Domestic Disturbance Updated: 5/21/02
Height: 6' 5''
Weight: 240 lbs
From: It's where I'm going that matters....
Finisher: "Vertical Limit"

Domestic Disturbance got his start in wrestling in the old EWF. He gave everything he had to keep the EWF alive and stayed with it to it's end. Little is known about this man as he has never been interviewed. He prefers a more classic form of pro wrestling, but when needed, he can turn up the volume and go toe to toe with anyone. His finisher is the devastating "Vertical Limit", which is a fitting name for the move, as he lifts his opponents over his head in a half spin, and drops them on the back of their necks. This move added to his amazing height, makes this one of the most effective moves in the NGW today. Domestic Disturbance still has a lot to prove not just to himself, but to NEw Generation Wrestling and all of it's fans. His future is looking very bright and with all of his skills, there is no limit as to how far he can go.