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The Story Of Us

So let's start at the beginning with my horse. Her name is Cool Advantage, she is a Registered Paint Mare born May 28, 1997. Her dame is Slick Sailwind (QH) and her sire is Cool Pool Cupid (Paint). Vantage stands at 15.1h, approx. 1100 lbs. Her papers say she is a chestnut overo, but in the past couple of years she has turned into a sorrel overo, with a flaxen main and tail.

I didn't get to know her until she was 17 months olds when I went to look at a "Paint filly" that was just about to leave for an auction. I didn't have any plans to buy a horse that quickly, but when I saw her, there was no going back. I looked at several other horses after her, but nothing caught my eye like the pretty 'paint baby' (as we all called her for a while). There was really nothing special about her, and she was much younger than I was planning to buy... but there was just something there that I couldn't put my finger on.

Five days after I first went to see her, I came back with my parents (the bank). The breeder showed her to my family and I got to see her for the second time, and then I heard the words. "Well, I guess we'll take her" - - "Wendy, she's yours!" I have a picture of the night that we bought her. My face stayed in that shape for about a week. I loaned the money from my Dad to buy her. It took me two years to pay him back. She is worth every penny and monthly payment!

It took some time for us to get used to one another. She hadn't seen that many people in her life and I had never been with my own horse before. I had to get used to the fact that no one else was going to give this horse attention if I didn't. I have always been used to riding lesson horses that get used ten times a week and don't care who you are. This was totally different, but I was ready for it and all I could think about was Vantage.

I spent a few months at the breeders barn while I made payments on Vantage. Once I was the sole owner of my beautiful 'paint baby', we moved on. We went to Elan Estates, were I had taken lessons for over 5 years. It was strange to be there at that time because the barn was in the slow process of closing down. By September 1999, we moved again. It was off to North Superior Morgans. I worked at this barn and was invited by Donna Barritt to bring my horse over. I was at this barn for the next 3 years, continuing to work there from time to time. We now live at Greenway Farm with my friend Amy and her two horses, one of which is a half-brother to Vantage. A new journey is begining for us and I'm so excited to head down our new path.

A lot of things have happened in our time together. Vantage went from a young filly with a very snotty attitude to a well behaved show horse that is my pride and joy. Some people may say she is a spoiled brat, and I would tend to agree... but the relationship that we have is different from any other. She gives me her heart and soul and I give her nothing less in return. We have become a great team.

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