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Diablo 2 gifs / logos / old news

9.8.2004 - Whole Forum section was closed and replaced by new Links section. To News section was added a new subsection called old news.

14.4.2004 - In Diablo section was made new subsection called Art, with some diablo drawings.

2.12.2003 - Some new diablo gifs were added.

19.11.2003 - I have updated Saves section. As new patch brought many changes to the game, so changes the strategy of building your characters. Characters, that were good in 1.09, may be bad in 1.10. Because of this, I'm leaving all the characters from 1.09 on the site and all new updates of them will be placed here as new files in version 1.10. These will be marked as 1.10 characters. Character Matthew was updated in 1.09 to level 70 and also in 1.10 as level 71 with new runewords from 1.10 on its items.

30.10.2003 - Blizzard has finally released new 1.10 patch. You can download it also here at Download section.

9.9.2003 - I've made special logos for Mephisto website. Take a look here. Or you can use new menu placed up on this page. I have used one of the logos to arrange news. This change is not permanent. I might change it couple times to see what will work best.

27.8.2003 - Even more diablo gifs were added to Diablo section. Also some intersting gif pictures of heroes from Diablo 2 were added to the site. Take a look here. You can also spot a new green skull at the bottom of this page. This leads to the starting page of Mephisto website.

29.7.2003 - Buttons were replaced by newer and nicer ones. Diablo section has been changed a lot. Now it's split into more subsections and many new diablo gifs were added.

19.5.2003 - I have changed a link style. Just to make this site look a bit nicer. If you can't wait till new Diablo 2 1.10 patch, you can find recent news and some screenshots at Arreat Summit.

13.5.2003 - Character Amazonka was updated with level 31.

12.5.2003 - I have enhanced menu bar. Just try to move cursor around and you will see. To see everything at once, move cursor over here.

23.3.2003 - A new saved character Amazonka(level 21) was added into Saves section.

24.2.2003 - Some new character files were added into Saves section.

8.8.2002 - I have added a little forum. I hope you'll enjoy it. And please, take the time and sign the guestbook.

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