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Captain Spyro's Haven

Hi and welcome to my haven for Spyro, Godzilla, and Indiana Jones. I am your host, Captain "Draconius" Spyro. My first mate, Darwin the Gryphon, will be your host for the fan submissions sections (and if I happen to not be here). Have a seat and enjoy the surroundings. Hope you have a good time here and I'll be seeing you around. This site is currently under construction.

Update: Well finally, an update after so many months. Well, I'd like to apologize first. I've been rather busy with school and also rather lazy as well, but onto the update. I'm cancelling the Indiana Jones section to make way for a Bill Elliott section. The reason I'm doing this is because I've lost a great deal of interest in Indy and NASCAR has become a real fun hobby of mine. So, even though though the Indy section will never come, the Indy forum on the board will stay so that the Indy fans can chat anything Indy that they want to. Well, catch ya on the flip side!

Captain "Draconius" Spyro

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