Adam Awesome Updated: 7/4/02
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 243 lbs
Hometown: Toms River, NJ
Finisher: The Butterfly(Swanton Bomb), Shangri-La(Choke Breaker), Dark Lotus(Sitout Pedigree), Dark Lotus '01(Sitout Tiger Driver '91), The Wraith(Arm Hook Front Face DDT) & Last Rites
Trademarks: Perfect Plex, Hells Pit(Old School Expulsion..Mad Props to Steve Corino!), Brainbuster, Fuck The People's Elbow, Rolling Elbow, Riddle Box(Inverted Figure Four Leglock) 3 Rings(Rolling Piledriver into a Powerbomb) & LBT(Knee off the rail into a stop sign placed on opponents face)
Titles Held in NGW: Next Level Champion (1x), Tag Team Champion (1x), United States Champion (1x)

Adam Awesome first starting wrestling back in 1999 for Insane Championship Wrestling where on his first night he became a Tag Team Champion. Awesome started off with a gimmick ripped directly off of Justin Credible & debuted his Totally Awesome sit-out Pedigree. As ICW moved on, Awesome changed with the times & evolved into his true self. The Real F'N Juggalo in Awesome came out & caused Awesome to become a lot more violent than in his past. Awesome has held ICW, NMW & XCW World Titles & became a serious threat to all top talent before joining New Generation Wrestling. Awesome recently has strayed from the more extreme style that got him over in the first place & started wrestling his opponents rather than using chairs & stop signs on them. He is now at odds with his former Barely Legal tag team partner The Kid Inferno along with his stablemates in E.G.O. & recently brought in his girlfriend Lindsy to even the odds to keep Candie & E-Klipz at bay. The current Next Level champion is preparing for another run at the top, this time Awesome vows to capture the Universal title & put an end to all his critics once & for all.