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The first Barr in my family was my Grandmother, Estelle Edith Barr who was born in Amos, WV. May 23, 1905. She was an only child. She married Donald Leo Yost on 15 Nov 1922. Donald was born 19 Jul 1901.

Estelle's father was Samuel Thomas Barr. Samuel was born in Crossroads, WV. on Oct 3, 1881. He died Nov 11, 1945 in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Me. of cancer of the bladder. He was buried in Woodlawn cemetery in Fairmont, WV. Samuel married Georgia E. Simpson on June 13 1904. Rev. D. H. Haught officiated. The service was in Georgia's parents home.

Samuel Thomas Barr's father was Isaac Newton Barr. Isaac was born in Battelle district, Monongalia Co., WV in 1860. Isaac died of Typhoid fever on 3 Jul 1896 and was buried at xxx cemetery in Pleasants Co. VA/WV. Isaac 1st married Mary Anne Wise xxx in Monongalia Co. WV. Mary Anne was born 12 Sep 1856 in Monongalia Co. VA/WV and died on Mar 27, 1884. She was buried in the Wise Cemetery at Monongalia, WV.(a three person cemetery). Isaac 2nd married Leucressa Cumberledge on 27 Feb 1886 in Monongalia Co. WV. Leucressa was born in Jul 1868 in Doddridge Co. WV. and died on 1890?. Isaac & Leucressa had 4 children from this union, Lalia Barr May 1887, Eva Leucressa Barr Nov 1888, Willie Barr May 1894 & Bessie Barr Feb 1896.

Isaac Newton Barr's parents were Samuel John Barr born in Miracle Run, Monongalia Co. VA/WV on ca 1823 and died in 1935(age 112?). Samuel's wife was Mary Lemmon from Monongalia Co. Va. Samuel & Mary had the following children. Elizabeth Jane Barr, born 15 June 1847 and died 28 Jan 1894. Phebe Barr born ca 1850 in Monongalia Co. VA/WV., William A. Barr born 1853 in Monongalia Co. VA/WV(next door to Samuel-father)., Issac Newton Barr(above) and Davis J. Barr born in 1866 in Monongalia Co. WV. Davis J. & his family show up later on 1930 Dodridge Co. WV Census. (William's wife was Elvira born in 1854,William & Elvira's daughter Mary was born 1879).

Samuel Barr's parents were John Barr born at Miracle Run, Monongalia Co. on ca 1795 and died 1910 and Catherine Cross born ca 1795 at Miracle Run, monongalia Co. VA/WV. and died 1910. They were married ca 1819.

John Barr's parents were Michael Barr born ca 1765 in either Pa or Va. & died ca 1850 in Monongalia Co. Va area. Michael's wife was Barbara Haught. They lived from at least late 1790's to their deaths along Dunkard creek area of Monongalia Co. VA/WV. Their children were Catherine who possibly married Nicholas Haught, John born 13 Sep 1795 who married Kathryn Ganoe, Samuel, Elizabeth born ca 1799, died Wetzel Co. WV.,married Lewis Lantz 31 Mar 1819, mary born 1800, married Samuel Cross, Anna born 1802 married Nicholas Cross, Hannah born 1808 married Jesse Morris and nicholas born 1811 married Sara Jones.

Michael Barr above's parents were Michael Bear born 1705 and died 15 Dec 1770 in Lancaster, Pa. and wife Magdalena who died 1791 in Pa. Will was proven on 28 Jan 1771,Executor was Henry Bear who may have been son. Michael had these children by a 2nd wife, Elizabeth. Children were Henry, Samuel, John, Abraham, Barbara, Hannah, Elizabeth,Salome, Mary, Sarah and Nancy.

The ancestors was another Michael Bar who was born 1670 and died 1739 in Lancaster, Pa.

Next ancestors was Henrich Bar, born 1640 in Strecdenberg, Switzerland and died in Switzerland. Heinrich's wife was Verena Mayer who was born in Reiden, Switzerland and died 1676 in Switzerland.

Henrich's parents were Oswald Bar born 1614 in Albis, Switzerland and died in Switzerland in 1671. Oswalds wife was Elizabeth Lamprecht and died in Brimensporf Switzerland in 1661.

Oswald's parents were Hans Bar born in 1570 in Albis, Switzerland and died in 1617 in Albis, Switzerland.Hans wife was Anna Bierdermann who died in 1618 in Alvis, Switzerland.

Hans parents were Hans Bar who died in 1614 in Switzerland. This Hans wife was Cathrina Huber who died in 1622 in Switzerland.