fly guy out of the ring while hostile was gathering his strength Steel got in the ring and part of payback on Hostile put a Hurricanrana on him and gave him a Frog splash sending him outside the ring knocked out. What I say was the best moment of the match Fly Guy Rolled Awesome back into the ring and slammed him into crates making the pin and retaining the Next Level title, what Fly guy didnít know was a angered wounded Hostile got back up and was waiting for him with a choke slam on a steel chair, the ref got in his way and meant the same fate. During the match thug made his voice known saying that he had a major announcement on Hostile saying that the United States title will be stripped from him do to a doctors report found in Hostiles traveling bag which revealed a secret operation on his back that will take place in the month of December, that he didnít inform anyone on. All three men deserve a round of applause for what they did in the ring.

Tension in the air was so thick in the lockeroom that you could cut it with a knife. When Thug and Hostile Finally Met up, Thug started to Mouth Hostile Telling him he wasnít worth anything, what I must say was a dangerous thing to say to the Dead man because he doesnít care or have remorse for what he does, Hostile looked at thug square in the eyes and told him that titles didnít mean anything to him but when he won the united states title it made him change his thinking. Thug told him to be a man and hand it over, and Hostile did but not the way you think though, he gave the owner a right hook to the jaw and knocked him across the room leaving the title on him and saying these haunting and final words to thug "Ill be coming back and when I get back im coming for the title and your worthless ass compliments of Hostile 6:66!" This is the second person who I was talking about earlier who wants to destroy thug, what will thug do knowing Hostile wants to take him out for good? Will Hostile Build an alliance with Cole Cash to finally put the final nail in the commishs casket? Or is he a lone warrior wanting redemption? We will have to waiter and find out when and where Hostile returns, we all wish him the best and fast return to the ring!

What was another screw job by Thug was VVD and Cole Cashís Championship match, which I will say the real champion is Cole Cash, and Thug over ruled the ref making the title go back to VVD .I must say this was another impressive match but like I said either Cole Cash or Virus needs to get their hands around Thug for once and for all but time will only tell, Iím not saying VVD isnít a fighting champion, but do you really need Thugs help to keep the title? That shows no HONOR, TRADITION, or RESPECT for that belt and personally VVD needs to get a wake up call or he will lose the title someday to a much worthier opponent.

What turned out to be a surprising tag match was, Cage & Thug battled Adam Awesome & Kid Inferno? The match went back and forth constantly with power moves and insane high-flying moves. Cage & Thug were able to gain control late in the match and left Inferno and Awesome laying. Thug went up top for 304 and said he doesnít want to win this match and then hit the 304 on Awesome and rolled Awesome over on top of him allowing himself to be pinned to avoid facing Cash, which allowed Awesome & Inferno to fight for the tag titles. At the end of the Match Awesome was extremely pissed, I think that was the first time I actually seen his face contort in so many disgusting facial features reminds me of someone trying to take a shit and they cant get the turd to come out, now I know why they call him "Hardcore Homo" I think he needs a jar of Ass Cream I wander if he can borrow it from Chris Jericho? Who knows?

The battle for the NGW Tag Team Titles was next as Kid Inferno & Adam Awesome challenged the Born Again Thrillaz, Cole Cash & Fly Guy. Awesome & Inferno worked on Cashís leg for most of the match making it hard for him to pull off much of his move set. Once Fly Guy got the tag all hell broke loose as all four man battled around the arena. Cash laid Awesome & Inferno on a crate on the outside and went to the top and leg dropped both of them to get the win and retain the tag titles.

At the end of the show was an ironic site when Virus came out and helped Cole cash to beat down Thug and VVD, I must say this night of action had a lot of Ironic things that happened, we all must stay tuned to see what happens into the future.

No new rumors or new news has been told to me yet but check out next weekís column where I will have updates and new rumors from the rumor mill!!!!

And Remember what I always say...........

"For warned is For Armed!"

Blood pack


Welcome back for another dark chapter of Thoughts from Hell, where can I start? Well Iím going to hit many topics in this article but the first Iím going to tackle is this wanna be columnist John Callis. Yeah thatís right Iím talking about you Fat man and your sidekick Sir Owen the Boy Blunder. Just because Iím the New Columnist you have to run your mouth at me, Why not tell the world you weigh 800 pounds and live off of Debbie Cakes, George Lucas doesnít have to worry about finding an actor for Jabba the Hut in Star Wars Episode 3 all he has to do is give you a call and his problem is taking care of. I am a Vampire, Iím 400 years old and I was around before you was a wet spot in your mommies panties, after your dad got done with her. Talking about my sexual past? Brother at least when a women has sex with me she doesnít have to slap the thighs and ride the waves just to get a little dog. After the poor girl gets done riding you she goes smokes a cigarette while you smoke a turkey. Go talk to Richard Simmons before you want to start a verbal battle with me because my words are sharper than a sword. Now back to the action that transpired this week....

For being the last Xtreme Television show it was the best Iíve seen in a long time, this should have been a Mega-Card instead of TV show, everyone put together a 100% effort and Iím extremely proud of everyone.

The first match Iím going to talk about which gets a 5***** review is Virus, VVD, Thug and Vanquished, all four men were extreme, Virus was excellent, he was put through hell the entire match, but he kept coming back, this veteran doesnít know the meaning of giving up, even though VVD retained the title in the 4 way Ladder match, I feel Virus will someday where the title again, Thug was my second pick to win the match for the night even though in my eyes hes on a power trip he did defend the title to the best that he could, everyone that was evolved in this match gets a standing ovation from me.

The Battle for the Next level championship was very good in depth, Cole Cash, Fly Guy and Kid Inferno, fought tooth and nail for the title with Fly Guy coming out on top with a title finally, Iím glad to see the powers to be to finally giving him opportunities here at NGW. That was truly a slobber knocker!

I was truly impressed with the Awesome vs. Hostile match I personally give this match 5***** stars for its hardcore level. What i thought was going to be a regular match turned out to be the most brutal Iíve seen out of these two in a long time. Hostile proved one thing to NGW "You canít kill what doesnít want to be killed!" Awesome threw everything he could think of at Hostile and he kept coming, but finally with a choke slam back breaker on the outside, which Iím impressed Awesome could pick the big bald bastard up, and the Dark Lotus and Butterfly inside the ring Awesome picked up the win. Was that it? HELL NO! Awesome wanted to teach Hostile a lesson and when he slowly raised up, which will be called "The cain shot heard around the world!" hit Hostile with biggest cane shot that Iíve ever seen knocking him unconscious. Which everyone knows Iím not a fan of the Fucking Hardcore Homo, But I must give him props for the match, I truly donít think its the end of this feud between these two which I will shed light on later on in this article.

This night of great action would also see the return of Cage Personally I havenít see any matches with Cage, but what I witnessed between Cage and Kryptonite was a truly great match, I expect great things out of these two for NGW.

Unrated and Starfire was another good match, this new wrestler by the name of Unrated has the history with some big names, Iím kind of curious to see what will come into play with this new guy.

I also want to congratulate the new NGW tag team champions of the world Cole Cash and Fly Guy, its about time a tag team that finally deserves the titles gets them, the match was extremely good and Iím looking forward to their first title defense.

Now onto Steel, I canít believe the NGW powers to be let this nut case have the United States title, he just comes back out of the blue and gets a title shot? He claims that he was making a movie? Yea he was making a movie, it was called "Wrestling...for Dummies!" Steel goes in depth on how even idiots can make it into the wrestling industry. Listen up Steel, sooner or later someone way bigger than you is going to come along and strip that title from you, so enjoy it while you can!

Now onto rumors and news from my dark casket:

*Breaking news!! Just today Hostile had a meeting with the Executive Committee of NGW , heís ordering a Re -Match with Adam Awesome this coming Sunday Iíve been told its a Singapore Cane match! Will Awesome Except this match? We will keep you informed on the this breaking announcement.

*Thug once again has been spotted at Wendy's he was caught propositioning a driver that was coming through Drive -through, Thug was trying to sale his body for 2 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and a Root beer, what has this world came to? The gentleman is threatening to press charges on Thug, words cant express the disgust Iím feeling for Thug right now. Is he Gay? Is he Queer? Is he the neighborhood fairy? Who knows!

*Who will the new Tag champs face in their first ever Title defense?

* There was a superstar spotted at the show this past Sunday, rumors have it heís going to start wrestling again for NGW, we will keep you posted on this pressing matter.

*When will we get a woman division Thug? The fans demand puppies!

*What is going on with the nation? Is the Nation going to be no more? We will keep the details on this coming problem.

*What is the growing hostility between VVD and Virus? Does Virus want a shot at VVD?

* When will John Callis Grow a set of cock and balls out of that putrid pussy?

That is all i have for this week, Have a good evening and always remember what I say from my coffin....

"For warned is For Armed!"




Welcome back to another Edition of "Thoughts from Hell", no this isnít John Callisí twinkie loving machine, its the one and only Bloodpack, countless of centuries I have spilled the blood of countless virgins that courses through my veins now. What a week this has been, I made my first vocal appearance at Hallowicked and I must say without Johns bobbing adamís apple it would have been better, Iíve never seen such a disgusting display of commentating. Now back to what counts:

I want to talk about Steel first in this article, after being gone for weeks supposedly making a movie which I really think he was locked in the bathroom stall taking care of his twig and giggle berries if you know what I mean, he shows back on TV because of what happened to his brother, I personally feel he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, even though Hostile didnít have the right to do what he did, Hostile doesnít give a shit anymore, heís out for blood and thatís what heís getting. Steel approaches Cash and gets in his face when he didnít need to if I was Cash I would have knocked him back down to Smurf village even though heís almost there anyway.

I think the match for the night was the three way for the Next level championship, in my eyes that was the best of the best, I still think they should have extended the time limit and crowned a new champion that evening. Cole Cash is the next big thing in NGW and I support him fully and I wish him the best. Fly guy did an excellent job, I really like his new look, it fits him well. Kid Inferno, all I can say is you have two titles, donít get to greedy, you won those titles good and fast but you can lose them just as fast. Heís still a good athlete in my eyes.

Thug needs to get a new attitude because its starting to stink up the locker room, he brought in this new wrestler called Un-Rated and wrestled against him, after the match he helped him up and attacked him, that really got my flames burning because heís not deserving of the commissionership and someone needs to beat him and beat him hard and knock some sense in him.

The rematch of the night was real good, Virus vs. Fly Guy vs. Starfire, one hell of a good match all three performers were good at what they gave us, I gave them a standing ovation for what they did. I expect big things out of these three in the future.

Now on to what I promised you the fans of NGW, I have two incredible interviews for you this week, next week I will have Thug and VVD as my special guests......

My First Interview is With Cole Cash-

BloodPack: Welcome Cole, how are you this dark evening?

Cole Cash: Iím doing ok, lets get done bull shiting and get on with the interview.

BloodPack: Since the beginning of your career what were the high points in your career? Cole Cash: Really haven't had very many high points in NGW so to speak. Prior to NGW I've held various World Titles on about 16 occasions, but in NGW I've kind of been just another face in the crowd. I've got a few title shots here and there, but could never capitalize on them. Then I was thrown into that damn Barely Legal stable and it almost drug my career further down the tubes. I feel like I'm back now though, and it's time for me to be on top once again.

Bloodpack: The Barely Legal problem, i might ask, didnít you blame Hostile for it, when it was really Adam Awesomeís ego that got in the way?

Cole Cash: It wasn't so much of either really. Awesome has an ego, a bad one, not the kind that I have. My ego is what makes me one of the best. Awesome's makes him miserable because he doesn't live up to it. Awesome and I hate each other, it's no big secret, we'll always hate each other. The powers that be wanted us to team up and bring Hostile in, they wanted us to dominate. At the same time though, all three of our personalities differ so much that Barely Legal was just a train that went off the tracks and couldn't get back on.

BloodPack: Everybody knows "BloodPack" isnít a fan of Awesome especially after what he did to Hostile, when will we see "The Original Ego" vs. ďThe Not So Awesome OneĒ?

Cole Cash: Whenever someone wants to book it. I've beat Awesome on my best day, his best day, my worst day, hell I beat him all the time. It's no sweat off my back.

Bloodpack: In my own opinion Cash/Twisted I feel you deserve a title shot against VVD, have you started talking to the commishí about a possible title shot against VVD?

Cole Cash: No, I'd rather not talk to Thug at all actually. If he feels like giving me a shot at the Universal Title then alright, if not, well I'll just keep going out there show after show and having the match of the night. Bloodpack: I think everyone is starting to feel what Iím feeling about Thug, if you read my last article I called him an S.O.B, because the way heís running things, do you feel the same way as I do and the rest of the NGW employees ?

Cole Cash: I've known Thug a lot longer than most people know. Everyone thinks our history together started when ICW first joined with BYW, but no, I've known Thug before either of us started wrestling. Hell, I trained with Thug. There's a lot of untold history between us. So yeah, I agree, he's an S.O.B. and as far as his commishí run, well everything he does will come back on him three-fold.

Bloodpack: What would you consider your best Match at NGW so far?

Cole Cash: Did you see the show today?

Bloodpack: Yes

Cole Cash: Then what did you think?

Bloodpack: You did excellent in your match.

Cole Cash: Yeah, right now, I'd say itís a tie between the two matches today as far as my best match goes.

Bloodpack: Locker room speculations say that you and Hostile have it in for each other inside and backstage, is that true?

Cole Cash: Yeah, I hear he's kind of bitter about the ass beating I gave him, but oh well. He knows where to find me. The big bastard has choke slammed me enough. I'd say that should be enough revenge. If he wants a match, he knows how to get one, if he wants a fight, I'm pretty easy to find.

Bloodpack: The reason why I asked that question was heís been in the crowd or heís gotten involved in your matches recently, Cash I respect you but Hostiles last match before his injury , he beat you in his own match called "Hardcore Heaven" what are your comments on that?

Cole Cash: Yeah, he beat me. Your point? I'm not unbeatable man, I'm just hard to beat. I didn't know what to expect going into the match with him, and he's a big guy you know. So yeah, he got the victory that time. Put him in there with me again, and the outcome could be a bit different.

Bloodpack: What is are your thoughts on the direction pro wrestling is going?

Cole Cash: If it isn't Indy, it doesn't mean a damn thing anymore. The so called ďsuperstarsĒ of the WWE are good, but they just don't care anymore. Once they make it, they quit trying to achieve more. We Indy guys, we bust our asses off show after show, because we know we're not at the top yet. I have no interested in anything other than Indy wrestling right now.

Bloodpack: After watching your match tonight for the Next Level Title, Donít you think they should have suspended the time limit rule?

Cole Cash: I think it was kind of a bullshit thing to do. And to be honest with you, none of us knew there was a time limit draw. All three of us were busting our assís during that match, but TV time is TV time, so you know, they did what they had too. I definitely want another crack at that title though.

Bloodpack: What are your feelings towards steel after what he did tonight at the Mega-Card?

Cole Cash: Steel.........he's something else. I mean I literally thought he was going to kill me in that locker room. He apologized though, so you know...whatever. We're cool, I just wonder if he knows he's stuck in Barely Legal without me. Bad thing is, he has a contract to be with BL for a year, so he's stuck.

Bloodpack: If you could have a match from hell, who would you choose, Thug, Ffly Guy, Adam Awesome, Hostile or Kid inferno, and why?

Cole Cash: A match from hell?

Bloodpack: Ha Ha, where I come from its called that but its Hardcore, Cash.

Cole Cash: So a hardcore match? I'd have to say Awesome. We have done some pretty hellacious stuff to each other. So yeah, I'd say him. But maybe Thug, I'd really like to smash a chair over his head you know?

Bloodpack: I know what you mean Cash, I have a few more questions for you, I know you got people to kill and Goth cheerleaders to do. Rumors are floating around on the net that you are planning on forming a new tag team, is that true?

Cole Cash: I am? That's news to me my man. You never know though, let's just say I'm always around for old friends.

Bloodpack: Ha Ha, I always get the juicy details, especially if it has to be with virgins, but anyway what are the future plans of Cole Cash?

Cole Cash: Who knows man. I'm no pyschic, but after today, I'm pretty sure I'm getting close to being back on top. And I'm the number one contender to the US Title. Which I donít think anyone noticed. So maybe I'll finally get a shot at that belt, bring a little prestige to it, because nothing against Pimp Daddy and the Wiggster, but come on.

Bloodpack: Iím a big fan of yours and a big fan of the mask you use when your Twisted Youth, is Twisted Youth your alter ego or just another character that you use to intimidate people?

Cole Cash: Is the mask intimidating? I always thought it was kind of cool. There is no deep meaning to it, no rhyme or reason, I just wear it when I feel like it. When I work outside of NGW though, I wear the mask as Twisted Youth though, but I kind of like wearing it, so I donít know, I guess it's just one of those weird things about me.

Bloodpack: What happend with you and the Tri-State scandal with Arpin? I still feel you were the top young star of that promotion.

Cole Cash: Three words man, "Fuck....Richard....Arpin!" It was one of those "he said, she said' bullshit things, where a worker told him I said something, he took it the wrong way, fired me without ever asking me about it, and then tried back stepping. I was going nowhere with TriState anyway, and I knew that. He has his main eventers, I wasn't going to be elevated. I was held back from the day I started there, so it was for the best.

Bloodpack:I know you wrestle for NGW, but I also know that not to many people know in the back in the locker room that you wrestle for other organizations, can you name what companies they are?

Cole Cash: Umm, really none right now. I have a deal with an upstart promotion called TEW right now, and I'm kind of in talks in NWA East(PWX), but they all hate backyard wrestling, but hell, only a matter of time until this ship called NGW sets sail for the Indy world.

Bloodpack: I agree with you completely , is there any message to the locker of NGW that you want to address?

Cole Cash: Well for what it's worth, I'm proud of this locker room. Almost everyone works their ass off every show, and the ones who don't still have potential. I'd be willing to do anything for this company knowing that 99% of the locker room feel the same way as me.

Bloodpack: Now to the question that means a lot to me, have you read my article, and do you like it? Are you a fan of Bloodpack?

Cole Cash: Yeah, I have read it. It's good, you really get to the point quick and you don't throw a lot of extra nothing in.

Bloodpack: Thanks, at least thereís one fan of Bloodpack in the locker room, In finishing this interview, is there anything else you would like to say or add to it?

Cole Cash: Just get ready. You're going to see stuff from me that you've never seen before. Forget everything you know about me and get ready for the new version of Cole Cash. Win or lose, I guarantee you every match will be a match of the year candidate, and if the rumors are true, and there is a Best of the Best tournament coming're looking at the best right here.

Bloodpack:I wanta y thank you for being my first interview , and Remember one thing that I always say "For warned is For armed"

For the second interview of the night I would like to welcome in his first interview with anyone in NGW , Hostile.....

Bloodpack: Welcome to Hell Hostile, I know youíve been to hell a few times, how are you doing this nice dark evening?

Hostile: Iím doing fine

Bloodpack: Its a real honor to have you sitting here giving me the honor to first interview you, If I may ask how did you get into wrestling ?

Hostile: How? IT FUCKING CHOSE ME, THATS HOW! Thatís your answer, I used to travel the dark shadows a lot where I came from ,I was a street fighter, then I ran into a man that would forever change my attitude and my career in life, he saw one of my street fights , I traveled a circuit called "The Pain Crew" he was impressed with that street fight and brought me back to his place and offered me a deal to train me personally in professional wrestling, you might know him as "The Undertaker" or Mark Calloway, he adopted me like I was his son, but due to conflict we went our separate ways and I hit the Independent Circuit, I worked it for several years then one day Adam Awesome was at one of our house shows and after my match approached me and asked me if I was interested in jumping ship to NGW , I heard good things about NGW at that time and I said alright, I went through a wrestling school in NGW and Awesome asked the commissioner if I could join "Barely legal" so I did thatís how I started here in NGW.

Bloodpack: Iím sorry, I didnít mean to piss you off, but I must ask where do you actually come from?

Hostile: Wouldnít you like to know.....

Bloodpack: What are your thoughts on what happened to you in Barely Legal?

Hostile: Want to know my thoughts? Everyone of those fuckers are dead men and they donít know it yet, they are going to pay the Reaper what they owe me, their souls! The only reason why I was brought into barely legal was because I was the power behind the scenes .All I can say to Barely Legal and whatís left of them including Cash watch your backs....and get your body bags ready! Because the bodies are going to hit the floor!

Bloodpack: Whatís with this new Attitude you have Hostile, everyone knows your more intense lately, and you have a new view in life, whatís going on?

Hostile: If you havenít noticed, I donít talk much, I rather have my actions do the talking, the reason Iím more intense is Iím tired of being screwed over, Iíve been screwed over since day one of me being here in this shit hole, just because Iím the rookie in this company doesnít mean I donít bust my ass out there like everyone else in that NGW locker room.

Bloodpack: Wow, I can defiantly tell you have a new purpose now, but getting back on track, What are your thoughts on joining the Nation and being with the Nation?

Hostile: My thoughts on the Nation? I donít really care right now, its just another job that the guys in the big office is telling me to do, personally their not doing shit for me, like the Barely Legal situation, this is just another one of those problems that needs to be corrected.

Bloodpack: Everyone wants to know your thoughts on Adam Awesome, what are they?

Hostile: You want to know my thoughts on Adam Awesome? Personally I think heís a cancer on NGW, a disease thatís needs to be killed and Iím the vaccine, Listen Up Awesome, your a worthless piece of talent, you think Iíve forgotten what you did to me and my arm, I havenít, you better listen up and closely, ill constantly be there behind you where ever you are until I have your blood on my hands, until then I canít Rest In Peace.

Bloodpack: Thatís a chilling message to the Awesome one. Is it true that you have hatred towards Cole Cash?

Hostile: If you asked it, then it must be true, I respect him, heís just another one on my list that I will take care of down the road. Thereís a lot of wounds that havenít closed yet and when I get done with Cash they will be closed.

Bloodpack: How did you feel about winning the first ever match that you designed "Hardcore Heaven?"

Hostile: Personally I wasnít happy with it, Yeah I won, but i didnít accomplish what I wanted to do...

Bloodpack: What was that?

Hostile: Total annihilation of Cole Cash, It would have came to past until the cancer Adam Awesome came in and hit my arm with a kendo stick tearing my bicep into 2 halves forcing me to watch the events of NGW unfold every week for two months.

Bloodpack: Donít take this the wrong way but Your Sadistic!

Hostile: I donít, I take it as a compliment.

Bloodpack: What is your goal now for NGW?

Hostile: Unlike most wrestlers its not about the belts to me, In my eyes they donít mean anything to me, My goal is the total annihilation of every superstar in NGW locker room , there can only be one in that ring, And thatís going to be me!

Bloodpack: Whatís your thoughts on the Commishí and the former Universal Heavyweight Champion, Thug?

Hostile: Heís a coward, Heís been avoiding me since Iíve started here, when I came back in his match, I did it to make a point, I noticed the fear in his eyeís, a fear that everyone has when they face me, a fear of not coming back out of that ring, Thug should be afraid of me, because if he did wrestle me he would be in a serious problem, I wouldnít kill him, thatís to good for him, I would cripple him very slowly , putting him in a wheel chair for life ,want to know why? Mental Anguish is the most horrific pain out there, if you cant do what you love, you would be living in constant hell to the day you die.

Bloodpack: Rumors are flying around crazy saying that your going to be wrestling again very soon is that possible?

Hostile: Let me say this "Anything can happen and will happen here at NGW" keep your eyes open and your mouths shut. Bloodpack: Whats your thoughts on Professional wrestling today?

Hostile: Personally it sucks! but with new editions of stars and storylines it will get better, Indy in my view is the best and will always be best until something else can top it which I donít think will happen for a while.

Bloodpack: What would be your dream match here at NGW ?

Hostile: Well I have a few but I would have to say a hell in a cell match with Cole Cash, Thug, Awesome, Virus, Fly Guy, Steel, VVD, Kid Inferno, last man standing, no titles nothing, just the honor of killing everyone else and your the final one standing in the middle of the ring. Blood would be spilled and I can see the mighty blood shed as if it were happening now.

Bloodpack: When will we see Hostile in a title match?

Hostile: Didnít I already tell you ? I can care less about those damn titles, if i win one I win one, that isnít my reward, my reward is going out ere day in and day out destroying the lives of many wrestlers at my hands, I can care less if I have a fan, I do what Iím good at, killing careers....

Bloodpack: Anything you want to add in your own words?

Hostile: "Every Man must walk the long road in life, but when it comes down to it, when they come down to the end of that road, Iíll be there, and when they look into my icy blue eyes of fate they will realize what they must go through, The fate of all mankind, what advise I can give? Give your soul to the lord why you can, because if you donít and when I get there ill take our soul with me to internal Damnation".

Bloodpack, I donít know what to say after that comment but onto one of my favorite question I like to ask the guys is, Are you a fan of Bloodpack and do you read the article?

Hostile: I read the article when Iím not busy traveling, yes its very good, but I need to tell you this, get off the Hostile band wagon, I donít need fans, especially you, I donít need anyone, if you donít like it then get your ass in the ring and Iíll personally ship your ass back on Satanís desk personally post marked Hostile 6:66!

Bloodpack: I wonít comment on that because I know you can kick my ass, is there any last things you would to say to the fans and to the NGW locker room?

Hostile: All I can say is keep your eyes open and watch your backs, when the hairs on back of your neck stick up and you have goose bumps forming with the feeling of a cold breeze on you, ill be thereÖbecause the New Hostile is here!

Thanks for your time Hostile, and remember "For Warned Is For Armed!"

Thatís all for this week, catch my next weeks article with VVD and Thug and results from this coming week of action with my up to date rumors. Thanks again and always remember..."For Warned Is For Armed!"




Welcome back for another historic third week edition of "Thoughts from Hell" what a week this has been, The Mega-Card event that transpired this past Sunday was unbelievable. Unlike some promotions that are on TV and or Independent circuits, NGW will never stink like putrid pussies, we are extreme, we are the inventors of violence, weíre the next level, weíre the New Generation of Wrestling! Hard to believe a 14th century vampire to be so pumped up. But what I saw take place this past Sunday gave new life to certain parts of my body especially with the help of some young virgins, like the saying goes "Two heads are better than one!" if you canít think about what I'm meaning put your mind in the gutter. Now back to business.....

The first match of the evening was Fly Guy vs. Virus, What can I say about these two, their both great talent, they are leaders in the lockeroom, but I have one problem which I will have the balls to say "Certain people in power are holding them down so they donít get a title shot" wander who I'm talking about? Thug. Heís a power hungry SON OF A BITCH! It's kind of funny who held the Universal title while they were the commish' of NGW, the title shot was really suppose to be Virus' but was given to VVD, donít get me wrong I have nothing against VVD heís a part of the Nation and I love the Nation, but what happened to Virus was, how can I say it "Montreal Screw JobĒ the loving words of Bret Hart. Fly Guy and Virus fought until they couldnít fight anymore, then out of no where Starfire, came out and hit Virus causing the Fly Guy to be DQíd, which neither one of them wanted, what will happen because of this? I personally think they need to have a rematch and who ever wins becomes the next #1 contender but thatís just my thought.

Battle of the cruiserweights was unbelievable, Kid Porno, oops, I mean Kid Inferno, L.L. Lighting and last but not least Starfire, put on one hell of a show I cant believe, all three of them are great talents and Iím looking forward to seeing them being stars in the company in the future. But one thing that really pissed me off was , this so called "Juggalo" Adam Awesome came out and helped Kid Inferno to get the victory afterwards The King of Kid Pornoís and the King of Hardcore Homos joined together to form a new version of Barely Legal, when Cole Cash came out he was shocked to see this, Awesome had to get in between Inferno and Cash to stop the fighting. This makes me wander, whereís Steel at? I can only think of two possibilities heís either scared or heís still sucking his momís ten pound tit. Whatever heís doing he needs to get back in the ring, Iíll have more on Steel shortly.

What turned out to be total destruction in the third match, was Kryptonite vs. Cole Cash a.k.a. Twisted Youth, Kryptonite came out with Virus and the new member of the Nation of Hate, Child of Darkness, Hostile. This match was impressive from the start, when it finally came to the end Cole Cash went up the ladder and Virus hit Cash with the chair causing Kryptonite to hit the Spanish Fly on Cole cash for the win. After that all hell broke loose, Virus and Hostile came in, the ref turned out to be the Nations personal ref now, and what I thought was a severe injury that Hostile had me guessing wrong, he put a super choke-slam on Cash through a chair, all the nation members destroyed Cash. Not one member of Barely Legal came out to help Cash because he told them no matter what not to come out. This was a slobber knocker!

In the back, Cole Cash came in and chewed out all the members of Barely Legal, asking them "Where in the hell were you guys ?" and all the sudden all of the Nation rushed into the locker room attacking Barely Legal, Hostile went and destroyed Steels younger brother leaving him a mess. In this attack Hostile took the mask that represents Cashís alter ego "Twisted Youth". Before a commercial break happened all the members of the Nation were laughing over the bodies of Barely Legal.

The battle for the tag team gold was up next, Virus and Serial Killer vs. an injured Adam Awesome and Kid Inferno. This turned out to be a great intense match, what started out in the beginning was that Virus told Barely legal since they just got their ass kicked that they would make it a three on two match for the gold and all the sudden Cole Cashís music hit and out what we thought was Cole Cash was Hostile wearing the battle mask of Twisted Youth, both members of Barely Legal were shocked to see this and were totally pissed off. I was very impressed with what this match had, but I had that funny feeling that hells fires would raise in the ring and I was right, Virus hit the System Shutdown on Kid Inferno but Cole Cash came out and nailed Virus with the chair and then the Nationís ref. Cash laid Inferno on top of Virus and counted the three with the refs hand to get the gold for Barely Legal then he helped both members up and knocked them out with chair shots. Cash took the titles and spit on them and threw them on the ground and said he had enough. This was a truly an intense battle. What will happen with Barely Legal we will have to wait and find out next week.

When the cameras came back on Kid inferno was up and challenged Cash for a Last Man Standing match at Hallo-wicked this coming Sunday at the second Mega-Card. Thug has sanctioned this match and has made it a first round match to declare a new NGW Next Level Champ. Iíll personally be ring side watching this amazing match!

Back in the locker room Adam Awesome was going to get in his car when Fly Guy approached him was like "What the fuck are you doing in my car" Awesome was back stepping like he usually does when someone taller is getting pissed at him, Fly Guy started beating the shit out of Awesome and the commishí ordered it be a Falls Count Anywhere match. This match had great offense and defense, I was real impressed with the both of them, they gave everything that they had, their blood, sweat and tears, and finally a weakened tired Awesome put the Dark Lotus and the Butterfly on Fly Guy for the win, with a standing ovation, I donít care if you like him or not, heís extreme and heís hardcore!

The final match was set as a lumberjack match, with VVD and Thug for the Universal title, the lumber jacks were Hostile and Virus from the Nation and Vanguished who seems to be having mental problems or something, I dont know really, Fly Guy stable mate to Thug, and Kid Inferno and Cole Cash from Barely Legal. This was a wonderful match all around. There were several times lumberjacks were going to get into it with each other when Thug jumped out of the ring hitting Cash, Virus, and Hostile in the head with a chair. What turned out to be the end of the match was VVD coming over with the title for the Nation with the Lexicon! What a victory for the Nation of Hate! or could it be destruction for Nation of Hate? Virus came from behind and gave VVD the System Shutdown in the middle of the ring, Hostile yelled out loud "What the hell are you doing?" but Virus only flipped him off and walked off.

What a Mega event! Thug was right, what will we see next Sunday? We all will have to stay tuned and watch what else unfolds!

Now for Rumors and actual News on things in NGW:

1.) The commishí of NGW is still trying to get a womanís division started for the company again, heís in talks with two very prospective talents which I cant reveal their names at this time.

2.) What will happen to the Nation? Have they officially ended or was Virus just teaching VVD a little respect for a true veteran in this business.

3.) Rumors saying since Thug lost his belt, heís turned into a street hooker on the corner at Wendy's in St. Marys on his off days when heís not wrestling. Want to know why that sucks? One, I hate Wendy's!!!!!! Two, I cant see Thug wearing high heels, maybe a shade of red lipstick but not high heels. I donít know if itís true but Iím going to keep the NGW fans updated on this story.

4.) What state of mind is Cole Cash? Will he have a another personality formed from this madness that exploded this past Sunday, who knows, we will have to watch and see.

Thatís it for this week, Iíll have you an explosive report from the second Mega-Card next week with interviews from VVD, Thug, Cole Cash, and in his first interview Hostile!!!!

Remember what I say from my coffin........

"For warned is For Armed"

Fright Night




Hello Children of the night, This is BloodPack for another dark and evil article from the master of evil himself. While I sit here and drink the sweet nectar of Virgin Blood and enjoying the feeling of the blood rolling down my throat, I said to myself "NGW is the best Damn thing Iíve ever seen since I was born 500 years ago." Why did I say I was born that long ago, well I was born to Darkness in 1472 in a village of Turkey, the Grand master kidnapped me and turned me into one of the unholy, yes Iím a vampire for all those BloodPack Fans thatís a little history lesson for you. But getting back to the main reason for this article is NGW!!!

This weeks show has been cancelled do to the preparationís of the two mega events thatís going to take place close to all Hallows eve, My favorite holiday. Iím looking forward to these Mega Cards, we will see things that the fans havenít seen out of the NGW yet.

I personally feel that the Darkness in some of these wrestlers have increased in the past few weeks, Thug has become more insane from stress, We saw the mighty return of the Dark Prince himself Hostile, Cole Cash has become more of a singles wrestler, I personally like him better as Twisted Youth , heís more evil that way, Adam Awesome is going through personal problems which he needs to work through to get to these Mega Card's, heís starting to lose the dark flame that burns in his heart, Iím starting to wander if the chants "Hardcore Homo" are true, Iíve seen fairies hit harder than what this former King of Extreme is doing currently.

Barely Legal, what can I say, Cash and Awesome are having problems, they've been having problems since Hostile was kicked out of the group, which Iím glad they did, he was to intense for them and their visions of Darkness wasnít the same vision of Hostiles. These two I predict, they will split up in the near future unless they get their battle plan in the same page. Where has steel been? Heís suppose to be a so called ďmemberĒ of Barely Legal and he hasnít been on the show for weeks, so whatís the problem Steel? Did somebody knock you out of your boots, I think someone did and you know who he is.

Eight Ball, Serial Killer, Vanquished, Scotty Bliss, these men are what the business is about, they go out night and day giving all that they have and what respect do they get? Not a whole lot, I hope the "Mad Scientist" of NGW writes some good stories for these men, they are a gift to this company and a blessing to have.

Now onto my new favorite wrestler in NGW, Virus, what can I say about this guy? He did something that I would never thought anybody could do, he brought back the monster that was suppose to be gone for two months, but this new version of Hostile is more intense and feels no pain. Virus is a genius, with the joining of Hostile, the Nation of Hate has become the most Dominant Force in NGW History, I have one question for the master of Hate. How will you control the Dead man, since heís yours now?. Another thought I hope Virus brings the Universal Heavyweight Championship back home to the Nation soon, he is a truly gifted wrestler and Iíll be sitting close to the ring when he does it.

All I can say about Thug is, Son get some insurance, Because heís coming, heís coming for you, and you wander who this guy is, you know as well as I do but Iím not going to say because its going to be a shock and a surprise to the rest of NGW, This person wants revenge on you brother, think hard and think well because when the bell tows he will be there behind you.

Things are looking good for the wrestlers and NGW, Im personally looking forward to seeing these next two weeks and see what transpires on NGW television.

Now its time for random rumors from the Dark shadows:

NGW Girls division might be starting up again, Thug has been in contact with several prospective women wrestlers and the talks seem to be going good, we might see a match this coming week, but nothing is set in stone.

Sources say that Barely Legal are having more problems than whatís being played out on the shows.

Thug has been spotted at Wendy's again for the consecutive 3rd week in a row, either he wants a job real bad or their putting something in the burgers thatís giving him a "little hardy hard hard" if you know what I mean and when I say little, Iím not talking about the little girls that Kid Porno enjoys oops did I say Kid Porno I meant Kid Inferno Ha Ha.

This is a break through announcement from the back office, Hostile has issued a challenge this morning to anyone in the locker room for a match one on one, on the second MegaCard on the special Halloween edition, he will be medically cleared for the second MegaCard. Who will have the balls to step in the ring and face Hostile in his ring return? I hope either Fly Guy, Steel, Cole Cash or Adam Awesome himself steps up to the plate, but everybody wants to know, when will Thug grow the balls and face the biggest man in the company? He avoided Hostile before he even got injured, we will have to keep our eyes open on this major announcement.

What will happen with Barely Legal, Iím surely interested myself.

I will support NGW to the fullest for going Indy. They are the best.

Well this is it for this weeks edition of "Thoughts from Hell" Iíll be back next week with results and interviews from the first of two explosive MegaCards stayed tune!

Remember one thing...."For warned is For Armed"




Welcome to the first edition of "Thoughts from Hell" this is the first of many columns. I apologize for the time it took for this column to be put, I was in Neverland getting me a piece of tinkerbell (Just like warm Apple Pie) and thats not the McDonalds brand that certain NGW superstars serve at thier work place. Lets get back on topic we had a great week of action that in my thoughts have been the best I've seen in a while...

The battle for the tag team gold was one of the best matches I've seen in a long time, I was shocked to see the things I saw, I have one question I have to ask. What happend to the ta team of Virus & VVD? As I can remember they were former tag team champions, but the new formation of the tag team between Virus and Serial Killer was real impressive. And who would have known the return of the big man was going to be that night.I was sitting third row when I heard a disturbed song and then Hostile re-merged from what was suppose to me a two month injury, I was shocked to see him join the Nation of Hate especially what Virus did to Hostile at his last match with Cole Cash. It was an impressive sight, we will get to the big man later in the column.

It was really good to see Starfire back in action, he is an impressive talent and will definetly be a big time player in NGW. Starfire battled against Virus & Vanqished in a triple threat match and he survived thats impressive. I would like to see Starfire get more oppurtunities against some big name players in the NGW locker room.

I was really disappointed in Thug's attitude and behavior. Yeah its true he's under pressure and stress to be a champion and run the company, but remember its the fans that make you who you are! Not the belt and not the power that you have. His matches are getting more intense at every show. I'm not trying to come down hard on the champion I'm one of his big supporters, but if you can't calm down why not get some Prozak then?

Onto my second favorite match of the night, VVD vs Cole Cash, these two bleed ego, and I really dont know who I would pick to win because I like them both, they have a rough neck style of wrestling and I like it, Cash had a set of legs and feet that could chop a man in half and VVD has the Lexicon that would make you shit your pants and smell it three weeks later. But what turned out to be a slobber jobber, VVD came out on top and still the U.S. Champion. I smell a rematch coming soon!

Eight ball and Scotty Bliss had an impressive go around, sooner or later one of these men will make it big in NGW, just give it time, and you will make it here, everyone has a begining. These two are the future of NGW.

In the words of of Marvin Gaye "Lets Get It On" Fly Guy was in attendence and he whooped ass like I've never seen before, he was defending the tag belts with thug in the three way battle, he is real impressive, I was amazed with the brawl him and Hostile had after the match, I think these two need to have a match, the battle wounds have never completely closed. I personally think Fly Guy wants revenge on Hostile, he hasnt been the same since the fight. I'll be sitting first row when the first match between the two happens.

Awesome and thug Turned out to be a match that I'm still asking questions about, I personally think there is things troubling Awesome, I've never seen him in this condition and it makes me wonder, what will happen to Barely Legal? Cash and Awesome were seen arguing after the match and the rumor is staring to turn the turnbines. Is it the end of Barely Legal? We'll have to wait and see.

On to my my final subject-Hostile,I have one question? Why join the Nation Of Hate? Who knows but I'm glad to see the big man back, he seems like hes lost weight and he looks stronger then ever. Has he forgiven what Virus and Serial Killer did to him? I personally dont know but Hostile hasn't talked to anyone, he's more focused and more in tuned in what he wants out of NGW, he is truly The Deadman, we'll have to see what happens in the coming weeks.

Now to the rumors...

Sources told me, no one is retiring it was bad rumors, everyone is devoted to the NGW product.

Should Cash be the #1 contender? I personally think he should be.

What will happen with the Nation of Hate with the efusion of natural dark evil by Hostile. As this point the Nation is the biggest stable in NGW, what will be Hostile's part in the Nation?

Should NGW go Indy? I personally think so,we have great talent and we could become big in time.

Is Thug having a nervous break down?

Rumors have it from a reliable source that Hostile has been challenged to a cross promotional match with a certain superstar that has been spotted in NGW once or twice, we will keep you updated with these developements.

When will Fly Guy get a title shot with someone? He deserves to get a shot. He is a wonderful talent and and he deserves it.

Thats all for this week, I'll be back next week with more news and rumors!!!!

Remember one thing and this phrase is catching on everywhere...."Make sure to check your balls and walk in the shadows!"

Its national check your balls month!!!!