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The Links section

So, your finished with the haven, eh? Why not stay? We have cookies Well alright. Here are some of my favorite sites that I'm sure that you will enjoy also.

Some of my fav Spyro sites.

Dragon Den
The Castle of the Red Bat
If I worked for Insomniac...
Spyro Advance
Dragon Lab X
Drakena's Hideout
Marie's Home World
Spyro Towers
Angel Island
Artisan Hill
Official US Spyro 1 site
Official US Spyro 3 site
Official Spyro 4 site
Official European site
Official European Spyro 2 site
Official European Spyro 3 site
Insomniac Games Inc.

Some of my favorite Godzilla sites.

Monster Zero
Godzilla Universe
Godzilla Tower
Rodan's Roost
Andy's palace of Godzilla
Barry's Temple of Godzilla
Conster's Museum of Godzilla
Larry T Homepage
Kaiju Headquarters
King Kong vs Godzilla Unofficial fan site
Michael's Godzilla vs Destroyer Page
Daikaiju The Legend of Godzilla
Tom's Quest of Godzilla
Official Godzilla site

Other favorite links.
Animated Lust (Rated PG!)
The Sonic Foundation
Official Star Trek site
Official Star Wars site
Official Babylon 5 site
Home of the Battlestar Galactica revival
Dragoness' Lair
The Internet Movie Database
Stomp Tokyo Video Reviews
Daystrom Institute Technical Library
Atari Age
The Atari Historical Society
Tigerclaw's Sci-Fi Pages!
The Video Game Museum
Spaceships of Science Fiction
Italien Dragonheart site