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4/6/02 RESULTS

Chris Charisma started the show with an interview how he traveled all the way to West Virginia form Boston to rid the NWA of as many bad guys as possible (he thinks he is a superhero). Midway through his interview, Punchy McGee walks out to ringside and takes the mic, getting Chris to turn his back. Out of the locker room ran Fabulous Fredrick, and they proceeded to stomp a mud hole in the young wrestler. The All-American Shawn Parks hit the ring to make the save and issued a tag team match for later in the night. Trooper Gilmore VS. Mr. Attitude went to a double count-out

This match went back and forth with really no fan favorite as both men resorted to low blows and eye gouging, this match spilled to the out side at the 9-minute mark and never made it back to the ring as we had a double count out.

Alternative Lifestyle {Punchy McGee & Fabulous Fredrick} beat Chris Charisma & Shawn Parks

What a match as the action was furious! Both newcomers to NWA TRI-STATE, Charisma & Parks dealt the upper hand to Alternative Lifestyle. Many times during this match it showed just why McGee and Fredrick are called Alternative Lifestyle. At the 12-minute mark with a series of tags and mass confusion, Charisma took the pin fall to the dismay of the crowd. He was not the legal man, but the ref had gotten confused during the action when all participants were in and out of the ring.

Kid Inferno beat Valik and Pyro in a three-way elimination match

Pyro and Inferno double-teamed Valik the entire match, as they are looking to become tag team partners. This seemed more of a handicap match instead of an elimination 3-way. Pyro was the first to get eliminated by Valik. It looked like Valik was going to take the prize home, when Inferno reversed a throw into the rope and Valik was tripped by Pyro. Inferno dropped a big elbow to the back of the head, rolled Valik over and scored the pinfall.

Mason Hunter pinned Magnum to retain the NWA TRI-STATE HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE

Awesome match! Many times it looked like Magnum was going to be the new champ. Both of these big men hit many of their signature moves. Mason Hunter did take the the victory at the 12-minute mark though.

Rocky Reynolds pinned Jason Rumble for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship

The crowd was on their feet for this entire match as both men exchanged arm drags and reversals to leave neither man with an early advantage. They were actually getting a standing ovation for the chain wrestling that was taking place. Rumble seemed a bit distracted by the loud West Virginia group at ringside especially, who called themselves "the redneck section". Rumble hit what seemed to be a spine buster on Reynolds--which was thought to be the end--but Reynolds was able to get a foot on the rope. Rocky was then able to mount a comeback and at the 14-minute mark hit a huge Swanton bomb to score the pin fall and become a 3-time NWA WORLD JUNIOR HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

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