Wed, September 10th, 2003.

Chris Johnson here. I got alot to say, so I suggest you morons pay close attention. Since the beggining of New Generation Wrestling I have been here. I have been here for the good and for the bad. I have went way beyond my job title, and done things that weren't my place to do. Did I ever get thanked? Did I ever get, "Thanks for the advice Chris!"? How about "Thanks for catching my mistake Chris". HELL NO! People like Sir Owen, Damion Blade, and even The "50%" Owner, Virus walk all over me. No longer will that happen. It's time I get appreciated. That time is now.

With that being said, welcome to the New Big Johnson report, written by myself, "Bad As I Wanna Be" Chris Johnson. .

Let me start with you, Damion Blade. You want a fight boy? I will give you a fight. It won't be what you're expecting either! Let me just remind you of a few things first of all. Let's think back shall we? It wasn't too long ago, that you were parading around with a homo-sexual in a robe and getting beat by guys like J-Kewl. I know your weak spots too, maybe a sledge hammer to the back of your neck would finally end your pathetic career. I'll see you in one week, punk! .

The higher ups wanted this to be a secret, but since I am such a nice guy I'm going to go ahead and tell you all. New Generation Wrestling plans to close out the NGW 2003 Season with three mega-cards: Hallowicked 03, Untitled at this time, and King of the Yard: Best of the Best, respectively. .

Hallowicked is supposed to be full of all kinds of Halloween gimmicky matches, should be loads of fun. Sometimes it feels like we have a 10 year old booking this crap. It might turn out pretty good though if guys like Coby Diehl, Cole Cash, JFK, even New Image are in it. I like those guys attitudes. They don't respect anyone, and that's how I feel anymore. I respect no one. You guys brought it on yourselves! .

Recently I decided to get to the bottom of some issues here in NGW about a former talent. By the name of VVD, for those of you who may of forgotten, no that is not the Kid Inferno. .

Chris Johnson: In this buisness there are alot of dark sides. The entertaining world of wrestling can be a very ugly one as well. "The Violent One" Trevor Trout virtually disapeared out of no where from NGW. Leaving behind a legacy, as well as many unasnwered questions. Why did he leave? Where did he go? Well ladies and gentlemen you're about to get answers. You're about to see the ugly side of backyard wrestling. Ladies and gentlemen, my guest, "The Violent One". First and foremost, why did you leave? .

The Violent One: Well Chris, like you said there is a dark side to this business. However we all as pro's try to keep our problems from bleeding into our work. I was able to do that... For a while. Then I began to crack. Before my absence I debuted a new attitude where I was unstaible, my entrence music reflected it. The words expressed my feelings at the time. Not only had VVD changed into "The Violent One, Vance Desmond" Trevor Trout was also changeing. But the sad part of the new "unstable gimmic" was that I was seriously unstable. Some at NGW know of the hard break up that I was going through with my girlfriend of over a year. Well in short Chris I left because of the heartbreak. .

Chris Johnson: I'm sorry Trevor, at any point if this gets too difficult please let me know. As your relationship fell apart so did everything in your life. Slowly you started to give everything up. We all knew that you would be leaving however, you promised one last match to a man that requested it, Hostile. What was scheduled for H.T.R. #11 was a tables match between you and Hostile. Hostile was very excited about the match and talking in the back about it the whole day, however as the show rolled on Hostile was slowly realizing you weren't going to make it. He was hurt more than anything, as he felt you didn't want to work him. Others told him the reason you left was due to him and not wanting to work him due to his "reckless style", what is your responce to this? Why didn't you make this last match, and is their any truth to the speculation? .

The Violent One: I would like to clear all this up. Hostile if you are reading this, I wanted that match probably more than you did. You are more than just a co-worker, you are a friend, and a brother. You have a heart of pure gold. I did not make that match because I had left almost a week before I had planned to. I left the Friday before our match. I was excited and pumped for that match you have no clue. I wanted to show GZW what you & I were made out of. A lot of people do not know this and you Hostile may not remember but I did help train you with Adam Johnson, To be in a match with you would of been my honor and my privlage. To see what time I put in on you at work would of been like teaching my own child how to ride a bike. As for the rumors that stated I did not want to work him because of his "reckless style" That is complete and utter Bull Shit! I was dropped on my neck my Cole Cash, I've recieved a Swanton from blade while lying on the ground & him jumping off with reckless abandon off the deck. Just to mention a few. I do not think I could ever fear working Hostile or anyone EVER! .

Chris Johnson: Well, Trevor, we have cleared up some rumors and found out why you left. So, next is, where did you go? .

The Violent One: Well Chris, after one final blow out with my ex the answer was as clear as a bottle of vodka. I needed to be some place where I could forget about every think I knew in Ohio & West Virgina. So I went to the only place I have ever called home. I went back to North Carolina. Back to my wrestling roots, back to my days of being the best defenceive back in Western N.C.. But when I got there every thing sadly had changed. .

Chris Johnson: Please tell us what happened once you got there. .

The Violent One: This one is hard Chris. .

The Violent One: When I arrived back home it felt good. I never felt more intuned with life. I still had the stinging pain of what I left behind but with my friends, I knew it would be no time before I was cured. I met up with my bestfriends, The last two origional remining members of the old RdW. We watched old videos of RdW when we were intrigued yet terrifyed of the sport. They told me storys of what direction RdW had taken and I in return proudly told the storys of my days as VVD in NGW. We even talked about haveing a show. I remember one of them saying "It'll be good to see the Trout Dogg in the ring again" and me quick with the reply of "He's dead only Violent Vance Desmond remains." Those were the good times. But slowly I realized the changes in my friends. The were still my brothers but they had grown, grown in many ways, and they had discovered many things. Sex, Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol. I am sad to say that I endulged in all of them. I was slowly drug into a hole of depression, frustration, and stress. I soon found out from sourses back in Ohio that the reason for my heart break, was due to my ex's desire to be with her ex. Whom the whole time we were together she "Hated" That kicked me in the teeth harder Than a spinning heel kick from T.H.U.G. I eventualy called her & questioned her about it. And after hearing the Truth streight from the horses mouth, I.......... .

The Violent One: This is the hard part Chris, I bolted to the kitchen of my house & with no hesitation at all picked up a sharp Guinsu knife & slashed my wrist. I slid down the wall with her still on the phone describeing the immence pain & prfuse blood flow, only to figure out not long after that, that she had hung up on me. .

The Violent One: I had officialy hit rock bottom. Later on that month I was arrested. .

Chris Johnson: Trevor, this is heartbreaking to see the downward spiral you were on. I say were, but are things any better? What were you arrested for? .

The Violent One: Chris I am proud to report that I am 110% better. To shead a littl humor to this otherwise gloomy interview, I was able about 3 weeks ago to do something I never thought possible. I was able to call my ex, a person who I still love to this very moment a "heartless bitch" now that may sound harsh to some & PG-13 to others, but ti was not the bitch part that I was amazed by, I was astonished that I was able to call her heartless. Because to me even though she had played me like a fiddle I still saw her as this angle, but that night I saw her for what she was, and since then my heart has been on full recovery. As for my being incarcerated, it was due to an error of judgement. I threw a party at my house which got busted, every thing was cool before a cop on a mission showed up, because before him I had talked the other officers into giving every one a warning. But this guy was determined to take The Violent One down, and he did hardcore Coby Dehl style, I ended up on my belly with a slit open foot & a tore up shoulder for trying to relive myself in my own restroom. I was later charged with Resistng an officer of the law & 3 counts of contributing to minors. But with my good looks and charm I walked away with the 3 charges of contributing dropped & a 75$ fine. .

Chris Johnson: I'm glad to hear things are going better in your personal life. Are you still living in NC? If so where does wrestling stand on your list of priorities? Are you pehaps soon to be wrestling with the RDW again? .

The Violent One: Sadly, shortly after my arrest I left N.C.. I was not able to make an appearence on the fed I had produced. I am now in Arkansas, home of the Razorbacks. I've only been here for about 6 weeks and have yet to find any one who has the passion I do for wrestling. Although I do have a Tramp here & have coaxed my mother RdW's Chinett to step in the ring once or twice. But with all the time off,I have used it wisely and have been working toward my goal of bench pressing 200lbs, as well as shapeing up in all aspects of the body. I am proud to announce that I am 60lbs away from my goal & am approacing it with every day that comes by. .

Chris Johnson: Well, Trevor, I have a NGW meeting to get too. I would like to thank you for being so honest in this interview. Before we go, if there is anything you would like to say to any worker in NGW, or the fans, this is the time to do so. .

The Violent One: Yes I would like to extend my gratitude to Sam or Hostile, Thank you for careing about me man, I came to tears after reading the private forum, in which you gave updates on me. Blade, Cole Cash, New Image, Dustin,.H.U.G. and the rest, I want you all to know I think about you often and wish I were there every sunday. I love each and every one of you, and wish you all the best. Be careful sunday after sunday & be true to yourselves .

The Violent One: And one last thing, Tim I never did get your IM where you talked to me about stealing my gimmic to help benifit your worthless indy career. Thanks for shanking me man. Your Little Buddy, The Violent One Vance Fucking Desmond .

Kryptonite attacking E-klipz last week was a thing of beauty. He didn't get the job done though, maybe next week. I sure hope so. I Love it. .

Virus and Thug both have been banged up and sore all week. Thug has decided to to take the week off from wrestling. Ironically enough, the Universal Champion, and former stable mate of Thug, Coby Diehl has also taken this week off. However, H.T.R. 20 will be the beggining of a series of amazing shows, trust me on that one. .

New Talent is on the way. Keep an eye out for that. Horrocore is all ready getting NGW ton of publicity, hopefully we will get even more soon. With the success of HorrorCore 1, let's hope 2 will be ever better. .

Report Cards are coming soon.

Thursday, September 4th, 2003.

Hello Everyone,

Last week the endless amounts of hours and effort put towards the Unforgettable O3' Mega-Card all payed off! New Generation Wrestling delivered what it had been promising. I will be honest it wasn't easy. As a matter of fact, getting this show ready was the hardest task I have ever had in NGW. Many even said the event wouldn't happen, mainly HorrorCore.

But, boy were they wrong! HorrorCore happened, that's for sure. Before I talk about HorrorCore I would like to run down the entire show.

Virus and JFK in the body bag match was entertaining. Virus was out for revenge due to the viscious beating he took from Faith No More, the week before. JFK wasn't quite up to par for this one, suffering an injury early in the day while training. That boy really needs to be more carefull.

Up next, was the ladies match. E-Klipz and Candie for the Pussy Title in a "Mudd Match". If we ever do one of these again, someone please get us an electric powered pump! LOL. This was a unique match that I feel promises to be seen world wide before long, I'll leave it at that for now. This was just a fun match to watch. However, as fun as it sounds both of these ladies were feelin' the pain afterwards. Mud in the eyes, ears, scrapes, and bruises were all common. Even though this wasn't considered a very serious match, both of these ladies earned my respect. [By the way this match is a must see for any male viewer :)]

Adam Awesome set up a challenge to Cole Cash. Cash of course excepted. Awesome didn't really know what he was getting in to, as Cash planned on punishing him for not being in the HorrorCore match, as this match would be a strong style match. Brutual kicks and hits, and painful submissions. The Kid Inferno would be ringside for this one, at the time I had no clue why. But we found out when he attacked Cash with viscious punches. There was a catch though, Inferno had thumbtacks taped to his nuckles! Awesome recovered and hit a blockbuster on Cash to the ground, and beat COLE CASH. A very impressive win for Adam Awesome. Maybe strong style is something Adam Awesome should look more in to.

The semi-main event would end up being Thug vs Starfire vs New Image vs The Kid Inferno. Micheal Rosa was unable to attend due to a prior commitment. This match had HUGE expectations, however, it fell short. There were some nice spots in this one, but it didn't live up to the standards that were set. Don't get me wrong, this match is worth watching, but most of the guys in the match weren't completly happy with it.

Now it's time to discuss the most violent match in NGW History. A frame with steel chairs attatched by chains, lightubes all around, several tables, the death bed (table with mousetraps), ladders, lightbulbs, salt, and much, much more! This match was a bloody mess! To get a taste of what I am talking about click here. Now that you have seen the pics, get the video! This video is a must for the true wrestling fan. You won't believe what these two men put their bodies through for you the fans of NGW.

Hopefully after such a successful show NGW will get some recognizition. This company deserves it! I have some news and rumors for everyone.

First, H.T.R. #18 kept the momentum rolling, but H.T.R. #19's action will be of Mega-Card quality! Trust me on this one fans. Coby Diehl technically has the night off from title defenses, however that doesn't mean we won't have any other title matches! The H.T.R. Title WILL be on the line, as the NeXt Level Champion, Damion Blade gets a shot and the brand spankin' new H.T.R. champion, New "Stiff" Image! The Owners of NGW will collide as the NGW Tag Team Champions, Thug takes on Virus! Will Virus be 100% after the attack by Cole Cash last week? Will Cole Cash interject himself once again? Speaking of Cash, he has a match of his own to worry about as he teams up with the returning "Deformation of Re-Incarnation" Hostile to take on The Nation of Hate. All this and alot of surpises! Don't miss this one either.

Rumor has it HorrorCore 2 is in the making. Look for another brutal death match before NGW closes out the 2003 season.

I'm really looking forward to Breaking Kayfabe 03', what a year it has been for NGW.

Well everyone that does it for this week, but before I go, School has started for several of the NGW workers, that being said, NGW Report Cards will be returning soon!

Monday, May 12th, 2003.

Hello NGW fans, welcome to another edition of the Big Johnson Report. What a crazy year it is already for NGW only little over a month back! Candidates for match of the year are being delivered every show. These High-Quality matches are attracting fans to the NGW Arena every week. This new element is truly bringing out the best of the NGW atheletes.

Unfortunately, I had to miss last week's show due to important NGW buisness matters. New NGW wrestlers are on the way! One in particular will either be loved or hated, but I promise you this, NGW will be surrounded in controversy.

In my absence last week the NGW Commishioner, Thug took my seat at ring side and really used his power in anyway he possibly could. It had seemed to me that for a while Thug was at least being decent to the workers, but after the injury he suffered at the hands of the Kid Inferno we are once again seeing the bad side of "Your Ghetto Fantasy".

Things haven't been going well for Thug as of late. First, he doesn't win the Universal Title, after giving himself the shot two weeks in a row. Next, he loses a big-time match to the Kid Inferno the following week. Then, last week he suffered an injury to his knee by the hands of the Kid Inferno. Finally, at Adrenaline Overdose his bad luck continued, as Candie shows up with the Kid Inferno. Thug's world seems to be falling apart.

Surprisingly, Thug's actions at Adrenaline Overdose didn't show any signs of frustration. I am wondering what New Image, Starfire, and Thug all have in common, there is more here than meets the eyes.

On a sad note Micheal Rosa didn't get to make the appearance that was scheduled for Adrenaline Overdose due to an injury he suffered. Rosa is pleasure to watch in the ring. Something that has to be seen to believe. NGW would like to wish Micheal Rosa a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him in a NGW ring in the near future.

A huge star will return this Sunday at H.T.R. #8. Word has it he has been sitting back watching NGW and he feels alot of things aren't being handled right. Let's see if he can restore some order.

Where the hell has VVD been? Ever since he lost the NGW Universal Championship to Cole Cash he has virtually disapeared. We see him less and less each week. Did VVD need that belt to feel important? Was that title his life? Is Desmond nothing without it? Or is the "Violent" one sitting at home in Florida plotting his next move, wanting for the perfect time to strike?

Word has it Honor, Tradition, Respect #7 will be able to be watched online. If this statement is true then look for the NGW workers to dig down deep and put on the best show imaginable.

Peace In Da Middle East After The War!

Friday, April 5th, 2003.

Fans, it sure has been a while hasn't it? Finally though CJ, is back with all the inside scoops on NGW. Winter is over (well we thought, I will get to that later), and NGW is back full force for the rest of the year. We returned with a couple Apartment Shows last month in March to work off the ring rust and then we were ready to tear it up at H.T.R #3! This show was filled with all kinds of extras we normally don't have time or resources for including several video packages. The show itself was great and just what NGW needed to boost itself in to the new year of New Generation Wrestling. We returned the following week even though the Weather was calling for highs in the mid 30's and snow flurries...ek' not again! But damn, the weather would not stop NGW from putting on one hell of a show! Blade and Coby Diehl both returned! We found out just who had been playing those mind games with Thug, and we got a taste of what we will see Sunday at Spring Break Out!

First let's start with the return of the "Wrestler You Wish You Were" Blade. Man what is up with this guy? The guy as all the talent in the world but man does his attitude as of late suck or what? For all of you NGW fans I tried to get an exclusive interview with Blade but I was "DENIED". He would barely talk to me. Something is up with this guy. That being said buy did he give Adam Awesome a challenge! Awesome wanted to prove why he should have a place in the main event Sunday but Blade wasn't having any of it. Then we saw Diehl return in this match, and even I was shocked. We found out a couple weeks ago that the cause of Diehl's accident had been beacause of Adam Awesome! Apparently that sick bastard cut the breaks on Diehl's car causing that sick wreck that some thought would take Coby out for months if not forever! Dielh returned though, but was held back by his gf Destiny's Angel, but Diehl couldn't wait any longer and attacked Awesome. The winner would get a spot in the main event at Spring Break Out. Another note Spring Break out is a annual Mega Card that has been around since the days of BYW. Diehl tried everything he could to get revenge on Awesome but it proved to be a bad mistake as Awesome gave Diehl a Dark Lotus on a chair, and went down. Coby couldn't stand, the lockeroom emptied, the match stopped, everyone was shocked. Diehl was gotten out of the ring and sent to the St. Jospeph Hospital to be evualted. Now for the first time I will give you an update on Coby Diehl. Diehl's injurys were minor, a case of whiplash being the main problem. Diehl apparently blacked out upon hitting the chair although no concusion was recorded. Luckily for all of us Diehl is doing pretty well and will return in two weeks. But what will happen next time Adam Awesome and Diehl are in the same arena? I don't feel good about this at all!

After Diehl was taken away the match continued and Blade defeated that sick-o Adam Awesome. Which means Blade will meet with the 5 others of the main event this Sunday fighting for Vance Desmond's Universal Title. This show is lining up to be one of the biggest ever. So be sure to check it out! I am sure there will be a few surprises no one will expect!

Rumors are flying around the net about NGW. Let me just say this, COMING SOON, can now be changed to coming May 3rd!

As anyone looked at Virus lately? This guy is on a streak! One half of the tag team champions, and the H.T.R. champion! He has really stepped his game up.

Moving on, he's baaaack. The "Child of Darkness" and his "Princess of Darkness" Raven are in NGW and on a mission to make our commishioner's life a living hell. After all the mind games Hostile returned and beat Thug's ass all over the NGW arena! Thug was not happy after that match what so ever, and promised to make Hostile pay. I have learned that part of that punishment may come as soon as this Sunday as Thug as booked Hostile up against his most hated opponent ever, Adam Awesome!

Candie hasn't been in a pleasent mood lately either as she doesn't appreciate all these new girls jumping on the scene. Keep an eye on this one!

What all has Thug been up to as of late? I have tried several times to find that out and have had no luck what so ever. I have a weird feeling that he is planning something very secretive. Only time will tell. I do know now that Thug and VVD are officially alligned with each other forming the Untouchables along with Candie, this group is already becoming a force to watch out for even more.

Just as "The Promise" Sean Steel was about to make a name for himself he is gone. I am not sure of all the details as of this time. I do know he was under only a verbal contract from the beggining and he had the right to leave at anytime. I hope we see him back here soon though.

The pictures of the NGW shows will be coming very shortly and will be well worth the wait.

I would like to continue to ask everyone to keep Erik O' in your thoughts and prayers.

In closing for this session I would like to run down Spring Break Out 2003:

-Un-Announced surprises.
-Virus will defend his H.T.R. Title against the number 1 contendar, "Cocky" Cage Cobain.
-The fued reignites as Adam Awesome & Hostile battle once again, to claim the real "King of Hardcore".
-And we will have the six top workers in NGW battle for the most prized piece of Gold in NGW, the NGW Universal Championship. This match starts out as a "Survivor" match. Blade, Virus, & Cole Cash vs Thug, VVD, & The Kid Inferno. When three men are eleminated it then becomes a three-way dance. One pin fall to a finish.

In the years past this event has been one of my favorites and I'm sure this year will continue that tradition! So please be sure and come by and check out the action of NGW. For further details please check back on the NGW website for the most up-to-date information.

"God Bless America"
Chris Johnson.
Friday, January 24th, 2003.

Hello NGW fans, once again I am back with the latest news and happenings. So, let's get straight to it. Very first thing, I am going to start off and a low note. Coby 'Fly Guy' Diehl was in a tragic car accident ove the weekend. Diehl was hit head when another car suddenly slid in to his lane. The case is still being investigated but icy road conditions look to be the blame. Diehl suffered a broken nose, flash burns, fractured ribs, and a broken knee. During this time NGW would appreciate if you send your condelences to Coby and his family. From all of us here at NGW we would like to tell "Fly Guy" from the bottom of our heart we miss you, and will do anything we can for you during this time of need. At this time it is unknown when Fly Guy will be back or if he will be back at all. Out of respect for NGW's greatest Next Level Champion of all time Fly Guy will remain champion and defend on his return. In the case of Fly Guy being unable to return he will retire Next Level Champion. Deffiantly not the way we wanted to start out 2003 here at NGW, but like always we will move on, as Fly Guy has demanded that is what we do.

But now it's time to get to the good stuff. NGW has it's strongest roster ever and more coming soon. Word has it Thug will release our return show's card within the next week! I still do not know the exact date of the show but hopefully it is sooner than later.

During the time off NGW workers have been training hard and perfecting their game so when the return happens no fans will be disapointed. Also, during the off season several NGW supertars have been working for a promotion out of Elizabeth, WV. I found this important to mention because several rumors have been going around the wrestling news websites that NGW is over and and half the roster left to go to another promotion, and on and on. Sorry to disapoint all the haters but that is far from the truth. Trust me, the things you see from NGW this year will be HUGE! "We will shock you every show! You will be stunned every match! And when that last bell rings you will already be screaming for more!" In 2003 NGW will show you that we are the best you can see!

Not only will all the matches be 5 star matches, not only will you see new and old stars return, not only will you see new era storylines, but also the NGW website will be multi media filled! Pictures of every show, as well as video clips. But the blockbuster announcement is, there is a very strong possibility of entire NGW shows being available online in 2003! Yes, you heard me right! It is very possible that you may be watching NGW shows right from the comfort of your computer seat. Stay tuned for more details coming in the future.

To close out this edition, I went around interviewing several different NGW stars asking this question, In 2003, what are you going to do to improve yourself, and what are you going to do to improve NGW as a whole? Here are their responses.

"I plan on working harder in the gym and developing more moves for my arsenal, and putting on "next level" type of matches to attract more fans and bring a NEW and more interest to our company as a whole."


"I plan on taking myself to the new level , I'm going to give the fans what they want, a new phenom, I am the new darkness and I will make and impact on NGW like no other has, starting with my return. All I can say is this is the year of darkness!"


"I'm currently studying as many tapes from as many of the top workers from the past & present to better myself & expand my move repetoire. My goal this year is to have the very best matches I can possibly have with the entire roster, be able to shock & amaze the crowd with high spots & bumps & prove to everyone that i'm devoting 100% to this company & will do whatever it takes to make myself more versatile. Furthermore to become a force in NGW for many years to come."

-Adam Awesome

"I am going to try harder and work on my moves by learning how to get them down. I am also going to learn how to work a better match. I am going to help improve the company by trying to buy things for NGW and help train new workers and try to bring in new workers."


"I'm gonna improve myself by continuing to add to my moveset moves people have never seen before, and I am going to stick with NGW through the thick and the thin and continue to put on great matches to help carry NGW to the next level. I will do anything for NGW to help it succeed."


In 2003, I plan on focusing on one ultimate goal, helping NGW take more stride towards becoming an independent promotion. Sacrificing my time, body, and engery to turn NGW into what we all know it can become, will be completely worth it. My personal goal for 2003 is to become the NGW Universal Champion and be the flag bearer for NGW, defending the title with the respect it deserves.

-Cole Cash

Remember"Peace in da middle East!"

Tuesday, December 24th, 2002.

Happy Holidays everyone! It sure has been crazy around NGW. Just as we were preparing to close out the year of NGW with the Season's Beating's Mega Card event we ALL were informed by the NGW commishioner, Thug, that we were recieving a a holiday vacation? Now normally I would be VERY happy with this news, but coming from Thug, something just doesn't seem right. However, I don't have much of a choice, so I will make the most of my time off and inform you all of anything I may find out during this time.

First things first though. I, myself, have arranged for the NGW roster to meet at my house this Sunday to film the video, "Breaking Kayfabe '03". The workers all will vote for several different categories, the results will be tallied and we will record these special interview installments from the NGW talent. I have ordered that everyone be completly honest and let their true feelings out in this special movie, trust me it will be a must have for every NGW fan.

On a side note, NGW ran a total of 30 shows this year.

Where do we go from there though fans? I don't even have the inside scoop there, I guess we all must wait and see when Thug will call us all back to work. In the mean time I have been in contact with a Reflective Images who have agreed to start taking digital pictures at all of our shows, meaning in the year 2003 you will be able to follow our shows better than ever because the results will now feature pictures of the shows as well.

At this time I am going to let the cat out of the bag and go ahead and reviel the huge main event I have been talking about for some time. So here is the concept, the match firstly will be for the Universal Title of NGW. It will feature the Champ himself, VVD, as well the the 5 top contendars for the title. Random teams will be drawn and three men will have to team up against the other three men. They must work as a team if the expect to win the match. The match will continue untill three men in any combination, from either one, or both teams are eliminated. The match then becomes a three way dance untill one man is eliminated. After that man is eliminated it becomes a ladder match for the Universal Title! It will be perhaps the biggest match in NGW History!

On a final note, John Callis' upcoming column will be a special one as it will be a special Year in Review edition. So, be on the look out for that.

Finally, who are the Untouchables? Well, NGW will be finding out very soon. Stay on the look out!

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! Next week I will have a special interview with Steel as well as another edition of NGW report cards!

Untill then, "Peace...in da middle East!"

Friday, December 6th, 2002.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Big Johnson Report. First order of buisness deals with Hostile. Hostile will go under the knife very soon, possible by the time you read this. He is having major surgery done to his back at the St. Joseph Hospital in Parkersburg, W.V. This surgery isn't the direct result of wrestling and it actually goes back to his child hood and he is just now finding out about it. Luckily the problem was discovered before the unthinkable happened. After Hostile's surgery he will go in to therapy/recovery and is penciled in for a return in Feb. of 2003. I will do my best to keep everyone updated on the "Child of Darkness'" progression. From everyone at NGW we will look forward to seeing you back in the NGW ring as soon as you are 100% again. Good Luck and God Bless. On a side note: The "No Selling" column will feature a special interview with Hostile after his surgery.

Domestic Disturbance has been officialy suspendid from NGW. Several reasons for this but the main reason being his excessive absences from shows. The guy also has a pretty bad attitude in the back with the up and coming rookies. At this time it is unknown if we will see him back in NGW, any time soon, or at all.

The first round of the Best of the Best is out of the way and we are moving on. 16 men have been cut in half with Virus, Cole Cash, Rage, Brian 'Un-Rated' Lo, Thug, Fly Guy, VVD, and the Kid Inferno still remaining. The rookies and the veterans are about even in the remaining stars proving that the new blood wants this honored title just as much as the NGW ring generals do. Some interesting things I have noticed is that in the finals we could possibly see two men battle that used to be great friends, Virus and VVD. It would be something to see these two former Nation of Hate allies butt heads. What about The Kid Inferno and Cole Cash in the finals? These guys have battled back and fourth in the NWA Tri-State ring for months now with the Kid Inferno with the much bigger advantage because to my knowledge Cash has never beat Inferno in the NWA Tri-State. However probably the biggest story here is if Cole Cash met up with Thug in the finals. Looking the the brackets it is very possible that these men could kill each other in the finals of this tournament. We all know as much as we hate our disgusting and dishonorable Commishioner Thug, he does have the creditionals to make it to the finals of this tournament. Less the one year ago Thug won the then NGW Heavyweight title in a tournament to declare the first ever NGW Heavyweight Champion. Thug recieved a bi in the first round from the then owner Maxwell DiNova, got passed Adam Awesome in the second round, and probably the most interesting piece of information BEAT Cole Cash in the finals of the tournament. That's right Thug beat Cole Cash less than one year ago in the same situation. Since then Thug has won the NGW Universal Title again making himself a Two-Time NGW Universal Champion. He has also held the NGW Tag Team Titles along side the Fly Guy. Now on to Cole Cash. In NGW Cash has not made much of an impact at all. This guy has a ton of talent yet things haven't been going in his favor at all. Not much more than the Tag Titles on two occasions for Cole Cash. But, Cash has something no other man in this tournament has. That being revenge. Cash wants more than anything to get his hands of Thug for what he has done to his sister Candie over the last few weeks. Cash wants to rip Thug apart to never be heard from again. Will anyone be able to stop Cash from advancing all the way to the finals? I can't see how! If Thug is wanting to make it to the finals and win this one he better be hoping Cash gets taken out way before the finals or he may wind up dead!

It's great to see all the new columns popping up. The more the better. I think it is great for the fans have several sources to turn to for different points of view.

The NGW website overall is really transforming. The online staff have been tweaking every part of the website to provide you, the fans, with the most easy and fun experiance. The NGW Retro section is a great new item for NGW fans and workers as far as the goes. From what I understand, every two weeks of so, a "Flash Back" moment from the same time last year will be posted, along with some trivia, and a random fact. It should be alot of fun thinking back to past shows and maybe remembering something you had forgot about all together. The Trivia will be a fun little touch allowing you to see exactly how much you do know about NGW. Everyone likes to learn something new so I'm sure the random fact will be cool feature.

I have decided for this installment of Report Cards it would be best if I waited for the conclusion of the Best of the Best and compiled all of the shows that I haven't done report cards for as well as the Best of the Best and update the grades. So, after the Best of the Best I will have a new installment.

Season's Beatings will be our Holiday Mega Card. Six big matches have been signed already. Sorry though, NO DETAILS are being allowed to be released as of right now. This reason being due to the fact that before our last mega card many matches leaked out on the net and we don't want that to happen again. Although I can tell you this. The United States Title, The Cruiserweight Title, and the Next Level Titles are all confirmed to be defended on the show. I truly think this may be one of our best Mega Cards. The set should excellent too.

2002 is almost done and over. So bring on 2003! In January our annual Mega Card New Years Revolution will take place on our one year anniversary of NGW. Not much is known about this show due to it being so far away, although I have heard rumors that everyone in the lookeroom wants to close out the first year with the best they can offer. So, look for a jaw dropping event. One more rumor I have heard is some kind of a HUGE main event. More on that when I get the information.

Along with the one year anniversay comes a special tape for you! "Breaking Kayfabe: 03" This unigue movie will be one of the greatest things New Generation Wrestling has ever produced. Here are the details. Everyone of the NGW workers will recieve a ballot after Season's Beatings. The ballot will have choices for top 10 matches of the year, top 10 spots of the year, most devasting finisher, most memorible moment, funniest moment, hottest rookie, and best worker in NGW. Every worker will fill out the ballot pouring their heart and soul in to it. After all of the votes are tallied up the production aspect of NGW will take over. Shoot interviews of each worker will tell you with all honesty the reasons behind their choices. Everyone's choices will be compiled on to one helluva a video. This video will be the video you can not live with out. It won't get any more honest than this. I can promise you that.

NGW will soon be posting Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth NGW Create a Wrestlers on the site. So, you will be able to have dream matches you may have been waiting to see for a long time or maybe re ignite a past fued, right in the comfort of your own living room. Also, for the less active fans, we will be selling NGW Memory Cards in the merchandise section. Whichever you prefer, just make sure you add some excitement and life to your Smackdown with the roster of New Generation Wrestling.

Rumors are going crazy around NGW about the possibility of a "pit-fighter" coming to NGW. I have seen this guy and he is very impressive looking. The physique on this guy is incredible. If the deal goes through with him he should be a great touch to NGW.

In wrestling sometimes just plain old drop kicks and armdrags get a little old. Every once in a while a promoter has a brainstorm or an off the wall idea to spice things up. Some promotions try combining martial arts with wrestling and often it is successful. New Generation Wrestling on the other hand is considering something along the same lines. Only instead of Martial Arts we will experiment with High School wrestling. Now sure, you may see Kurt Angle and Benoit exchange some amature wrestling moves on Thursday night but I doubt you have ever seen a whole entire match of that nature. Some talk is in the works about the possibility of bringing in Keith Miller as the main man of this new concept. NGW already has several other high school wrestlers that will be more than happy to step up to the challenge. Keep your eye open for this.

NGW is in talks with a local band from the St. Marys area about coming and performing at an upcoming show. Hopefully this will go through as I am a huge supporter of these guys.

Here is a name you might remember, T.J. Andrews. You know the guy that was always talking about Deloras, his wife that left him for another man. The guy with the beer belly, mullet hair-cut, non matching clothes.....ah yes I'm sure you remember him! Well, you may remember him for all of those things, but I bet you don't remember him for the talent he possesed before then. Well fans, it looks like you are about to get a chance to remember. Because I just got back from Virginia Beach yesterday after a meeting with Mr. Andrews and he is a new man! No more Diet Rite, no more rambling on about Deloras, and most importantly that big beer belly is gone! Andrews spoke to me about the possibilty of reforming The Cheap Heat tag team along side "Violent" Vance Desmond. I told T.J. that would not be able to happen due to other obligations Desmond currently has. However I gave T.J. the option of looking for a new tag team partner and he agreed. So, as of right now Andrews is on the search for his new partner. Who will it be? We will all have to wait and see.

One last bit of news. Vanquished is scheduled to make his return at the Season's Beatings Mega Card as a sort of second chance deal.

Well fans, I will see you next week when I am back with all the news and happenings of NGW as well as a special interview with the "80's Hero" Johnny Paradise! Until then I'm Chris Johnson saying, "Peace! In Da Middle East."

Saturday, November 16th, 2002.

I've have recieved several demanding e-mails letting me know how bad you want another edition of my column so I decided it was deffiantly time for another edition. So, lets get to it.

I'm very proud of how well NGW's shows have been going. Every show for at least the last two months has been of "B" quality or better. Well at least the overall show that you see. The actual process of filming the show is still a lackluster with hours and hours of time going in to each show. That aspect still needs improvement. The next edition of "H.T.R." will be started at a new special time of 12 P.M., in hopes of speeding up the show.

As of right now the NGW Arena is predicted to have some nasty weather tomorrow; 1-3 inches of snow is possible. That be said it is not known for sure if "H.T.R." Episode #2 will take place tomorrow or not. If not look for it to be held over untill next weekend. Next weekend NGW will more than likely be hosting two events at the NGW Arena due to the Thanksgiving break taking place. I have been told that Thug may be in contact with a couple guys we haven't seen in sometime, and there is a great chance they will be returning on one of the shows next week. I'll be sure to post more news on that story as I recieve it.

Speaking of returns it sure was nice to have the "Extremist" Blade back for one night only. Blade gave the fans everything in his body. Although it might not of been the smartest thing for Blade. Blade's neck injury still bugs him every day of his life. Don't get me wrong Blade's neck is improving, but it is no where near 100%. Even though I am a huge fan of Blade and it was nice to see him back, I hope he doesn't come back to the ring again untill he is 100% or he may be risking his career.

I have noticed Virus is really starting to change his attitude which is very surprising to me. He actually isn't an jerk to me when I try and ask him some questions.

Last week we saw Candie Cash, Cole Cash's little sister, show up at an NGW show. I sat astonished by this. Aren't we supposed to learn about the past so we don't let history repeat its self? I mean come on, under a month ago Steel's little brother came to an NGW show, and ended up making a trip to the emergencey room. Why in the world would Cole Cash put his sister in the same situation? I really hope nothing like that happens to her. Speaking of Cash what is his deal? Cash had the chance of his lifetime when he reversed the Lexicon in to his Cash Flow DDT. However, instead of pinning VVD he allowed someone who screamed to distract him which allowed VVD to Sneak in and hit the Lexicon and win. Cash, you had the Universal Title won, and you made a stupid mistake, you need to start using some tunnel vision. Not only that we saw Cash stick his nose in the main event. I have not yet been able to find out why Cash came out after Thug in the main event. I can only assume Cash well fill us all in at the next "H.T.R"!

I have an inside scoop for you all. A United States Marine that has a historic past with The Kid Inferno may show up when Inferno is least expecting it. I don't know all the details between these two due to the fact that their past was in another promotion, but Chris Johnson is doing his best to get any details he can.

NGW may have found yet another sponcer along side Wendy's....remember, "Eat Great, Even Late!" :) .I have heard from one of my sources that a new brand of sport is taking over the hometown of NGW. Both NGW and this new sport are on very good terms and eventually could mean some NGW Celebrity New Sport!

NGW may have found an untapped source for many weapons and props. Soon, NGW may have access to several trash cans, tables, chairs, and possibly even a combat cage!

What about the story of Cage. Wow, Cage is the one of the founding fathers of the foundation of NGW. Cage worked through BYW, XCW, but pretty much disapeared in NGW. Recently though the "Gothic" Cage remerged on to the scene and was given a chance. If he could be Kryptonite he would be resigned to NGW and get a Cruiserweight Title match, but if he lost he would be gone forever. Needless to say, Cage delivered and beat Kryptonite. So, this means Cage is once again on the active roster list of NGW. Cage has already defeated one of the best Cruiserweights NGW has, but does he have what it takes to beat the likes of Starfire and the Kid Inferno for the Cruiserweight Title on "H.T.R."? Tune in to find out!

Thug has informed me that the Winter Mega Card (Currently Un-Titled) with feature the biggest main event EVER in NGW History! He has not allowed any other information at all to be revieled at press time.

One last thing, Hostile will go under the knife for a much needed surgery in the early days of Decemeber. All of us would like to wish him the best of luck. On a side note the surgery won't effect any of Hostile's bookings for the rest of Novermber. Report Cards from the last show will be up soon! Untill then Take Care and Peace in da Middle East!

Thursday, October 31st, 2002.

Fans, Fans, Fans, I am so deeply sorry! It has been over a month since my last column and that is just not acceptable. I have just been really busy with NGW buisness as of late. NGW is changing some things up a bit. First, Thug offered and delivered two back to back mega cards and they did not disapoint. Sunday, NGW returns with action of a special Xtreme TV. Being special for two reasons. First the line up is of Mega Card status. Second, it will be the last ever Xtreme Television! Thug recently decided that NGW needed some fresh new attitude every Sunday. That attitude being the "Only Way to Quench Your Wrestling Thirst" Respect, Honor, Tradition. The first R.H.T. will air Sunday the 10th of November. It will be good to get something fresh going. Xtreme TV has been our regular weekly show since the days of XCW, and it was time for a change.

Speaking of Thug something has really been up with him lately. When Thug first became commishioner he was one of the nicest and understanding people out there, but now he never seems to want to give me the time of day. His attitude with the wrestlers seems to have changed too. Even when he is in the ring you can tell it's a different guy. I believe Thug just couldn't handle the load of NGW anymore. Thug's allys being the East Coast Connection just did not pick up the slack that was needed. Thug was going out week after week and trying to save NGW with occasional help from Fly Guy. But not even Fly Guy came through in the lumberjack match at Freak Show where Thug lost the Universal Title to Vance Desmond. In a matter of weeks Thug went from being NGW Tag Team Champion, NGW Universal Champion, & NGW Commish', to simply being NGW Commish. Things seem to be going down hill fast for Thug which makes me wonder what will this mean for the rest of NGW?

What an amazing success stories Kid Inferno and Vance Desmond are. Starting first with Kid Inferno. Inferno arrived on the scene a little more than 2 months ago. However, it didn't take long for this guy to start turning heads in NGW. Inferno quickly brought him his first gold by defeating Kryptonite for the NGW Cruiserweight Title. Then two weeks ago Inferno won even more gold along side his partner Adam Awesome by winning the NGW Tag Team Title. This man has what it takes to be a huge name in NGW. If he can achieve that in 2 months where will this guy be a year from now?

"Violent" Vance Desmond. What can you say about this guy? Talented? Yes. Charasmatic? Deffiantly! Desmond possess two qualities that you need in the world of wrestling. Talent of course, but more importantly charisma. This guy makes you hate him so fast you don't even realize it. Before you know it Desmond has you wanting to get in the ring and beat his ass on your own. Sure the guy has a bad attitude and I don't agree with what he does outside of the ring, but inside the ring it's like watching fire works. A spectatular showing everytime he gets in the ring. I'm beggining to wonder something though. Can he be stopped? Seriously, think about it. Desmond's finising manuever has NEVER permitted anyone to kick out. Not one time, the saying really is true "Lexicon, Your Ass is Gone!". Another shocking fact, VVD has defeated Thug on 4 different occasions. That is a shocking statistic.

This Sunday will mark the debut of another title to New Generation Wrestling. Thug hasn't allowed any details to leak out about what the title will be. However, we do know that we already have a Next Level Championship for the extreme wrestlers of NGW. We have a United States Championship for the guys that aren't quite ready for the Universal Division. Of course we have the Universal Championship for the best of the best in NGW. For the tag teams we of course have the Tag Team Championship. Lastly, we have the Cruiserweight Championship for the smaller, fast paced, wrestlers. So, what possibly could Thug be debuting? What is NGW lacking? Only one thing comes to my mind, and if it's what I'm hoping it is NGW fans are in for quite a treat.

I caught up to Cole Cash recently. At which time I had a brief conversation with him. Most of what I learned will be posted shortly in a interview conducted by Bloodpack. However, one thing was not revieled. Cash told me he has a HUGE surprise planned for this Sunday. He would not tell me even one detail about it however. Cash promises it won't disapoint though. I guess we'll wait and see.

NGW Merchandise is available now! Great merchandise at great prices. So far Kid Inferno, Thug, VVD, Virus and Hostile all have merchandise available. Head over to www.cafepress.com/ngw1 for more information.

I have heard from a source that is some what reliable that Thug has signed someone that he grew up wrestling with to a mininum wrestling schedule. Word has it if this is true this man could make his NGW debut as early as this Sunday!

To close out this week I would like to say that Hostile has been officially cleared to wrestle this Sunday! Who will he go after? Tune in to find out!

That's all for this week, coming next week for the first time ever NGW Report Cards!

Saturday, September 7th, 2002.

Greetings everyone. NGW had it's longest show ever last Sunday. The show started around 4, and ended at 10. That is right 6 hours for 10 matches. All of the NGW workers have expressed their feelings about the situation and this week things should be alot different.

NGW has set a time limit of 2 minutes in between matches which should speed the process up a ton, compared to our regular 20 minutes in between. Now that NGW is growing a fan base we are moving our entrance to the back location of the arena to get closer to the fans. We believe that should liven the show back up too.

The show its self was great. 10 matches, and I would say 7 of them were awesome. Not bad guys, not bad.

This week NGW has cut back on the matches and the card should be complete after about 6 or 7 matches. NGW is quickly getting a family feeling to it making the over all product a much more noticable greatness. NGW is about to shine fans, and you will want to be there.

This Sunday we will find out two things, who is the new Commish'? and who will be our first NGW Tag Team Champions?

Our Commish' could be any of the following: Dexter, Redneck Cajun, Wigger Hogan, Thug, Virus, Sir Owen, or Danny Najara. All I ask is that our Commish' can read....

In the finals of the tag tournament it will be Canadian Violence vs the Backyard Boyz vs Nation of Hate members Virus & VVD. This will be intense, I have talked to all three teams, and each team guarenteed me they would win!

It is truly amazing that Hostile was able to return after the brutal beating he took two weeks ago. I actually thought I would need to save space to give the fans an update on his condition. Boy did he prove me wrong.

The NGW roster continues to grow and grow, with more in the training camp!

Word has it NGW is planning on running a huge Summer Show showcasing the best of backyard talent in West Virginia! That will be a show fans!

Congratulations goes out to Kid Inferno for winning the NGW Cruiserweight Title, fairly I might add. It's unbelievable how fast this guy is rising to the top! A great talent with a great attitude.

Where has Blade been? Will he be here Sunday?

On a final note, I have been told several workers may be getting a second chance here in NGW....stay tuned next week to find out who they are!

God Bless America!

Wed, August 20th, 2002.

Hey everyone. I would like to start out by first saying welcome back Vance Desmond. Desmond returned back to action this week after over a month of being gone. It is great to have him back.

Fans I have a blockbuster announcement for you all! NGW has decided with all the current tag team matches happening that that would bring a Tag Team Championship to the company! There will be a tournament for the vacant titles. The tournament will begin this Sunday at Xtreme TV with two qualifying matches.

NGW will soon be awarding the match of the night with an award. We believe this will inspire the NGW workers to go out there and do something impressive and make it a truly great match. We will also begin posting best spot/bump of the night in the results of that show! Some new interesting things coming up!

Sunday campaigning for Commish' begins! This could be interesting!

A big congrats goes out to Blade for he is about to hit his 500th match! (He's at 497) A incredible highlight to any wrestlers career! There is some bad news that goes along with this however, next week I will have that story.

On another note the Hardcore division is changing its name to the Next Level Division. Some felt the name Hardcore impied pure garbage wrestling, and that is not what this division is about.

NGW shows will begin to run during the day (Sunday) once again due to the fact that many of the workers are heading back to school.

Alot has changed in the division rankings so I have decided to give you a list right here.

Heavyweight: Thug, Virus, Adam Awsome,Twisted Youth, Steel, Hostile, Domestic Disturbance, Vanquished.

Cruiserweights: Kryptonite, Starfire, Blood, Kid Inferno, LL Lightning.

International Heavyweights: VVD, 8 Ball, Blade, Vinnie, Fly Guy, Paperboy, Pyro, Serial Killer, Johnny Paradise.

Hardcore: Blade, Serial Killer, VVD, 8 Ball, Johnny Paradise, Twisted Youth. But, can be anyone.

Wheel Chair Wrestling Federation: Dexter, "Macho Man" Randy Dandy, Wigger Hogan, Redneck Cajun.

Well that's all for this week, but be on the look out for John Callis' column coming soon, where he will tell you in his opinion, "What is Wrong with NGW"

Monday, August 6th, 2002.

Hello everyone. More news and notes for this week coming straight up. I don't like to be cocky or brag but the truth is NGW continues to improve each and every week. It wasn't an over the night success though. It all started over three years ago and has grew in to one of the most talented group of young wrestlers ever. I have been in the process of creating the entire History of NGW it's been a difficult process though. We want this video to be of the highest quality we can offer, with insite from most every star in NGW which is taking longer than expected. The video is near 70% complete, but the process is soon to take off and move faster than ever. I am hoping to have the video complete by the end of this month and it is looking promising.

Now on to what NGW has become. All of the NGW workers have just stepped up so much, it is really amazing. It is excellent to see Blade back. I have always been a huge fan of Blade's. He isn't afraid to put his body on the line to entertain the NGW fans. Every week he gives you it his all and tries to show you something you don't see every night, and quite frankly, his finishing manuever, the "Ultra Blade Bomb" off of a ladder is hands down the most devasting finisher in the company.

Now saying all this about Blade I have to give props to the man that was able to hold off the challenge of Blade and retain the World Title, Virus. Virus and Blade had a great contest for the biggest prize in NGW, the World Championship.

The match actually ended when Blade delivered a belly to back suplex to Virus, one referee saw Blade's shoulders down, while the other ref saw Virus' shoulders down! The match was odered to restart, during the confusion Virus rolled up Blade with a school boy and retained his title. Now granted it may have not been the most devasting finish or a "fair finish" but Virus did outsmart Blade and that's the bottom line. This Wednesday August 7th, 2002, Virus will defend his title against the very man that has carried this company through hard times on several occcasions, the "Feature Presentation" Thug! Now Virus has defeated many contendars during his over a month title rein but, I don't know, I just have a feeling this may be his last match as champ. I have been wrong before but this time I have a feeling I am right.

Last week the Commish' Chris Adams returned to television for the first time in a few weeks. As I am sure you read from last weeks edition of this report Chris Adams has been very busy securing a plane ride to West Virginia, at which Chris Adams will personally go pick up the "Player" STEEL and both will arive at the NGW Arena before Xtreme TV goes on air Sunday, August 11th, 2002. Adams told me he is doing everything in his power to sign Steel. We will find out this Sunday if Adams can seel the deal with the Player Steel!

The divisions in NGW are all pulling their weight and delivering the best action possible. The Heavyweight division is overflowing with talent, but we all know that can be trouble. It looks like a few of the workers may be heading to the International Heavyweight Division which will be decided in our monthly weigh in process. A sudden burst of agresssion has hit the International Division as Rage, 8 ball, and Vanquished really busted their butts for the chance at the International Title. Chris Adams was very impressed with the effort two of the three men put out and has awarded them a title shot this Wendsday!

I have always been a huge fan of luchadore wrestling. I am really proud of the luchadore action NGW delivers every week. The ladder match was great last week. The only problem I have with this division is the lack of workers. BUT, don't worry! From what I hear, Chris Adams is in the process of debuting a new star to the division! The contract has been signed, it's now all down to the right time to debut the man. Adams made me keep this one a surprise, so I can't reviel any details, but you will be happy!

Now it's time for a few random notes.
--NGW will soon have two new title belts. The WCW Replice belt, and the WWE Undipusted replica belt. It is still undecided what divisions will use each belt but will be decided soon.
--Starfire has recently reviled that he was never actually American, in fact he was born in Canada! He was told do the gimmick when he arrived in NGW a few months back, but apparently he was sick of living a lie, and in his own words, "Sick of representing the pathetic, weak, and disgusting United States!" Starfire will debut his new attitude this Wed!
--Are you wanting to see pictures of NGW? Well you aren't the only one. One thing NGW has yet to be able to deliver to the fans are photographs. The digital camera we had is no longer in working condition, and buying film, and developing, would be way beyond our current budget. However, NGW's next project is to buy a digital camera! Which will hopefully be sooner than later. In the mean time you can catch all of the action on our high quality VHS videos. Each show you read about in the results section can be purchased, simply send an e-mail for further details.
--On a final note here is a run down of the NGW schedule for upcoming events:

This WED, August 7th NGW will deliver hard hitting action for a Live Xtreme TV event! The action will start at 6.

Sunday, August 11th, NGW will be showing off the greatest talent in the world for Xtreme TV! Will Steel sign on to NGW? Be there live to find out! It is undecided as of what time this event will start. Details coming soon.

On Sunday, August 18th, NGW will showcase the greatest match ups of all summer with the PPV Event "Summer Meltdown!!!"! It is undecided as of what time this event will start. Details coming soon.

7/27/02 Well, NGW is now dominated by three alliances. First you have the Nation of Hate. The Nation of Hate consists of Virus, the NGW World Champion, Serial Killer, Rage, Frankie, and "Violent" Vance Desmond. The Nation of Hate dominated NGW during the beggining of this month and aquired several victims, such as Thug, Adam Awesome, Redneck Cajun, Lau Chi, 8 Ball, and even the current Commish' Chris Adam. They showed how sick they could truly be by attacks in number and also attacking referees. But as of late the Nation of Hate as been pretty quite. Part of that reason being to due with the suspension of one of their top members "Violent" Vance Desmond. Chris Adams officially suspinded VVD untill mid August after no showing several shows. VVD claimed no showing was not the case however and explained his actions in a recent interview conducted by myself and is now available for reading in the interview section of this site. During the suspension of VVD the Nation picked up the likes of a former Hardcore Champion, and a former Commishioner, that man being Frankie. From what I hear the Nation have been planning something big, and compare their actions to the calm before the storm. Who knows what they are up to but it will all go down this Sunday! The second stable was formed when Adam Awesome brought in a bodyguard. That bodyguard being Hostile. Awesome informed the world that they would now have no choice but to listen to him with Hostile by his side. He also warned that Barely Legal would dominate NGW. Awesome proved he wasn't all talk for once by bringing in one more member, Twisted Youth. Youth is a sadistic new comer to NGW. He has shown that he doesn't care about winning at the least, he just wants to hurt people. With all three of these power houses aligned it could deffiantly reek havok on NGW. But there is strength in numbers, do they have enough to take on the Nation of Hate? Is Barely Legal still scouting for talent? The third stable of NGW consists of four men that have respect for each other as well as NGW. Thug brought together several of his closest friends to try and stop Barely Legal and the Nation of Hate from destroying the company that he built. Those men being "Da Fly One" Fly Guy, the NGW Commishioner "Superstar" Chris Adams, and Blade! The talent in this group is amazing, but they are going up against two alliances, do they have what it takes? On a final note. It has finally been confirmed who Chris Adams has been speaking to. Chris Adams has been negoiating a contract with NGW. It is pretty obvious that Adams is trying to bring in Steel for the East Coast Connection. Will Adams be able to seal the deal? We will all find out soon. From what I hear Adams is flying Steel in to the NGW Arena early in August for a complete tour as well as the actual signing of the contract! Stay tuned for more details! Well, that is all for this week. Cya next week!
7/19/02 Chris Johnson back at you with the latest news happenings. NGW will be having it's next event Sunday, July 21st. Don't let the number of matches fool you it will be one hell of a show. The main reason there is a small amount of matches is due to the numerous participants in several matches. For a full card head over to www.ngwppv.cjb.net. It is a great site for all of you NGW PPV needs. The NGW webmasters have been very busy bringing you the most up to date website possible. Very soon NGW will be bringing you pictures of every show. The NGW promotions department has been very busy as well. They are trying to get the word out both on the net and the street and would appreciate if you would help too by telling your friends and family even. The Ghetto Superstars Training Facilty will be offering training more often then ever. If you are interested in being a part of NGW E-Mail, Thug @ thugngw@charter.net. Chris Adams now has the booking power here in NGW. He already took it upon himself to book Virus vs Vanquished at Xtreme TV a couple weeks ago. Does he have anything planned for Armageddon? We will all be waiting to see. I recently spoke with Chris Adams about becoming Commish' and this is what he had to tell me, "It is a great honor to be the NGW Commishioner. It had been a goal of mine for a long time and it finally happened when I was able to beat Virus in the third match. I'm glad to power away from that homosexual. I was really afraid what he would book next, but now I don't have to worry about it. Along with using the talent in NGW correctly I will also be looking for even more talent. I already have spoken with a former XCW wrestler about returning and the deal is almost sealed!" We all have to wonder who he was talking about it could be at least 10 guys. Next week I will have my guesses for you. It's been a slow week not much more to talk about. Except what a great effort Vanquished gave up against Virus....we all thought we had a new champion, then Virus told us about the paper he got signed....I'm just hoping the sneaky Virus doesn't have anymore documents made up before he last power......Cya Next Week!
7/7/02 Hello, and welcome to the first edition of the Big Johnson Report! Let me explain, this is a report, and it is a big report, and my name is Chris Johnson, allah the Big Johnson Report! I have a lot to talk about. First of all, NGW recently got a make-over and I must say I am very impressed. The NGW arena is coming together very nicely. Along with the arena transformation, Virus has brough back several athletes. The likes of Adam Awesome, Cole Cash, and Fly Guy are among them. Awesome and Cash returned at the King of the Yard ppv event, and both men came up short. Cash returned to the "backyard" and spat on the very company that made him the man he is today. Cash came back on a mission to close the doors of NGW. There was a man in the back not having any of it though, and that man was THUG. Thug gave Cash the beating of his life, and pehaps shut him up for the time being at least. Awesome was also defeated with a major assist from the Nation of Hate. The Nation of Hate is a very disturbing group. Rage, the big and slow bully, Serial Killer, a natural born killer, "Violent" Vance Desmond, the name speaks for it's self, and the NGW World Champion, Virus all make up the group. They all have one common goal; to attack and cripple anyone who steps in their way. They have went through NGW like a tornado, ripping apart anyone and everyone. I wonder how can this group be stopped? The group already has the power of NGW in it's hands with the NGW Owner Virus, as well as the World Champion, the Hardcore Gold is also proudly displayed in the group. How can they be stopped? Will someone step up? Or shall I say a group of people? After all several men have already tried to go up against the force of the Nation of Hate, and the only thing that results from it is an ass kicking! I'm sending out a "ball check" to the lockeroom, stand up, and be men, together they can be stopped, or you can sit back and watch them destroy NGW as we know it! Moving on, the cruiserweight divison has been putting on great matches every show, but I have a feeling it's only about to get better. Kryptonite is now showing a more aggressive side, and personally I like it! Who cares if he is a superhero or supervillian? As long as he pows, wams and kazawees the competition! Can the new Cruiserweight Champion, Starfire take the division to uncharted lands? I believe in the kid, we will see. This Wed. full ownership of New Generation Wrestling will be decided. Will Virus remain in the drivers seat? Or is the NGW bus about to get highjacked by Chris Adams? If Chris Adams does win the power, will the company be changed forever? Chris Adams is young, and may think alot different than Virus which could be good, or horrible. He is a great wrestler but what does he know about running a company? At least with Virus we know what to expect, but there is nothing we can do now, except sit back and watch who will be our boss! Last week at Xtreme TV some more surprises shocked us all. Like the shocking appearance of Adam Awesome's bodyguard that we now know as, the "Child of Darkness" Hostile. This guy was huge, and quite frankly I feel sorry for Fly Guy because I believe Hostile will obliverate him this Wednesday at Xtreme TV. Also at that show Fly Guy and Thug put on a great match for the fans and even though the match went to a draw a handshake was exchanged at the end of the match. Good sportsmenship is rare in wrestling these days and it was nice to see. I have a few more news pieces before I sign off. I would like to farewarn everyone that Huvi is very pissed at the decesion to strip him of his Cruiserweight Title on Xtreme TV. The decesion was made by Virus just seconds before Xtreme Tv went on air. The decision was made to put Kryptonite in as a replacement for Huvi agaisnt Starfire. The title was also made to be on the line. Virus was very strict with his decision, mostly because Huvi did not contact him and notify he would not be able to appear at the show. It is misfortunate for Huvi especially since he was found naked (with the exception of his mask) tied up, with his mouth ducked tape in front of his home in Tijauna. Details are sketchy and Huvi refused to comment on the situation. But neighbors reported seeing a man with a boy scout hat, and a dark robe, ride off on a scooter a few minutes before Huvi was found. Very bizare to say the least,....wait a minute....boy scout hat.....robe??? No, it couldn't be...what was I thinking. Anyway, some of you may be wondering about the Paperboy. He made one appearance and then disapeared. But have no fear he will be back. He is at home resting after a wrist injury he suffered in his match with VVD. SO look for the guy that pisses you off when he hits your window with your daily news to be back on NGW TV pissing you off anyway he can. I will close with something that I have been wondering....who was that girl that appeared on the same show as the debut of the Nation of Hate? Why was she there? She shows up, makes out with VVD, costs him his match, is seen backstage with him....and then we hear no more? Will the questions be answered Wed? Most likely yes, from what I hear.Wednesday will be awesome action you won't want to miss!