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Welcome to the KgoM f Ůkes

We are a Vampire clan Assamite

A deadly clan of assassins

here is a little of the Assamite history


We, are the oldest of clans---far older than the fools of the Camarilla. They had not yet gathered themselves into clans when the Assamites were born, and their vaunted council was millennia in the future. It began in the first city, which we call En'esh. Here, Khayvin (Caine to the Kafir) ceased his wandering and begat the Second Generation, whose number was five. The kafir speak of three, but five was their true number. For it was in En'esh that Haquim our ancestor lived, and where we, his children, were born.

Let me tell you his tale...........

Haquim was the Lord of the armies of En'esh, a great and noble warrior, beloved of the King and feared and loved by the people. He saw how the wanderer Khayyin entered the city with lies, and forced the king and queen to his will. He saw, though Khayyin knew it not, how they were made, and how they were taught, and he knew the great evil that would spread from them. He knew that priests could not stop this evil, nor armies, nor city walls, and he was greatly troubled.

He gathered to him certain of the soldiers whose hearts he knew, and they came upon the king and queen by day, and slew them and cut off their heads, and gathered up the blood in a goblet. Then with his own hand did our ancestor cut his throat, and watched his blood as it flowed away. When the last of his strength was leaving him, the soldiers gave him the cup to drink, and though he was sorely wounded, he did not die.

Certain soldiers were afraid, and feared that our ancestor would be tainted as the King and Queen were tainted, but he reassured them, saying "Be not afraid, for my purpose is true, and I shall use the beast's own strength against it." And the soldiers rejoiced, and freely gave of their blood that Haquim might live and be strong.

That night, Khayyin arose from where he lay, since he was hidden and the soldiers could not find him. When he beheld what had become of the King and Queen he grew angry, and fell upon the soldiers as a djinn, tearing their bodies asunder. Haquim arose and fought with him; all through the night they struggled, but Haquim was still young in Blood and sore from his Change, and Khayyin prevailed. He drained Haquim and flung him on the sand, and when the sun rose he fled to his hiding-place.

When he was gone the soldiers covered Haquim with a cloak, and shut him in a casket, and took him from the city. They had yet some blood from the King and Queen, and with this our ancestor was healed, though for many months he was sorely wounded. For a long time they traveled, until they came to the far mountains where Khayyin could not find them. There they built a great and secret fortress which they called Alamut, the Eagles Nest, for it was lofty and strong. Haquim rested and tended his wounds, and grew stronger in the Blood. Certain of his soldiers, whom he found worthy, he made of the Blood also, and bade them make war upon Khayyin and his progeny, that their evil should not taint the earth.

For Haquim knew that Khayyin would make more children in the First City, and indeed he did so. These were the three whom the munafiquin call the Second Generation. They knew not of the King and Queen, for Khayyin would not affright them with their own mortality, and knew not that Haquim lived.

That is the true story of Khayyin the Wanderer and Haquim our Ancestor, and it is the true beginning of us all. Remember, O beloved, how our Ancestor bade his children cleanse the world, and how he set our feet upon the Path of Blood.

taken from Clanbook:Assamite by White Wolf Games

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