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The Chapmanville Woman's Club

P.O. Box 1583
Chapmanville, WV 25508

Phone: (304) 855-7404
(Friday & Saturday 4pm-10pm)

Located In: Logan County, WV


Organized: September 16, 1949
Incorporated: 1954
Club Flower: Zinnia
Club Colors: Green & Gold
Club Motto: "In Unity There Is Strength"
Dues: Ten-Dollars / Yearly

�Corporators� were as follows: Mrs. Bertha Freeman, Mrs. James Ferrell, Mrs. D.L. Browning, Mrs. Walter Ferrell and Mrs. William B. Martin.

We presently have 30 members.

In our club -

We believe that the purpose of our group is to learn from one another, work on a common set of goals, and work for the growth and development of each member to their fullest potential.

We have meetings of the total group to practice our skills in group decision making, and hear new ideas to socialize.

We have committee meetings, small discussion groups, and like to sort out problems and discuss the possible alternatives, which then are presented to the club.

We believe each member is responsible for the success of the club, its programs, and activities.

We believe that Officer's are elected to GUIDE the group, NOT RUN IT.

Our business meetings are short and sweet.

We refer all complicated problems to comittees for solutions.

We have regular standing committees and utilize committee work for all events and activites.

We use experienced members as advisors to lesser experienced member committee chairmen.

Our Executive Committee meets or plans by telephone before each meeting so the agenda is ready.

We have recreation, games and/or refreshments at each meeting.

We encourage the club to elect new and different officers each year so that many can have the experience of officer holding.

The Executive Committee, representative members, and special resource people help to develop the plan and submit it to the club for a vote.

We plan our program in advance for the full year or as long as we plan to meet.

We have a nominating committee to select a slate of officers.


The Will Of The Majority. Action By All. Each Person As An Individual.

*** LOCAL CLUB ***
People Bound By A Common Goal(s) And Agreed Upon Methods For Reaching That Goal.

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