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NGW Universal Champion:

1. ???
2. Blade
3. Virus
4. "Superstar" Chris Adams
5. Cole Cash
6. Vanquished
7. Fly Guy
8. Adam Awesome

NGW United States Champion: VVD

1. 8 Ball
2. Rage
3. The Paperboy
4. Pyro
5. Johnny Paradise

NGW Cruiserweight Champion:

Kid Inferno
1. L.L. Lightning
2. Starfire
3. Kryptonite
4. Huvi
5. Blood

NGW Next Level Champion:
1. 8 Ball
2. Adam Awesome
3.Vance Desmond
4. Virus
5. Serial Killer

NGW Tag Team Champions: Backyard Boyz

1. Virus & VVD
2. Canadian Violence
3. Team Hott Stuff
4. Barely Legal


NGW Weekly Columns

Division Rules:

Universal Heavyweight: All contendars of this division must be male and weigh at least 185 lbs however, there is no weight limit to this division.

United States Heavyweight: Male contendars under the weight of 185 lbs make up this division. This is a powerful division for lighter guys.

Cruiserweight: Male contendars under the weight of 185 lbs are also in this division. The only difference is this is for faster wrestlers opposed to powerful wrestlers like in the International division.

Next Level: Anyone from ANY division is aloud to compete in this division. There isn't any rules of any kind.

Tag Team: The only rule to this division is to be two people working as a team.


NGW will come your way on October 6th with an amazing lineup. Matches include:

Adam Awesome and Domestic Disturbance will do battle to determine the #1 Contender and will go on to battle Thug later in the night for the NGW Universal Championship!

LL Lightning, Kid Inferno, Starfire, and Kryptonite will square off in a 4-corners match for the NGW Cruiserweight Championship!

Vanquished will attempt revenge on Virus!

VVD will defend his NGW U.S. Title against none other than Coel Cash!

9/28/02 Xtreme TV Results

The 9/28 Edition of Xtreme TV started off wih a bang as "Violent" Vance Desmond took on "Superstar" Chris Adams to determine the #1 Contender to the Universal Championship! The match went back and forth with some great technical action but it was Chris Adams who landed the Squirrel Bomb become the #1 Contender to the NGW Universal Championship! After the match Chris Adams attacked the injured leg of VVD until Virus ran out to make the save as Chris Adams left the ring with VVD's U.S. Title. VVD was immediately rushed to the hospital, details will be available soon!

We then took it to the cruiserweight division has Huvi battled Starfire. This was a wonderful high-flying match with many counters and reversals. Huvi was able to get the victory after landing the Arial on Starfire!

Two former Universal Champions locked up as Virus and Vanquished in hardcore action. Each man wasted very little time as they used pans, chairs, and a ladder to destroy each other. During the course of the match Virus busted Vanquished wide open with a chair shot. The ending came when Virus delivered the pedigree on a pan for the win! After the match Virus attacked Vanquished and gave him the Activation. As Virus ran his mouth to the fans Chris Adams snuck into the ring and hit Virus in the back of the head with the U.S. Title belt.

Our Universal Champion Thug then made his way to ringside and announced NGW would have the first-ever KTRM match! A Kill The Redneck Match! At that time some smelly redneck made his way to the ring screamin he was doin this for his momma! Thug wasted no time as he absolutely destroyed the redneck. As Thug went up top for one of his signature moves another redneck appeared and ran his mouth to Thug causing Thug to jump down and beat his ass. Chris Adams then entered the ring to assist Thug destroy the rednecks. When it was all said and done there was two smelly rednecks laying in the ring with some broken bones.

The main event featured Chris Adams challenging Thug for the NGW Universal Championship! Each man took each other to the limit but it was Thug who was able to land a corkscrew legdrop to get the win and retain his Universal Championship!

9/20/02 Xtreme TV Results

The first match was to determine the #1 Contender to NGW Cruiserweight Champion in a triple threat match! The first participant was the Canadian Starfire, and then the returning Huvi who was back from Mexican Prison, and then the former NGW Cruiserweight Champion Kryptonite! All three men gave each other everything they had with several near falls but Stafire was able to nail a moonsault on to Huvi to get the win and become the #1 Contender!

The next and what we came to learn as the final match of the night would be for the NGW Tag Team Champions as Virus and VVD defended against Thug and the reinstated "Superstar" Chris Adams! The match went back and forth for several minutes at a technical style and once Virus and Chris Adams got the tags all hell broke loose as all four men went to the outside. After another several minutes of hardcore action Thug delivered the Splash Mountain to VVD and Chris Adams came off with the Squirrel Bomb to get the win and become brand new NGW Tag Team Champions!

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