"Cocky" Cage Cobain
Height: 6'0
Weight: 130 lbs
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Finisher: The Last Chance

Cage is one of the two founding father's of what is today known as New Generation Wrestling. Cage along with Johnny Paradise formed BYW over three years ago. After BYW, XCW was formed and Cage was rarely seen other than an occasional appearance. Then came NGW and Cage virtually went unseen untill a couple of weeks ago when he returned in a match that pitted him against Krytponite, and if Cage lost he would be gone from NGW forever, however if he won he would be back in NGW. Cage knew what he had to do and was able to pull of the win and is now back in NGW. Cage is now paying his dues once again and slowly making a name for himself in NGW. Word has Cage brings back a feeling of the "old times" to several of the workers that began their career in BYW. If Cage stays dedicated I see him becoming a great competiter in the cruiserweight division.