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*** M. M. "Johny" Johnson***
B-25 Combat Photographer/Gunner

People and Places

M.M. Johnson at Lowery.

Pop and his kit.

489th OPR.

Printed on the back: "Photo Section Sicily / S/Sgt Rich / Capt. Brumble / Sgt. Schneider / T/Sgt McCaully / S/Sgt. Web Lipert".

(As-is, these names do not appear in the 489th roster.)

On the back: "Shower COLD Bill the Carpenter Bain?

Among the locals in Egypt.

Some of the early 489th gunners.

A pre-flight briefing.

Making use of what previous tenants left.
A German water tank and an R.A.F. trailer.

British anti-aircraft battery.

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