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War Chambers

This page is property of the Kingdom of Darkness

Be it knows Des's word is law here and anywhere within the KOD.
The KOD Warriors will be a well trained group of soldiers
Not only will they train in role play , but they will be trained in the dark arts.
Those of you who need help in training contact Des , he will either train you personaly or have a soldier do it.

Here are a few of the basic rules of clan war.

The order in which you take opponents
1:Leaders are to be taken out first
2:High Council and Council are to be taken second
3:Warriors are to br the third taken
4:Any member is to be taken next or any statis

A Few things to remember
1: Never recoil from the enemy , ( Deth before Dishonor )
2: Never show fear in the presance of danger
3: Do not loose your cool , your brain is your greatest weapon
4: Show mercy to those who deserve it
5: Always defend women and children , unless they deserve otherwise

For further information and training contact -II-Des-II-

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