Location: XWO Arena The Camera cuts back to the dressing room of Triple H & Stephine Mcmahon. Triple H is once again the mirror looking at himself and Steph appears over his shoulder look into the mirror also. Those two begin to have a conversation. The Billion Dollar Princess Steph: You know something I am geeting tired of Shawn Micheals. I want you to end this once and for all at Rebellion makes sure Shawn Micheals never walks again. The God Triple H: You know something Steph that can be arranged it is only a matter of time before I get control over the match and when I techincally break Micheals' back again. I am looking in the mirror and I see the next World Champion looking back at me. The Billion Dollar Princess Steph: You know something Hunter when you beat Booker T I knew it was our time to shine but now you have to beat your former best friend and not only cripple him but you have to make him relize that all those year you carried him and let him be the ringmaster of your circus. The Game Triple H: Yes Steph it has been a long time coming for Micheals and now I am ready to seek my revenge on Shawn Micheals. This Sledgehammer will do me Justice as I sentence him to DEATH his carrer will die like Disco and will never make a come back ever AGAIN! This is Shawn Micheals final hours to live. The Billion Dollar Princess Steph: And what about our Current Champion Chris Jericho? The Game Triple H: That is funny short stuff I am not worried about the human starburst of Wrestling I will cross that bridge when I get there but I have to beat Micheals then move forward to either Austin or maybe RVD. If it is Rob I wil cancel his show once and for all he will go out like Different Strokes. So Jericho can go ahead and shine up my belt so can hand it over to a true man not some little prissy boy walking around in bright ass outfits. I am the last real wrestler alive I have to prove that to Micheals & Finally to the world. I am gong to finish this little crap right now. Triple H leaves the locker room and heads towards the ring. Triple H looks over his shoulder and Steph comes behind him and walks out beside him They pass Christian Triple H ignores him and keeps on walking with his water bottle in his hand. Triple H walks up the steps and stands behind the curtin. Triple H smerks Steph looks focused as holds his hand. Triple H pops his neck and begins to put water on his head. Steph looks out and begins to laugh. The Lights DIM and I AM THE GAME Blares threw the PA system { fans boo} Triple H & Steph appear in the enterence ramp. Triple H & Steph walk out together {fans slut slut} They both walk down the rampway many fans have there signs up that says HHH Sucks. Triple H looks at him and pays them no mind as he walks further down that rampway. He reaches the crossing point and walks to the left Steh goes to the ring. She gets in the ring and stands at the spot where Triple H goes to spit his water. Triple H walks up the steps and stands there and begins to take a swig of his water and spits it back out. Triple H puts the biggest smerk on his face and grabs a mic from Lilan Garcia and looks out at the fans. He puts the mic to his lips and Steph tries to calm down the fans. { fans asswhole asswhole} Triple H looks out at them and finally begins to speak. Triple H looks out at the fans and speaks. The Game Triple H: As many of you know the match is set Shawn Micheals vs Triple H something many wrestling fans was thinking would never happend it is like a dream come true for many wrestling fans. I hate to turn your dreams into nightmares but thi sis not going to be a wrestling match it is going to be a masscare Shawn Micheals is gong to be destoryed plain & Simple it is no other way around it. Last night Steph & I sat down and we talked about it and I explained to Steph why I would be hero for destorying this fossil that his holding back the natural flow of this business. Shawn Micheals is hoover Dam he is contains water that water is the younger wrestlers who want that shine but people like Mr Micheals who can not seem to hang up there boots. So it takes a radical leader to hang them up for Shawn. Shawn after this match I will make you call GOD {fans boo} And say take me out of this match please becasue Triple H is whipping my ass {fans boo} You know something Micheals when I am done wiht you I am going to tie you to the back of my chairot and drag you threw the streets to see there AntiGod for the fraud he is. I am going to display your weak body to the world that will see the Natural Evoulation of Wrestling began with you and ends with me. Time has come and gone Shawn and yor still clinging to the same dream of being the Showstoppa your show is over it is out like Different strokes, Brady Bunch, Hell it is even out like Bell bottom pants. Understand this Micheals when you come out and prance Rebellion do it all night long becasue it will be your last time walking. Micheals you mentioned a few things in your boaring ass promo one of the things you mentioned as if anyone interfears I will get DQ'ed Micheals you see something your just a commish which is a actually a nice way of saying you kissed Trish's ass.{fans boo} Many of you men think that does not sounds bad but when you think about Micheals a man of your status down own your knees begging Trish to make you Commish and begging her please do not let me Triple H hurt me. What is wrong Micheals dos a NO DQ match scare you doe sit make chills go up your spine it does becasue you know that my little baby will be as legal as head lock you know what I am talking my SLEDGEHAMMER which I wil bury in your spine. {fans boo} I will break you down liek the berlin wall and make you fear me BITCH. I belive that you Micheals are the AntiGod you speak of yourslef as GOD but when you relize that your not really God just a mortal man you will see why every person who ever challenge the GODs just plain GOD will never win. It is like a cat vs a Pitbull. That is our fight Micheals your the little pussy cat and I am the mean Pit Bull. I am goign to swallow your Whole Micheals. They say every dogg has his day BITCH I am wolf I need atleast a week. {fans boo} ** Triple H removes his jackets and keeps on talking.** You know something else Micheals you talk about being GOd you can let me Rule how will you stop me? Your last few matches they have been easy as pie to get and you had no problem but you have reached that road block end of the Road Micheals it is either turn around and walk away and still have your dignity or walk forward and be thrown backwards {fans boo} And that means sense Micheals you never listened to anyone you never take advice you move forward and never think about it. When you relize that you moved forward and made the wrong move your carrer will be over. There will no sweet Chin music heard in that building only the sound of the Pedgiree being nailed 1 2 3 Triple H walks out of that building head heled high still unbeaten and walking forwards towards Destiny towards Chris Jericho at towards Judgement Day kinda ironic the next event is Judgement Day and you since I am the GOD of wrestling. Your Judgement is death by slow punshiment in the center of the ring. It ls like in Rome in the time of Ceaser everyone came out to see the Games and see men get kiled and watched masscares well itis no different than these idot coming to watch us {fans boo} there geeting a midevil entertainment only in the 21th century so Micheals step into my world said the spider to the fly {fans boo} And prepare to walk into my web and get caught then when it is all over once agian Triple H comes out on top. Ask Step I always come out on top {fans Slut SLUT SLUT}. Steph is not a slut. She is the Goddes of Wrestling and she looks better than every woman in the arena. You just envy me becsue my woman is slim and sexy and all of yours is pure Trailer park trash {fans boo} Look at Steph and then look at your woman which one do you want?. Now look at your woman beside you fat boy she needs help to words JENNY CRAIG {fans boo} She looks like she eat the whole buffett {fans asswhole asswhole}. Micheals is telling you fans lies he is lieing no good backstabing Asswhole { fans boo} He said I am jobber that is not so not true. My God Micheals look at you claimed I always needed help you never need any help. Can I ask you something MIcheals what about Marty Jennanty? {fans looked shocked.} *** Triple H takes another big breathe and steph brings him the sledgehammer. Triple H begins to speak again.*** You thought I forgot about that HUH Micheals you try so hard to forget your past but yet it comes back to hunt you everytime. Micheals you call me the Devil it takes one to know one {fans boo} You superkicked your life long friend and parter threw a barbershop window you call me the Devil. You almost ended his carrer and you know what they Micheals what goes around come back around. God may have forgave you but did marty? Did the fans ever forgive you Micheals no in your eyes your still the backstabbing bastard of Wrestling. Micheals come on down to the battlfield and suit up in your armor and get ready for something the world has never seen your true defeat to the Pedigree 1 2 3 center of the ring Micheals will be left a bloody heep at my feet. Alot of people belive that Micheals is going to win those people also belive that Elvis is Alive {fans boo} That they saw Bin Landen those people are idots. Your trying to hide something Micheals that fear I am your nightmare Micheals you see me in teh flesh then you lay down to dream and you see me again {fans boo} You see me and chills run up your spine and you shake at the very mention of my name {fans boo} Micheals you meatball jump in bowl of pasta {fans boo} Yeah Micheals it is true going to be Blood sweat & Tears all over that ring but one thing will be proven who the better man is. The Heartbreak kid is dead but after tonight you migh just finally become a man. You have been a kid in man's body for so long Micheals it is time to grow up and stop playing pretend. YOu can not stop something that does not wish to die Micheals the Fire in me will never die out. It burns within me until I defeat you that fire will never die out. It what wake me up every morning my drive is to surpass you and show the world I am the Game. The only reason I stayed down those years was becasue I was plotting on you the whole time Micheals. You took me with me you everywhere showed me how to take out people and everything you belived I would stay down my whole carrer when the moment was right I was going to take my Sword and behead the KING. Like Scar I would finish Mufasa LONG LIVE THE KING {fans boo}. When Mufasa was thrown off that cliff into the heard of cattle and died offically Simba had to step up to the throne. I stepped up and took over sports entertainment. When I took over it was like Napelon taking France a hostile take over was finally in order. Or like Hilter taking over Germany a slow and evil process Wrestling belongs to me now. I just let a select few be in teh game becasue they benefit me. Being the ALPHA & OMEGA meanings that this game starts with me and will end with me on top. That is right Micheals reigning where I belong this is my Destiny boy. You had this sport for to long you lost it and now you think you can prance back in and just get it back yeah right Micheals. The only thing your going to get is my fist in your face and my foot up your ass. This sledgehammer in your back and in your chest and finally the Peidgree to put this old dogg to sleep for good. You see this Hammer Micheals this is like the Axe that will remove your head. Your blood will mark the symbolic end of a era. They will cry like on Xena when she killed Zues. The Twillight is apon is apon us. You Claim to be GOD well your time is over tick tock micheals you better begin to say every pray you know. You better pray to whatever God you belive in boy becasue when I come out I am coming for your carrer I am swinging and I do not backdown from no man so Micheals I do not understand the word Mercy. I will show you none RUTHLESS AGRESSION that name that word after me. Shawn Micheals I am going to finish this Game. GAME OVER! *** Triple H looks focused and looks like he is going to leave but picks up the mic again.*** Steph gets on the mic. The Billion Dollar Princess Stephine Mcmahon: { Fans slut slut slut} You know something you people can shut up {fans boo} And respect the golden couple of Wrestling. Shawn Micheals is only going to get hurt worse if you piss Triple H off. Do you people care about Shawn MIcheals { fans cheer} Do you think he gives a rat ass about you{ fans cheer} He does not Micheal is selfsh, Cold Hearted and Old. Micheals could care less if you people died tommorow morning on a plane. {fans boo} Micheals is fraud and we have proof that Micheals is a fruad he kicked his own best friend threw a Barbershop window Martry Jennety has never been the same since that faithful night. What kind of man destorys a partnership like the Rockers {fans boo} A greedy man. The Game Triple H: That is right Right Steh a Greedy man a man who has no compassion for this business if he did he would have left along time ago. Micheals we are going to destory you from the inside out. Your back in your locker room about to cry right now I think becasue you know everything coming from my mouth you tried so hard to ditch your past but it has come back to Hunat you like a Ghost of Chrismtas Past did Scoorge {fans boo} And I am coming to help you Shawn by Taking you away from your nightmares by taking your carrer so you never have to see those dreams again. You never have to hear the peope's voice agian This is your time Micheals your nothing to me but a JOKE. I am helping you Shawn. It is all in mind Shawn you think your the best in the business right now. When I step into that right I will shed a tear knowing I am destorying the legacy of Heartbreak Kid Shawn Micheals. Every fan will cry becasue there hero is ofically retired Micheals lets put the stakes even higher lets make it a street fight. HUH that is a grand idea like I said earlier are you afarid to make it a street fight. Does the idea of geeting physical bother you? I think it does Micheals chairs not your style or Sledgehammers your going to really know pain as if you it was your wife. LIke the Anaconda I gm going ot grab you in a bear hugg hold you tighter than your true love and I will love the sound of your bones breaking Micheals {fans boo} I am done talking about Micheals I have other people address in XWO. After I destory Micheals I get to move on to either RVD or Steve Austin now both men are products of dead federations RVD was the shinning star in ECW with Paul Haymen who I think is one of the ruthless men in this business Paul haymen is a genius but RVD is an idot {fan sboo} He points at himself. Or I could face a Drunk it does not matter to me which I face I wil destory them. If you Recall in my first XWo match I beat Austin so it will no challenge fo rme to wrestle him again. Rob Van Dam the Whole Fn'ing show Your an amazing wrestler man you are but your time is not now I am very sorry. RVD you do not fit in the main event picture like a Fat man in a small chair it just does not work for you. You can get there in a few years after I am done maybe then your carrer can start. Jamie Noble he is one of those guys that might be in the world title picture I doubt it. Look here Mini Me {fans boo} Take you and your ugly HOE and go back to West Virginia where they sleep with yoru cousins and Jamie Noble's family tree goes straight up fan branches on that tree {fans boo} You inbreed Hillbilly you coming against me is like you going to Mike Tyson. Like you can stay a chance it is like Chicago Bulls actually winning a game {fans boo} So Jamie Noble stay in your place BITHC maybe in 2005 you can shine maybe if I let you. Who else is realing starting to come up and challenge GOD Batsita the monester the rookie monster what a Joke you had a chance at becoming World champion and you blew it. You failed your the worst wrestler alive right now. I was thinking of you as the Future but watching you against Jericho. Your the future of Jobbers { fans boo} as for our World champion Chris Jericho the Highlight of the night. Just go ahead and shine up the World Heavyweight title for me and prepare to hand it over.I am the best there is the best where and the best there ever will be. { fans asswhole asswhole} I know that is Bret hart saying but it applies to me Bret hart is nothing just like you idots in this town. I AM THE GAME I AM THAT DAM GOOD! Screen fades to black. 20 minties later Tripel H drops the mic and leaves the ring. The Camera follows him to his locker room where his cell phone begins to ring he picks it up and begins to talk on it. The Game Triple H: Hey are you on your way here? Mysterious person: Yeah I am on my way and things are going accord to plan The Game Triple H: Perfect we are going to finish Shawn Micheals and end his carrer once and for all Mysterious person: I am on my way the horsemen are coming and we shall reign forever The Game Triple H: Horsemen are coming. *** Triple H holds up 4 fingers and the camera fades to black***