NLG Spirit: The News Bulletin

Hello, NLG has obviously changed appearence alot! We have also added alot more to what we have here. We will also be adding tons more so don't miss out! If you haven't joined now is a very good time! We have renovated the website recently to avoid clutter, I hope you like it. There are two new sections to the news paper as you may have noticed. The Editorial and the Interest Chart are both recently added.

Newbie Packs: We have added a page explaining how to recieve your newbie pack along with other information as to when you can recieve them.

Birthday Parties: The information for these is listed on the information page. This includes parties for you and your pet. We would really like to celebrate with you so don't forget to read about it.

More: I am so sorry this article is so short but I have to finish updating everything else! ^^ So you can head back to the main page if you are finished! Have fun! ^.-

Sayonara Mina,

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