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Snorkeling ...
We won't have nearly the same amount of time to snorkel our first day in Bermuda. We used to hike down to Whalebone Bay and back all before dinner, but we are arriving to late in the day for that. While I can get you in the water so you can try your gear and experience salt water (although there will be no real populations of sea creatures to see there), you will have the option of a YMCA Pool Session with me. We would pay a fee to get into the smaller pool one evening, and I would show you how to use your gear, some useful techniques, and solve all your problems long before we go to the ocean. That will occur one evening in either April or May. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU ATTEND ... its a good way to meet some of your trip mates, too.
You are not expected to snorkel anywhere or anytime you don't want to. Its your call. Night snorkeling , like all snorkeling, is strictly optional. You are not permitted to snorkel anywhere or anytime alone.
Equipmenmt issue have been addressed on the Main Web Site ... just be careful if you go to Fingerlakes Dive Center in Auburn ... you may end up with professional diving gear you do NOT need. Re-read those pages on selecting what is right for you and how to make sure it fits well.
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