Candie CashLast Updated: 5/19/03
Height: 5'10
Hometown: Allentown, Pa
Finisher: The Candie Cane
Trademarks: I. Candie

What a story about this girl! I'm sure we all remember the tragic story of what Thug put Cole Cash's little sister through and then she showed her lack of loyality by once again joining up with Thug. Candie had a run together for about 2 or 3 months, but it was obvious that things were beggining to get a little rocky. Candie was missing shows, and even showing up with the Kid Inferno late to shows. Candie claimed her innocense to be true, but apparently Thug wasn't believing it. At a recent NGW show, H.T.R. #7, Candie walked in on Thug and his new lady, E-Klipz! The relationship between Thug and Candie was obviously over, but it didn't take long for Candie to find a new man. In just a matter of a few mins she would be accompaning none other than the Kid Inferno to the ring. Candie along with Inferno, Cole Cash, Virus, and Blade all are apart of the opposing group against Thug, E.G.O.!