From The Minds In Candieland


I’d like to welcome you to the second but not last edition of Candieland... written by the most precious person in NGW today...Candie Cash!!

I know that I have only accomplished writing one column so far, but that’s because NGW has been crazy. We were off on a winter break for a couple months, which turned things upside down.

I’d like to start off by updating you on a current issue. The last column I wrote was a big fuss about my brother not wanting me to be with THUG, well after many months he finally got his wish. As of yesterday, THUG and me are no longer together. As a matter-of-fact, I’m now with The one and only Kid Inferno; and THUG is with E-Klipz. The only thing that I have to say to that is, I hope she has better luck with him than I did; and so be it.

Today’s topic is: EGO (Extremely Gifted Ones) ...I’m sure you’re wondering, what the hell kinda topic is that?!?!....well it’s a hell of a topic if ya ask me!! I’ll ask my guest...whether he thinks EGO has a chance at beating THUG’s “posse ” ...but instead of only having one guest, today I’ll have two.

My Opinion: EGO consists of four amazing wrestlers, including myself. The Kid Inferno, Cole Cash, Myself, and Blade. What more can you ask for to make the greatest stable ever? THUG’s “posse” doesn’t stand a chance against us!!...I’m not going to blabber on about this...because I have two guests that can do that for me!!

For my first guest...and I’m sure everyone is going to be saying okay what the hell is going through this girl’s head?!?!....well business is business and it wouldn’t be very professional to let personal differences interfer with work, now would it? my next guest is THUG

Candie: Okay, I would just like to take this time to clarify any misunderstandings. I am only asking you for your opinion so I can get my column written by the deadline.

THUG: Candie damnit, that better be all this is about, cause I have told you to stop callin' tha cell, quit pagin' me, and quit stalking me! Dis betta not be anotha desperate attempt to get back wit "Your Ghetto Fantasy"! Our relationship is ova like Bret Hart in Canada!

Candie: okay, u wish!!...I found myself another man and he's a lot betta than you!! So keep dreamin there buddy!! You and your little mouthy bitch are the ones that won't quit stalking me!! don't flatter yourself to much!!! U think i want back with you...”Your Ghetto Fantasy“...more like “Your Wannabe Nightmare“!!...oh HA HA you make me laugh...I'm just doing this so i can meet the deadline!! Okay, anyways, back to the topic. What do you think brought your "posse" together?

THUG: That "bitch" has a name. Let me Xplain sumdpin to you, ho! E-Klipz is hott like summa....gotts that ghetto booty...make ya go whoooaaa.....stop n get that? Don't be hatin'! If you dont back tha hell off I may let her whoop ya lil Candie pun intended. My posse? What's next you gonna say I have a crew??? What the hell you wanna know?

Candie: okay what's her name...puppy dog?!?!....and that bitch ain't hott!!...u just better check what the hell you're lookin at again!! cause last time i checked all the guys in the locker-room were talkign about how you're momma is better lookin than her or him...or whatever it is...and her kick my ass?!?!...damn boy you're being a comedian today...i'll fuck her up!! but ya know what enough with this bullshit over you're new woman...and let's get back to business....cause listening to your mouth is getting a little old....and did you not understand what i said in English or would u like me to speak stupid for you?!?!...what do you think brought you boys together to form a stable?

THUG: Ya know Candie.....I never did like you. It was simple.....what's better than stealin' Cole Cash's sister? Not much! And thats what I did, I had you thinkin I loved your ass.......haha that's funny as fuck. I hope Kid Inferno has fun with what I already had, lol, everytime he is fuckin ya could ya remind him "Thugie been there done dat"? Thanks sweetie. You just betta hope mah sweet lady doesnt read this shit or she be all up in ya grill smackin' ya around! Form a stable eh? It's like this, I see the talent in Starfire and New Image. Image is like a younger version of me, he has greatness written all ova him. And everybody knows what Starfire can do if he has some guidance. With me behind these two guys they will dominate NGW. My main goal for as of right now is to get my hands back on your boy Inferno. Everything that happens in these next few weeks...........blame it on Timmy! Maybe if he hadn't injured me I wouldnt be in such a foul mood. By the way, EGO or or FAGGO, w/e dont mess wit me. This doesnt involve you, this is between me, mah girl, and my boys, and Inferno! You mess with me and go against me, you will lose! By the way Candie, late motha fuckin breakin newz........Virus, one of the top "athletes" in now, FIRED! How ya like that shizzle?

Candie: okay you little bitch...i may have been stupid and gullable but I just hope you remember everytime you look at me or anyone else in EGO what you took advantage of a very confused and upset girl!!...You think i really loved you...haha mothafucka u wish!! u're just what i needed to get on top in NGW...and by fuckin your ass that's just what i did...yea i may have fucked some thigns up for my big bro but things between us are cool now!!...Your pathetic ass deseved everything Inferno did!! and this involves me just as much as it involves your girl...and it involves me even more!!! Oh please...I hope you don't think I'm scared of you cause the only thing you have to hold over my head is your fist...and if you try new man will be up on your ass like Adam Awesome on a gay guy...except my man will be beating your ass...not fucking you have a good reason behind firing him??

THUG: Candie you just rambled for 5 mins too long of my life, I could of been spending that time with a real woman. Blah Blah Blah is all I hear. Let me make this simple, hell is coming for anyone that gets in our way, weither that be you, Inferno, doesnt matter. A good reason for firing Virus? Yes, a very good reason, he tried to hurt my Starfire!

Candie: well see some of us have lives that are important...and don't revolve around playing with ourselves...let me make it simple EGO isn't scared of quit thinking you scare me....lets get back to this damn interview...What do you think about E.G.O.?

THUG: E.G.O.? What can I say? They are a complete rip off of me and mah can I put this it's like comparing a Rolex to a Timex......or the Bucs to the Cardinals....or E-Klipz to Candie........yeah you get the point. Right now you guys dont even have my attention. Lemme break it down......Starfire....... got tha desire.......New Image representin Mexico........everybody know where home boy bout ta go.......soon to be sittin on top of tha world........this rhyme gettin me a lil bored............time ta spice it up a bit........Ya got Thugie.....that be me....T ta tha H u G......2 time champ of tha Universe, bringin that losin untouchable.....cept for E-Klipz.......she all about tha whipz.........likes ta get down in DIRTY.....startin at about 9:THIRTY.....not stoppin till tha mornin'.......but for real I got ta send ya'll a warnin........dont fuck wit us ......if ya do losin is a must.....keep it up be findin ya in a ditch with ya throat cut.......fuckin slut

Candie: Okay...all i'm gonna say that I think about u and your "posse" is you all are WANNABES!! ecspecially YOU!!...u really need to get a life...and if you're saying that E-Klipz represents ur "crew" in this comparison and me, E.G.O..........then you're basicaly saying that E.G.O. kicks ass compared to your "crew"...and us complete rip off of you guys....please...just remember who is the Universal Champion!!...NOT YOU OR ANY OF YOUR SCRAWNY boys...but my bro COLE CASH!!!....let's get back to this interview you stupid piece of shit...Do you have any personal opinions you'd like to grace us with about the amazing wrestlers in E.G.O?

THUG: Why yes I do.

Candie: and i'm sure this is going to be enlightning...

THUG: Kid Inferno: This guy wants to be me, its only a matter of time before he starts wearing a Kangol hat. He sucks.

Cole Cash: Beat him twice in a big match sitation, won the title by a fluke.

You: Stupid whore, that needs to stay away from the ring and bake us all cookies.

Candie: wish you could be as good of a wrestler as Kid Inferno...and who got beat by him again???...and who's you lose your woman 2....HIM!! just keep that thought in your for my brother...we were going through some problems...which made it harder for him to concentrate in his that things between us are straightened out...u had just BETTER watch out... and as for your opinion on me...u're girl is the WHORE that needs to bake you cookies...or go stand on the street corner down town or some shit!! cause that bitch has NO skills whatsoever!! mothafucka one more question and I'm done with you....What do you wish, I mean, think you guys had that would make you more powerful, if you will, than E.G.O.?

THUG: Bitch, shut up already. What do we have that ego doesn't? It's simple, skill. To quote a friend of mine "Just remember our skills won't stop till our caskets drop!" Ima bounce tho, but remember im bought three things, Thuggin', Buggin', and E-Klipz Fuggin'!

Candie: skill?...yea i'll give u guys're some of the best wrestlers on the roster but in the ring is the only time u have any skill whatsoever!! ur common sense level is that of a two year old...but just remember we also have skills...skills that only u guys wish you bitch i'm done with just remember u may have skills but our skills will make yours look like childs-play!! send a hello from me to umm what's her name E-lipz... and tell her that i said if she wants a piece of bring it cause I won't fuck around with her...i'll fuck her up...

I’d like to welcome my next special guest, non other than my brother, “The Whole F'N Industry” Cole Cash.

Candie: First of all I’d like to congratulate you on winning and holding the NGW Universal title belt!!!

Cole Cash: Thanks, I've been here forever and had a few oppurtunities at it, but never capitalized. Now that i've got it though, I'm doing everything possible to keep it.

Cole Cash: Let me congradulate you on somethin.

Candie: Okay what's that?

Cole Cash: Congradulations on joining E.G.O!

Candie: Thanks, I know you are problie still upset with me about that whole THUG thing...but I think I'm finally where I belong!!

Cole Cash: Hey, the past is the past, I mean sure you did cost me the ability to know I'm the best, but what sister doesnt fuck up?

Candie: yea, I know I can be a bitch but ya just gotta look past that...and I don't blame you for wanting to hold onto the belt!! Now back to the topic, what do you personally think brought the four great talents of E.G.O. together to form one AMAZING stable?

Cole Cash: Who doesnt want to be a part of an elite group you know? And quiet on the 4th member, since Virus is gone, I've recruited someone else.

Candie: I agree...what do you think about THUG's "posse's" wrestling ability?

Cole Cash: Well, to be in NGW you have to have talent and those three guys are definitely three of the most talented men on the roster.

Candie: Do you have any personal opinions about the individual “wrestlers” in THUG’s “posse”?

Cole Cash: Thug's an asshole and the other two are just pawns.

Candie: Well on that I'll most deffinitly have to agree with you, now most of NGW has gone off into one of these to stables...what do you think about the people that it leaves behind..such as Awesome, Hostile, VVD, etc.?

Cole Cash: Well VVD's ass is fired. He was supposed to be in EGO, but Thug fired him for unknown reasons. Awesome is just overshadowed when he's in a stable, because come on, everyone's better than him. And Hostile, well he's an odd guy. He doesnt have the EGO, and he's not really a wannabe, so yeah, where would he go?

Candie: I see your point. Those boys are just basically outcasts. What do you think about THUG firing Virus?...if you were face-to-face with THUG right now...what would you say to him about him doing that?

Cole Cash: If I was face to face with Thug right now I'd ask him what the hell is problem is. Firing someone for good reasons is one thing, but to fire someone because you feel like it is bullshit. He knows E.G.O. is the better group, the elite if you will, and he cant stand it.

Candie: He says that he had a reason for firing Virus...that it was that Virus tried to hurt "his" Starfire...what do you have to say to that?

Cole Cash: "His" Starfire.....I didn't know you could own your very own Canadian these days. I'm gonna have to see if Chris Benoit is on sale.

Candie: HAHA...that's a good one!!..according to him, quote, unquote..."You mess with me and go against me, you will lose! " you have any comments on that?

Cole Cash: Does Thug know who I am? I mean really. He's beat me twice now in big match situations, once due to you, and once due to me overlooking him. Now that I've got that Universal Title, who's going to beat me? Who have they put in front of me that I haven't taken out? If Thug wants to back his statement up, then right here, right now, I'm messing with him. Thug, here I am, I'm against you. You book the match, you give yourself the shot, me and you, I will NOT lose.

Candie: It's funny you should say that cause in my interview with him he brought up that he had won 2 matches against you...and I believe I said..."as for my brother...we were going through some problems...which made it harder for him to concentrate in his that things between us are straightened out...u had just BETTER watch out.."...any comments on that?

Cole Cash: It doesn't matter what adversity is in my way. If Thug books the match, I'll go through anyone and everyone to beat him and hold onto the title. Things are cool between you and I now, so that just means I can concentrate more.

Candie: Good point...and I'll tell ya one thing...he books that match and you can bet I'll be in your corner this time!!

Cole Cash: No no.. no one will be at ringside with me for that one. No excuses.

Candie: then how bout I'm in the audience cheering for you?...that better?

Cole Cash: How about you stay back in the locker room with the rest of E.G.O.?

Candie: you're such a typical brother...fine I'll stay in the locker room...but you do know that his new bitch is gonna be out there trying to fuck with you right?...are you going to try and make it to where no one is at ringside so he has no excuses for you beating him...or what?

Cole Cash: I don't care if she's out there or not. She gets involved, i'll do the same thing that happened to Awesome when his bitch got involved, I'll take it out on her "man".

Candie: Yea, well Awesome's bitch is gonna find out what she gets for fucking with E.G.O. if she's even woman enough to show up at anymore you have any personal opinions on this statement?..."Ya know Candie.....I never did like you. It was simple.....what's better than stealin' Cole Cash's sister? Not much! And thats what I did, I had you thinkin I loved your ass.......haha that's funny as fuck. I hope Kid Inferno has fun with what I already had, lol, everytime he is fuckin ya could ya remind him "Thugie been there done dat"? Thanks sweetie."??

Cole Cash: I could of told you from the start that he was just using you, but you're a chick, you aren't gonna listen ya know. This is professional wrestling though, so to me, there's no room for this soap opera. If Thug can take a break from doing love scenes with his new girl and find it in himself to come to the ring, I'll show people why they call me the "Whole Fuckin Industry".

Candie: Okay I've got to get this thing in before the deadline so I only have one more question...Do you think THUG is man enough to take you on again?

Cole Cash: Yeah, deep down the guy is a very talented worker and that's something you have to respect. This time though, he's going to come in too cocky and too sure of himself and it's going to cost him. And Thug, when you do accept the challenge, you can bring out Starfire, New Image, and even your new just doesn't matter. You're in for the match of your life, so I dare you to show up Thug, better yet, I'm begging you to show up.

Candie: On that note...I'd just like to say thank you for taking the time to join me.

Cole Cash: No problem....can you grab my bags for me? Thanks. *Cash gets up and walks out of the room.*

Candie: Hey cameraman...get his bags...*Candie gets up and follows her brother out of the room*

So there ya go...there’s an opinion from an amazing athlete and well THUG...Now i’m going to get going...but don’t worry this won’t be the last edition of...”From the Minds In Candieland”

Welcome to our first edition of "From The Mind In Candieland" written by the most precious person in NGW today...Candie Cash.

This week's topic is The Candie/Thug/Cash situation.

My opinion since I do believe I am entitled to have one, is that I'm sick of everyone talking about me like I'm not there and unable to make my own decisions. Well, I’ve got news for you if you think that, your sadly mistaken!! I’m a big girl, and I can look out for myself! I admit maybe I do get myself in some tight situations every now and then but like I said I'm a big girl and if I can get myself into those situations then I can get myself out!! Yeah, when we were kids it was nice to have an older brother that looked out for me, but damn he needs to let the fuck go because I'm his baby sister anymore, and he needs to realize that!! So my opinion on this whole thing is that if i want to be with Thug, then I will be and there is nothing and I mean NOTHING my brother can do to stop that!! I love Thug with all my heart and soul and there is nothing my brother can do about it! So there you have it that's my opinion, people need to start listening to me and what I think and no matter what my brother needs to lay off and let me live my life the way I want to live it!!

My special guest for today, who is going to give his opinion, is The Phoenix, he's a sworn enemy of of my brother's, but he's a business associate of Thug's.

Candie: Okay, what is your opinion on this whole Candie/Thug/Cash situation? Well, first of all let me ask you this, what is your opinion on Cole Cash?

The Phoenix: Cole Cash well I must of wrestled Cash a hundred times in many feds and he is a hell of a wrestler but Thug got the upper hand and his sister so who do you think the man is in the end?

Candie: Well what are your personal feelings, do you hate him?

The Phoenix: Well, I did at first and I'll never see his side of things, but since I've worked with him many times he has earned my respect, but he still isn't my favorite person.

Candie: So, what do you think about Thug?

The Phoenix: Thug, hell of a guy I don’t see why everyone has a problem with him. He was the smarter man and Cash had to pay so. I think Thug is a smart man who knows what he is doing. He does me a few favors and adds a little to the paycheck every once in a while so I LIKE HIM.

Candie: So, what do you think about me?

The Phoenix: Smart girl went to the right side. Left that loser cash and joined Thug and there are always good things about sleeping with the boss.

Candie: Well, I’m going to ignore that statement and move on. What do you think about what Thug did to me in the past? Are you willing to forgive and forget or does that make you mad?

The Phoenix: Well you don’t have a problem with him anymore, so I see no problem with it. It is none of my business how he (The Boss) treats his women but you must like it.

Candie: Well, I think that before we break out into an argument we should just say this interview is over with, Thank you for your time.

The Phoenix: No prob. Tell Thug "Hi" for me!