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Whats New In P.F.Y.O.M.

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Breaking NEWS
----Here They Go----->
Our Founding Family are Moving To Shelby, NC
Please pray as they will be doing much traveling in the month of February to Shebly from Roanoke, Virginia. More Details concerning the move of the PFYOM Headquarters to Shelby for coming

More News
From Our Founder & President Elder Fred E. Jones Jr
Family, Friends, Love Ones, All of PFYOM and ,visitors please let us send out a prayer to a man who is really in need of it. This man is kinda like me more in the arena of Preaching than in his outward appearance. The man who I am talking about is our Brother TONEX. As you may know he has announced his retirement from the gospel industry. All this and he still has to pastor his late fathers church. He feel's like the church world and the world itself has brought him down to where he is like Job in the bible but the damage has been done in his life. Sometime my brothers and my sisters I feel the same way but we must all understand that everyone does not have the mind of Christ but for those that do we need to be steadfast and stay strong. There must be a remnant of those of have a hunger for having the mind of Christ. Lets keep him in much needed prayer let pray that God can do a change in there life and remove the damage and heal God bless you!

To find out more and listen to the radio broadcast in which he annouce his stepping down! Click Here!


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