Coby "Da Fly One" Diehl Updated: 8/7/03
Height: 6'
Weight: 190 lbs
Born: Long Beach, California (Resides: Mineral Wells, W.V.)
Finisher: The Coby-Klazum (Pyramid Driver)
Trademarks: Fear Factor (Cutthroat Suplex), M. Bison, Assault Driver, 450 Splash, 420 Frog Splash, Bad Omen (Swanton Bomb), and The Slipknot
Titles Held in NGW: Universal Champion (1x), Next Level Champion (1x), Tag Team Champion (2x)

Coby Diehl, formerly known as Fly Guy, is one of the best all around wrestlers in NGW. Anything from mat wrestling and high flying to hardcore, he can do it. He trained along side Cole Cash, THUG, and Blade who are 3 of the best talents in backyard. If it needs taken to the limit, the Coby can take it... Since the start of 2003 Coby has been stepping closer and closer to the Universal Championship. Once a Ultra-Vilont All-Star, now one of the top memebers of The New Era Horseman. Probably his biggest accomplishment to date was being the longest Next Level Champion in NGW history. He held the belt for 6 straight months. He has held many other titles in his career including the ICW IC Title, the ICW World Title, he was the first XCW World Champion after beating long-time friend Cole Cash in a 60 minute Ironman Match. He has held the NGW Tag Titles with Cole Cash and currently with THUG. And he recently defeated his best friend and former tag team partner Blade in what some would consider for Match of the Year to become the NGW Universal Champion. He has since split from his former allies, the New Era Horseman and for the time being is on his own to cause havic in the ranks of NGW.