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Free Cross Stitch Patterns

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Welcome to our Free Cross Stitch Patterns Page.

Feel free to download any Pattern you like. Simply click on the Pattern you like and it will take you a bigger, printable picture. You also can email me, for the original PC Stitch Pattern file. You can go to PC Stitch and download the free PC Stitch Viewer.

You also can click here to get to our PC Stitch File download page

Email me if you should have any questions.

In exchange for the free Pattern, we'd appreciate if you could leave us a short message on our Guest Map.

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Bear ABC To teach Flower Clown Playful Love

Complete Clown Trio which includes the Flower Clown, Playful Love and Shy Love Clown


Shy Love Clown Trio  Cats are like Potato Chips....   Attack Cat (also available in brown)




 Pig 1