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NGW Universal Champion:

Vance Desmond
3. Fly Guy
4. Cole Cash
5. "Superstar" Chris Adams

NGW United States Champion: Steel

1. Cole Cash
2. Rage
3. The Paperboy
4. Pyro
5. Johnny Paradise

NGW Cruiserweight Champion:

Kid Inferno
1. L.L. Lightning
2. Starfire
3. Kryptonite
4. Huvi
5. Blood

NGW Next Level Champion:Fly Guy
1. Cole Cash
2. Kid Inferno
3. Adam Awesome
4.Vance Desmond

NGW Tag Team Champions: Cole Cash & Fly Guy

1. Adam Awesome & Kid Inferno
2. Virus & VVD
3. Thug & Chris Adams
4. Team Hot Stuff
5. Canadian Violence
4. Virus & Serial Killer


NGW Weekly Columns

Division Rules:

Universal Heavyweight: All contendars of this division must be male and weigh at least 185 lbs however, there is no weight limit to this division.

United States Heavyweight: Male contendars under the weight of 185 lbs make up this division. This is a powerful division for lighter guys.

Cruiserweight: Male contendars under the weight of 185 lbs are also in this division. The only difference is this is for faster wrestlers opposed to powerful wrestlers like in the International division.

Next Level: Anyone from ANY division is aloud to compete in this division. There isn't any rules of any kind.

Tag Team: The only rule to this division is to be two people working as a team.



The very last NGW Xtreme TV went on the air with Thug making his way to the ring carrying a ladder. Thug grabbed the microphone and announced with the last Xtreme TV a new Universal Champion will be crowned here tonight. He announced that there would be a ladder match for the title consisting of himself, Vanquished, and VVD. But Thug said he didn’t like even numbers so he would also add Virus to the match.

The first match of the night was Starfire taking on the newcomer Un-Rated. Un-Rated controlled most of the match with Starfire getting in some offensive flurries. Un-Rated was able to pull out the victory with a running power slam.

Cole Cash was then seen in his locker room preparing his match later in the night as Adam Awesome & Kid Inferno barged in and warned him that there would be redemption for him leaving Barely Legal and Cash said they should shut the hell up and worry about himself tonight.

Steel then made his way out to the ring. Steel said last week he took out Kryptonite and now its time for Serial Killer. Serial Killer music hit but instead out came Virus. Virus walked around to the other side of the ring and once Steel’s back was turned Serial Killer nailed Steel with a steel chair. Steel was able to come back however and challenged Killer to put the U.S. Title on the line and Killer accepted. After an atomic drop from Steel, he went to the deck to catch a breather when Virus jumped in the ring and gave Serial Killer the System Shutdown. Once Steel turned around he noticed Serial Killer was down and got the victory to become the new U.S. Champion!

When we came back Hostile made his way to the ring. Hostile announced that he was cleared to return to the ring and laid down a challenge to one man to come fight him tonight. That one man being Adam Awesome, and Awesome gladly accepted. This match didn’t stay in the ring long however as both men went outside and beat the hell out of each other with anything they could find. Awesome was able to get the victory after a Dark Lotus and a Butterfly.

The NGW Tag Team Title were on the line next as Fly Guy and Thug challenged Kid Inferno and Adam Awesome. Each team took it to each other back and forth but throughout the match Thug would not tag into the match. At one point in the match Thug just walked out leaving Fly Guy alone to battle for himself. When it looked liked Barely Legal had it won the music of Cole Cash hit and Cash walked out swinging a Singapore Cane. As Cash entered the ring it appeared he was going to strike Fly Guy but instead he nailed Kid Inferno and Adam Awesome. Fly Guy and Cole Cash became the NGW Tag Team Champions after Cash hit the Personal Jesus on Kid Inferno.

Next, Kryptonite made his way to the ring for his match but he did not know who it was against. We then were shocked as the returning Cage walked through the door. Sir Owen then announced that this would be Cage’s last chance because if he lost he would never be allowed back in NGW but if he won next week he would receive a NGW Cruiserweight Title match against Kid Inferno. Kryptonite and Cage pulled off some great cruiserweight maneuvers but in the end it was Cage who was able to get the win after a splash from the top to the outside onto Kryptonite allowing him to stay in NGW.

The new NGW Next Level Champion would be crowned next as Fly Guy, Kid Inferno, and Cole Cash battled each other again. During Inferno’s entrance we were taken to the back and Cash and Fly Guy said whatever happened out there they would still remain a team. Once all three were in the ring they displayed some amazing action that kept the fans out of their seats the whole match. But the new NGW Next Level Champion would be Fly Guy after he hit the Fear Factor on Cash.

The main event was next as Vanquished, Thug, Virus, and VVD battled in a ladder match for the NGW Universal Championship. Each man beat the hell out of each other with the ladder even breaking the ladder mid-way through the match. Once the ladder was fixed it immediately came back into play. After all four hit their finishers on someone all four were down. Thug positioned Vanquished and went up top. Thug went for a shooting star press but Vanquished moved out of the way and when Thug was coming down VVD jumped in and gave him a Diamond Cutter. VVD then went out and climbed the ladder to get the title and retain his NGW Universal Championship!!

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