Height: 6'6''
Weight: 280 lbs
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
Finisher: "Burning Cross"

To say Dynle is insane is an understatement. Dynle started his career in BYW and continued through XCW. While in XCW he lost a match causing him to become THUG's slave. Being a slave sent Dynle over the edge making the crazy man even more insane. Dynle went on many rampages. One attack of which was on the former XCW Heavyweight Champion, Kryptonite. The owner of Xtreme Championship Wrestling, Maxwell DiNova went the need to lock Dynle down for a while, as he was sent to an Insane Asylumn. Unfortunantly Dynle has been released and is back to reek havoc in NGW. Dynle is currently the biggest man on roster and I don't see anyone from stopping him from going straight to the top.