BigBucketOAIDZ: Hi.
lanceer27: hey
BigBucketOAIDZ: How are you?
lanceer27: ok
lanceer27: u
BigBucketOAIDZ: Your response time was really slow. It took you way too long to type three letters. I dont like that.
lanceer27: get over it
lanceer27: im a popular guy
BigBucketOAIDZ: you get over it.
lanceer27: i hve alot of ppl to talk to
BigBucketOAIDZ: popular with the ladies?
lanceer27: lol yea i guess
BigBucketOAIDZ: wanna be popular with me sailor?
lanceer27: fuck no
BigBucketOAIDZ: why not?
BigBucketOAIDZ: Because Im not cool enough?
lanceer27: i like chicks
BigBucketOAIDZ: I am a chick.
lanceer27: wait
lanceer27: r u a chick
BigBucketOAIDZ: duh
BigBucketOAIDZ: now youre catching on, slick
lanceer27: lol yea sorry
lanceer27: i dunno i sorta have a gf maybe lol i dunno
BigBucketOAIDZ: thats just paperwork though.
lanceer27: lol i dunno
lanceer27: sorta
BigBucketOAIDZ: does she treat you good?
lanceer27: she is a good girl but i dinno
lanceer27: she is hard to explain haha
BigBucketOAIDZ: Doesnt sound like a good girl at all then
lanceer27: she is thou
lanceer27: like i am worrid bout her and stuff
BigBucketOAIDZ: is she pretty?
lanceer27: shes cute i guess
BigBucketOAIDZ: whyare you worried?
lanceer27: cuz this fuckin idiot is all up on her lol and she doesnt relize wat hes doin
lanceer27: but i dunno
lanceer27: i dont need to tlk about her
BigBucketOAIDZ: is he trying to fuck her?
lanceer27: yea without a doubt lol and when he does hell forget all bout her
lanceer27: and u no i think he might hve already i relly do
BigBucketOAIDZ: sounds like hes a scumbag
lanceer27: yea and hes fuckin ugly
BigBucketOAIDZ: well if he alrady fucked her then why do you want her back?
BigBucketOAIDZ: ewww hes ugly too?
BigBucketOAIDZ: haha
lanceer27: she thinks hes like really good lookin to
lanceer27: yea but like i dunno she lkes the way the faggot looks
BigBucketOAIDZ: what makes him so good looking to her? is she dumb?
lanceer27: she must be
BigBucketOAIDZ: you shouldnt want a dumb girl
lanceer27: i cant help it
lanceer27: like her laugh when she relly laughs kills me
BigBucketOAIDZ: lots of girls can laugh
BigBucketOAIDZ: I can laugh
lanceer27: and she has relly pretty eyes and nice tits lol
BigBucketOAIDZ: well thats always a plus
BigBucketOAIDZ: nice tits? I thought you liked her for her personality!
lanceer27: i do
lanceer27: lol but they r a plus
BigBucketOAIDZ: are they big?
lanceer27: yea i thnk so
BigBucketOAIDZ: thats cool
lanceer27: yea
lanceer27: but i dnno she isnt like HOT and she isnt pretty lol
BigBucketOAIDZ: doesnt sound like shes worth the trouble then
lanceer27: well she is agood person
lanceer27: she would give ne one the shirt off her back
BigBucketOAIDZ: so have you ever told this guy to back off?
lanceer27: like she is real caring n shit
BigBucketOAIDZ: that could be good with those nice tits, eh?
lanceer27: no he isnt wrth talkin to
lanceer27: lol yea
BigBucketOAIDZ: why not?
lanceer27: cuz he isnt worth my time
BigBucketOAIDZ: is he good looking? I might want his screen name....
lanceer27: ud have to ask her lol i think he looks like a fckin idiot
BigBucketOAIDZ: why?
BigBucketOAIDZ: is he fat?
lanceer27: he wears makeup and girls jeans
BigBucketOAIDZ: and hes a guy?
lanceer27: and he is fuckin sknny and gross
BigBucketOAIDZ: I bet hes gay.
lanceer27: like hnnah is chubby ya no not fat but she has a fuckin figure like hips n shit
lanceer27: so they would look funny together
lanceer27: haha he probably is a faggot
BigBucketOAIDZ: well he probably wouldnt want ot be seen with her. just fuck her and leave
BigBucketOAIDZ: you sure got his number
lanceer27: thts what im sayin
lanceer27: and she just isnt gettin it
BigBucketOAIDZ: you are way smart
lanceer27: lol thnx
lanceer27: like hannah is super special
lanceer27: and i dont wnt her to get hurt by this fckin idiot
lanceer27: and ive seen him complimtn her in conversations
BigBucketOAIDZ: so are you sure hes such a scumbag?
lanceer27: he says hella cute n shit like that
BigBucketOAIDZ: yeah that sounds gay
lanceer27: like he measn it lol he isnt even smooth enough to say pretty or beautiful lol
BigBucketOAIDZ: wait, you read her conversations? thats not cool
BigBucketOAIDZ: haha
lanceer27: it is fuckin gay
lanceer27: its not like i was lookin for them lol
lanceer27: i was on her computer and saw them so i read
BigBucketOAIDZ: thats not nice
lanceer27: ah she wouldnt care
lanceer27: but lol hella cute???? who the fuck says that
BigBucketOAIDZ: I say that
BigBucketOAIDZ: but only because Im cool.
lanceer27: im sorry but thats retareded lol
BigBucketOAIDZ: yeah well maybe I think youre retarded
lanceer27: like i dont no y hes gonna blow smoke up her ass like that
BigBucketOAIDZ: dont make fun of the way I talk!
lanceer27: aw lol im sorry
lanceer27: :-D
BigBucketOAIDZ: what is that?!
lanceer27: a smile
BigBucketOAIDZ: is that you?
BigBucketOAIDZ: are you smiling at the computer?
lanceer27: haha r u ok
BigBucketOAIDZ: Im super.
BigBucketOAIDZ: are you?
lanceer27: ne ways lets not tlk about her ne more cuz im just gettin upset
lanceer27: im ok
BigBucketOAIDZ: well sorry to fluster you so much
BigBucketOAIDZ: touchy, touchy
lanceer27: no no its not u
lanceer27: its her lol
BigBucketOAIDZ: you should give me her screen name so I can IM her
BigBucketOAIDZ: Ill tell her I know that guy and hes bad news
BigBucketOAIDZ: and I just wanted to warn her
lanceer27: lol would u really
BigBucketOAIDZ: sure why not?
lanceer27: k
lanceer27: ooh bite my lip
BigBucketOAIDZ: whats his name?
lanceer27: what
BigBucketOAIDZ: hisname?
lanceer27: o ryan
BigBucketOAIDZ: if i know him I should know his name, duh
lanceer27: lol yea thats right
lanceer27: like and listen to this!
BigBucketOAIDZ: what?
lanceer27: she got drunk the other night and he totlly tried to sweet talk her
BigBucketOAIDZ: what did he say?
lanceer27: like tellin her tht she fucking gave him boners n shit
BigBucketOAIDZ: ewww
lanceer27: thts fuckin bullshit i mean yea ive jacked it to her but not like some fuckin perv
BigBucketOAIDZ: but I thought she wasnt pretty? why would you jack it to her?
lanceer27: cuase its the things she does
BigBucketOAIDZ: you jack it to her personality?
lanceer27: lol nmo
lanceer27: no
lanceer27: she does this thing with her lip and the wy she twrils her hair lol
BigBucketOAIDZ: oh, her tits
BigBucketOAIDZ: and her tits
lanceer27: she gets this relly far off look in her eye
lanceer27: lol yea
BigBucketOAIDZ: I think shes buying it
lanceer27: good lol thnx
BigBucketOAIDZ: whats your name?
lanceer27: Matt
BigBucketOAIDZ: I think she bought it
lanceer27: k good!!!!!!!
lanceer27: see if hes ever touched her
BigBucketOAIDZ: hold on
lanceer27: k
BigBucketOAIDZ: oooh bite my lip: well, in all honesty, we've had sex a few times and boy was he good. But I'm not going to touch him anymore
lanceer27: WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigBucketOAIDZ: I think shes lying though
lanceer27: WHAT THE FUCK
lanceer27: she better be fuckin lyin
lanceer27: ill fuckin kill her
BigBucketOAIDZ: I think she is
BigBucketOAIDZ: dont kill someone! its not worth it!
lanceer27: lol its just a saying
BigBucketOAIDZ: oh ok
BigBucketOAIDZ: well dont really kill anyone. her or him
BigBucketOAIDZ: neithr of them are worth it
lanceer27: how the fuck could she do that
BigBucketOAIDZ: she must like makeup and girls pants
lanceer27: i could fall in love wit this girl
BigBucketOAIDZ: duh, of course she does. shes a girl
lanceer27: she must lol
lanceer27: lolol
lanceer27 is away at 2:50:37 PM.
lanceer27: she wont answer
lanceer27 returned at 2:51:47 PM.
BigBucketOAIDZ: did you call her?
lanceer27: yea
BigBucketOAIDZ: what were you going to say?
lanceer27: just ask her bout it
BigBucketOAIDZ: what do you think she would say?
lanceer27: like i no she does sexual stuff but i dont wnt to think bout her fuckin that idiot
lanceer27: u no what i mean
BigBucketOAIDZ: so shes a slut?
lanceer27: nooooooooo
lanceer27: lol
lanceer27: i mean shes fcked some guys
lanceer27: n shit like that
lanceer27: but no shes not a slut
BigBucketOAIDZ: thats kinda slutty
lanceer27: its not that many
BigBucketOAIDZ: well I think you should give up on her. shes too far gone
lanceer27: idunno
lanceer27: so he can have her i dont thnk so
lanceer27: he doesnt even lik her i cant let that happen to her
BigBucketOAIDZ: so youre just going after her so he cant have her?
lanceer27: no
lanceer27: but it would be abonus i f he didnt get her
BigBucketOAIDZ: you really hate him, dont you?
lanceer27: yes
BigBucketOAIDZ: and hes never done anything to you?
lanceer27: i no he isnt sincere
BigBucketOAIDZ: Im just trying to understand
lanceer27: no
BigBucketOAIDZ: how do you know that
lanceer27: like it relly makes me mad that hes after her
lanceer27: i no he doesnt care
lanceer27: because i just no
BigBucketOAIDZ: you must be way smart
lanceer27: i dunno
lanceer27: lol i dunno
lanceer27: i no i care and he doesnt
BigBucketOAIDZ: is he on myspace?
lanceer27: yea lol
BigBucketOAIDZ: what is his name?
BigBucketOAIDZ: I want to see him
lanceer27: ryan!!!
BigBucketOAIDZ: just ryan?
lanceer27: go to your trophy wife and look at her friens list
lanceer27: lol ull see him
BigBucketOAIDZ: ok
lanceer27: look at her to
lanceer27: tell me what u think
BigBucketOAIDZ: I think shes hella cute.
BigBucketOAIDZ: is this him?
lanceer27: u said hella cute
BigBucketOAIDZ: I sure did
lanceer27: what the fuck does that mean
lanceer27: yea lol thats him
BigBucketOAIDZ: it means shes cute
lanceer27: lol yea
lanceer27: she isnt thou
lanceer27: shes like average or sum shit
BigBucketOAIDZ: shes not cute?
lanceer27: sorta
lanceer27: a little
BigBucketOAIDZ: well I think shes pretty cute
lanceer27: lol she has prtty eyes
lanceer27: that is all i like on her face
lanceer27: and i hate her nose
BigBucketOAIDZ: you better not let her hear you say that
lanceer27: y lol
BigBucketOAIDZ: I think hes kinda cute too.
lanceer27: and pretty cute means sorta cute lol
BigBucketOAIDZ: minus the makeup
lanceer27: so yea
BigBucketOAIDZ: cause thats gay
lanceer27: LOLOL
lanceer27: R U SERIOUS
BigBucketOAIDZ: yeah
lanceer27: uve got to be kiddin
BigBucketOAIDZ: no. Ive got good taste in guys.
BigBucketOAIDZ: Id hit it
lanceer27: lol
lanceer27: fuck tht
BigBucketOAIDZ: so are you mad at me?
lanceer27: AND did u see her fuckin bow?
BigBucketOAIDZ: yeah
lanceer27: who the fck does that lol
lanceer27: no i am not mad
BigBucketOAIDZ: she does aparently
lanceer27: i wnt to fuckin rip it out of her head
lanceer27: and she alwys fuckin matches like everything
lanceer27: its never just easy she is always dolled up she even sleeps matchin lol
lanceer27: lol im gettin ticked we dnt have to talk about her ne more
BigBucketOAIDZ: what else do you want to talk about?
lanceer27: its up to u
lanceer27: so what is ur name i never asked
BigBucketOAIDZ: Tim. Tim Shoe.
lanceer27: i thought u were achick ??????
BigBucketOAIDZ: Did I say I was a chick?
lanceer27: yea
BigBucketOAIDZ: oh
BigBucketOAIDZ: ok well then I am
lanceer27: wait
lanceer27: ur a guy???????
BigBucketOAIDZ: of course not
lanceer27: igBucketOAIDZ: I am a chick.
lanceer27: but ur name is tim
BigBucketOAIDZ: I didnt say that
lanceer27: yes u did
BigBucketOAIDZ: no I didnt.
lanceer27: fine whatever
BigBucketOAIDZ: I dont know what youre talking about
lanceer27: im gonna go get redy to visit her
lanceer27: ill im u later
lanceer27: peace
BigBucketOAIDZ: I love you.
lanceer27: lol k
lanceer27 signed off at 3:09:39 PM.